High Speed Dragon Racers looking for new members

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Joined: 11/21/2014
Hello,I am aggroenewoud current leader of the clan High speed dragons racers
My clan is searching for new members so i thought it was worth the try to post it on the forum .
About the clan :high speed dragon racers is a competitive clan so there are trophies required to play ,also We have the ambition to come in the top 100 of clans                       
(note:to achieve this i have to up the admission sometimes so you have to be active to keep up with, it I will anounce this a week for highering it I will only do this with 10 trophies at the time and maybe 20 if it's going well with the clan)
Also the clan will help you where it can ,i am a veteran player (04/29/2014) so I have a lot of experience with the game
To apply to the clan you have to have atleast 20 trophies when you have 100 trophies you will be automaticly elder
To apply for the clan search it up on the clan page (High Speed Dragon Racers) and send an join request also you have to react to this post that you have enought trophies(and amount) and include your vikings ingame name so I can search for you on the join requests list
Remember that this is an starting clan and my first experience with being a clan leader (I have been in velvet underground for two years and i lived a year without a clan)


- aggroenewoud

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- xaggroenewoudx

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