HIDDEN WORLD TV SPOT 5 ! and + clip

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I just saw this and  gahh someone please  draw light fury for me I can't take  the cuteness anymore  

Here is the link of new TV Spot 



 AND Link of the little clip where light fury with toothless is just adorableee *faints*





                   Viking Name: AlphaWinterNightFury                                       

                    Dragon Name:Senri                                                                 

                    Dragon Species: Light Fury                                                                                         

                    Uhhh... Goodbye!! ^ - ^     





        Credits to amazing The BlobfishQueen for drawing Senri !



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Wonderful! Thank you for

Wonderful! Thank you for sharing the links with us.


 Lace Firewind, Player Name; CoalBright, ID name


 View of New Berk 


 View of New Berk from above  


Hidden World



                                                                  Hidden World with Rainstorm

 Lace Firewind, Player Name; CoalBright, ID name