Hiccup on Berk is Glitchy

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For a while now the hiccup and toothless on berk have been glitchy. I have seen duplicates of both of them and often times two overlapping hiccups while trying to talk to him, but today I tried to get a quest from him on berk but it wouldn't let me click on either the OK or NO buttons to accept the quest. I went back to the school to see if it would work there instead and it did... so maybe it's just berk?

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Yeah, Berk seems to be pretty

Yeah, Berk seems to be pretty glitchy in general when it comes to quests. I've had issues with characters who are supposed to be there not spawning and I'd have to go find them in New Berk or Dragon's Edge in order to finish the quest. I also had those problems with the duplicate overlapping Hiccup and Toothless and not being able to select buttons on that one quest.


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Not really related but kinda funny:

I haven’t had that (yet) thankfully, but I do find it entertaining when you talk to Hiccup in the latest expansion and he talks about missing Toothless, with toothless in the background looking at him. XD just gets me every time.


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