The HotGamingPros will be a private clan soon

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The HotGamingPros


The HotGamingPros is my clan, and right now it's an open clan to everyone. I don't exactly like the idea of some random person that I don't even know joining my clan. No offence of course.


So I'm going to change that real soon. I'll choose my online and irl friends that I actually know to stay in the clan, and I'll send a message to each of the members to join in my other account's clan, The Golden Shadows, so they can still have a clan when they're "kicked" out of The HotGamingPros.




This is a very limited-time thing to do. I noticed that the members of my clan are inactive most of the time, so they may or may not be able to join in The Golden Shadows, due to the 15 day or so period before the new clan without at least 5 members disappear, and the gems will be wasted.


So, if you're a The HotGamingPros member who is not of the following, please reply to this post. It'll be easier to inform you when The Golden Shadows clan is ready.


The clan members who will stay:

- aikowakoshii

- dewTheKinder

- FearlessYoungBean

- WeakSappling

- ShadowMegaAlphaWolfLight

- ShadowBetaAlphaWolfLight




Thankee par ta warmwishes!

(Thank you for your concern!)


Under construction. pls no judge ;-;


Hello! My name is Ashley and I am a SoD player for at least six months. I’m quite experienced in the School of Dragons gameplay and am quite fond of the community, and I enjoy my time playing in SoD. 


Wanna know MUCH more about me?

Scroll down this very long signature!


Name: Ashley

Age: 15


I love dragons so much :P #dragons4lyfe


I'm a ranter on my favorite fandoms! Chances are you'll see my rants in any of my accounts >:3


I enjoy specific kinds of music. Not exactly a big fan of pop music, mind.

Love: 80s-90s music, OSTs (Original Soundtracks), electronic music from specific composers (like The Living Tombstone AKA FNaF songs, TheFatRat, etc.)

I'm quite picky with my choice of music, see :)



- How to Train Your Dragon (both books and movies, but c'mon, SUPPORT THE BOOKS MORE!)

- Five Nights at Freddy's (Yep, I love it. The lore is extremely interesting!)

- The Wizards of Once (Best magic-inspired book I've ever read. Yeah, that's right, to me it's better than Harry Potter! Deal with it!)


Why do I follow these fandoms, you ask?

Let me explain.

- How to Train Your Dragon (BOOK RANT!)

    Simply because it's epic in every way. I'm talking about the books, mind, y'all know much about the movies already, give the books a chance.

    The story is awesome, and OH I can't explain how awesome it is! *SPOILER* How Hiccup became King from being a runt in the Hooligan Tribe is epic. His friends Fishlegs and Camicazi, his dragon Toothless, all the characters are just amazing. (The Witch and Alvin may burn in censored, I don't care about them >:3)

    Fishlegs look way better, he has sarcasm, and he's not a massive fatty like in the movies. No, he's a skinny little prawn like Hiccup and he's sooo lovable OwO

    Camicazi was replaced by Astrid *, and to me Camicazi is a better girl character than Astrid, since Astrid always RAGES and always a "pew". Camicazi is just hilarious and she always makes me laugh, and her insults that makes her opponent rage just adds the fun. Plus, she's smaller than Hiccup, like when Hiccup is 13, she's 11, but she's slightly better than Hiccup in swordfighting. I ship her so badly with Hiccup!


- Five Nights at Freddy's

    Once I thought that FNaF is just a silly jumpscare game, but when I started watching Markiplier's videos I realized that FNaF has an amazing storyline! The lore is massively interesting, and I'm still digging in it (Purple Guy's family and stories is really complicated, I keep getting lost lmao). The music made by TLT and the fans are all great!

    The gameplay itself is excitingly terrifying, the jumpscares always gets me and the animatronics are all great in all shapes and sizes. Even Nightmare Fredbear and Nightmare (who has too much sharp teeth lmao).

    To me, what's better is that this leads me from being OMG to OK with gore and blood (since the fans always makes those Purple Guy's Death animations or the murder of the five children and such, sooo I got to get used to it lol). Sometimes you can't fully like FNaF without being OK with gore!

    FYI, my favorite animatronic is Springtrap :3

    My favorite human character(s) are: The Crying Child (FNaF 4), Phone Guy, Purple Guy


- The Wizards of Once

    This new series by Cressida Cowell made me do fanarts when nobody else had! The story about the magic world really is a page-turner, and I'm craving for more. It had only started on the first book, and the next book is said to be out on September 2018 so yeah.

    Not much to say here since the story had just started so I'm going to talk about my favorite character.


    Wish really is an awesome, innocent character who sometimes got into trouble. She is from the Warrior Tribe, the Tribe without magic, but suddenly she has this RARE powerful magic-eye in her right eye!

    I don't have the book yet (I listened to the audiobooks instead) so I don't exactly know what to say about them right now :3


Other accounts

YouTube: FlurryWhip

DeviantArt: FlurryWhip

Wattpad: @FlurryWhip

They're easy to look up, and I'm lazy to add links, sooo you can try looking them up yourself! Sorry!


School of Dragons stuff:

I’m a mobile SoD player :P

(But, indeed, I really hoped I can get the PC version of the game one day...)


In-game name: dewTheKinder (I know, I know, a classic beginner name. But I save up gems for smth else than changing names!)

Clan: The HotGamingPros 

Age: 15

Total dragons: 12