The Horizon Storm (Chapter 1)

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     I perch atop a mountain overlooking the caldera of the school. My fellow Storms are waiting, waiting for my signal to strike. My eyes glance down to the midnight blue water churning with seashockers. Electricity occasionally bubbles to the surface in impatience. Nadders and razorwhips wait behind the enormous viking statue, ready to fire deadly spines. I now look at the bustling school, watching, waiting for an oppurtunity. A new group of students has arrived, each marveling at the abundance of night furies plaguing the school. I scoff as I look back toward the crack in the wall I came through, waiting for my right-hand dragon to come. 
    To everyone below looking up, I am merely a smear of gray against the stormy skies. Perfect for an ambush. Thunder roars close by. 
    A small chirp causes me to turn back to the crack. A white night terror flutters to my side, his breath coming in heavy pants. I rumble in greeting. "Report," I command.
    "We ventured to Glacier Island and ambushed a small human base with a snow wraith. A scout of mine reported that two more eggs were lain at the nest and five terrors have joined our flock." I reply with a hum, but his uneasiness is both disturbing and mesmerizing. Usually this night terror, of all dragons, is the most laid back.
    "What is it, Fritz?" I ask, curling my tail.
    The night terror looks back to the school, then at the clouds. "Levyna, when a regiment was flying around Scuttleclaw Island, the lead terror told me that they spotted him." The emphasis on the word him set me on edge. I keep my temper in check before replying.
    "Now is not the time to worry about me, Fritz," I growl, trying to get my point across. Instead of backing off, he tests the waters, which are now rising and falling in fury.
    "You have done many great things for the remaining species. We are all very greatful. Very greatful. But now you need to start thinking about saving your species." He puts a small paw on the claw of the fold of my left wing. But my anger is already out of control. Why is he so worried about me? I'm trying to help eveyone else so that when we can finally reduce the night furies' numbers, maybe I'll start a family of my own. Why can't he see that?
"Round up the last timberjack, I want to see this place in splinters."
    Instead of yelling at the oblivious night terror, I take off and hover in the middle of the caldera, drawing lightning from the charged clouds. The signal. Seashockers burst from the sea, electrocuting every night fury within close proximity. Spines hurtle fom the air, making it impossible to tell where they are coming from. A few furies screech as they are impaled. More careen from the sky, tumbling into the electrified water. 
    I dive down toward the Hatchery, and when I land, the ground cracks. Bugles ring out, sounding the alarm. The chief's grandchildren hover nearby. Their dragons land and hobble over to me, roaring in warning.
    "Macnair. Heiress," I mockingly greet. Heiress charges a blast while Macnair speaks. His voice only fuels my toiling fury.
    "You don't have to do this." He looks at me sincerely, making me scoff in disgust. Sparks burst onto my scales.
    "You think I want to do this?" I demand. Heiress shoots the ground at my feet, creating a small crater. I don't even flinch. "Your kind decided to saunter to this place and change the fate of evey dragon species to exist. There are extinct species because of your work," I screech. Another blast, another roll of thunder.
    I draw lightning from the sky again, blinding everyone nearby. Everything is riding on me permanently closing the Hatchery. It seems as though the world has gone silent. The timberjack has obliterated the Lab. Half of the night furies are laying dead, their riders mourning them. A few dead students litter the ground as well. The wrong thing for all the right reasons. This is what I'm doing, and this is how I'm going to do it.
    Filled to the brim with pure lightning, I channel it to my mouth and my scales. 
    A frantic "NO!" fills the air just before I let loose. The Hatchery crumbles as stone and water tumble in front of the entrance, trapping anything and everything inside. Heiress leaps at me, but the excess electricity bursting from my scales electrocutes her. 
    I roar, calling off the attack, and ride lightning to a forgotten place we call home; Dragon Island.





You didn't think I forgot this story, did you? I had written the first chapter two different times, but someone kept closing the tabs. So I gave up--until now. Maybe I'll continue this little spinoff, maybe I won't. It depends if I can come up with anything else to continue this story.




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