A Hidden Life

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Chapter 31 - Continued Journey

Eret climbed on board Spindle, who shifted slightly until I calmed her down. He spat into his hand and rubbed it on the relatively young Death's side. Emma made a small noise of disgust and I looked over at her.

"It calms them down. Most dragons have dry skin so it soothes them," I explained. "Hiccup told me and the dragons I spoke with confirmed it."

We exchanged glances with each other, then took off, flying further South. As we flew, Eret's hands seemed unable to find a comfortable place. He was constantly shifting his hands, first wrapping his arm around my waist, then grasping the front of the saddle before settling them on my shoulders. The way they were positioned felt flimsy for a grip at best.

I sighed then grabbed his hands from my shoulders and placed them on my waist. He stiffened, but gradually relaxed. It felt weird, but nothing thus far on this journey had been exactly comfortable. Well, okay, maybe Eret's hands on my waist did feel nice, but it was still strange.

I hadn't thought of anyone in a romantic way since Mike's death. I wondered how my family would react. Geneva had often seen me struggle to raise both her and Raoulf, so she wouldn't be as bothered. I just hoped Mom, Hiccup, and Da- well Dad would understand, seeing as he had raised Hiccup on his own, and run the village while dealing with Mom's departure.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by Eret pulling back suddenly. I couldn't see his face, but Mystery had kind of kicked me moments before so I assumed it was related to that.

"You okay?" I asked over my shoulder.

"You seem to have a small dragon in your hood," he remarked.

"Ah, yes, Eret, meet Mystery, she's a Frost dragon. She's my latest, and youngest charge," I said, unable to keep the pride from my voice. "She glows when she's happy."

He relaxed and leaned forward again, bringing his chest close to my back. My heart leapt briefly, giving a funny little giddy kick. Mystery interrupted my thoughts by dropping down in front of me, latching onto the saddle with her four little paws tightly.