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I just watched the new season of Voltron Legendary Defender, feeling so many things rn, I kinda just want to stare at the wall, but I just want to voice my opinions of this new update coming. 


First of all, Dragon tactics? .. I mean new stuff yay, but honestly feels disappointing. After a while Tactics just got really tedius and the questions at the end?? This is supposed to be a kids game and they put those complicated questions in??? i may be dumb (or at least find myself to be) but seriously you expect kids to know what censored metal is what? I barely can remember what I learned in school because last I was in it, school is more concentrating on passing then learning things mostly. 


Second of all, GODS PLEASE LET THERE BE FIXES! Like racing, random crashing in general that it even sends our computers into a fit, the dragons like Razorwhips, typhoomerangs, etc! Just, those are the biggest things I want at the moment and I'm not religious but I be praying rn ya'll admins fixed that mess.


Third, the menu... I literally could care less. Some of my friends don't like, I won't try to change their mind, I agree with them: it doesn't necessarily fit the setting the game is set in. But as long as it works, like being able to click on stuff or whatever, idk, but just as long as there isn't problems.


So far, the basics I've been hearing that are there now is that there is a graphics setting now which thank the gods and all that. To end this though, for now, Imma just wait to see how it goes. 














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Boy do I got news for you! Regarding TRR crashes at least. I think they're fixed! I was able to enter TRR, race, and all and not crash! :D Although I do have to agree with the menu thing. . .I mean, to me it's cleaner but it's modernized and last I checked, HTTYD takes place when Vikings (and dragons until the Hidden World) were still around. xp It sticks out like a sore thumb.


. . .this is never gonna get done. Enjoy!


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I totally agree. I mean I love new things, but seriously we need this game fixed. The admins need to get the message that even though all the 10 -year olds playing this game want new dragons and features, we NEED TO FIX THIS GAME UP. 

  I also totally agree about the new menus. I like the old parchment paper SO much better than this black, modernized style. It's like Dreamworks forgot that this is a VIKING game, not Riders of Icarus or Skyrim XD . Honestly, vikings NEVER created armor like some of this. Get your goals strait Dreamworks :L



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