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I made a new thread because the old one was getting really laggy. I can't go on another 10+ chapters waiting for a really laggy thread. Hopefully this will be the last time I make a new thread (i'm not one to spam the forums XD). Anyway, if you've clicked above you're probably interested in reading/already reading my fanfiction Horizon. If you're interested in reading the chapters up to now click HERE. It will give you all the chapters up to what I have recently finished. Chapter 21+ will be posted below, but they will be posted on the website I provided (fanfiction.net) also.


The story centres around Penny, a viking who joined the academy two years before Drago attacked Berk. Mysterious circumstances have caused the Dragon Training Academy to break up, and now left with little, Penny pursues the possibility of getting the academy back together. Join her as she learns about courage, strength, death and many other things


Readers Reviews

Below are reviews I have gotten from of the readers. I didn't make these up, these are the words of the readers who have read this story:

This is an awesome story. You've put so much work into it and made it so lifelike. If there were awards for stories on the forum, this would be the first to get any. - Anonymous




I don't know how you do it, but you've captured my imagination. Can't wait to read the next part. 

- Anonymous




I finally decided to express my feelings towards this fanfiction. You deserve all the praise you've been given - Anonymous




I hope I've convinced you to give Horizon a try. I have some other things I need to post, so stay tuned for that! While you wait, please go ahead and read what has already been finished ^^





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Penny (OC): Thoughtful and kind, Penny's willingness to go the distance for her friends is courageous. This unlikely heroine offers a different perspective on life in Berk as the story is told through her eyes, detailing her emotions and experiences. While trying to learn the true definition of strength, self control and many other lessons, Penny is often going through several difficulties at once. All the while trying to prove that she is a true viking, and a true friend. 


Snotlout: The obnoxious, prideful child of Spitelout. Since How to Train Your Dragon Snotlout has softened, being less obnoxious and showing his feelings a little more. No one knows why he broke up with Penny months before Drago attacked, or why he's pursuing Ruffnut. But it might have something to do with his cold-hearted father. His dragon is a Monstrous Nightmare whose name is Hookfang.


Astrid: Less serious, and much more laid back, Astrid has proven to be one of the most developed characters in How to Train Your Dragon 2. She remains strong, and brave, but her break up with Hiccup has made her second guess her decisions. Even now, no one knows why they broke up, but some may suggest that it has something to do with Hiccups incredible over-dedication to his new chieftan position. Her dragon is a Deadly Nadder whose name is Stormfly.


Hiccup: The son of Stoick the Vast, recently inheriting the duties of a chief. In How to Train Your Dragon 2 hiccup is much more confident in himself and his own abilities, sometimes bordelining on cocky and reckless. For some reason he refuses to ride Toothless on a regular basis. Could it have something to do with this new goo shooting dragon that is attacking Berk? His dragon is a Night Fury whose name is Toothless.


Tuffnut: There has been little to no development in Tuffnut since How to Train Your Dragon. Not seen often in Berk, Tuffnut escapes to his secret, soggy alone place. He shares this hiding space with his his twin sister Ruffnut. His anger towards Ruffnut is a mystery. Or maybe it has something to do with this unwavering attention Ruffnut has started recieving from Snotlout and Fishlegs. He shores a Hideous Zippleback with Ruffnut; his dragons name is Belch.


Ruffnut: Pursued by Fishlegs and Snotlout, Ruffnut has had little development since How to Train Your Dragon. Early in How To Train Your Dragon 2 she showed disgust towards both suitors, but grew to love the idea when they save her during the first battle with Drago. Now Ruffnut must choose between them; and it doesn't help that Tuffnut is angry at her for reasons unknown, or that Snotlout is Penny's ex. Ruffnut shares a Zippleback with Tuffnut; her dragon's name is Barf.


Fishlegs: Considered the smartest member of the group, Fishlegs gets excited about new dragons and has shown a romantic interest in Ruffnut, competing against Snotlout. He's not as brave as the rest of the group, but has shown courage time and time again. His dragon is a Gronckle whose name is Meatlug.




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edited by Aurora the Swift


(Penny; OC)

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Thriving Ivory

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When the Darkness Comes


...and a super secret song I won't put up until the epilogue ;)



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Profile shot :D She did her hair different for the occasion ;)
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in game, she has her arm ;)


(this is where her house would be ;) )



Drawing Requests Horizon Related

Orange Goo Dragon (Noname yet) by Reiraku


Oleander and Penny

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Chapter 21

WARNING: If there are any younger readers, there's nothing bad in this chapter, but it may make you feel a little uncomfortable :) You have been warned, you can skip that section if you want :)


Horizon Chapter 21

A/N: And here I am with Chapter 21! I hope guys don't find this too rushed and I hope you are all enjoying this! :D Thank you for your support so far, there is some stuff that still has to happen, but not a ton :'( But I don't know how many more chapters there will be...but i'll try to write as many as possible ^^ Sorry this update took so long, I was doing some other important stuff earlier ^^ Anyways, here's Chapter 21! :D




Darn it. I wasn't suppose to say that.


I put my hand over my mouth, and I see his eyes widen. I wasn't ready to tell him anything...not about the threats his father made...or the conversation I accidentally overheard. Or my overwhelming pains of guilt. I wasn't ready, I didn't want to tell him. I'm angry, but I look towards the ground. Spitelout's words echo in my mind, Your actions are your own. Your actions are your own. Your actions are your own. Your actions are your own. He believed in that...so Snotlout probably did too. I wasn't mentally prepared for him to get extremely angry, even though I wanted him to hate me. Then I could be properly punished.


For the bad I did.


For the suffering I put him through.


Snotlout looks at me, "You're confusing," He says suddenly, "you broke up with me because of my dad?"


I don't deserve him, I don't deserve anyone special...I deserve to be shipped off. To marry some stranger and stay trapped in that world forever. To never be happy again. I didn't deserve him...I just didn't...maybe it was best for us if I listen to my mother, let her marry me off to some stranger in some land. I would never come back, never see him again. Never cause anymore pain.


"Did I say that?" I need to play stupid, "You heard me wrong...I meant I...broke something of your dads."


Snotlout glares. He's not falling for it, "My hearing is perfectly fine." He'd been saying that a lot recently.


"Oh..." I trail off.


"So, are you going to tell me or not?"


"Not..." I say, "its not worth mentioning. It will waste your time."


His glare hardens.


Why can't he just leave it be? Why can't he just not push? I shake my head, "Fine! Whatever. Yeah, your dad is the reason I broke up with you," I have to stop, I can't say anything else. I have to stop my mouth from opening and saying anything else, "What was I suppose to do!? With all the pressure..."


"I'm confused."


"Why didn't you tell me he was forcing you break up with me?" No, stop mouth! Stop speaking, shut up, "that things were bad between the two of you. That I was standing in the way of the relationship you had? Do you know how guilty that made me feel? How guilty I feel right now?" Great, i've gone out and blabbed again.


"Wait, how did you-?"


I shake my head looking back at him, "The day you punched Grease..."


"You heard that?"


"Yeah," I sigh, "you should have told me. You shouldn't take that pressure and...suffer by yourself."


"Isn't that what you did?" Snotlout exclaims, "and how did YOU handle it? By breaking up with me?"


"What else was I suppose to do? Walk away on daisy's and dance? This is your life. The relationship you want with your father is going down the drain. How are you going to get it if you're dating me?"


"Did you even ask for my opinion? Isn't that what's most important?"


"You always think you're opinion is most important. But its not," I smile, "whats most important is whats best for everyone. Breaking up with you...was the best decision."


"To you, I bet there were better options."


I laugh sarcastically, "Yeah, like what?"


Snotlout hesitates, "Uh..." It takes a moment, "alright, maybe there isn't one. But..." He looks at me, "Why can't we just be happy?"


"Our relationship made so many people unhappy," I say, i'm calming down now. Not as angry, but still devastated, we were having this conversation, "how can we be happy...when they aren't? I thought you of all people would know that."


"This is pathetic," Snotlout exclaims.


I glare, "It isn't pathetic."


"It is. I mean, you don't have the guts to continue a relationship like this. To be with the Snotman."


"And you would have been happy? Living your entire life in the burrows, away from the life with financial stability? Away from a life where everything is set, your future, your world? In the dirt with me?"


"Why do you keep saying that?" Snotlout exclaims, "you're not dirt."


"Your dad thinks otherwise..."


"Yeah well my dad doesn't know everything..." I can't tell him about the threats, but apparently Snotlout can read my mind, "You never answered the question. What did my dad say to you?


I laugh, "Nothing..." Yes, don't say anything...don't tell him why, "just some words of warning and threats..." WHY DID I SAY THAT!? I have to stop, I can't keep blabbing like this.


"He threatened you!?"


Shoot, "Maybe..."


"Why didn't you tell me!?"


"I just couldn't. That wouldn't help. It would do nothing..."


"Do nothing?" Snotlout shakes his head, and stands up, "you still don't get it do you?" He walks over to me, taking a seat so he's almost touching my hip. Hookfang follows, laying down in between the fire and Snotlout, "This isn't about my dad. I don't care what he says about you. You're still a warrior. You got sick in the line of duty. A missing arm is a sign of warriorness."


"It's not a sign," I say, looking back to the ground, "it means nothing."


"It does. It means you're a warrior," He repeats, "a warrior doesn't give up."


"I have," I glare, "can't you see I have? We can't have this relationship because it just doesn't work."


"Are you serious? Don't say that!"


"If it does, then why does this keep happening. Us breaking a part."


"Its your fault," He whines, "you broke up with me."


"And before you broke up with me," That's when I realize something. Every time we were faced with a problem, a problem we could have fought and solved. Something that we ran away from. I groan, hitting my head with me knee's. It had nothing to do with us, "whats your problem?"


I shake my head, "I run away...I always run away. Whenever there's an issue or a problem I-" It was true, and I was such an idiot! It was selfish of me to break up with him, I thought I was doing it for him but I was doing it for me. To keep myself from dealing with this issue. Because I didn't fully trust him. "I'm sorry," I murmur, "I'm so sorry..." Indeed I am, for all the pain I am causing him, the confusion, the frustration. I'm angry at myself for doing something so stupid, but its the only thing that makes sense, "this is my fault. Everything's my fault."


Snotlout is beside me, Hookfang right next to him. He stares at me, like he was to burn a hole through my soul. I loved him, more than anyone has ever loved a person. With more passion than ever, more passion than before. And I miss him. I want him to give me a hug, to tell me everything is going to be alright. Even if he didn't do that, if it wasn't a part of who he was, I wanted to hear it.


Suddenly I feel a push from behind, and I'm inches away from his face. I have to pull myself away but I can't. I have to! I try to budge, try to move myself back towards Raefor, but I still can't. Out of the corner of my eye I see Hookfang's tail fly in the air towards Snotlout, and then our lips meet.


It's like normal, just a simple long peck. My eyes widen, and I tell myself that I have to pull back. This time, my body listens and i'm inches away from him again. "I can't..." I murmur. I can't be with you, everyone else will have complicated lives if we continue with this. We'll make them suffer. And then he's kissing me again. There's more urgency this time, more passion than any of the other times we've kissed before. My eyes don't close right away, but the moment we begin his do. I have to push him away. I can't let him get into my head...but even if my eyes don't close, I respond to his kiss with just as much urgency.


My hearts accelerating...it can't do that!


My mind is going blank...no! Fight it!


My eyes are beginning to shut...stop! Stop!


And then they shut, and my mind cannot speak. Its my heart that takes over.


My arm swings around his neck and I crush myself against him, feeling the fur of clothing against my arm. I don't care, my mind can scream at me after. I wanted him. I needed him. Otherwise I would die. His right arm wraps around my waist, and his left around my shoulder. I feel warm, like the cold air in the cave was suddenly gone. The passion grows, the intensity intensifies, and the rhythm picks up. We're crushed together, lost in the kiss. I couldn't marry that chief, I would be unhappy. Miserable. Because that chief wasn't Snotlout.


I realize how much I really missed him. How without knowing I longed to see him, get a hug and sit in his embrace forever. If I could do that, I'd be extremely happy.


There are no words to describe how much I love him.


It's hard to breath, my lungs are gasping for air, but I don't care anymore. I pull back only for a second, then once again crush my lips against his dry, chapped lips. He doesn't protest, instead he pulls me back against him and we're molded together. I can feel the pressure of his belt against my stomach. I moan, tilting my head the other way and crushing my lips back against his.


"I love you, " We finally pull away, my hands are on other side of his face, and I keep my forehead against his. He can protest if he wants, but I don't care, I just don't care. I open my eyes and gaze into his, and smile, "I love you."


Snotlout stares, and for a moment its like we're the only ones in the universe. A smile creeps on to his lips slowly, "Yeah. I know." I laugh. Here was the true Snotlout, the only man my heart would go with.


My smile widens, and I lean in, kissing him passionately.


When we finally pull away, I lay my head against his shoulder and we stare at the flames as they ascend towards the cave's roof. I don't know how long we sit there before I look out towards the cave opening, "I'm sorry," I caused him so much pain, "I should have said something."


"Nah, its okay," His arm is around my shoulder, "I guess I understand. I mean, my father can be a bit of a-" Her tries to find the words.




"Yeah, that."


Which reminds me of something, "My mom..." I sigh, closing my eyes, "is..." I don't know who to tell him, I don't know how he will take it. I don't want to tell him but I'm done with secrets. I'm done with small mistakes. He has to know, "...she's marrying me off to some random person." I speak faster than the flapping of a woodpeckers wings.




I sigh, "Mom has some beef with marrying me off. When things...weren't working out she made some arrangement. Now I'm marrying some stupid chief in some far off island."


Snotlout glares, "And you're okay with that!?"


"Of course not," I exclaim, "I protested...but she wouldn't budge. She probably wouldn't budge for anything..." I glare, "I don't want to marry some stranger. But there's no way she's going to fall for-" I stop, "well you know."


"She has to. I'm not letting you marry some dweeb."


It was sweet of him, he meant well. And I had almost forgotten about this problem...this additional problem. I wasn't going to run away this time, I was going to face it head on.


A yawn escapes my lips.


"Go to sleep."


I look at him, "I don't feel like it."


"Stubborn...just go to sleep..."


"There's nothing to sleep on."


His faces goes red, "I wouldn't if...well..."


"I thought you didn't like that..."


"No ones looking," He looks at Hookfang, "what are you looking at!? Look over there."


The dragon snorts, turning so his back is to us. Raefor is beside me, laying on the ground with his eyes closed, "Its fine?"


"Didn't I just say that!?" He exclaims.


I laugh, closing my eyes and allowing sleep to take me.




A yellow, bright cloud forms in the darkness. It's outlined in an orange, with wings growing from either side. It hovers in the darkness. I try to talk, i want to know what it is. But something stops me. My mouth won't open.


In the distance, I see a small spec. As it gets closer details more and more obvious. I see a mountain, green grass and ice spikes, homes, paths, people. Berk. Eventually I'm in Berk, and the darkness is replaced with a blue sky, clouds. I see everyone enjoying life. Nothing unusual.


The cloud approaches, turning a dark orange. Suddenly its a form...it turns in something...that orange dragon. The dragon lifts its wings, screeching and its screech echoes. My eyes widen, and I run as it starts to spray its awful goo on to the ground. All around me the goo splashes, hitting the ground and people. There's screaming. People with orange goo on them; some hidewithin minutes and I cringe at their last breaths. As they gasp for air. Others touch the goo as they boots step forward to take another step.


I watch at the horror that unfolds. The dragon continues to fire goo, switching once and a while to fire, aiming right at houses. As they burn to the ground the dragon continues to reign horror upon Berk.


Suddenly I'm in a dark place, looking out as the horror continues to unfold. A little girl with a viking helmet watches. The dragon comes into view and she gasps, moving father into her hiding place. The dragon tilts its head, coming closer to the hiding spot. It sniffs, landing on the ground for only a single moment. Then it flies off and the horror ends.


Then I'm teleported to a similar scene; the night has come and the dragon reigns terror on Berk once again. I watch in horror as the remaining pieces of the town crumble.


When the dragon leaves, I'm left with nothing but silence. I walk around, avoiding the goo because I don't want to get its symptoms. I see bodies lying on the ground, some with blood flowing out of their bodies.


I see the little girl and I want to cry.


"The future," I hear a familiar voice say. I turn, Stoick is right behind me.


I gasp, "Stoick?"


"In the flesh!"


"Aren't you dead?"

"Yes, I am dead," He gestures towards the people, "but so are they."


"That dragon..." I continue to walk, Stoick following me, "...its been attacking Berk. Once we repair the damage, it comes back. Winters here, so we've been slow to repair anything. Plus that thing didn't come back once the snow fell."


"Aye," Stoick agree's, "the future. If nothing is done."


"What do you mean-?" I look around again, familiar faces catch my eye. They lay on the ground, eyes closed. I notice this as I approach them, "this...is going to happen?"




"But how?" I shake my head, "how can something like this happen!?"


"Easy now," He crosses his arms, "I may be dead, but i'm concerned too. These people...they are still mine."


"Is that why you're showing me this?"


"Yes," He points towards the familiar faces. I'm above them now...and I gasp. I see them...Hiccup...Astrid...Ruffnut...Tuffnut...Fishlegs...and...




Their eyes are closed.


"They're dead..."


"Aye. This is a sight for sore eyes..."


"Why? That...Why are you showing this to me?"


He smiles, "Because you're the only one who can stop this."


"Me? Why me?"


"If nothing is done then Berk will perish," He smiles, "I'm counting on you."


And then he disappears.


"Wait? What am I-?"


Then the beast reappears, and it screeches at me. Lifting its wings it sprays the goo and I fall on to the ground. Suddenly I cant breath and as I lay on the ground a picture appears in front of me. A small person standing on a cliff, lifting her her hand...and a dragon leaning its head into her hand.


Death takes me home.


Word Count: 3,022

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Wow. Just...wow. Anyone else breathless? Whew! *Fans a hand dramatically at face.*


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I. Must. Read. More!

I. Must. Read. More!


"So that's how you're going to play this game, eh game!?"       


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Dawwww :D You shall...in a few hours XD I'm almost halfway through Chapter 22!

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My god, this is one of the

My god, this is one of the best things on this forum! Wow if anything I'm gonna write is going to compare to this I'm gonna have to work harder! Keep up the good work!


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Awwwws :3 You're making me

Awwwws :3 You're making me blush ^^ I'm glad you enjoy it! Get excited for the next chapter!!!! :D

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:O :D :O :D :O :D :O :D :O :D :O :D :O :D :O :D :O :D :O :D :O :

Double posty-post. Geronimo!


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:O :D :O :D :O :D :O :D :O :D :O :D :O :D :O :D :O :D :O :D :O :





This is AWESOME! Seriously! This is really cool, this story wraps you in and doesn't. let. you. go. Seriously, aside from Alphas Heir, this is one of the best fanfics on the website! :D :D CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE! xD :D I am seriously going to put this in my signature. :D

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XD awwwwww XD thanks!!!! I'm so happy that you're enjoying it! :D

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That was crazy--but super suspenseful! Now I really want to know what's the story behind that creepy orange dragon! Cliffhangers--you love 'em but you hate 'em. I hope Penny can save the day (and escape being married off to some stranger)!


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Same! I really hope they find a solution :)

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Double post

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Chapter 22

Horizon Chapter 22


A/N: Did you enjoy the last chapter? I sure did! I keep rereading it and trying to figure out how I came up with it O.O Unfortunately, that dream means the story only has another ten to fifteen chapters :( But I'm hoping that as we start rounding up to the end you guys will love every moment :3 Anyway, here's Chapter 22!




My eyes open quickly, I can feel sweat droplets falling down the side of my face. Through the cave opening I can see that the light has come across the land, and that the sun was already high in the sky. My ears meet silence, the wind has calmed down and there is no longer snow falling from the sky. I see the tree's outside when I look outside the cave.


That was a crazy dream.


I look at Snotlout, his mouth is open and a weird, disturbing sound is coming out of it. His snores are the weirdest. I smile, carefully pulling his arm off my shoulder and behind my head so I can lay it against his side.


Raefor and Hookfang are still asleep; Raefor lay on his side, kicking something imaginary. I can only guess that he's still dreaming. Hookfang is the only one who remains silent. Though the rising and falling of his chest assures me that he's not dead.


The fire has gone out, and the cold is beginning to hit my body. Already I'm slightly chilled. I stand up, brushing my pants with my hand. Since the blizzard is gone, we would need to eat something. Maybe I should go catch fish. It seems like a good idea, a homemade fishing pole was easy to make out of things found in the woods, plus it wouldn't take too long.


I set to leave the cave, slowly taking my fake arm off of the saddle where I had left it the day before, putting it in its place and with one more glance at the sleeping bodies, I leave. I'm able to get my arm on properly just as I take my fourth step outside the cave.


It's colder outside. The sun was in the sky, but was hidden by clouds. The snow was glistening, sparkling. I gasp, it's so beautiful, "Sweet!" I run through the snow, laughing. It was beautiful, the most amazing thing I had ever seen. Snow on the tree branches, on the ground just under my knee's, "This is beautiful."


Something bumps my from behind and I fall flat on my face, "What..?" It picks me up and places me on my feet. I turn.




"Hey!" I exclaim picking up a handful of snow and molding it into a ball, "take that!" I throw the snow ball and it hits his face. Raefor looks at me, extending his wings above his head and screeching. I try to run through the snow, its difficult since its extremely deep. In a matter of seconds I'm back on my face.


I turn around so I'm laying on my back, my clothes soaked from the snow. Raefor tilts his head, holding his head up high as if saying 'I won! I won!'. I laugh, "Oh shush." I throw a bunch of snow back at his face, then get on to my feet. He hits my stomach,"I'm going to get sick. Oh well, what's another sickness, eh?" He makes the parrot noise, "thank goodness my clothes are somewhat dry." I never took off my coat, but I can still feel the melted snow that went down my back. Hopefully I wouldn't get sick.


The stream was only a few minute walk, but it felt like longer with the snow making it near impossible to walk. I push myself to go on, otherwise we wouldn't have any food. I felt that I had to start persevering. Had to start doing better than I was doing. My legs feel like lead, but whatever, I had to try. Raefor bumps my back, and I stumble, trying to regain my balance. Its difficult, but I manage to do so, "Hey!" I turn, "I'm fine. Stop pushing me."


He does it again.


"Stop," I glare, "I'm fine. We're almost there anyway." We get to the stream several minutes later, my legs are heavy, so much so that I have to lean against Raefor, "Made it..." Minutes pass before I'm able to fully catch my breath, "Alright, lets see if I can make a fishing rod," Around my left arm is a piece of blue cloth, something I use to have around my right arm until it was removed. Once home I wrapped it around my left arm. Often I forget about it, I'm so use to wearing it. I take it off, and tear it into two. Raefor drops some sticks in my lap, "Good boy Raefor."


I tie the cloth rope on the end.


"Alright, need something..."


Raefors gone.


"Raefor," I look around, "Raefor!"


The dragon reappears, placing four fish at my feet.


I glare, "Hey! You could have said something earlier!"


There are teeth marks on the fish tails...at least I knew where his germs were. I shake my head, "Thanks." The dragon hits my side, "yes, you can get some for yourself." Raephor flies away, returning minutes later, "Lets go back."


I'm very proud of myself for getting to the stream on foot, but I had a dragon...and I was a rider, "Mind if we fly back?" I grab the fishg, and put them in my side bag attached to my saddle. Then I struggle to push myself up on the saddle, clinging to anything I could so I wouldn't fall. It was easier now, unlike the first time that sent me falling onto my behind, "Good..." I take a breath, finally sitting on it properly, "Lets go!"


Raefor takes off, he is trying not to hit tree's, and avoid the branches full of snow. We make the clearing above, and fly for several seconds in the direction of the cave. Raefor doesn't fly too high, I can still see some of the ground in between the tree's. Finally I spot the cave and we descend towards it. Snotlout is outside with Hookfang.


"Where were you?" He demands as Raefor lands.


I laugh, "Getting food of course."


"I could have done that."


"You'd grab poison berries and eels."


"I would not!"


"Yes you would," I pull out two of the fish and firmly place them in his hand, "these are yours."


"Two fish? ONLY two fish? I'm a growing man."


"I believe the expression is 'growing boy.' "


"But I'm not a boy," Snotlout grins, "not with all this muscle." And I'm sure if he didn't have those fish in his hand he would do show them off.


I groan, pulling out two fish, "Alright Mr. Strongman, don't get your ego in a bunch."


"Excuse me-?"


"You're excused," Might as well throw some humor into this. I head into the cave, placing my fish down on a small rock, "Raefor..." I throw some sticks on the fire and he fires at them, a flame bursting from the spot.


"You can't just walk away!"

I laugh, "You're being silly again. I didn't walk away," There are only a few sticks left. I grab the thickest one I can find and jam it through the dead fish, "you should have followed me."


"Oh so that's how you're dealing with it," Snotlout copies me, both of us are sitting side by with our fish sticks over the fire, "blame the Snotman."


"Its true."


"It is not!"




I elbow his side.




"You know its not true," I murmur.


"Whatever," We sit in silence, "you should have waited for me. You're soaking wet," He notes.


I sigh, "And be a lazy rock? Not happening. I needed the exercise."


"Facing your problems doesn't include walking through deep snow,"


"And you would have done better?"


"Absolutely! Snotlout is the strongest person ever."


"You are strong," I see him look at me, "but not that strong."


"Why can't you agree with me?"


"Because its the truth," I smile, "and I can't lie."


"There's nothing to lie about. You're just stunned by my manly presence."


The words he spoke made me want to burst out in laughter, but I have to try and hold it in. Maybe I should see how long I can do that. I cough, scratching my neck and checking the fish, "Stunned by this? Sure."


"Of course. You just don't want to admit it."


"Ha..." I let out a small laugh, trying to make it more sarcastic than anything, "...you're funny."


"Here you go again...what am I doing that's so funny? Are you TRYING to mess with my brain?"


I can't take it anymore. I burst out in laughter, "Ha...hahahaha," My eyes close.


"What?" He looks at me, "What!?"


"You. Sound. So. Stupid," I try to talk in between laughs, its getting hard to breath and my insides are beginning to hurt, "you're so silly."


"Silly? You're calling the Snotman silly?"


"Yeah," I smile, "you're silly."


"Am not! How dare you call me silly."


"What are you going to do about it?"


He says nothing.




I hear something. Turning my head I see a large pile of fish with a thick, clear substance, "Ewww. Raefor!" Hookfang eats the fish.


"Hookfang, that is disgusting!"


The dragons look at us, confused.


"My appetite's gone," I throw the fish at the dragons and Raefor eats it without hesitation.


"Me too," Snotlout throws his fish at Hookfang who quickly eats it up.






Hours later, I'm on Raefor in the sky. I fly beside Hookfang and Snotlout. Despite getting lost several times after beginning our journey back to Berk, its in the distance, far off. I can see a small speck.


"Finally," I exclaim, "I was beginning to think we'd never get home."


"You will always do well when the Snotman's on charge."


"Oh really?" I laugh, "I guess I'd better prepare for war. Because when you're in charge, that's all that's going to happen."


"Will not!"


"You always start fights,"




I smile, "Yes you do." He did, he always started fights.


"Why are you always arguing?"


"Because," I frown, "wait, I answered this already. Why are you asking me the same question again?"


"I...well..." He groans in frustration and ignores the question, "ugh!"


Speechless. He was only speechless when someone out-argued him.


"Between you and me," And here I go embarrassing myself again, but he'll feel better. Raefor flies closer to Hookfang so i don't have to yell, "you're the cutest guy alive." And then I instruct Raefor to fly ahead, and we speed up.


I can only imagine how much Snotlout is blushing, and how red his race is. But I don't slow down even as I hear him call out my name. But the time I can see Berk well, details are noticeable. Snow covers a good portion of the island, not as bad as usual. Most snowstorms provide feet and feet of snow so deep that getting into your house is a problem. Not this time.


"They're still in the Great Hall," I say as we descend towards the village, "there aren't any people out."


"Of course not. That storm was terrible."


We land near the top steps, I jump off of Raefor and run towards the doors.


"Careful!" Snotlout exclaims, "you'll fall down the steps."


"I will not," I protest, "See? I didn't fall."


I open the doors, struggling with one arm. Warmth escapes, meeting my body and I smile at the people I see.


"Penny!" I hear a voice call. Hiccup comes over, "you're alright-" Snotlout is standing next to me, "you too..."


"Please, don't rush me all at once. There's enough of Snotlout to go around."


"Penny!" Astrid embraces me in a hug, "where were you!?"


"What about me!?"


Everyone ignores Snotlout. I I laugh, nervously, "I went flying and...you know."


"Don't do that again!"


"I'm sorry," I smile, "for everything." For doing something stupid and say those words to you Astrid, for snapping at Hiccup...for what I did to Snotlout. I'm sorry for everything.


Astrid smiles.


"You, young lady!" My mothers voice. She pushes through the crowd, appearing beside Hiccup. My father follows her, "what in Thor's name did you do that for !?"


"I didn't know-"


"You didn't know!?" She exclaims, "What kind of excuse is that. When you get married next week, you'd won't be doing any of this funny business."


"You're getting married?" Astrid's eyes widen.


I glare, "I'm not getting married mother."


"And who will you marry otherwise?" She gestures towards Snotlout, "him!? You're relationship won't last!"


"I refuse to marry-"


"It's not up for discussion,"


I glare, "Not even if I do this," Gotta show my mother I meant it. I grab Snotlout and crush my lips to his. It's only for a few seconds, but when I pull away, I see his eyes widen.


"Are you guys back together!?" Astrid exclaims.


"Yeah. We found a solution to the problem," I look back at my mother, "So mom I CAN'T marry that chieftan."


She laughs, "You are and you will. I won't fall for this charade."


"Snotlout doesn't play charade's," Snotlout interrupts.


"I'm sorry son, but the deals already been made," My mother looks at me, "pack your bags Penny. The boat leaves in three days. You'd better be on it." Before I can protest anymore, my mother turns and leaves.


I look to the ground, my father hasn't moved. I can see his shoes, "I can't..." I shake my head.


My father retreats, and moments later I'm seated on a bench staring into the fire pit. I thought for a moment mother would believe me, but how could she? Snotlout and I had broken up several times before.


"Want some company?"




I smile, "I guess," He sits down, Toothess sitting behind him on the floor, "I don't know. I solve one problem, only to run into another. Its a never-ending circle of problems."


"Yup. The never-ending problem," Hiccup looks at me, "life is gonna suck-"


"It already does."


Hiccup doesn't speak, probably didn't like that I interrupted him, "but there are so many good things."


"Yeah like what?" I'm defeated, i have no idea how i'm going to overcome this, "I have three days left in Berk, I'm marrying some loser at some far away island, and my dragon can't come. How is there any positive in that? I mean, I can't just marry Snotlout. That's censored! He doesn't trust me fully yet...because of my stupid mistakes. But I can't wait around..."


"We'll think of something," Hiccup assures me.


"I hope so," I look at Snotlout sitting on the far side. He's glaring at his father who is closer to me near the fire pit. I was going to hear it later, "I sure hope so."


Hiccup and I talk for a while longer until Snotlout notices us.


"Excuse me Hiccup? Are you trying to make a move or something?"


"I...have no idea what that means," Hiccup smiles at me, "I'll see you later Penny. Toothless and I have some stuff to do."




"Don't worry, we'll solve this," He pats my shoulder, and then leaves, heading in the direction of Astrid. Toothless licks my face and then follows Hiccup.


Snotlout snorts, "Why are you talking to that loser?"


"He's not a loser Snotlout," I argue staring back into the fire pit, "he's trying to help."


"Hiccup? Help? That's funny. He can't even tie his own boot laces."


"Boots don't have laces."


"I knew that."


I smile a little, "How are we going to solve this? I mean, everyone hates me by now. Your father. My mother. The stupid orange dragon thing..."


"That's three..."




"You said everyone, but you only mentioned three...things."


"More I don't know about."


"I don't hate you..."


"I know," I lean against his shoulder.


He pushes me off, "Hey! People are here!"


"Fine," I don't argue, "in three days i'm being shipped."


"Not if I have anything to do with it."


"Your father's probably happy inside. He doesn't have to see me anymore."


"Didn't you just hear what I said?" Snotlout exclaims, "you're not leaving. We'll find a way to change your mothers mind."


"My mother is as stubborn as your father," I remind him, "changing her mind is like trying to get a viking to swim naked. It's not going to happen."


"Don't say NOT with Snotlout. Snotlout can do anything!"


"I think this is beyond my reach."


"You say that and then you do something stupid," Snotlout looks at the fire pit, "we gotta trust us!"


"You mean you?"


"That too."


Snotlout was right for once, I had to trust our relationship...that the bond would allow us to put our head together and come up with a flawless plan. That or someone else will help. Maybe Fishlegs or someone. And my dream...what did my dream mean? I couldn't get the little girl out of my head. I recognized her from somewhere but I couldn't remember where.


But we need to find a solution soon.


Otherwise, I'm dead.


Word Count: 3,023

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Minor Changes

Made a few changes, but they are minor details. If you want to read the changed chapter (don't have to) read it HERE.

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Chapter 23

Horizon Chapter 23

A/N: DOUBLE UPDATE! Things are heating up. How are Snotlout and Penny going to overcome this impossible issues? Will Spitelout ever accept the relationship? And what's up with Penny's crazy dream? Keep watching the story to find out more ;)




She runs through town, her small feet ache and pain with every step she takes. The moon is full in the sky, and the stars twinkle. There, ahead, is a cliff.


Standing on the cliff is reaches her small hand up something; it hovers over the water. Its but a shadow, no color, and its difficult to make out the form against the background of the dark night.

It screeches a little, but stares, and makes no move outside of hovering.


For a moment, she stares at him, her eyes widening and then her hand extends farther. It hesitates, but eventually bows its head and leans into her hand.




My eyes suddenly open, the dream short yet odd. The same girl...the same dragon.


And yet I was still confused.


The Great Hall is still full of people, but only half the population remains. I rub my eyes, stretching my arm and yawning. Time to go see where everyone went.


Raefor is sitting at the end of my bench, looking at everyone as they talk. That's when I remember.


The three Nadders.


I jump off my seat and dash out the door in the freezing cold and towards my house where our stable is. I pull open the doors, the three Nadders are nestled together. Obviously cold. For a moment I feel a panic attack rush through me. They're dead, they're so dead! What kind of a caretaker am I!?


But then, one opens its eyes and makes a affectionate growl, "Oh. You scared me," I say as all three dragons rush over to me, rubbing against my legs, "you guys get picked soon by the students at the school," They look at me, "I don't want you to hideor anything."


The pink Nadder rubs against my leg, "Aren't you a good little fellow!" Raefor lifts his wing, "and hungry. We'll get you some food." Before I can say anything else, Raefor disappears, "Silly Raefor. I can just grab them some fish from inside..." I shake my head.


"So this is where you hide them?"


I turn, Fishlegs, "Nice little spot you have here."


"Thanks," The pink Nadder approaches Fishlegs, lifting its wings and roaring. Meatlug gets in the dragons face, and the pink Nadder stops. They sniff each other, "its temporary until choosing day."


"And your parents know?"


"Ha..." I laugh sarcastically, "if they knew, these dragons wouldn't be here. My parents don't like dragons."




"My mom actually. I don't know where my dad stands," I want to pick up one of the Nadders, but I can't. They're too big, "but enough about that. What brings you here?"


Fishlegs laughs nervously, "Actually, something along those lines. Have you heard any talk a rebellion?"


"A rebellion? What kind of rebellion?"




I shake my head, "I don't think so. Are you sure you heard right?"


"Last night there was some talk..."


"I wasn't here last night."


"I overheard someone talking. Some people are still hostile towards the dragons, planning to hold a rebellion."


"That's serious," I frown, "are you sure you heard right?"


"Penny, my ears are one hundred percent fine. I know what I heard,"


"Did you hear anything else?"


"No. But they were pretty clear. A lot of people have been living with hostility to dragons," He pats Meatlug, "who knows what they'll do."


"I don't want anything happening to Raefor," I say, thinking back to the days when I didn't have a dragon, "we should do something."


"That's what I was thinking. But what can we do?"


"Maybe if we put our heads together we'll think of something," I pat the dragons, "when Raefor gets back, we'll go find Hiccup. Maybe he will have an idea." Minutes later Raefor returns, coughing up some fish for the young Nadders, "By the way. You wouldn't happen to know when the choosing day is?" I ask after closing the stable and getting on my saddle.


Fishlegs shakes his head, "Next week...or something."


"I'll have to ask Hiccup then." We ascend towards the sky. I had no idea where Hiccup was, and I was in no mood to go searching for him for hours on end.


Fishlegs calls out a few minutes later, "He's over there!"


Indeed, he was with Toothless on the far side of the island talking with a elder about something. I couldn't see his face well because of how high and far we were. However, from what I could see it looked serious. When we get closer I can see the elders expression, it's cross. Oh great, maybe he had beaten us.


"...soon," That is the only word I hear as we approach and land near Hiccup. The elder looks at us, his expression growing more cross. But he whispers something to Hiccup and retreats.


I watch him as he passes us, his glare growing, "Wow...Hiccup we need to talk to you."


"Doesn't everyone?" He was being sarcastic, of course he wasn't normally rude so I didn't take his expression personally, "I'm sorry. Its been a stressful day."


I hesitate, looking at Fishleg. He stares back at me.


"Is something...wrong?"


"I don't know if we should say anything."


"You kinda just did. So just speak."


Fishlegs hesitates again, but repeats what he had spoken of minutes later of the talk of a rebellion.


With each sentence Hiccups face grows paler. I can't read his thoughts, but even if I could I wouldn't want to know what he was thinking at this moment. If anything, I would want to look away. Looking at Hiccup's face concerned me. I really need to get him back together with Astrid...matchmaking. I'm not so good at that. Oh yeah, I still need to get revenge on them for what they did to Snotlout and I when I broke up with Snotlout. Guess I'm going to have to start thinking about how I could do that.


Finally, Fishlegs finishes and for a moment there is nothing but the sound of the wind, plus talking from villagers in the village. Hiccup sighs, "Great. That's just what I need right now," He leans against Toothless staring up into the sky, "this is just perfect."


I look back at Fishlegs, "Is everything okay?"


"There's just...been some trouble."


"What kind of trouble?" I know I shouldn't ask and Hiccup shouldn't answer, but I also know what its like to sit around with a huge chip on your shoulder and have no one to talk to, "is something going on?"


Hiccup hesitates, "Its nothing serious."


"If that were true, you wouldn't look like such a defeated viking..." I approach him, "if somethings wrong you can tell us. I mean, even as the chief you need someone to talk to."


Again, Hiccup hesitates, "I don't know. Just some rumors. Elders in the committee who are dragon-haters. Planning a rebellion. Similar to what you said, but...a whole new level."


"This is serious," I realize that. If some of the new elders were dragon haters, it would lead to a war. Not village versus village, but people versus people, "what are you going to do?"


"I don't know."


I have a suggestion.


"Don't tell me to get the dragon academy back together."


Oh man, he knew I was going to say that.


Fishlegs speaks, "It could be a valuable asset. There are more of us. With four additional bodies, plus our dragons, we could cover more ground. Figure out if the rumors are true or not."


"That's not going to happen."


I groan, "Hiccup, why won't you get the academy back together?" I don't understand it, I don't comprehend the reason.


"You know its none of your concern."




"Just leave it. I don't see how it would do anything."


I glare, "I do actually. the academy was good for us. For the people. Why don't you believe that anymore? You can be the chief and still be in charge of the academy. The shoes..." The shoes...they are too small because you're an amazing person, "...the shoes are the perfect size. But only when you take charge of the academy. You need to believe in yourself again. Hiccup, why don't you?" Is it because of Astrid? Because things with her went south? For reasons you won't tell me? Is there something more?


"You don't know anything," Hiccup argues, "you've never worn my father's shoes. Been the chief of an entire village. Been in charge of an entire academy."


"No," I bet Fishlegs must feel awkward right now, how confused he must be, "I don't. But I do carry weight. The weight of my friends who changed. The weight of my friends who won't do what they should," I point to my arm, "you think that because you lost a limb, or you're the chief, that I don't know how pressure feels? How many days I wake up in the morning and wish my arm would grow back? Snotlout and I took time to work out our problems. Of all people, Snotlout! I mean, if he can do that why can't you? Why can't you look past it all?" I shake my head, "what happened to you? Where's the Hiccup who believed so strongly in dragons? The peace they can bring?"


Hiccup doesn't answer.


"If I have learnt anything," I continue, "its that we need to face our problems. Solve them before its too late. One day it will be too late." On that cheery note, I get back on Raefor, and we fly off towards the sky. I'm not angry or upset, but after that long speech I don't feel much like talking anymore.




Night comes, and I'm sitting in the village on the steps of the Great Hall. I've spent many hours on these steps, and my back is beginning to hurt. But I'm lost in thought, I have been for some time. Wondering what was going to happen. Hiccup was assuming he was the only one with pressure, and yet he didn't know anything about my dream. About seeing Stoick. That girl...who was she.


"Penny?" I look up. A small girl, one who I had spoken too once and a while, smiles, "hi!"


"Hey," I pat the seat beside me and she sits, "I know its been a while, but thanks for pointing me in the direction of Hiccup."


She's confused.


"That day with toothless?"


The girl, Rubina, nods, "I remember now. It's okay, I had to do that," She smiles, "Why are you so sad?"


"I'm not sad,"


"You are sad. I may be a kid, but I see these things."


"You never were easy to fool," I smile, "I'm not sad. Just thinking."


"What are you thinking about?"


"Lots of stuff," I say, "not the kinda of things you need to worry about."


"I guess..."


I smile, "What you should be thinking about is choosing day. You get a dragon this year."


She frowns.


"What's wrong?"


"I..." She sighs, "I don't know if I want a dragon."


"Don't want a dragon?"


"They are big and scary."


"Maybe at first," Raefor approaches Rubina, "but underneath all these scales, is a heart. The biggest hear you'll ever find. I mean, when I found Raefor-"


"Penny!" I hear my name being called. When I turn my head I see Snotlout. He jumps off of Hookfang, "what are you doing?"


"Talking," I answer, patting the girls helmet, "trust me. Dragons are the best ever."


The girl smiles, and I get up, leaving her seated on the steps.


"Whats up?"


"What do you mean?"


"What do you want?"


"I knew that.."


I tilt my head, "What?"




"Did you...need something?"


"Oh that," He glares, "I want revenge!"


"For what?"


"For what Astrid and Hiccup did. C'mon, don't tell me you don't remember."


"Oh," Funny I was thinking about that earlier, "I was thinking about that earlier."


"Of course you were. Its because your mind was in tune with my genius mind."


Time to ignore him. I jump on to my saddle, "Want to get revenge then?"


"Revenge? You? You want to get revenge?" I guess the idea surprised him.


"I did just say that," I smirk, "looks like you didn't know as much about me as you thought."


"I do so know everything about you. Its me you don't know everything about." Snotlout climbs into his dragon saddle.


I laugh, Raefor and I start towards the sky "Oh really?"


"Yes, really." Snotlout follows me.


Silly Snotlout.


"What kind of revenge do you have in mind?" We start circling the island.


Snotlout shakes his head, "Lots of things."






"You don't have any ideas do you..?"


"I do! We could pour yaknog on their heads."


"What does that prove?"


"That Snotlout is the best..."


"Aren't we getting revenge? And didn't the twins do that to you?"




"You told me they did."


"I was lying."


I don't think he was...he is lying now. I roll my eyes and laugh.


"What's funny?"


"You," Here we go again, "race you to the forest."




But before he can speak I instruct Raefor to speed up, and he does. We are going as fast; I can feel the wind on my skin as we continue to speed up. I love this feeling, I had it with Oleander.


"That's the fastest you can go?"


Hookfang and Snotlout are beside me, "Loser."


"Ha!" I shake my head, "this isn't the half of it babe."


"Did you just-?"


Disorientation...ha! It works so well, "Bye!" And we go to full speed, leaving Snotlout in the dust.

"That was such a good move," I sound cocky, but it is true.


Suddenly the world is blurry, I feel like my heart as stopped. I can't breath. I frown, placing my hand on my heart and gasping for air, "Raefor..." The dragon looks at me, I can see his pupil widen, and he dives right for the ground. I place my head on top of his back and close my eyes.


Darn it.


When we land I'm still having difficulties breathing, my eyesight is getting worse and I feel like my head is about to explode. With much difficulty I get off of the saddle and sit up against a rock. My lungs feel like they're shriveling up like dried grapes.


My ears are ringing.


Something out f the corner of my eye approaches me quickly. I can't see it, I can actually but I don't focus on it. I'm trying to focus on my breathing. I'm still gasping for a breath.


For a few more seconds I can't breath, I'm gasping for air. And then, it gets easier.


My heart pumps. My lungs fill up with air. My eyesight is back to normal. My head doesn't hurt.




"...ey?" I focus on someone standing in front of me, "Hey!?"


I can't speak at first. I'm taking deep breath's, trying to get my breathing back to normal, "I..." I'm beginning to panic, "I couldn't breath..."


But I thought this issue was gone? That everything was fixed? I don't want to go back to this! Go back to the days in which I was fearing for my life.


"Couldn't breath? Like, heart stopped couldn't breath?"


"Yes..." I glare, "...I couldn't breath..." I shake my head, "No...this can't be happening. I thought it...or maybe..." I thought this was over, I thought I wasn't going to deal with this, "No...this can't be happening..." I repeat.


"Calm down,"


"I can't..." I shake my head, "its not over...somethings still wrong with me," My eyes widen, "I'm still dying. But I don't understand..."


"Would you calm down!?" He exclaims, "stop assuming things. Maybe there was something in the air."


"Like what?"


"I don't know. Something."


"Snotlout I'm..." I shake my head again, I feel dizzy, "...i'm certain there was nothing."


"But we can't know for sure if you're dying."


"There is no other explanation!" I scream, "I...I just got over this. I lost my arm. It was in my blood for a while," I look to the ground, "what am I going to do? I can't die!"


Silence for a second.


"We'll find a way. A cure."


"There is no cure."


"Gothi must have mentioned something..."


I stutter, "A...a flower I think. But that's all i can remember..."


"Then we'll find the flower."


"Can we? With all that's going on?"


"Yes," I rarely see confidence like this in him, in something other than myself, "we will find a way to get over this. Or my name isn't Snotlout Jorgenson."


For a moment I want to believe him, understand and know that I won't die...that I won't get sick once again. I don't understand how this could suddenly happen. Why is this thing attacking me again? What am I going to do? How...my mind goes blank.


I just don't know what to think anymore.


Word Count: 3,000

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Chapter 24

(NOTE: This chapters shorter than normal)


Horizon Chapter 24

A/N: And its come...the "I'm getting sick of this story" bug. It makes it more difficult to write and the inspiration is beginning to fade. I'm trying to ignore for it as long as I can, because eventually it does go away! By the way I lied, there's definitely going to more than ten to fifteen chapters. I just realized that. Maybe I need a break...I couldn't last that long without my writing though XD This is a funish chapter, so its shorter ;) I'm ready to write the next chapter and you're ready to read the next chapter...so lets go!




Meatlug and Fishlegs zoom by us, I see the sheep in Fishleg's hand and gasp, "It was back there!?"


"Of course it was," Fishlegs yells over the wind. Meatlug speeds up and they throw the sheep into Ruffnut's basket. I could have sworn the next sheep was by Sven's farm, of course I've been wrong before. Another point for the twins.


Astrid and Stormfly race past us as we head into the stables, "Later!"


I hate it when someone does that to me, "Glad you could join us," I exclaim as Hiccup and Toothless appear beside us, "but I have to admit, you're racing skills are a bit rusty."


Hiccup laughs, changing something with his foot on Toothless's pedal and races in front of us towards Astrid.


"Snotlout!" I exclaim, he's right behind me. I could see his shadow below, "I don't want help. I can beat you without your help. In fact, how am I suppose to beat you if you keep helping me?" In my basket are five sheep, two of which were tossed in by Snotlout, "it's not a team competition."


"Whatever you want Snotlout gets for you."


"Do you mean that?"


"Of course."


"Then stop helping me," I grin, "I don't want to win that badly. I'm not competitive like you. I don't need to be competitive to win. Are you afraid that I'm going to beat you? I bet that's why you're helping me!" We leave the stables.




I laugh, "That must be the reason. Otherwise you would have at least one sheep in your basket," I smile, "I bet you can't get two points."


"I can get more!"


"Sure you can," I shake my head, "how about a wager? To make this interesting."


"What kind of wager?"


"Loser does whatever the winner wants for twenty four hours."


"Whatever they want?"


"Yeah," There is no way he's going to get any points in the last quarter of the race, "whatever they want."


"Deal," And Snotlout races ahead.


I laugh, "Don't bet on winning Snotface." We follow him


The next sheep would be on Sven's farm, unlike the last one which was really in the forest. I messed it up, but after the forest was the farm so Raefor and I barrel it towards Sven's farm, "See it?" The other riders are searching as they race, I keep my eyes on the ground and Raefor keeps us on track, "I still don't..." Found it, "there!" It stands with the other sheep within the perimeter of the fence, "C'mon Raefor. Lets grab it before anyone else."


We dive down towards the sheep with the target painted into its wool. I smile, we were going to finally get the sheep without having to steal it from anyone else. But when I look around, I see that everyone else has caught on. Toothless and Hiccup are closing the space between us. We can't let them get to the sheep first, but I had flown on Toothless. I knew he was faster than we were. However we were very close to the sheep, closer than anyone else.


Sure enough, before Toothless can get close enough to the sheep, Raefor grabs it with his feet and we ascend towards the sky at lightning speed, "Good job Raefor!" I exclaim, "now lets keep this away from the rest. Lets take the shortcut." There were some well known shortcuts in the race that we could use, though most chose not to. I on the other hand, would only use them during desperate times.


They were also risky.


"If we can do through the forest we may be able to get past Fishleg's. Snotlout won't have a chance if he attempts to catch up," I pat Raefor, "then there's the black sheep...if we can keep him from getting it, I win the bet."


Raefor makes a parrot noise.


"I know, i'm getting competitive. I don't want Snotlout winning, who knows what he'd do to me. Clean out Hookfangs pen..." I shudder at the thought, "he doesn't do that anymore. I can only imagine whats in there..."


A growl.


"Fine, i'll stop. Its disgusting just thinking about it."


When the path comes, Raefor and I take a sudden turn , aiming for the risky shortcut.


"You're not going to make it!" Astid calls.


"Watch me," I'm beginning to get really cocky, I know it. But I've practiced many times before, even if not with Raefor. We could do it. As we dive into the forest, heading for a thin crack in the rock of the stone wall, I can hear the sound of laughter. Probably Snotlout, believing he could beat me because I'm making a mistake or something. But I don't believe it. I'm going to beat him, "once we get to the wall, we need to angle ourselves. Its tricky. But we can do it!"


The dragon looks at me and we begin.


Raefor does a good job of weaving in between the tree's. I knew he would do well. But its the rock i'm concerned about. As we get closer, I balance myself on the saddle. That's when I realize how difficult this is going to be. I had to balance a sheep, and make sure my fake arm didn't get caught on anything. Landing would be an interesting experience, "Here's hoping I don't fall."


The rock wall is ahead of us, and now its time. I fix the fingers so my arm is no longer attached to the saddle and just as Raefor angle's himself, I jump, holding the sheep tightly in my one arm. It feels like I'm in slow motion. My body flying through the air, the riders watching me as I fly above the tree's for a split second and plunge down towards my dragon saddle.


I land, close to falling off, but I use my legs to keep myself anchored on Raefor, "It worked," I mutter, "it actually worked." Raefor roars, quickly descending towards the baskets. I throw my sheep in and laugh, "good job Raefor. Lets try and keep Snotlout from getting that black sheep." The horn sound echoes, and I know its time.


The twins take little time to catch up to us, but as I feel them begin to take the lead, the dragon comes close to us, pushing us enough to slow us down.


"Hey!" I exclaim as Raefor speeds back up, "that's not fair."


"Its perfectly fine," Tuffnut snickers.


Ruffnut nods, "Yeah, don't be a spoil sport."


I glare, "If that's fair, then so is this." We ascend so we're behind the twins, but higher up. Raefor flicks his tail and I duck, barely missing the spikes as they fly towards the twins.


Ruffnut and Tuffnut are able to dodge the spikes, but I can see that Barf and Belch are spinning towards Berk.


"What is up with this thing?" Tuffnut exclaims, "where's the stop button?"


"There is none!"


Barf and Belch crash land in the middle of the square, "What did we hit?" Tuffnut touches the top of his helmet, looking at me, "Hey! You guys don't play fair. And I'm talking to all of you. All four dragons and vikings."


"Remember, its fair!" I throw at them, "see you later." And we zoom away. The black sheep was never at the same place, most times it would be at the end of the race.


"I'm going to win Snotlout," I turn around, smiling, "that day is mine."


"Is not! I'm going to win; you have no chance."


"Oh I do. And I'm going to use it."


Astrid and Stormfly catch up to us minutes later, "Looks like its mine."


"Take it. As long as Snotlout doesn't get it."


"Do I sense something here?"


"A bet. And he's going to lose," I smile, "unless he gets that black sheep."


She gives me the evil grin, then is ahead of us.


"Don't mind her Raefor. As long as Snotlout doesn't get that black sheep we're good," I turn to see what's going on behind me. Hiccup and Toothless are soon to pass us, he can wrestle Astrid for the sheep if he wants it so bad. I laugh as they pass us. Winning wasn't important...as long as Snotlout didn't get that sheep.


I decide my fights not with Astrid so I slow down and allow the two to fight for the sheep.


Rather, I'm going to throw Snotlout off so he doesn't get it.


What could I do?


Disorientating him would do some good...but I had done that recently. I need something new, something risky. Something that would really shake him up.


That's it.


I laugh, I would have never done this before. But with what I felt was a limited supply of time, I don't see why I shouldn't try.


Time to gross him out. I pull back and Raefor slows down. Fishlegs passes us, and then we're next to Snotlout.


"Too slow?"


"No." I pat Raefor, playing with my fake fingers so my hand is no longer clenching the iron bar. I then jump on Hookfang. He doesn't seem alarmed, still racing as usual.


"What are you-?"


"Strategy," I smile, "good strategy." I link my arms around his neck. Awkward, since the saddle Snotlout sits on is huge.


"Hey! Stop that."


"Is it working?"


"What...whats working?"


"Distracting you," I murmur, "its working right."


"No...stop doing that!" He exclaims, "there are...people all over the place."


I glare, "Everyone's sitting in the stands. The only people around are riders," I glance back at the twins, "and the twins are too busy fighting to even notice."


"Go away!"




Snotlout's face is going red, "Ew...don't come so close to me."


"You were fine with it the other day,"


"We were trapped,"


"Yeah. We were," I smile, "and now we're not. Kind of. If you want to be technical, we're trapped on Hookfang."


"Its not the same-" He glares, "don't get so close!"


My arms are around his neck, "Hey! I can so, you can't stop me. You're driving."




"So am I," I murmur, "what should I call you now? Honey bunch?"


He gags, "Don't say that! Its disgusting."


"Does Sweetie-pie work then?"


"That's even worse," He gags again, "would you stop? You're grossing me out."


Plan succeeded. Hopefully he would make mistakes.


I sigh, "Fine..." I unhook from my arms from his neck and jump back on Raefor who had been flying beside us, "but seriously. You're going to lose."




And we speed away.


Hopefully my plan has worked.


From behind I see Hiccup and Toothless have caught to Astrid and Stormfly, the two are saying stuff to one another but they are so far ahead that I don't say anything. I remind myself that the plan of revenge was taking place tonight...it was going to be sweet.


I can hardly wait.


Astrid tosses the sheep in her basket half an hour later; it was a struggle between her and the twins and Fishlegs, but Astrid is crowned the winner of the race. I smile, but it fades.


This would be my last race. In two days I was being shipped to who knows where to marry a man I never met. I was going to try and convince my mother otherwise, and I would never give up if every breath in my body was screaming at me to stop.


I wouldn't give up until it was time to.


"You owe me a day," I exclaim to Snotlout as he crosses the finish line, "you failed it."


"You didn't win..."


"I never said I had to..." I smile, "tomorrow, you're all mine for twenty four hours."


"Snotlout belongs to no one."


"Tomorrow you do," I glare, "and you'd better listen."


"Fine, whatever."


"We're still doing that thing, right?"


"What thing?"


I look at Hiccup for a moment then back at Snotlout.


"I don't get it."


"The revenge plan," I muttur.


"Oh. Why didn't you just that to begin with?"


I roll my eyes, "We're doing it though, right?"


"Of course we are,"


"You work on Hiccup, I'll work on Astrid."


He nods, and we get to work.


"Astrid," She has already done her victory dance with Stormfly, "Nice job."


"You too," She throws some chicken at Stormfly, "though the outcome was always obvious."


"Oh you think so? So me purposely slowing down was predictable too?"


"That was just silly," She smiles, "but even if you had put in some effort i would have won."


"Hahahahaha..." I'm sarcastic of course, "very funny. I have beat you, ya know."




"Nah, skill," I laugh, "and it was on a dragon I was not use to."


"Sure it was..."


"Do you want to go for a ride?"


"A ride? I don't know..."


"C'mon. Its just to the stables." The older, abandoned part of the stables...but I won't tell her that.

Astrid looks at Stormfly, "Alright. I guess I have enough time."


This is gonna be awesome.


Word Count: 2,377

Story Word Count So Far: 78,353

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Chapter 25

Horizon Chapter 25

A/N: Sorry for that really short chapter, but stuff starts getting depressing again quite soon and I wanted to post a fun chapter before everything gets too serious again :3 Don't be mad, if this stuff didn't happen there'd be no lessons learnt, no themes and no use to write a story :) I'm going to take a chance to let you all know that I'm going to be taken a small break. While I have a vision for this story, i have some other stories that need attention/other stuff I need to do. But I won't be away too long X) Anyways, here we go *hides from audience throwing tomatoes*




"I thought we were going to fly?" Astrid asks as we head into the old, abandoned section of the stables. Its dark and musty, slightly chilled with heat being cut off from this part of the building. But not cold enough for anyone to freeze.


It's true I felt bad doing this, however, they deserved it. And it seemed like the only way to get them back for what they had done to Snotlout and I earlier. I was hoping that Snotlout was able to fool Hiccup into coming here. I knew they didn't get along very much nowadays, worse than before. But I'm praying that that didn't stop anything.




I can hear Hiccups voice already and I snicker, I probably shouldn't go ahead with this but we were this far already. And this may be one of the last memories I have with Snotlout if I can't convince my mother otherwise.


We turn the corner and see Hiccup, without Toothless. I had convinced Astrid to leave Stormfly in her stable stall, guess it worked with Hiccup too.


Hiccup is sitting by one of the old stalls. There are doors on these ones with windows, and the stalls are bigger than the stalls we have now, and definitely impossible to climb, "Oh Penny-" Hiccup stands up, but the moment his eyes lay on Astrid stops speaking, averting his gaze to the ground.


Here we go.


"Hey. What are you guys doing here?"


"You know..." Snotlout awkward looks at me, "...stuff."


"These are pretty old," I push in, "guys come look at this stall." I walk to the closest stall, hopefully I could get this to work. Both Astrid and Hiccup hesitate, but walk in. I stand near the entrance now, gesturing towards the the inside of the stall.


Hiccup speaks, "Its been a while since I've been in here."


"Yup," I look at Snotlout, who is standing in the middle of the aisle and with one quick move I slam the door shut, locking the door.


"Hey!" I hear Astrid call.


"You set us up," I smile at Snotlout, "now we set you up. You two have issues you need to sort out. We'll be back in a few hours."


"Why are you doing this?"


"Revenge mostly, but...like I said, issues. You two, talk!"


I retreat.


"And that's what you get for pranking the Snotman."


"Snotlout, let us out."


He smirks, "Maybe...in a few hours." And follows me out of the stable.


When we find Toothless and Stormfly in the stables both are on edge. We should have probably put them in the stable too...Toothless growls, "Its okay. Hiccup and Astrid..." Toothless calms, sitting and licking his mouth, "...we'll come back in a few hours."


Toothless looks at me, i swear he's saying 'you're seriously doing this?'


I laugh, "They'll be fine." I pat Toothless, then jump on Raefor and fly out of the stables with Snotlout and Hookfang close by, "I hope..." Raefor halts mid air and I turn to see the stables. The winter chill is running down my spine, snow covers almost every inch of the outside of the stable, not including the door which had no snow on it anymore after some vikings dug so we could get into the stables. Thankfully it was big enough to allow dragons to get in and out...even if there was a lot of traffic. But I was hoping this revenge plan worked well...and in our favor. I was sick and tired of them not speaking.


Hiccup doesn't need to rant on me, he needs to rant on Astrid.


"Yeah!" Snotlout exclaims, "that's how its done!"


"You're only saying that because it was your plan," I exclaim.


"That's why its so good."


"Yeah right. I could've come up with something better."


"No one has better plans than Snotlout."


"I do."


"Oh yeah, prove it."


"You're plan is flawed. We should have left the dragons with them. Then they would have a less chance of freezing. Which they will do if we leave them in there all night like you originally suggested."


"Revenge isn't sweet if we rescue them."


I laugh, "Its not rescuing so much as making sure they don't die."


"Same thing."


"No its not,"


"Yes it is."


"No its not."


"Yes it is."


I don't bother saying anything else because I knew he would just continue to argue, and honestly I wasn't in the mood. Though I was happy to have my revenge, I felt kinda guilty. I mean, what if they froze to death? Later I would go back to see if they were okay...because otherwise I'd be worried.


"So...now what?" I ask.


"I don't know,"


I sigh, "We could...talk."


"Talk? Who likes to talk?"


"I do. You need to talk to make friends...we're doing it now," I grin, "besides we...I gotta plan what we're going to do tomorrow."


"Tomorrow? You want to do it tomorrow?"


"Of course," I shake my head, "if mom doesn't change her mind, i'm being shipped out the next day, remember?"

"Why do you keep saying that? What happened to the 'i'm going to fight it' thing?"


I smile, "I'm going to fight it. I'm just take precautions," There was a lot of stuff I wanted to do with him...show him that special place I went to as a kid. maybe go search for that flower with him. Spend some quality time. Make some memories.


Raefor takes us around the island a few times and I take in the view, its beautiful. At any time of the day, going for a ride around the island was the best thing ever. I smile, "Aren't those figures the twins?" I ask as we fly over Sven's farm, "what are they doing?" I see the two figures; they sneak up to a yak standing near the left hand corner, and quickly push it so it lands on its side. I tilt my head, "...yeah, the twins. Yak tipping again..." I shake my head.


"I'm going in," Snotlout exclaims, diving towards the twins.


My eyes widen, "Wait, Snotlout-" We could get in trouble! But before I can continue, Snotlout is already ahead, heading right for the twins, "Darn!" If the elders catch us, they'll think we were involved...and we may get into trouble! I couldn't have that issue on top of everything else that was happening.


Without thinking Raefor and I dive after him, maybe if we catch him to we can throw him of course...force him to turn around.


Wishful thinking.


Snotlout approaches the twins, ane when he gets close enough to them, yells, "What are you doing!?" The twins jump, backing up fast enough to trip over their own feet. Snotlout laughs, flying away and back towards the sky. I shake my head.


"Snotlout," I exclaim when I get close enough to him, "did you have to do it?"


"Uh, yes? They're mutton heads."


"One of whom you were pursuing."


"I don't date mutton heads willingly. My dad was making me..."


"Of course."


"Its true!"


"Funny. Thank goodness we weren't caught."


"Caught? We weren't doing anything wrong?"


"The twins are yak tipping. Anyone in the area when the elders come across this...prank would be under investigation," I think of the new elders. How often they were picky about the silliest things, pinning problems on people who were innocent, doing their job too well... "Lets get out of here."


"In a minute..."




But he's gone again. I shake my head, I didn't want to get in trouble...I just didn't. But I didn't want to leave him here, and I couldn't stop him. I knew that. I fly so I can overlook all of Berk and watch as Snotlout continues to torment the twins by flying at them, then pulling up at the last second. And with each moment I'm getting more and more nervous.






Snotlout pulls up, flying away from the twins towards me. But I don't wait for him, I high tail it out of there, going as fast as Raefor can fly. We get the sea stacks before we land, "I told you! I told you we'd get caught."


"Caught smaught. They didn't actually catch us did they?"


"Seeing us is the same thing!" I exclaim, "this just gives my mom another reason to ship me off."


"Why do you always have to bring that up?"


"Because it bugs me," I say, "marrying some stranger, being away from Berk, from dragons..." And from you, "its just...wrong! I grew up here. Anywhere else is foreign...and will be for the rest of my life." I plop down on the edge of the sea stack, my legs dangling, "How am I going to stop this?"


"Don't ask me," Snotlout answers, "I have no ideas." So much for 'we'll get through this together.'


"I hope mom's in a listening mood tonight...but I doubt she'll listen. Even when I..." Kissed you in front of her, "...she doesn't fall for these things easily. And, how am I going to take care of the baby Nadders..." I mutter.


"Baby what?"


"Nadders," I smile, "Raefors babies. Next weeks choosing week according to Fishlegs. I still have to ask Hiccup. And if this goes south, I can't get them there. Goodness, I can't even take care of them until the day."


Snotlout takes a seat beside me, "Find someone to take care of them. You're a warrior! But you shouldn't worry, we are going to figure this out." He keeps contradicting himself.


"You just said you had no ideas."


"Hey! I may get an idea."


"You? An idea of your own?" I push him a little, "yeah right."


"Hey! My brain is the definition of genius."


"Genius? Not really," I smile, "humor. Yes."


"For the last time, I'm not silly!"


"Yes you are," I lean in and whisper in his ear, "and I love you for it."


"Stop saying that!"




"Stuff like that. Mushy-gushy.." He shudders.


I laugh, "But we're dating. You never minded it before."


"I'm talking about now."


"What if I don't want to stop?" I put my head on his shoulder.




"No..." I'm going to chose to be stubborn, I had to be! Make the most of my time with him if things didn't work out; tonight I was going to argue. I was going to try everything I could to get my mother to change her mind, "...I'm not going to stop."


"Don't-" He starts, but I'm in his face.


I smile, "Remember. No lies, no more secrets."


"That doesn't apply to this! Do we really need to-?"


"Shush!" I exclaim, "of course it does." And then I kiss him. I know I shouldn't, if I'm shipped off my heart will break even more. We seemed to be doing this a lot lately. But I felt I had reason, cause. I pull away quickly.


"What are you doing that for..." He mutters.


I laugh, "Is there any reason I can't?" Had to take these kind of risks.




"Who cares?" And I seal the gap between us again.


It doesn't start as a peck like usual, the slowness was long gone by now. We were past that stage. I want to let lose the stress. The pain. Use this as a coping method. But it couldn't go too far. Whatever.


The kiss doesn't last as long as it normally does, but I still wrap my arm around his neck and deepen it as soon as I can.


But I pull away seconds later. My mood suddenly changes, knowing that I may leave should make me want to kiss him. Moments ago I did. But no longer do I feel like it...I don't want to do it anymore.


I get up, walking towards Raefor and jump into my saddle.


"W-where are you going?" Snotlout asks, "are you just going to talk away?"


"I..." I shake my head, "I just need a moment alone."


And I fly away.




Without thinking I fly right back to the stables, setting myself to sit beside Toothless for an hour or two, before I finally get the nerve to walk back into the stable. Hopefully they aren't mad at me for what I did...but they deserved it.


I open the door, slipping in as quietly as possible.


There are voices in the darkness, but I don't know one hundred percent because they are so soft, quiet. When I open the stable door, and pull the door open I see Hiccup and Astrid. He stops mid sentence, "Thank you for that..." He says sarcastically, "everyone loves being locked up."


"You deserved it," I say quickly, "did you think I was going to 'sort out my problems' and leave you two fend for yourselves?"


"And you thought locking us up was the best idea? Well it wasn't,"


"Truth is, i'm tired of being the go between. You two should be talking-"


"Good for you because that's what happened."


I shake my head, backing up as Hiccup leaves the stall, "She could have frozen! I could have frozen!"


"Wait," I look at Astrid, then back at Hiccup, "you're actually concerned about-"


"Obviously! Its not everyday you get locked in some freezing small space."


"You...that's one step in the right."


"Well good job. You've accomplished your mission."


"Like I said you deserved it. Snotlout wanted to lock you up all night. But..." I look to the ground, "I couldn't let that happen. Be thankful I was involved."


Hiccup nods, "I guess I can understand that. I'm sorry."


"I should be sorry. Leaving you in a freezing stable was probably not the best solution. However, the next time you wanna set me up," I smirk, "think twice."


Hiccup laughs, "I'll remember that..." There's a couple minutes of silence, I see Astrid looking at Hiccup. It's still slightly awkward, but its different...softer, loving. I feel a weight begin to lift off my shoulders, "...hey we're going to the feast now if you want to join. I need to set up and..." He looks at Astrid, a smile appearing for only a moment, but then fading, "...Astrid needs to be there early."


"Thanks, but..." My smile fades, "...I've got some stuff I need to do first. I'll join you later."


"Stuff to do? Is everything okay?"


"Yeah," I smile, "Well, kinda. I need to try and talk to my mom. She's not going to the feast so..."


"She's still shipping you off!?" Astrid exclaims, "she hasn't changed her mind?"


"No, but we don't talk much. I'm hoping she'll understand...maybe even change her mind," I laugh sarcastically, "otherwise I'm being shipped off."


"I won't let that happen," Hiccup says, "we need to find some way; anything."


I shake my head, "My mom's as stubborn as a mule. There is nothing in this world that will make her change her mind. Any effort would be worthless."


"There must be something..." Hiccup insists.


"Go ahead but I doubt it will do anything," I head towards the door, looking up at Hiccup "thanks."


"We will do everything we can," Hiccup says, "and we won't stop until you're here for good."


These people are my friends, the people I can depend on. Everyone; Hiccup, Astrid, the twins and Fishlegs. I need to be confident; that we can try and stop what is to happen, what is to come.


I open the stable doors, and as we walk towards Toothless and Stormfly I see Grease, arms folded across his chest and a smirk on his face, "Oh, if it isn't Ms. Penny."


"Grease. What do you want?"


"Just a congratulations for your future marriage. I hear he's..." Grease smirks, "...quite the looker."


Hiccup glares, repeating my question, "What do you want?"


"Nothing concerning you," Grease smiles, "when you're gone, I'll take care of your dragon..." His smile widens, "...as its skull is hanging on my wall."


Excuse me? No one messes with my dragon. I storm over to his, slapping him in the face then pushing him to the ground, "NO ONE MESSES WITH MY DRAGON!" I go to snap again, but I feel two pairs of arms wrap around my shoulders and pull me back, "you touch my dragon and I'll skin you alive. You pathetic excuse for a viking."


Grease looks at me, smirking again, and without a word he gets up and walks away. Raefor lifts his wing roaring at Grease and attempting to chase him.


"He won't touch Raefor," Hiccup assures me as Grease disappears through stable doors.


Astrid nods, "He'll have to go through us and our dragons."


"And the entire village."


I can't imagine Raefor hurt...dead and with nothing left but the skull on Grease's wall.


But he would never get my dragons. I wouldn't allow it.


Word Count: 3,052

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Chapter 26

Horizon Chapter 26

A/N: I'm back; I wanted to write again...lol I couldn't stay away that long :P But I'm going to start taking breaks if my brain does an overload like it did a few days ago :) Oh and by the way, this story, as if the end of chapter 25, is 304 pages. Congratulations for surviving that! XD You've read over three hundred pages. Next time you say you don't have the patience for the novel, now you know you do :P So go read a novel! :D Anyway on to chapter 26!




I don't know what possessed me to leave the comfort of Hiccup and Astrid to sit with my mom at the table at home; my perseverance and stubborn determination is catching me off guard a little. She sits at her leisure, sipping a cup of water and staring at me like I'm some sort of spineless thief about to be banished. For love. That's what this was for. Even if it was helpless, and foolish. I would tell her, find something in every bone in my body to let out. Change her mind.


"Mother," I try to steady my heart rate by taking a few breaths, "I like your hair today. Did you do something different?"




Have to keep trying, must convince her otherwise, "Or did you alter your outfit? It looks good!"


"Spit it out," My mother snaps, placing her cup down on the table, "if this is about marrying that chieftain..."


She had caught on already, my mother was quick I guess, hard to flatter, "It is."


"We aren't discussing it,"


But I'm determined, "Why not?"


"Because I said so," She smiles, "its a done deal. Nothing will change."


"Mom, I can't do it," I insist, "i'm in love with Snotlout."


"Save me the patriotic talk. You two have broken up twice; what stops you from separating again?"


My mother proves a point, but I had an answer, "Because we worked out our issues. We're good now, separation won't happen again."


"I don't believe you."


"It's true," I insist, "the issue is solved. So I can't marry someone else."


She groans, taking another swig of water and swallowing, "True or not, this is a done deal. Nothing will change it."


"Why are you so determined to ruin my life!?" I exclaim, "make me marry some...person whom I don't love."


"You see it that way," My mother places her cup on the table, "but i'm looking out for you. Making sure your life is full of all the things your father and I couldn't have."


"That will make me happy!? Living in a palace with nothing but the sound of a stranger speaking in my ear. Being forced to..." I shudder at what I'm about to say, "...have children with some guy I don't even know. That's torture!"


"You'll get use to it," Mom smiles, "it may be torture at first, but in time it will become the normal."


"No," I glare, "I refuse to do it."


"You will do it. You have no choice."


"No," I glare, "I won't."


My mother glares, "If you refuse, then I will disown you."


"You said that last time. You never did. I was grounded," I smirk, "i'm still not doing it. Nothing in the world could make pack and get on that boat."


In my mothers eyes I see colors of rage; its almost like her eyes are beginning to turn red. I could've sworn I saw it. She glares, "It doesn't matter. You will get on that boat."


"I can't."


"This is isn't your decision."


"It's my life. It is my decision."


"Your life would be a mess if you made this decision," My mother exclaims, "so you will be packing, you will go and marry this chieftain. And you WILL be happy."


"You can't force happiness," I yell, "you can't force me to be happy with some...man I've never met."


"That's enough!" Mom slams her cup against the top of the table, "even if I have to hunt you down and drag you to that boat myself, you WILL BE GOING!"


"I CAN'T MOM," I'm screaming now, "YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME!"


"I said enough!" My mother exclaims, "you are going and there is no going around it."


Deep hurt; my heart is beginning to feel like someone ripped my chest open and threw weights on top of my heart, "I..." I clench my fists. Usually I want to cry, but now I'm just angry, "I HATE YOU! And I will hate you until the day I die." I shake my head, and leave, grabbing my coat on my way out and slamming the door behind me.


I still can't cry, I couldn't even if I wanted to. My mind is focusing solely on how my plan failed. I thought if we talked, if she saw how much I was in love with someone else, she would agree to cancel the whole thing and be rid of that...chieftain. But she didn't, as stubborn as she was, I knew my plan had a chance of failing and it did.


Rather than standing in the bitter cold, I start to make the short journey to the Great Hall. I can already hear music, there was probably some sort of dancing as well. Vikings and their competitions...I just did hope no one would have the sense to undress completely...do one of those stupid competitions. Like last time. I shudder at the thought.


The warmth greets me as I push through the crack in the door. Raefor bumps my head with his after rushing over from the far side where Hiccup and Astrid sit, discussing something. Despite the slight awkward vibe I got just from looking at them, I can tell things are starting to return to normal. At least I hope so. When Astrid and I make eye contact, she darts towards me, placing her hand on either of my shoulders and shaking, "Did it work!? Did she agree?"


I want to say yes, "No."


"We gotta go over there," Astrid exclaims.


"No Astrid. She'll get angrier if you do."


Hiccup glares, "There must be something."


"No," I shake my head, "I'm sorry."


Both individuals look to the ground.


"I won't give up," Hiccup says, "We will find a way to bring you home; even if you marry that creep."


His words touch me, "Thank you," I smile, "I should tell Snotlout. Is he here?"


"Uh, yes," He points to a table. Spitelout is beside him. Oh man.


"I don't think I should go over there," I wish I could. I had to tell him.


Astrid shakes her head, "I'll get him for you."


"No," I have to do this, Spitelout can't force me to stay away from Snotlout, "I'm going to try."


Slowly I approach Snotlout; Hookfang is behind watching as some people dance in between the tables. My glance shifts between Snotlout and Spitelout, I am praying Spitelout doesn't notice me, but I know this not to be true.


"Hey," Snotlout says, a grin on his face.


I recieve a glare from Spitelout, but he doesn't speak, "Can I talk to you for a moment?"




"You're not going anywhere," Spitelout says, "go away."


"C'mon dad. It'll just be for a second."


"I don't care. She has no business with you. Don't make me repeat myself."


Snotlout hesitates.


And I've put him in an awkward position, "Its fine. I'll talk to you later."


"No, wait," Snotlout calls out. He turns to his dad, "Dad, you have to accept our relationship."


"Relationship? What-?" He looks at me, "you're back together."


"We never separated," Snotlout pushes in, "did you threaten her?"


Spitelout glares.


"Did you!?"


"There's nothing wrong with that."


"Nothing wrong with it? Dad she's my girl...girl..." He was trying to say girlfriend. My cheeks heat up even at the thought of the word.


"I don't care," He looks at me, "you've ruined my family. I shall have to act on those...threats."


"You're too late," I say, "my mom's already beat you to it." I grab Snotlouts arm, "now I'm taking him,"


"You will not-"


But Snotlouts already up, starting first for the door.


"Come back here!" I hear Spitelout exclaim when I turn my back and follow Snotlout. He repeats those words several times, even once we're out the door. Hookfang and Raefor follow, roaring at Spitelout before following us out the door.


And now I'm angrier. Spitelout had to add to the anger, the frustration, the pressure. But whatever. I was free to release that anger now.


When the door shuts behind us, and minutes pass without any sign of Spitelout following us, Snotlout speaks, "So, what do you want?" I don't hesitate in revealing every detail, what my mom said, what I tried to do...in the end I force a smile, "so I tried but, she's still shipping me off."


"Let me try."


"No Snotlout."


"Why not!?"


"Because she'll just get worse, her stubborn personality is like that," I smile, "if you want to try. Try tomorrow."


I can see something in his eyes, his stubborn nature...some anger as well. I would be angry if I were in his position...in fact, I was angry.


"You can't leave! If you leave you marry a crackpot."


"You don't know this man," I smile, "neither do I. But I agree," I smirk, "why does someone just agree to marry a stranger? Its ridiculous."


"I just said that!"


"No...no you didn't. You called the guy a crackpot. I agreed," I put my hand on his left arm, "no matter what know that..." I hesitate, I'm not bad with stuff like this, but I fear that this is the first step of goodbye, "...I will go down swinging. And I won't give up until I die." I push myself against him and wrap my around his neck, "I love you." I mutter it so low in his ear that no one else can hear, "no matter what."


"What are you doing?" Snotlout exclaims, there's some stuttering in in his speech, but I don't care. I say nothing. After a minute of silence I feel a pair arms wrap around my waist.


I loved him. I love him more than anything in the world, and no amount of forceful actions or anything else will interrupt it. I don't care about everyone else, I don't care what they think anymore. Threaten me. Hurt me. No matter what I wasn't going to make the same mistake again. I would go down swinging, every cell in my being would hidebefore I give up again. Give up on me, on him...on us.


For several minutes we stand there, now words could describe how I felt at this moment. How much I loved him. Silence was the only thing that could respect that, enjoying his warmth. Finally, I push myself away.


It's hard to see him; but I see his face. Or I think its face. His cheeks are light bright red tomatoes.


"Why...did...uh..." He rubs his cheek quickly.


I laugh, "Your face is red."


"Is not."


"'Yeah," I smile, "its definitely red."


"What do you know? It's not like you can see me in the dark..."


"I can see you fine. Should I embarrass you even more?"




This is going to be fun, "I love you."


"What are you-?"


"I LOVE you."


"Stop it!"


"Love you," I say backing up, saying it louder, "LOVE. LOVE."


"Stop it! Now! Hookfang!" Hookfang looks at me, getting up from his sitting position. Just as I think he's going to fire at me, he turns around and flies away, "Come back here!"






I laugh, the smile on my lips growing even more, "You never say it back."


"What-? Why are you bringing this up?"


"Because you don't," I respond running back up to him, "say it!"


"Why do I have to say something like that?"


"So you don't love me?" Of course I knew he did, I just wanted to hear it.


"I..well...no, no I don't."


"So why are we dating?"


"Well...you...stop playing with my mind!"


"I'm not. I just want an answer," I say innocently, "besides I wanna hear it. Please."










"No! Stop acting weird..."


If I were to have a memory with him, this would be it. Being ridiculously whiny and stupid, "Why not?" I wrap my arm around his neck.


"Hey...stop it!" He tries to pull my arm off but I pull him closer.


"Do that again and I'll kiss you...in public...in front of your day and the ENTIRE village."


"Don't do it!"


"I will," I laugh.


"Fine, I'll say it."


"Go on."


"Well...I...uh," He looks at me, looking to the ground, muttering something that I can't hear.


"I can't hear you." We'd done this after my surgery.


Muttering again.




"I...love...you. There I said it! Ha! Of course I did!" He laughs, "don't make me say that again."


I frown, "Why not? I said it first."


"That's because you can't resist the Snotman."


"I can so," I say pushing myself away, "its you can't resist me."


"What!? That is so not true."


"Of course it is," I grin, my left eyebrow arching. "admit it!"


"I will not admit anything of the kind."


"Okay. I guess its a good thing I'm being shipped off then, eh?" I joke, "since you can resist me, it'll be easy to get over me." I didn't mean any of it.


He glares, "How can you say that!?"


"I was joking," I throw in, "of course it'll be censored...me."


"Me too."


"You sure?"


"I'm sure. I swear, we'll find a way to get out of this."


"You're sweet," I nod, "as I will try too." I approach him again, wrapping my arm around his neck, and pressing my face into his shoulder, "I meant it though," I say after a couple seconds of silence.


I back away a little, so I can see him.


He leans in, and just as our lips are to meet, my eyes closed, "That was a good party!"


Quickly I pull away from him, the vikings pass us without noticing that we are even there. If we had continued they would have noticed; and then the two of us would be embarrassed. When the vikings disappear around the corner I look at Snotlout, "I want to go to the seastacks."




"Lets take Raefor to the sea stacks," I walk up to my dragon, who was laying on the ground a couple feet away, and proceed to get on then attach my fake fingers to the iron handle, "c'mon, it'll be fun."


"I don't want to go."


"Fine, then I'll leave you."




I shake my head, patting Raefor and we head into the sky. We get high before I hear faintly, "You're coming back, right?"


Knew he'd say that.


We return to the ground, Snotlout struggles to get on top of Raefor, "Grab my waist if you want," I laugh, "'else you'll fall off."


"I don't to need to-" And then Raefor takes off, speeding towards the sky...and all I can hear is the sound of Snotlouts scream. Immediately he puts both arms around my waist, and continues to scream.


I glare, "Would you mind not screaming into my ear. I don't want to be limbless and deaf."


"I was not screaming. I was vocalizing."


"You? Vocalizing? You can't even sing!"


"Thanks, I wanted to hear that."


"You've got other talents though," I encourage, "you're strong. Obnoxious. If you consider that a talent."


"I am obnoxious, aren't I?"


"Yes. Very," I agree, "and you've won every thawfest. That takes skill."


"It does!"


"And you'll probably win the rest."


"I will!"


"You've got lots of talents," More than most people I knew. That wasn't why I loved him, but I knew of all the things he could do.


Snotlout nods, "I am talented. No one can take that away from me."


I laugh again, focusing back on to Raefor as he soars towards the sea stack. The place that was special to us, one of the places I wanted to remember when I left, to motivate me as I push myself to get out of this situation so I can finally be with the person I loved mot of all. So I can figure out why I had that attack, what the dream meant. Or dealing with Spitelout. There were still so many issues; but Snotlout and I could overcome them if we put our heads together. If we didn't allow the world to hold us back.


I felt like this was putting this on hold because if this issue wasn't solved, neither could the others. But I will never give up. I would pray until my throat was raspy, and even when I could speak no longer, I would pray in my head. I will fight this even if I have to go to the ends of the earth. However this time I would solve it the right way.


Without running away.


Word Count: 3,008

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"You're too late," I say, "my mom's already beat you to it."


Hehe. Looks like Spitelout can't win at everything now can he?

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This is the one of the best fanfictions ever!

This is the one of the best fanfictions ever! :D I just finished reading it now.




Please do more!



>:O I finally regained control of my account!


Wow, they really need to do a complete rework of the game!


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My apologies! I promise an update within the next few weeks, I know what will be happening but not entirely XD Hopefully I can write it soon :)

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Hello everyone! Long time no see :) First off, I'm so sorry for running off and not giving you readers any updates! Know I haven't forgotten you and I still plan to finish this story :) I kinda have to...since I have TWO more planned after this haha XD Plus I'm ten chapters (correction...LESS than ten chapters) away from the end...it would be pathetic and stupid of me to not finish :P Anyway, I'm alive and haven't forgotten! I'm going to work and get the next ten chapters roughly outlined so I can end this story :) And so you guys can read the rest! ^^

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Hey guys! Good news! I have an official chapter count for Horizon! This means I know how many chapters exactly it will take to get to the end of the story! Horizon's last chapter, or the epilogue, will be chapter 37! Hurray! :D


To keep you guys a little entertained while I get the next chapter ready to be posted, I have a short preview from If I Were to Say. My close friend Rebicar is holding a contest (check it out if you want to enter! Click HERE to go to it) and I had to write a short example for everyone. So I ended up writing the first page of If I Were to Say. 


For those who didn't read my announcement, after I finish Horizon, I'm planning it's unofficial sequel. But I want to give myself a break, so I've got two new stories lined up for that I will be working on at the same time (i'm crazy....). If I Were to Say and Where Justice Reigns. Here are the synopsis's for both:


If I Were to Say: This tells the tale of my viking, Victoria Trainer, journey as she opens up an orphanage for abandoned dragons and takes in several of her own. After HTTYD 1 and the Riders/Defenders of Berk series.


Where Justice Reigns: It has been three years since the battle with Drago Bloodvist, and peace has reigned over the land. But lies fed to the people of Audri, an elder of Berk, after Hiccups mysterious disappearance weeks prior has demoted Hiccup and made Audri chief of Berk. Now, the islands rage as Audri declares war on every village and brings suffering to its members. In all this chaos can Ivari, a thief, help bring the peace once again? After HTTYD 2.


So as you can see, the first one isn't as suspensful, it's more light hearted and follows that vibe that the series set out. The second one is like crazy with it's suspense and all that  ;)


Further more, since I'm in need of customers in referance to the orphanage (Rebicar's first contest winner, Laira, is already has secured a spot) I'm going to need some people to appear in the story for a few chapters ;) Therefore I will be holding a contest once Horizon is near done! If you're interested in entering let me know. Otherwise I'm just going to ask for volunteers...hahaha! :)


Anyway, to finish this off, here's the preview (first page) from If I Were to Say:


When a life changing moment occurs you never forget it. I was twelve when we moved to Berk.


The sun was high in the sky, but the gathering of clouds brought an unusual darkness over the village. The growing intensity of the wind refused to allow the sea to settle and I remember squeezing the mast with my arms in fear and shivering against the cold air. Over my shoulders was a jacket sent by our aunt by ship several months ago as we prepared to leave for Berk. It had a white fur collar and long brown shall that extended to the floor and covered any trace of my body that lay against the floor.


I had a pair of small, brown mittens on my hands and small brown boots matching my mittens. Mother was with father and my little brother Asmund on the other side of the boat, sitting on a floor several inches higher than the floor I lay on. They talked avidly, with smiles on their faces. My younger brother cuddled against mothers side, light snow was already in his hair.But what kept me on the floor and away from the warmth of my family was one thing.


I didn’t want to go to Berk.


Most of the year brought epic snowfall and colder temperatures than Thor himself would approve. The rest of the year was extreme heat...and that doesn’t add in the dragon attacks.


Yes. Dragon Attacks.

Many villages had them; ours had been one of the few blessed with no such thing...and even that didn’t change my parents minds when they decided it would be best to move to Berk...the place with the BIGGEST dragon issue. But mother felt being close to our family was worth the trouble. I don’t agree of course. Family is a good thing, but risking our necks? No. Bad idea.


Edit: For the remainder of Horizon and the next two fanfics, do you guys want me to paste the chapters on the forums or just provide a link to fanfiction.net to avoid all the lag?

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I LOVE the intro to If I Were

I LOVE the intro to If I Were to Stay! Amazing writing as usual :D


It's easy for me either way since I'm following you now on fanfiction. Just having the link would probably be a good idea :) Instead of scrolling down through everything you're just a couple clicks away.


I am no longer playing SoD because art and life have pretty much taken over :) Here are a few links I hope you visit:




And here are a few samples of my art (NO STEALING):

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Thank you! :D I was pretty happy with the result myself ^^


Alright, thank you for your feedback! :)

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I have an update for ya'll! I'm writing Horizon Chapter 27...RIGHT NOW! :D I'm writing it by hand and have almost finished an entire page...I'm slow when I write...I started forty five minutes ago -.- But at least I'm progressing! I can confirm that this story has 37 chapters total!


In addition, I've opened a contest for you guys that you can participate in! The contest asks that you draw a picture and write a little piece! For more information, please check the fanfiction section and find the thread! Sorry I can't offer a hyperlink...it won't let me add it :/ (annoying internet explorer!)


Oh, and I have started a new clan...Swift Champions! We have few members (like seven or eight?) and last time I checked we were fifty first place :D


Anyway, I'm going to go play star stable...and write! So excited to get this update to you guys! :)



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Chapter 27

(it hasn't posted on fanfiction.net...it's taking forever, so i'm posting it here)


Horizon – Chapter 27


A/N: It's been a while...I dreaded writing this chapter because the last chapters are very exciting...this seemed like a useless chapter, so I kept putting it off. Anyway, I'm done it...finally! The chapter count for this story is 37 chapters, so we have nine chapters after this to go! I'm excited to write them!

Enjoy! And sorry it's so short.




The early morning breeze softly brushes against the bare skin of my face. From my dragons saddle I close my eyes and hear clearly seagulls as they call out to one another. For a moment my mind flashes to Oleander; my baby girl and soul. She was so gentle and kind, like kittens…without claws. Pushing against my hand for pets and begging for treats. Today would have been the perfect day for a joy ride. But I do not weep, and I do not grieve, for she must be in a better place.


I feel at peace right now…clam. My heart doesn't speed up. Even as I take deep breathes and ignore the difficulty to breathe. Knowing that tomorrow I may be gone; knowing that my life may change and never be the same again. But my friends are here for me and will always have my back. The thought of depending on them brings a smile to my face.


"What are you doing?" Snotlout dramatically asks from HookFang's saddle.


My eyes snap open. Out of the corner of my eye I see him staring at me, grasping Hookfang's horns with his hands. The usual frown on his face…slightly amusing to me; he looks silly when he frowns. He stares at me and it takes me several minutes before I can look back at him, "Nothing."


"It's because you're with the Snotman," Snotlout boldly smiles.


Sometimes he's so cocky, "You wish."


"Snotlout doesn't wish. Snotlout knows."


I laugh at the tone of his voice and his words echoing around us in the vast space. Hookfang rolls his eyes and snorts, "Hookfang doesn't agree."


"Hookfang? Ha! He's just a silly dragon."


Snotlout doesn't learn…the moment he finishes his sentence, Hookfang's eyes narrow and he dives quickly. I laugh, making sure Snotlout can hear me as he gets closer and closer to the water.


"Hookfang!" Snotlout whines and yells all at the same. As my laughs continues to echo, he glares at me, "stop laughing!"


For a few more seconds Hookfang continues to dive straight for the water, before turning and aiming for the sky. Snotlout grasps one of Hookfang's horns with his left arm, and the other securing his helmet on his head. I can't see his facial expression very well, my eyes close as my laughter picks up and I grab my stomach with my arm slowly. For a moment, breathing becomes impossible so I force myself to calm down and steady my breathing. Hookfang levels out back beside us. Snotlout glares, "Stupid dragon…"


"Careful Snotlout. He might drop you…"


"He wouldn't dare. I'm his master."


There's a hint of mischief in Hookfang's eyes. We make eye contact, and I subtly shake my head and he looks back the horizon…and the island that is now in view.


"There it is!" I point towards the small spec in the distance.


"What is?"


"The island!"


"What island?"


I smile, "The island where that dragon lives. It was sketched out in Gothi's journal."


"Wait, you brought me to that death dragon? Are you trying to get me killed!?"


"We aren't going near it!" I state, "we're just going to find an anti-dote."




"Yeah…" I shrug, " 'might as well try."


We get closer to the island and land. There is a forest in front of us. I detach myself from Raefor and jump off, glancing all over.


"Wow. What a creep fest."


"I hope no one lives here…" I start into the forest, ignoring anything Snotlout says after. The mountain is a detached part of the island. From the sky, I had seen it a little ways away. There didn't look like there was anywhere to land though. Guess this will have to do.


"What does this anti-dote look like?" Snotlout asks, catching up to me. Our dragons follow, growling at everything…including noises we can't hear.


I sigh, slightly hesitant, "I don't know."


"You don't know?" He looks around, "how do you not know?"


"I just…don't. But we got to look at least." I push a branch out of my face, "when we find it, we'll know."


He laughs, "I bet I can find it first!"


"Ha!" I laugh, "you couldn't even if you tried."


"Wanna bet?"


"Actually, yes," I narrow my eyes, "first person to find it gets bragging rights. We'll meet back on the beach in two hours."


"You're on! I'm going to prove that Snotlout is good at everything!" And then he climbs on Hookfang and darts for the open sand. When he is gone, flying up in the sky with Hookfang I shake my head and pat Raefor, "Alright boy. Let's go look for that anti-dote."


We head deeper into the forest; branches scratch my arm and face. Raefor puts his wing over me, but I push it away each time. I was good. Scratches were nothing compared to what I had and was going through. I CAN handle it. But I pat his nose and smile, grateful of course. Raefor was always protective…he was a good parent to his babies.


A small yellow plant catches me off guard. It's small, but there are a few clumped together. I kneel down gazing at them and shake my head, "Doesn't look right. It's not these." I get back up, "Let's keep looking." Breathing becomes difficult and I gasp. Raefor spreads his wings and bumps me, "I'm fine." I don't think he believes me. He turns so my back is leaning up against the saddle," I am fine Raefor. I don't need to sit on your saddle," Again he doesn't listen. He stands there, glaring at me… "Fine." It will calm him down but I didn't need it. I really don't! I've walked with worse. I get up on the saddle. And as if he could read my mind, Raefor starts deeper into the forest.


Minutes pass…and I'm glad I got on Raefors back. I can't breathe…its nearly impossible. I don't clutch my chest like I usually do, instead I try to focus out the ringing and buzzing in my ear. Instead I look at the various plants, my eye sight blurs but I pretend it isn't. My body grows numb…and just when I feel like passing out, the pressure on my chest lets up a little…and I am able to breathe enough to get rid of the blurring and ringing and buzzing. Raefor purs, "Thanks boy," I pat his back, leaning against his back so my stomach is against the saddles and my head rests on the nape of his neck, "let's keep looking."


Time marches on, and nothing comes up. After searching for a very long time I instruct Raefor to head back. We get to the beach and Snotlout is already there, "You're late!"


"Did you find it?"


"Of course…not," He crosses his arms, "this place is like a crazy mess of randomness. It would take us days to look over the entire island."


"Oh well. We tried at least!" I force a smile.


He glares, "Are you okay?"


I laugh sarcastically, "Yeah. Why wouldn't I be?"


"You look funy. Don't think you'll get away with anything funny," He gets closer, "you look pale."

"I'm fine Snotlout," I insist.


He glares, "If you say so."


Guilt ate at me the rest of the day…and well into the night.

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awe :'( it's a cute bonding

awe :'( it's a cute bonding moment, and one of the things i like about the story is how she is definitely not the typical hero of the story.