Hire Forum Moderators and In-Game Global Mods

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While I know the administrators of School of Dragons are hard at work and churning out new content while managing social media posts and forums, it can sometimes be too much for a small team. The recent bot forum attack made me think; if you just had a forum moderator team who can ban/mute accounts like the bot account that's currently filling up the forum with spam, this could be cleaned up so much faster.


As with any forum with moderators, this team would be led by developers and they would have control over who gets hired into the team. Probably would be a volunteer position, too. With the perk of a shiny badge/name colour and the ability to issue strikes, ban, and mute forum accounts.


Another suggestion is to hire in-game Global Moderators (GMs) to monitor those who break the terms of conditions of the game. This includes banning or kicking those who are obviously hacking. In-game GMs would also experience first-hand drama could also deal with it (minor drama including; bypassing profanity filters, spamming, other in-game things that break the rules. This excludes things like; game not working properly, glitch reports, etc.) promptly and respond much faster than a long support ticket that might take days or weeks to respond to. It is very common to have GMs on MMOs such as School of dragons as they maintain order quickly and efficiently without having to alert the developers and administrators who might be busy working on the next exciting thing for School of Dragons.




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Forum moderators should also have extensive knowledge of the game (therefore be able to answer any FAQs that come up in the forums and forward any harder bug/glitch related questions on to developers) and be able to exert maturity when settling backlash from users who do not follow forum rules. They should also be able to delete, move, edit and lock threads, naturally. 

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A wild post appeared!!!

I agree with this. I would defiantly voluenteer to be one of these. :>


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I agree with this. There's spam almost every weekend now and I've started to see more posts that break forum rules on the weekends because people know that most likely no one will notice until Monday. However, I don't think that any random forum user should be able to do this. The SOD staff would have to hire people for these jobs. I feel that if they let forum users do this then there would be people abusing their authority, trying to get others in trouble who don't need to be.


I agree with having in game moderators too. It might help cut back on ridiculous stuff happening at least a little.


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HPowers wrote:
However, I don't think that any random forum user should be able to do this. The SOD staff would have to hire people for these jobs. I feel that if they let forum users do this then there would be people abusing their authority, trying to get others in trouble who don't need to be.


I agree with there being a chance of abuse of power but there's that risk in every field, including the hiring of outside people into the forums. Also, not every random forum user would be able to just walk right up and sign up to have forum banning powers. I have worked on a website for 4 years as Support and can say that the practice of handing out an application and observing the most active and most mature users does help in the selction process. As long as the selection process is good and the way you train people promises mature, non-provocative and thoughtful ways of dealing with hairy situations, it should mostly be alright. Abuses of power should just be dealt with swiftly and quietly on the admin end.

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I completely agree with looking into how people conduct themselves on the forum before letting them do this. After I posted my original comment, I had actually thought about the process of background checks. I just never went back and edited my post. I also agree with the admins swiftly dealing with abuses of power. If they were very careful with who they picked and dealt with problems quickly then this would be a good idea.

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This is a very good idea!

This is a very good idea!



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