Hi! just want some new friends

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Hi im mariah emerald and ive been on school of dragons for 2 full years now going on 3 soon.

Ive loved the franchise since I first laid eyes on the books. Im looking for some new friends to play with on SOD, to discord chat and even talk about the game with.

Im 16 as of right now and would like to talk to people of that age.. in game im only finding really really young kids i cant even engage conversation with. (hope you understand)


anyway hope to chat with some of you soon!

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Art By KareKare


╰☆╮ Viking Name: Mariah Emerald :||: Friend Code: D0YW2P ╰☆╮


Loyal Clan Member of: Snowy Howls


Oak Wing: Wolly Howl  :||: Aster: Wolly Howl :||: Black Out: Skrill :||: Emerald Heart: Skrill

Illusion: Monstrous Nightmare :||: Glacier: Groncicle :||: Ever Tree: StormCutter :||: North: Snow Wraith

RipTide: Scauldron :||:

My Main Dragons


Oak Wing




Ever Tree



Emerald Heart






Emerald Heart says "your leaving.. Now."

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Hi and Welcome to the forums! :)

I'm Meta4 in the forums and Zinax in game,


And I'm returning player that's been on a "little study leave" for a while, but even so you'll find great people of all ages in this community, I'm currently 29 but ever since I started paying attention to the forums (and I started playing SoD by the end of it's first year) that I've been earing of even older people here, that's how successful this franchise is.


So I'm sure you'll find lots of people your age to talk, just keep searching ;)


Have fun!


Welcome to my Siggy!!!

(a work in progress and please forgive me for any spelling errors,

I'm from Portugal and it's been a while since I wrote anything in English):


Hello I'm Meta4, Zinax in game,
I'm no kid anymore but I became a huge fan of HTTYD when I least
expected to and SoD became quite a passion for me when I came across it.
I'm kind of shy and don't have much confidence in my self to start a conversation,
But for those who are willing to try me out, you'll find a respect full and loyal friend,
who will always help you out to the best of his ability.
See you around! :)
Hobbies (in game):
Farming (and proud of it)
Flying around with my Dragons (of course)
Practicing racing (partners anyone?)
Hobbies (all around):
Anything about Dragons, especially HTTYD


etc (a bit of everything) 


oh and a tiny little something I forgot to tell you all about me is:


I'm Really, Seriously


and Completely Against Hacking!


Viking Stats:


Adventurer Level: 35

Farming Level: 30

Fishing Level: 30

Trophies: 2967(as of 10/02/2016)


Proud Member of





(Valor Banner's by Stworzydlak, Gyoa and Aurora the Swift)


My Proud Dragon Family (By Hatching Order)



(male - 03/02/2014 - lvl 20)



Awesome Spore version by BeaReptileLover



(female - 15/09/2014 - lvl 20)

Awesome Spore version by BeaReptileLover



(male - 03/11/2014 - lvl 20)



(female - 04/11/2014 - lvl 20)


Viper & Cobra

(male - 04/11/2014 - lvl 20)



(female - 27/12/2014 - lvl 20)


Falling Star

(male - 12/01/2015 - lvl 20)


Wind Dancer

(female - 20/01/2015 - lvl 20)



(female - 25/01/2015 - lvl 20)


Sand Spitter

(male - 03/03/2015 - lvl 20)



(female - 09/03/2015 - lvl 20)



(male - 16/03/2015 - lvl 20)



(female - 16/03/2015 - lvl 20)


Worm Slurper

(male - 17/03/2015 - lvl 20)


White Fang

(male - 29/03/2015 - lvl 20)


Frozen Claw

(male - 29/03/2015)



(female - 30/03/2015)


Awesome Spore version by BeaReptileLover



(male - 31/03/2015)


Puff & Whiff

(female - 01/04/2015)



(male - 23/04/2015)


Storm Wind

(female - 29/04/2015)



(male - 02/05/2015)



(female - 31/05/2015)


Gale Glider

(male - 01/06/2015)


Spear Dart

(male - 03/06/2015)



(male - 05/06/2015)


Shout Wave

(male - 10/06/2015)



(female - 27/07/2015)



(male - 31/07/2015)



(female - 03/08/2015)



(male - 09/08/2015)



(female - 22/08/2015)



(male - 01/09/2015)



(female - 19/09/2015)



(male - 08/12/2015)



(female - 09/12/2015)



(female - 10/12/2015)



(male - 10/12/2015)



(male - 11/12/2015)



(female - 12/12/2015)



(female - 12/12/2015)



(male - 14/12/2015)


And Lastly (but still proud of it) My Farm:




Darkling (male)




Moonlight (female)




(Honestly? I'm still thinking about it, the only thing certain is that Darkling and Moonlight are mated dragons)


Darkling and Moonlight's Head Sculpture by kimbenoso


Banners Section:


By Skypeoplephoenix732


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Thanks! i would love to play

Thanks! i would love to play with in game some time! Pm me if youre free man!

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I love to!

Hi Mariah!

Well, I have only played for three month as for now, so I not very good yet. Are you born 01 than? I am in your age so I love to be your friend. You find my friend code on my profile, but I will send you a request.




For now, I will not be online, if you want me anything please mail me or go through forum.

Welcome to Jas signature

I am Jas

In lovely memory to my dear friend

"As cold as winter, as brittle as glass
But you were warm as summer
and had a kind and gentle   heart  "


Take care of each other no matter who you and they are. Give love to the surrounding and accept people just as they are. Don't judge people, you might not know <3

Good youtube cannel


"If everyone fight to love each other instead of fight for care for itself, the world would be a merrier place."
-Feelings are never wrong, even if they not always are received well.


Those who make us to who we are
Those who we love wide and far
Thee who will make me see
why I always love Thee


For love to my dragons

Deadly Nadder

Death Song



Monstrous Nightmare
Whispering Death

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Nah i was born in 00 but i

Nah i was born in 00 but i would still love to play with you! i dont have an age limit its just in game i meet a bunch of little kids and i reverted to fourms because i have no idea what to do anymore! Pm me if you wanna play sometime!

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Ghost Light the Flightmare froze my subject. Deal with it.

Hi OakWing, nice to meet ya ;-)
I'm Aelyras,and I love everything HTTYD! I've been playing SoD since 2014, and I'm active on the Forum for 1 year and 4 weeks -almost 5-. I have 1 golden star in the game and 30 dragons. My favourite thing to do in the game is racing and just flying around (actually anything in the air XD).
I love to draw, both traditional and digital, although I'm not that good at it. XD
My first language isn't English, so I often make spelling and grammar mistakes. And just a random fact you probably don't care about: I put a text emoji (don't know what it actually is called XD) in almost every post.
I'd love to become friends, but I'm 14,5 years old and I understand if you think that's too young ;-)
A bit about the Forum: it's a really nice place to chat, role play, share art and stories and you even find some sneak-peaks (probably spelled it wrong XD) of the upcoming expension pack ;-). You can also report glitches and bugs, so they can be fixed. Sometimes there is a lot of spam, but it rarely happens, so don't worry about that. The people here are very nice, and I'm sure you'll find a lot of new friends here ;-)
Anyways, welcome to the Forum, have fun, and love dragons!


Welcome to Aelyras's signature! ♦

*Click here to go to the longer version of my signature*


Dreadfall Harvest Haunt is coming!



First drawings in siggy by me =3


Amazing drawing of Ghost Light by Alexadragonfire <3


My in-game viking:

Name: Aelyras

Nickname: Ras (but I'm also sometimes called Aely)

Main dragon: GhostLight (Titan Flightmare, female)

Other main dragons: Stormfly (Titan Deadly Nadder, female), Scorpion (Triple Stryke, male), Cloudjumper (Titan Stormcutter, male)

In-game hobbies: exploring islands, racing, farming, flying around doing nothing

Adventurer level: 35

Stars: 2 golden stars

Trophies: 1247

Clan: Storm Warriors (and proud of it!)

"we're currently looking for new, active players, so PM me -or the leader of our clan: Frytha- if you want to join!"

Trained dragons: 38

Amount of Titans: 3

My farm: "TheChickensHome"; 5 stars (6 votes)

Playing since: anywhere in 2014

Friend code: PM me if you want to know =)



Name: all I'll say is that my name starts with an R ;-)

Age: 14,5 years old (I think it's ok to know that, right?)

Birthday: January the 4th

Nationality: Dutch

*that means that English isn't my first language, so sorry if I often make grammar and spelling mistakes*

Hobbies: drawing, reading, playing SoD, watching TV, listening to HTTYD soundtracks

Movies, series, and other stuff I really like:

-How To Train Your Dragon (duh!)

-Harry Potter (go Ravenclaw! )

-Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

-Gravity Falls

-My Little Pony


-and almost everything that is about dragons =3 (I just LOVE dragons!)


I love making new friends, so just PM me if you want to be friends =)


That's all for now

Have a nice day ;-)


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Oops XD

Now I see you aren't new to the Forum at all. Oops!
Sorry XD *embarrassing °_°*

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WOW thanks a bunch, would

WOW thanks a bunch, would love to talk with you about more Pm me so we could play! and dont worry about your engish its great! also your art is amazing!

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Dragons. Dragons everywhere.

Thank you! ^w^

If I'm able to play, I'll send you a PM  ;-)

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I love your dragon!

Hi, I'm Fox. You can call me Shiro, Fox, Bale, Gruff, or Beni. Those are my Vikings and username mixes...I'll answer to any! I'm a little bit older than you, but very close. My friend codes are in my signature. I'm on discord but I use it for art. (I'm on the SoD discord by the name 'Spy'.)

I'd love to add more people on any of my SoD accounts. I'm moderately active, but I mostly play Team Fortress 2, so I'm not very extreamly active, plus I have work to go to.


Anyways, enjoy your day, comrade!!






(Signature drawn by me. If you want one, PM me please!)

Profile picture: StingShadow by le amazing Skuttlefish


I accept all friend requests (see friend codes below) and I read all PMs. I accept all debates, as long as they are mature and in PM form. I accept all art trades, requests, and commissions (dragons only, please; I cannot draw humans very well). I accept all art you submit to me. I respect everyone, rude or not, but I will not converse with those who are closed-minded, rude, and won't listen.


I am also a gamer. I play multiple games...just to name a few: I play Minecraft, Terraria, Team Fortress 2, Fallout (New Vegas, 3, and 4), Star Wars: The Old Republic (I love jedis), School of Dragons, Trove (Dracolyte ftw), Don't Starve (go Webber!), Creativerse, and Vainglory (Taka main, if you cannot tell).


I love Red Foxes, Grey Foxes, Great Pyrenees Mountain Dogs, German Shepherds, Grey Wolves, Mexican Timber Wolves, cats, horses, dragons, and reptilian creatures.


My favorite dragons are Triple Stryke, Deadly Nadders, Monsterous Nightmares, and Gronckles.


My favorite class is the strike class, and I love intellegent dragons the most.


I'm hoping to work at an Endangered Wolf Center when I'm older.


I main spy on TF2. My secondary main is sniper.

Braving the storm with my friends




Proud Elder of the Wulf Pack


Proud member of the Sunwing Voyagers






ShiroKageFox with StingShadow and IceThorn

My Main


Strategic, intellegent, brave, overconfident

(Fox drawn by the awesome BrynneBjornsson. Thank you so much!)

(StingShadow and IceThorn drawn by me.)

Code: EDV07K




Beni with RedSand and Skyfeather


Lives for justice, a soldier at heart, brave, and kind

(Beni drawn by the awesome BrynneBjornsson. Thank you so much!)

(RedSand and Skyfeather drawn by me.)

Code: E6GKU4




Balefire with Eira and Nuclear


Sweet, kindhearted, artistic, and quiet

(Balefire and Eira, by the talented Arrowalker. Thank you so much!)

(Nuclear adopted from the unique Ecliptic. Thank you so much!)

Code: EDEXF2




Neorah with Thora


Untrusting, anti-social, disconnected, hatred, aggressive, and rude.


(Neorah by the super awesome Kurysu. Thank you so much!)

(Neorah and Thora by the amazing Haars. Thank you so much!)

Code: TBA




Eragon OC Dragon: Yah'de

StingShadow+Crystal Fury

By: Snowflake12298


ART (<<Click)

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hey Emerald, just a

hey Emerald, just a suggestion, dont limit urself to people your age (except too young, ur right it is difficult to hold a decent conversation).  get to know people of all ages. for me example, and i see another replied to ur post as well. im a grandma (actually step-grandma, it still counts) and i can be pretty fun LOL  you can also learn a lot from all different ages. (unless ur a stalker of teenagers and i wouldnt like that at all!) 


anyway im Dusty Torhild in-game and i still cant believe it but i have been playing almost three years!  so crazy! time is going by so fast!  i have had to put my gaming on hold for the past few months to help my brother and his wife on the east coast. leaving here in 8 days to visit my dad then going home to the mid west!


hope to meet u sometime.


Dusty ♥

First Elder

The Dragon Racers


Dusty Torhild (Dusty)                                     Silver Foxie (Foxy)


Link for Armor Stats



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Yeah, i know im not limiting

Yeah, i know im not limiting myself, i was just trying to find people my age or older i really dont mind XD

if you ever wanna play dm me!

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Hi! My name is Cristal! I'm

Hi! My name is Cristal! I'm always looking for new friends!:) I'm a good one too! I'm 17 and homeschooled. Always here to talk to. I'm currently down in the game due to the can't connect to game try later message. Eyeroll. Very inconvenient! But I can give you my friend code: DXJWU7...I'm the leader of Unique Legacies,UL. #67.  I'm changing lots in UL we need more active players to replace the no active. I have a Recruitment Page in bellecks of Valhalla. In case you know anyone who's looking for that sort of clan.  really everything about me is in my signature below. I am an artist. My medium is acrylic and pestels. I have entered pictures and contacts and had one published. Im now going for a high merit publication. I'm quite good at acting  and I'm heading towards making that my career in college. I'm also quite musical.  Oh and I have been an SOD player for almost 2 years.  my favorite dragon is my sand wraith, toothless the second, and his younger sand wraith sister, Leena.  Tooth is my alpha of all my dragons and Leena is a bit of a spoiled girl! While tooth is protective and Majestic. I just hatched my first woolly howl, silver moonlight. And the rest is in my signature! Nice to have yet another friend! ;)


 Do NOT click on advertising thread links.....there's a lot out there on the forum now.  Be warned.






TO JOIN UNIQUE LEGACIES, visit our clan page and fill out form(LINK IN SIG)

my email below

(LEADER) Unique Legacies. We are all unique in our own way!

              Me and Toothless II ~ 12-21-16                                              Edited by the amazing Donnala :)  

I am 

Art website down below!



(known as XCristalWingsX in SOD)

second profile: CristalSprings


Having difficulty seeing gifs? Scroll outside the signature and back again!



I am a member of the SODPD.  I will not hesitate to take your keyboard in!





Type: Young Lady

game email: XCristalWingsX@gmail.com

Nickname: Cristal

Age: 17

adventure level:35

farm level: 21

stars: 2 gold

 Clans: Unique Legacies (info? All the way down,

and banner and link 1/2 down)

The Dragon Racers (banner and link 1/2 down)

Rank: Leader


Leader: UL: Me (formally fire the fighter)

Leader: TDR: Drums

Trophies: 1285

Country: Eastern USA

Besties: ClayCanyon,





Floof dom(floofqueen)


(previously known as Springvneedham),


(previously Firefighter),

Ivy is Deadly,

Olivia is Amazing,

and TightWing. 

Special someone: xWaveRyderx

Hang out: Wilderness, Training Grounds, & Edge

Friend codes: PM me for it

Personalities: Loyal, Kind, Encouraging, Forgiving, Caring, Patriotic



Art website: http://snpart.wixsite.com/creationbybrush


My first hand drawn viking drawing of me.


My viking, done by my wonderful friend, xXSadieCaneXx



Unique Legacies Crest (hand drawn by CristalWings)



Unique Legacies Clan-based dragon- by Wutend Bonfire


These dragons act as an omen of peaceful passing. Between their resting posture of a hung head, and tri-pupiled eyes, it's easy to see how this calm dragon would spawn legends and myths around it. In the wilds, they live by ocean cliffs or among rockpools, scavenging molluscs and seagrasses, plus the occasional trapped fish. They are better at swimming than running or flying, and often their wing shape and patterns can be just as entrancing as their eyes.





Real-Life favorites:


















I Love:


1. Hanging out with friends!


2. Winning races!


3. Getting new dragons!


4. Quests!


5. Soaring through the sky!




Current Dragons:

in received order


1. Jewel (lady nadder)


2. Zap (guy shackjaw)


3. Red Amber (lady deathsong)


4. Valor (guy armorwing)


Fav.  5. Gold (lady razorwhip)


6. Raphael (guy singetail)


7. Rocky (guy erutadon)


Fav.  8. patriot (guy typhoomerang)


Fav. 9. Toothless II (guy sand wraith)


10. Queen Elsa (lady groncicle)


11. Aquada (lady sliqifier)


12. Leena (lady sand wraith)


13. Gecko (lady flame whipper)


14. Silver Moonlight (lady whoolly howl)



Me and my Flame Whipper, Gecko, as a baby.



Game origins:


Cristal is Astrids cousin and friend. Her dad was Fearless Finn Hofferson, brother to Astrids Dad. Cristal is 2 years younger then Astrid though she sometimes thinks and often shows she just as smart. She has a more caring personality and connects more with dragons on a soul and mind level. Just the same Cristal admires and loves her cousin above all. She was born with really light blue black hair but after exposure to a dragon it lightened to an aqua blue unseen by Vikings before. At first she was teased because of this but at age 12, she made her first breakthrough to a pink blue madder in front of all of Berk. Now she is known as a sort of "dragon whisperer."  On her first flight on the pink blue Nadder she named Jewel, it was chaotic but she soon gained her trust and they flew flawlessly. After that Cristal was given the name CristalWings because of her great flight skills with dragons. Currently, Her sand wraith, Toohless II(aka Tooth) is her loyal companion and alpha of her trained dragons. Tooth has a little sister sand wraith that Cristal named Leena. Leena is a bit spoiled as she hatched with a beautiful rare pink dragon skin and she refuses to get it dirty. At first Leena was reluctant to learn to fly and she was a little wobbly for a while but now she glides through the blue skies with ease. Cristal lives in the one hut below and to the left of buckets house in berk. She isn't a part of the "gang" but she is considered a dragon rider. When the dragon training began she very much wanted to join but it wasn't meant to be. She does however join and help them occasionally. She's currently the leader of the clan Unique Legacies. She trains dragons by being on their level to gain their trust. She also uses her gift of song to soothe and be one with them. She is devoted to the well being of dragons and is a protector of berk.





 Hello everyone! I'm CristalWings! I'm  Leader of the rank 69 clan Unique Legacies, and a member of top 10 clan, The Dragon Racers! I have been playing SOD for almost 2 years now!  I love all of  the HTTYD movies and seasons! (but i like the first best!). Like most I adore Hiccup and Toothless! I am not a member sadly but I dont like the idea of paying real money to play a game. (that doesnt mean im not a serious player!)  But I have done a free month of membership and did quite a bit of the packs! I love painting, (my account pic is usually one that I painted!!) singing,acting and of course playing SOD! My favorite music artists are TobyMac, Britt Nicole, Mandisa, and For King and Country! I often watch SilverWeed San on youtube! I love dogs and horses! My favorite color is light blue which is how i came up with my name. I have bought the Edge, Icestorm Island, Impossible Island, and the deathsong pack. Whenever i find an argument i try to stop it with everyone leaving happy so i guess im a Peacemaker here in the game. Im always posting something cool so check out my track! I love you all! Keep on shining!!!  


                                                                 ~ CristalWings :D




           A proud leader of.......#67....with first viking.    Info? All the way down.

To join Unique Legacies click this link to see our join page.


Top Elder: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/users/tizzilizzie



Also a proud member of.........with second viking.

To join The Dragon Racers click this link to see the page.





My first hand drawn drawing of a friend and her dragon.






Happy Friends Day!!


Me and my groncicle Queen Elsa on the lookout.


Me and my younger sand wraith Leena.









Majestic Toothless

Image result for toothless pic



How to Train Your Dragon movie poster

 Image result for httyd movie poster



Image result for httyd movie gifs

Well i would not have guessed that they use a cat to make the toothless animations! :/ Maybe!!



Image result for httyd 1 movie gifs

Duh da duh We're dead.



How To Train Your Dragon 2

Image result for HTTYD pics and short videos 150X 150X

 Doesnt Toothless have a cheshire-like smile in this picture!!! So cute and different! 



 friend fight



Related image

3..2..1..HES DOWN!!!






lol lol lol :D


My clan recruiting picture (made by XFirefighterX ~former clan leader)

 Currently on No. 67 in top clans. We are very friendly and always wanna hang out 

with friends or clanmates. We help each other who is in need.

Clan Leader: Me
Current Members: 50/100
Current Elders: , TizziLizzie, Holaciao, firethefighter, .......

Clan Rules: 

1. Must have 100+ trophies to join 
2. Must be friendly and helpful
3. Respect each other
4. Win trophies every so often you play so we will move up

5. No hackers (if u see a hacker from the clan report to me w/ proof)
6. Have fun :)


     We are very nice to each other and are like family! Each one of us is unique in our own way! If you want to join, PM me your friend code, in game name, and # of trophies and I will check you out! Must have 100+ trophies to join! To automatically become an elder, you must have 2,000 trophies! Thanks!! And good luck!! ~Cristal :D


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Would love to play! pm me!

Would love to play! pm me!

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Thanks to everyone that

Thanks to everyone that replyed! im sorry if my messages werent as long (Super tired) just Pm me and we could have a convo and play another time! im really excited to meet you all and im so happy how great this fourm thread turned out! i thank you all!

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Totally understand bout being

Totally understand bout being tired. I'm tired too...Yaaawwwnnn. Glad you got some more pals! ;)

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Hai! I'm FloofQueen(just call me Floof). I've been playing the game for a year now and my main dragon is a Woolly Howl named Fluffy who is based off my rabbit in real life. You said you wanted to discord chat some people, well we happen to have a SoD discord. You could find the link in my signature. I'm sure most people are close to your age there. ^^



Admin of the SoD discord server

Click here to join


|QnA|DeviantArt|Flight Rising|


It's that time of year



The Resistance and my cyber Changewing, Illusive, both by Megaboltphoenix

Name: Illusive

Species: Cyber Changewing

Biotech: 82% Robot

Cyber Ability: Armor can cloak with the dragon; Equipped with a navy grid that can cast holographic images to take different forms

Owner: FloofQueen










Vali and Mak
















Razzle and Dazzle









Click here for my adopts from the forums


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Hello! Nice to meet you!

I'm SingingRedFox, but you can call me Singer or Redfox.
My in-game name is Holly Wildfire, and my main dragon is a Timberjack called Hunter.

My Discord name is SingingRedFox (i may or may not change it) :P

I'm always looking for friends, so it could be nice to meet you in the game!
And, English isn't my native language, so please correct me if i said something wrong :)
BUT, one little thing is, that i'm younger than most people here, i'm.. 12 (i understand if thats too young)

Oh, no need to worry, i'm not that immature :)
I just join everyone here on the forum & discord, so you can talk to me like any other person. To be honest, i enjoy it more being with people older than me, because they don't act so childish and ehh.. Like the people in the game like you mentioned :3


Anyway, enough talking, welcome to the forums, i hope you have fun!


~Welcome to my empty siggy~
Will be built soon..
(Profile pic by DragonTrainer1302)

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Viking Warrior
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Hi Hi Hi Hi!

  Greetings Mariah my internet name is RHPenguin but just call me RHP. I'v joined in april so I'm still pretty new to the game but I'v been in the fandom since 2010 and if you wanted to meet people your age well your in luck as I am only one year older. I guess I'm what others would call a man child as I have the maturity of an adult but I like to keep in touch with my inner kid. Some other things I like are drawing It's my main hobby and I love creating stories and games are my life. So I wish you a good day goodbye.


Greetings fellow




You can call me RHPenguin, RHP, or or that one funny looking guy in the crowd. I would call me a expert dragon trainer in training My goal here is to train every single dragon I can. 

You may see me wandering in the skies or on the race track but I mainly stay here on the forums and if you ever want to contact me fell free to pm me I love to chat.

Friend code: (e29c1v) If you want to know

You can also find me on Deviant art page link here: http://rhpengui.deviantart.com/

One thing you must know about me is I love creating OCs and writing stuff about them so here our some of them.


  Viking Name: Ravenous Harrison. He is my main OC he young dragon trainer who is a bit nervous about almost everything but dragons he is fascinated with them but still sees them as animals to take caution around. Curently he and is friend Codwell are working on writing there own dragon journal based on there own findings. His dragon(s?) is(are?) a hideous zippleback named Benny and Jenny.

  Dragon: Benny and Jenny. these two always find something to disagree on wether its Benny wanting to make every thing a game or Jenny trying to take things in a more serious way but one thing they can agree on is how they feel about there rider Harry. They first met him a few days after the defeat  of the Red death they originally ony stayed with him because he saved them from a tree snare but as time passed the three forged and unbreakable bond.

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heyo, sent you a friend request by the name of Strawcatrry ;3


Heyo, I'm Strawcatrry and my friend code is CLZKDK :33




Deadly nadders- Nala and Brix



Whispering deaths- Youth and Dethie



Monstrous nightmare-Maxxi and Catoo(wanted the name "Cato" like from "Hunger Games" actually but it wouldn't let me do it :/)















Hideous zippleback-ZipnZap





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greetings all

Hey, on the game my name is powerfulkatherinetheloyal and my real name is Katherine im 16 almost 17. Ive been playing this game for a few weeks and I dont have many friends and am lonely on the game a lot. I would love friends but its okay if no one wants me as a friend for i am a boring person. I have boring dragons a fighmare and the nigtmare. I wish I could have cooler ones but im not a member. one dragon is just now level titan and the other one is level 11. if anyone wants to be my friend message meand my code is FD1NCJ . Just trying to figure this game and the forum! :)

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Gurl, don't ever say that

Gurl, don't ever say that nobody wants to be friends! Adding right away! You'll get a free whispering death and groncicle(if you buy the expansion for 500 coins) so don't worry, more friends and dragons coming your way soon enough, I believe! :3

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haha! gurl i hope so. But i

haha! gurl i hope so. But i mainly say no one likes me from real life soo... But its okay cause im use to it! XD

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I would like to be your

I would like to be your friend in game. I'm 14, and i can PM my friend code if you want.



    Welcome to my Signature!




                                                            Eek and his dragon, Ballista




Eek the Firetamer

Eek is an adventurous viking who has trained many dragons. He has had many adventures and encountered many dragons accross the Archipelago. He is a strategist (because he has needed to rescue friends or dragons numerous times). He has a sense of humor, and is very social. He likes spending his free time at the Training Grounds. He is a skilled fighter, and his weapon of choice is his ice axe. He can take on several Hunters at a time by himself, but on the back of his Triple Stryke, that's another story. 


Tribe: Hairy Hooligan

Clan: Hofferson

School Clan: Alpha Dragon Masters (Leader)(Please Join!)

Height: 5'8"

Age: 18

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Dragons: Spineshot (Nadder), Fearless (Flightmare), Puddle (Raincutter), Windstorm (Thunderdrum), Bandit (Sand Wraith), Sandshadow (Sand Wraith), Hookflame (Nightmare), Mudfang (Moldruffle), Mudpuddle (Mudraker), Windscreech (Silver Phantom), Ingneous (Gronckle), Frostbite (Groncicle), Melodeadly (Death Song), Razerwind (Razorwhip), Slashtail (Razorwhip), Bandito (Armorwing), Furieflame (Singetail), Magmadon (Eruptodon), Arrow (Flame Whipper), Stormtail (Triple Stryke), Ballista (Triple Stryke), Cloudbreaker (Stormcutter), Boulderburst (Snafflefang)

Main Dragon: Ballista


Main Weapon: Ice Axe

Archenemies: Nikora Stormheart, Harald Forkbeard




Ballista is a male Triple Stryke, and is about 2 months old. He has been with Eek ever since he was born. His mother was enslaved by a war cheiftain from accross the sea. Ballista's personality is very similar to that of Sleuther, but more rebellious. He (like his rider) has a sense of humor, and he is very intelligent. He will protect Eek at all costs, and will not hesitate to fight. He is no stranger to combat, as he was once captured and held in dragon fights. This was only briefly, as Eek was captured too, and helped to rescue him. Eek could not ask for a better dragon. If you don't see Eek around Berk or the School, he's probably above the clouds on Ballista's back.


Race: Dragon

Species: Triple Stryke

Gender: Male

Length: 30' 2"

Color: Light Copper with cream stripes and a golden belly.

Favorite Food: Eggs

Age: 2 months

Stage: (Broadwing)



My creation: The Rocket Ripper (if it was in the movie franchise)


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okay, im 16 almost 17 I dont

 yea okay, I dont really kow how to become friends on the game soo....maybe if i give you my code?? im so sorry!