HOBBLEGRUNT Eggs Spotted at the Viking Store!

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HOBBLEGRUNTS are once again available for a LIMITED-TIME. Starting TODAY, you'll be able to head over to Johann’s Trading Post to get your hands on this exclusive egg! But act quick, Trader Johann has plans to pull these from his shop by June 8th. 
Have you been able to spot this winged companion, hiding around campus?​ They are not easy to find, so take advantage of this opportunity while its still here, Vikings! http://smarturl.it/hgrunt
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Why don't you guys just add

Why don't you guys just add the Snaptrapper or the Seashocker? 


Name: Athena the Grateful || Friend Code: PM me


Strawberry::Deadly Nadder|| Lemon::Gronckle || Lime & Line::Hideous Zippleback

Acai::Monstrous Nightmare || Jamaica::Thunderdrum || Apple::Whispering Death

Grapefruit::Skrill || Waterlily::Scauldron || Orange::Rumblehorn || Nightshade::Flightmare

Watermelon::Hobblegrunt || Kiwi::Smothering Smokebreath || Cherry::Typhoomerang

Pineapple::Raincutter || Core::Boneknapper || Mango::Stormcutter || Cantaloupe::Snafflefang

Banana::Changewing || Pear::Fireworm Queen || Plum::Screaming Death || Coconut::Tide Glider

Starfruit::Scuttleclaw || Peach::Sand Wraith || Tangerine::Sweet Death || Apricot::Woolly Howl

Jackfruit::Shivertooth || Avocado::Shockjaw || Blackberry::Groncicle || Durian::Speed Stinger


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I think the admins arn't

I think the admins arn't adding new dragons because they are working on something bigger...


So therefore will release these dragons that EVERYONE wants [including me] in an Expansion pack.

Made by Nessie! Thanks it's awsome!
Made by Nessie!
thanks this is awsome!!!
This is the Flying Dutchmen.
Adopted from Iron Man 2000.
Thanks she's awsome!
This was given to me by joshiee02. Thanks again but i did only go on photobucket.
Please, please join Clan of the Outcasts NOW!
Join Clan of the Outcasts NOW!
Made by me! I might take requests. Please PM me if you would like one!
Grapple Grounders
whatever people think, I think that these are dragons none the less and they are Awsome!
Never Before Seen Dragon- The MOLDRUFFLE!
The Mudraker is Making Waves!
Shockjaws are Electrifying the Skies!
Making a striking entrance, the Screaming Deaths are here to stay!
 Stormcutters Have Landed!
Ride on to Adventure with the Raincutter!
Take the Top Ranks With the Typhoomerang!
And I especially like this  one the Hobblegrunt!
Steal the Spotlight with the Hobblegrunt!
Not many appriciate thisguy but i have one and they are awsome!
This is when I first met my dragon Screaming Death, the Screaming Death.
Made by Candyblast!
sooo much for this!
Your image is loading...
I am Estowick the Enthusiastic
Or just Estowick
Glitter Text Generator
Mostly known as Est or Est-y
The Best Gif Ever!
Pink Panther - " I Would like to buy a Hamburger"
'I would like to buy an amswerser [hamburger]'
Jacques Clousseau
                  The Pink Panther
This is Wraith of the Snow
my wraith of the snow/ snow wraith
made by Fury of the Night! Thanks, he's awsome!!!
This is Skullion.
Made by Frytha. Thanks!!!
"The City of Afar"
estowicks city for rp.png
This is Estowick the Enthusiastic with a bone of a skrill in his hand and dragon nip in the other.
He lived on Icestorm Island in the ancient city.
Many, many thanks to Candyblast for this incredible picture.
This is also done by Candyblast. Thanks again for an awsome image!
This is my future Scauldron, Whirlpool.
Many thanks for Defy who made this bouncy/blinky
The Gifs of Icestorm
Screaming Death
The Screaming Death
As I walked through the tunnles of berk with my trusty boneknapper 'Skullion' (next dragon to have a backstory) we reached a pile of exploding whispering death eggs about to hatch, hang on let me start at the very beginning ( a very good place to start [sound of music]). We walked for hours searching for the centre of the caves. As we walked through and through only hearing small drops of water every now and then two bright eyes glared me in the face it was a 'death' spiesies i say that because there are rumers that there was such thing as a Screaming Death( got to be a hoax).  I was scared, frightend terrified (if you want any more descriptive words to say scared words please request i shall look in a thersauous)i did not know what to do...
It slithered foward with it's eyes getting closer and closer, it's head facing downwards making a foul face.
As i walked back petrified, it followed. I thought as quick as i could and moved the saddle of 
Skullion so some light from a tiny hole in the roof of the cave
would reflect off of it and onto the Whispering Death. It growled and shreiked 
a horrid sound and was not an inch in front of me...
(to be continued)

Hobbi my Hobblegrunt





This is Lightwing my Skrill.





This is Skullcrusher my Rumblehorn.





This is Smokebreath my Smothering Smokebreath.





This is Screamingdeth my Whispering Death [ I know it's spelt wrong it wouldnt let me have death becuse it's 1 letter too long]





These are my 2 favourite dragons.




Skullion my Boneknapper.



and , of course, Screaming Death 

my Screaming Death.



Please pm me because i don't pm much i should but i forget.



I love Icestorm Island


Thanks Inthetardis.

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that would be to much

that would be to much effort

it might actualy need its own animations 



hey this game needs criticisam

at least its not some "brand new dragon only seen here" i dislike when they do that since they are just recycleing the snafflefang instead of adding the ones we have been waiting a long time for 



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Oh Great! Good! Since you're

Oh Great! Good! Since you're online, I'd like to tell you, that... I CAN'T EVEN GET ON TO GET ONE!!!


Helloooo and Welcome :)






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Urmm..... You might not know this!

I actually have THREE hobblegrunt companions, Lood, Verntim and Runkle.

So, I don't actually care about this annoying egg on the front page. 

I would like it to stay for a week so that my brother can get one and then I want them to go away.

I would like there to be a dragon like the Seashocker or Snaptrapper,

and it would be cool if there WAS a Timberjack Egg.  


      *SIG UNDER CONSTRUCTION*            

My name is Danielg156 (In game name is Danielgodridge)

Friend Code: CU76NQ

Discord Name: DanGamer156



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Are you looking for the right clan to join??? Well here it is! The Titanic Titans!

We do all sorts of awesome things!

Racing together, flying and even showing each other what we've learn't!

Join us TODAY on School of Dragons and help us to be in the top 500!

BEWARE! You can only join if you have over 25 trophies!!!!!

If you get us into the top 100 clans (not 500), the prize will be riding alongside me and my Triple Stryke!

A Titan Thunderdrum or Titan Razorwhip if you've got a Triple Stryke already!

Our description is, "Get trophies daily to stay in"

My clan is in 835th Place




My newest dragons!


Striker - Male - Triple Stryke

I first found the egg that held Striker in when the queen of stormheart gave it over as a gift

The orange triple stryke let me keep it, it hached instantly,

as i pleaded all my gleaming gems toward the podium.

Striker was rather unusual, with a green body and blue middle tail, horns, claws and stripes.

He even had an ability where his blue stripes would glow in the dark caves of the Lookout.

I trained him up by roasting eels, playing boring alchemy adventures, and also a little

feeding while playing flight club when he became a short-wing dragon.

But before long, he became a magnificent Triple Stryke, and will now remain one of my best dragons!

He even gave birth to a triple stryke of his own! (Duplicate egg glitch LOL)

He is also very loyal and absoloutely ADORES training.

Deeval - Male - Triple Stryke

Deeval is the son of Striker, born from the egg that Striker created when he became an adult.

He is orange, yellow, red and black, and he's extremely mischevious.

If you're not careful, he may sting you with his tails and then blame it on Striker.

He is still young, and i haven't had time to help him train into a stronger dragon,

but im sure in the future he WILL be one!!!



My Night Furys




Bluesky was found at the Isle of Night. I found him injured being bullied by other Night Furies.

I named him Bluesky and tamed him.

Since then he has been a good father to the family I have brought up.





Bertha was found being bullied with Bluesky and I brang him home.

She is the wife of Bluesky and had 2 kids,

Flamewing and Namsted.

Flamewing the stuntman wanting to be a daredevil

and Namsted a writer, always being creative and following after his acendents.






Flamewing is the betraying son of Bluesky and Bertha.

He is also the brother of Namsted.

He is bad-tempered as his name suggests.



Battle Event

Rewards as of 09/09/2017:

Teen Triple Stryke (Level up)

25 Gems

Whispering Death Warpaint

400 Gold

25 Gems


Aiming for: 1000 Coins and 1000 Gems!!!!

Last Battle 08:00



Titans I'm Hoping for....


Scauldron, Mine has been waiting 2 years (around about) now for titan update,

he's been LVL27 for over 2 weeks.


Groncicle, To make them look nicer.

(I actually now like the Gronkle because it's titan looks SOOO cool.)


Triple Stryke, you all know why...






My adoptables


Whitewinger my Snow Wraith


Singert my Deathsong


Runtle my Rumblefire


Smith my Seasong


Girtinui my Changewing


Sharquin my 2nd Deathsong




My adopted dragons


Rrttir my Deadly Nadder (Name made from writing)



Rygan my Lead Spikeroller

Credit to blackpanther0211.







My skill ranks

Adventurer Level: 35 (Top)

Fishing Level: 30 (Top)

Farming Level: 23 (Arctic Fox capable)

Dragon Training Level: 1-29  (Bottom-Almost Top)

Main Dragon: Scauldron (Scauldin)

Worst Dragon: Grapple Grounder

Best Dragon: Triple Stryke

Best Titan: Thunderdrum

Worst Titan: -


My Brother: WilfredGodridge

His clan: The Titanic Titans (Sometimes)

The Sharp Tribe (Sometimes)

His level: 35 (Top)

Main dragon: Sand Wraith/Wooly Howl

Worst Dragon: Sliquifier

His adoptables:

Martin the Firesong



My name: Danielgodridge

My level: 35 (Top)

Read all my messages at: School of Dragons Forum!

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Kay...so were is the NEW dragon? Weve been waiting for a while...Can you tell us why there isnt a new one so we can understand and stop being disapointed in you guys?











Outlaw - Male Stormcutter
Cynderz - Female Grapplegrounder
Aster - Female Deadly Nadder
Alpha - Male Monstrous Nightmare
Raptor - Male Speedstinger
Nimble - Male Hobble Grunt
Zinnia - Female Wooly Howl
Heichou - Male SmokeBreath
Cenri - Sandwraith
Frizzure - Groncicle
Ryouko - Mold Ruffle
Arkaii - Male Boneknapper
Eclipse - Female Skrill
Echo - Whispering Death
Cyber - Female Flightmare







Test results.

''Kay so now that you know a bit about me, why don't ya take a look at the things I'm currently obsessed with...


I LOVE anime




What time is it?!

Banner Marceline by SaaKuuRiiTha

Adventure Time -Marceline signature banner by BakApple\

Took some quizzes...





Some of my favorite games...



I also love reading...

Warriors;Erin Hunter


Wings of fire; Tui T. Sutherland

Book coverA3aBook 340628-1-

51vBn7v-D5L. SY300 Wings-of-Fire-6-front-cover-final-729x1024Winter TurningWinglets01


Demonatta; Darren Shann


Guardians of Ga'hool; Kathryn Lasky (The book is alot better than the movie,...)

I also love manga!




My main dragon partner...OUTLAW!!
Outlaw the Stormcutter belongs to me. This fanart is by EszteerM on Deviantart: Check her out because shes AMAZING!
More pictures of Outlaw:




Hater: HTTYD is stoopud!







My name is Sayrinn Kuro. Yes, I am a bit too old to be obsessed with dragons. But I'm 19. not 90. I still have alot of life left, and I entend on living it my way and forgetting about what everyone sais. So ya, I'm a 19 year old girl obsessed wth Dragons. DEAL WITH IT. B)

I play Bass-guitar and Ocarina. I LOVE music and I hope to someday create a band...if I get any friends that play instruments XD

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really? our new dragon is the

really? our new dragon is the one thats been here for a year what next are you gonna say nightmares are our new dragon



i understand if the new dragon on the way has its own animations but you never give them their own animations anymore you jsut rehash the same ones so i have lost hope on that


back in the scauldrons days the dragons had higer quality textures and animations but now quality control is so much less then what is was


i mean the flightmare raincutter and typhoomarang have no dive animations after a year without them or any hint of them fixing it 


the stormcutter was a slap in the face i mean its smaller then toothless but you preeched in a entire paragraph on how big they where imnot asking for actual size but maybe a typhoomarang sized one would be fair and perhaps update its moddle with its own animations rather then the skrills (because the snafflefang and every other recycled skrill animation looks BAD)


the sand wraith is pretty good i mean you litsend about the skrill hover but the star of the game still dosent have that hover yet 



and dont get me started on your customer service 

you only have one admin who dose anything to fix it and one guy VS 1000 messages just wont work you need at least five doing this then we might actualy get orur messages read ihave sevral messages that have gone unawnsered for a while now 


i till have a extra toothless from that glitch BTW

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And you didn't even make then

And you didn't even make then look like a REAL Hobblegrunt?


The dragons are justt getting worse and worse...


Next thing you know, the new dragon will be a Snaptrapper with 3 heads and the same Toothless animation.


Beware of dragons(and this long signature)!


Username: Plamtram

Viking Name: FluffyThylacine

Friend Code: AQKXUG


























































































http://38.media.tumblr.com/a3aff30a31a3f1810511dd21a6762f24/tumblr_n3xyzfykQU1rjdslyo3_r1_400.gif  https://33.media.tumblr.com/cd9208e070c958a7797b966626ac1c1d/tumblr_n9wes35uYM1t1kvb2o3_250.gif       









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yea saddly theya re getting

yea saddly theya re getting worse back in scauldron days they where makeing them as nice as possible but now they jsut milk them

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But, I will add, I hope the

But, I will add, I hope the new dragon is worth the wait. Since we've been waiting a while (not complaining), it should AT LEAST look like you put effort into it (like the Scauldrons or Skrills, good times...)

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Slushy? where are u

No not the best time




Currently Being redone. Please be patient