Hi everyone...

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Aisha Snowqueen
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Hi everyone!


My name is Aisha Snowqueen, but feel free to call me Aisha or Snow! I recently joined the forums (though I have played SOD for several years) and I'm eager to meet all of you!


Just a little bit about me:


-My favorite color is blue

-My favorite season is winter

-My favorite dragon class is Strike

-I love doing art and creative writing

-I'm homeschooled

-I like Wings of Fire A LOT

-I'm pretty shy, but I warm up to people fast

-My favorite animal is a horse

-My OCs name is Aisha Snowqueen, and her dragon is a Snow Wraith named Wintergreen


So, that's about all for now. I can't wait to get acquainted! I hope to see you all around!!!





This is my OC, Aisha Snowqueen by me


And this is her Snow Wraith, Wintergreen, also by me


Thank you for reading my signature! :)

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Hi! I'm happy to meet you!

Hi! I'm happy to meet you! I'm Flowercrystal, but you can call me Flower or Swirl! :D I do edits and dignal art, and I can do blinkies (Kind of). I also like wings of fire! If you want to RP with me or want a art request, you can PM me! 


Image result for fancy letter fImage result for fancy letter lImage result for fancy letter oImage result for fancy letter wImage result for fancy letter eImage result for fancy letter r Image result for fancy letter cImage result for fancy letter rImage result for fancy letter yImage result for fancy letter sImage result for fancy letter tRelated image Image result for fancy letter l

Images may be subject to copyright.Send feedback

WELCOME ONE AND ALL TO MY SIGGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Hi. I'm Flowercrystal. My second acount is Goldsky The fearless. 

My siggy is under constritan SOOOOOO...... 





A few things about me; 

I'm a girl 

I do edits, blinkies, and dignal art. PM me if you would like any of those, or if you want to RP with me!

I love my little pony, Disney, httyd (Duh), Wings Of Fire, and Percy Jackson

My favritoe color is Purple and my faviorite animal is a Humming Bird.

I am a Christan, and I belive in God with all my heart 

I love animals and nature and I hate Hacking; 


By witcherforever. TYSM!!




A edit of Fleetwing's Smothering Smokebreath, Midnight Blues. 

A Shivertooth I drew 

Halloween for ArcheryandDragons 

Edit of my OC, Goldsky. 

And edit of Fleetwing and Flowercrystal  


Crystal drawn by me 

Another Crystal by me 

My Night Fury OC Rey, thanks again me.  

My Splinterhorn, Nileshell....

Lol this getting boring, thanking myself  let's thank so WAY better artists. 


My Long-nosed fintail, Colorfoam by the one and 0nly Georgeinia47  

My Changewing by Hunter! Tysm!  

More art of my Changewing; By Scar! Thank so much! It's awesome!

My Starswooper, Firecracker, again thanks Gerorgeinia47! 

My Night Fury OC, Rey by the incredable Ruggedturf! TYSM!!!


My Starswooper Clam! By the gifted Georgina14! 

Eclipes eye blinkie by the amazing Werewolfgirl! TYSM! It's awesome!

Awesome drawing by the talented Ruggedturf! Thank you!


Awesome drawing of all my OCs by Sky and Ocean! TYSM! I love it!

My AMAZING, AWESOME, Coral leaper (Named Sunset) by Georginia47  

Eclipes by the amazing and inspiring Nessie!

My amazing Thorny Sea Hound adoptble, By Wicherforever. Thank you so much! 

An old adoptble from Razordsharp, Thanks!   

An amazing Dreamfall by 1Flower Tysm!   

A awesome edit by Lovelytigress! TYSM!



Chameleon is a grumpy female Changewing (Maybe a reason she's so grumpy is because a lot of people mistake her for a boy!) who loves hide and seek. She is quite playful sometimes, and loves Trout. Here is some amazing art of her: 


By Scar! Thank you so much!

By Hunter! Thank you! It's really good!

(This a screenshot of her)


Crystal is a female monstrous nightmare with a headstrong snout. She is very competive and likes racing. She messes around and plays, but is always there when her friends need her. Crystal is hostile to strangers and other Monstrous Nightmares, until she learns that they are friends and they earn her trust. Crystal was my first dragon. Below is some art of her!


That's it for now..... Till the next time! 

(P.s If you would like a edit or would like to roleplay with me Pm me!)


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Aisha Snowqueen
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-Insert Subject Here-

Hey, Flower! It's great to meet you! :D You're art is really good--I'll have to request some sometime! Unfortunately, I can't do RPs, but I'd love to hang sometime! I hope to see you around!!

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-Insert Subject Here-

Hey and welcome to the forums! I'm Frytha (or Fry xD)! We're really glad to have you!!!! :D If you have any questions, just wanna chat, or would like some art, feel free to PM me! I hope to see you 'round! :D




P.S. Homeschoolers unite? xD


Above painting of Frytha with my BF, Kylie, (a.k.a. Werewolfgirl1253) by the amazing Pixel! Thank you!!! <3


Art of my Viking, Frytha, and my Sand Wraith, Sapphire, by the talented Duckei! :D


Sapphire, drawn (left) by the talented Alicornbrodie, (right) by the fantastic DatOneTrumpet! Thank you!!!!! :D <3


Sapphire and Wintergreen blinkies by Nessie. Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

am a proud member of the forum clan, the Resistance! We are against hacking of all sorts and strive to make SOD a better place every day. To join, click this link!

>> HERE <<


Name: Enigma

Species: Cyber Wooly Howl

Biotech: 35% robot

Cyber Ability: Boosts up running speed by the wheels under its front feet and the jets on its back feet/Jet ability also boosts up speed in flight/Can change the wheels under its front feet into saws and throw them like boomerangs

This is my hacker-hunting cyber Woolly Howl, by our leader, Megaboltpheonix


Lyvra, done by me (1) and (2) the OH SO TALENTED Nessie!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hug attack*



Coldsnap and Frytha by the fantastic Varku ! Thanks!!!! :D


Check out my Art Thread by clicking > HERE <




Check out the fan-fiction I'm writing, Ghostrider, by clicking the link below! 


Ghostrider Official Tracking Thread


:: Click the link below to listen to Frytha's theme song ::


> Click Here <


~Above by Gillecomgain Dragonstorm~



We are protectors of goodness and virtue,

We will weather every storm,

Strike like lightning when in battle,

We are warriors bred and born!


~Above clan motto by me; all members are free to use it~


Clan Banner by Witcherforever; thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *tackles fellow clan member with hug*


Want to join the Storm Warriors? Check out our Recruitment Page by clicking the link below! (This is an older page; we are now in 45th place)




^^ By Defy! Thanks! :D ^^



Click the below link to view the dragons I've adopted:


My Adopted Dragons

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Aisha Snowqueen
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-Insert Subject Here-

Hey, Frytha! It's really nice to meet you too! Thanks for responding to my post! :) IKR? LOL!

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Hello *)And welcome to the

Hello *)
And welcome to the forum. I'm sure that here you can meet many other players and make a bunch of new friends. And by the way, I'm Defy Hord. Nice to meet ya! *)














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Aisha Snowqueen
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-Insert Subject Here-

Hi, Defy!! It's really nice to meet you! I love all the bouncies you have in your signature--they're so cute!!! :) Do you take requests? Thanks for posting here and welcoming me!!!

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My subject fell into the void

AGGHHH!! A NEW FRIEND! *screams* 

Hiii :) I'm Maja (but you can call me Perciulum, Perci or just make up another nickname for me if you want to).

Welcome to the forum! I hope you like it here. If you need any help about anything I'm sure no one would mind if you asked.


You and I have many things in common so I think we're gonna be great friends :)


And again - Welcome :D



Viking Name: PerciulumLupus

Age: 14

Birthday: 15.Feb.

Distinctive features: Scar on right eye

Weapon of choice: Bow and arrow; Sword, Throwing knife.

Personality:  Brave, Adventurous, Loyal, Friendly, stubborn.

Weakness: She is afraid of height when not on her dragons back.

Trainer of (class): Stoker, Sharp, Tidal, Boulder, Tracker, Mystery, Strike.

Main dragon: Ira

Main dragon species: Sand wraith

Main dragon class: Tidal 

Age of dragon: 14

Distinctive features(dragon)White color with black spots, a small scar on the right thigh

Dragon personality: Brave, Adventurous, Loyal, Friendly, Mischievous.

Weakness: Hates being around whispering deaths more than she hates eels

Secondary dragon: Rem

Secondary dragon species: Terrible terror

Secondary dragon class: Stoker 

Age of dragon: 5

Distinctive features(dragon): Mint blue color with a white belly. 

Dragon personality: Sneaky, Playful, Jumpy, Loyal, Fast

Weakness: She is a big dragon in a small body so she gets into a lot of trouble trying to take on bigger creatures.

Friend code: PM me!

Something about Perciulum: 

She is based off me and my personality. Perciulum comes from a small village named Pavv. She is generally a very shy person that finds it hard to make friends and open up to people. She can have small talk with people she meets for months before she is ready to actually have a conversation and share her feelings. She is kind of an adrenalin junkie and will do anything to get her fix even if it will put her life in danger. She is very kind, loving and a loyal and good friend and will give a warning before beating up someone. She will not hit anyone younger than her unless she apsolutely has to for any reason. She refuses to let other people see her crying because she thinks it makes her look weak and will not lift her head up if she is crying until she stops. Perciulum is an introvert. She would rather spend time alone than with other people. She loves all animals in general. She has a Terrible terror named Rem who is always by her side even when riding Ira. Perciulum is an expert in the tidal class but is still learning more about stoker. Her element is water; she can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Perciulum has a tendency to make rash decisions and regret them later. She is definietly a person that holds a grudge. She is easy to put down and made to think she is wortless especially when it's coming from someone she holds dear.

Something about me: 

My name is Maja (pronounced the same as Maya). I have a dog named Zelda who was once a stray mutt, I ride horses (or at least I'm learning) and I'm kinda obsessed with them, I play guitar a little bit, write and draw. I want to be a vet and I was born and live in Bosnia. I often refrence movies, shows and books I have read or watched. My favorite season is autumn and I LOVE rain! My favorite school subject is biology.


The horrible drawing of Perciulum done by yours truly...




My dragons:

Last updated: 5. Jan. 2017.

Dragon names and meanings in order of pictures:




I am currently writing Perciulums backstory called "Challenging Destiny" 

Art by: Valoris620

Blinkie by: Nessie

Art by: umbreon27

The best drawing ever by: AllyNadderRider

Art by: Alicornbrodie

Snoggletog gift made by Flowercrystal, thank you so much :)

(Thanks to everyone that made art for me <3



My links (you can click the pictures):




Tip: If the pictures won't load scrolling outside of the signature may help.

Anything that isn't credited is my own work

Signature last updated: 20. Jan. 2017.

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Aisha Snowqueen
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-Insert Subject Here-

Hey, Maja! It's great to meet you too! I'm sure we'll be great friends! I'd love to chat and hang out with you sometime. I'm currently inactive in-game, but if you want to PM me any time, we could chat! :)

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Oh Snow we are soooo much

Oh Snow we are soooo much alike! :O love blue, horses, winter, homeschooled, and i LOVE art and singing and being creative!!! we will get on quite well! OH! Welcome to the forum of course! :) You can see a lot about me in my siggna below! :D Happy Posting!!!


              Me and Toothless II ~ 12-21-16                                              Edited by the amazing Donnala :)  

I am 

Art website down below!



(known as XCristalWingsX in SOD)

second profile: CristalSprings


Type: Young Lady

Nickname: Cristal

life name: Sarah

Age: 16

 Clan: Unique Legacies (info? All the way down)

Rank: Elder

Leader: FireTheFighter

Trophies: 575

Country: Eastern USA

Besties: ClayCanyon,

Ivy is Deadly,

Olivia is Amazing,


(previously known as Springvneedham),

FireTheFighter (previously Firefighter),


and TightWing 

Hang out: Wilderness, Training Grounds, & Edge

Friend code: PM me for it

Personalities: Loyal, Kind, Encouraging, Forgiving, Caring, Patriotic



Art website: http://snpart.wixsite.com/creationbybrush



Real-Life favorites:
















I Love:


1. Hanging out with friends!


2. Winning races!


3. Getting new dragons!


4. Quests!


5. Soaring through the sky!




Current Dragons:

in received order


1. Jewel (lady nadder)


2. Zap (guy shackjaw)


3. Red Amber (lady deathsong)


4. Valor (guy armorwing)


Fav.  5. Gold (lady razorwhip)


6. Raphael (guy singetail)


7. Rocky (guy erutadon)


Fav.  8. patriot (guy typhoomerang)


Fav. 9. Toothless II (guy sand wraith)


10. Queen Elsa (lady groncicle)


11. Aquada (lady sliqifier)


12. Leena (lady sand wraith)





 Hello everyone! I'm CristalWings! I'm an elder of the clan Unique Legacies! It is now my one year aniversary of playing SOD!  I love all of  the HTTYD movies and seasons! (but i like the first best!). Like most I adore Hiccup and Toothless! I am not a member sadly but I dont like the idea of paying real money to play a game. (that doesnt mean im not a serious player!)  But I have done a free month of membership and did quite a bit of the packs! I love painting, (my account pic is usually one that I painted!!) singing,acting and of course playing SOD! My favorite music artists are TobyMac, Britt Nicole, Mandisa, and For King and Country! I often watch SilverWeed San on youtube! I love dogs and horses! My favorite color is light blue which is how i came up with my name. I have bought the Edge, Icestorm Island, and the deathsong pack. Whenever i find an argument i try to stop it with everyone leaving happy so i guess im a Peacemaker here in the game. Im always posting something cool so check out my track! I love you all! Keep on shining!!!  


                                                                 ~ CristalWings :D


                                                   And now some of my artwork! (NOT SOD ART)




 Displaying IMG_0808.JPG

"Wings to Fly" painting ~by CristalWings




Displaying IMG_0806.JPG

contest winner "Colors of The Wind" pestels ~ by CristalWings



Displaying IMG_0807.JPG

"Morning Glory" pestels ~  by CristalWings



Displaying IMG_0809.JPG

"Horses" painting ~ by CristalWings



Displaying IMG_0804.JPG

" ? " ~ by CristalWings


Majestic Toothless

Image result for toothless pic



How to Train Your Dragon movie poster

 Image result for httyd movie poster



Image result for httyd movie gifs

Well i would not have guessed that they use a cat to make the toothless animations! :/ Maybe!!



Image result for httyd 1 movie gifs

Duh da duh We're dead.



How To Train Your Dragon 2

Image result for HTTYD pics and short videos 150X 150X

 Doesnt Toothless have a cheshire-like smile in this picture!!! So cute and different! 



 friend fight



Related image

3..2..1..HES DOWN!!!



   My clan recruiting picture (made by XFirefighterX ~clan leader)

 Currently on No. 96 in top clans. We are very friendly and always wanna hang out 

with friends or clanmates. We help each other who is in need.

Clan Leader: FiretheFighter
Current Members: 62/100
Current Elders:1. Holacheo, 2. SeraTheRedJenny, 3. Raxicor, 5.             XCristalWingsX  and a few others

Clan Rules: 1. Must have 100+ trophies to join 
( I will update trophies required when the clan grows even more bigger )
2. Must be friendly and helpful
3. Respect each other
4. Win trophies every so often you play so we will move up

5. No hackers (if u see a hacker from the clan report to me w/ proof)
6. Have fun :)


     We are very nice to each other and are like family! Each one of us is unique in our own way! If you want to join, PM me your friend code, in game name, and # of trophies and I will check you out! Must have 100+ trophies to join! To be elder, you must have 2,000 trophies! Thanks!! And good luck!! ~Cristal :D


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Aisha Snowqueen
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-Insert Subject Here-

Hello! Wow! It does sound like we have a lot in common! I too love singing (though I forgot to put it above...)! Thanks for the welcome! I hope to see you around soon! :)

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Hello, Snow! My name's AllyNadderRider. You can call me Ally, Kay, or Rider. Whichever suits your fancy :) We have lots in common! Blue is also my favorite color, winter my favorite season, a love of art, homeschooled, shyness... we should get along well!

In game you can usually find me using my Viking Ally Kay, who also happens to be my main OC. I also have a Viking named Alena Willow, but Ally Kay and her Nadder Moonstone are usually in use. I have one completed fanfiction, which is Ally Kay's backstory, and a second story featuring Ally and her friends is in the works. It's up to chapter Nine right now. They're called Defender's Bane and Escape to the Edge, if you'd like to check them out!

If you couldn't tell, Deadly Nadders are my favorite dragons. Hiccup and Astrid are my favorite characters of the HTTYD universe (I can't choose between them!). I'm also into Harry Potter, Percy Jackson (and Heroes of Olympus), Once Upon a Time, the Chronicles of Narnia, and the Hunger Games. Those are my main fandoms (other than Owl City, twenty øne piløts, and For KING & COUNTRY, which are my music fandoms). I could go on, but it'd bore you XD

If you want my buddy code, to chat, or have any questions, PM me any time!

Hope to see you around the forums and Berk~


Bouncies of Moonstone, Ally Kay, Alena Willow, and Captain made by Defy.

Tidal Wave by Owl City.



Profile pic by Defy ^^

Edits of Moonstone, Thunderfly, Sharpshot and Gryffindor made by Nessie.

Viking license by catiedragons, Ally Kay drawing on license by Jackalope.

Swift Champions banner made by Stiger23.

Ally Kay (fist two) and Alena Willow paintings by Pixel.

Ally Kay edit by Nessie, Ally Kay drawing by Fireflash, Moonstone headshot by Freakzter.

Aster the Naga and his Fallenstar Dragon companion, Stardust.

They are the caretakers of my dragons when I am unable to attend to them.

Thank you Maijic for these two ^-^

Spacial Beauties, adopted from KrazyKira24.

Frozenfall the Dwarf Talonstrike by 1flower.


Sharpwing the Stormcutter, adopted from kcrockett. Ally Kay's secondary dragon. 

Quinn the Stormcutter, also from kcrockettBelonging to my Berserkian OC Lyra.


Aquaborealis by Spy (1flower) 


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Aisha Snowqueen
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-Insert Subject Here-

Hi, Ally! Thanks so much for the welcome! There are so many people here who share my interests it makes me feel more at home--that and all the people who've welcomed me. Thank you! It's so kind of you all! :) I also love Percy Jackson, my favorite character being Nico Di'Angelo. I wish he'd ended up with Annabeth...but then I love her and Percy together too! :) I'm currently inactive in-game, as we had to delete the game because it was making our computer run slow, but I hope to be active here on the forums, and I'd love to get to know you better! Thanks again for welcoming me! :)

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You're welcome! Ooo, another PJO lover! I like Nico too, though Percabeth is too good to not ship lol. My favorite character is probably Grover. Or Leo from the second series.

Oh, that stinks! But I'm glad you get to hang around here, I know you'll fit right in and it won't take long for you to find a bunch of buddies to chat with :)

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Aisha Snowqueen
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-Insert Subject Here-

Yeah, Percabeth is awesome...beaten only by Hiccstrid. :) Leo is really funny! I hope to make a lot of new friends here (which I already seem to be doing) and I'd love it if we could chat sometime! :)

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Sandstrike, give me back that subject!

Hello, and welcome to the forums! Haha, yet another fellow homeschooler and horse lover on the forums. XD 


Ruggedturf's Signature


Drawn by the awesome geekdomalways




If you would like to see some of my art, click on this link: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/ruggedturfs-art-showcase


If you would like me to do some art for you, feel free to PM me!



Avantador the Signature Protector by Werewolfgirl1253





Argdon drawings by the one-of-a-kind donnala (A.K.A Hunter, which is what he is credited as for the rest of my siggy)


Argdon by the awesome AllyNadderRider (left image, also profile pic). Argdon by the gifted Snowflake (right). 



Argdon by the amazing Vanilia Viking



Left, Argdon by the legendary Varku. Right, Argdon by the awesome Aelyras


Left, drawing of Ukjenta by the artistic Werewolfgirl1253. Right, drawing of Ukjenta by the talented Fireflash.



Ukjenta by the AMAZING Hunter 


Sandstrike and Argdon by the talented Aisha Snowqueen


Argdon and Sandstrike by the gifted Laykary


Sandstrike and Argdon by the artistic Hunter


Sandstrike and Argdon by the awesome Flowercrystal


Sandstrike, an edit by me


Sandstrike drawing by the awesome DatOneTrumpet


Sandstrike by the talented mangopopcorn



Sandstrike blinkie done by the legendary Nessie (left). Sandstrike by the talented mangopopcorn (right).


Sandstrike, done by the talented Hunter (left).                           Sandstrike by the gifted FloofQueen (right). 


Sandstrike in chibi form, made by the awesome 1flower.


Sandstrike by the amazing Flowercrystal


Sandstrike by the awesome Archery and Dragons


Vespa (left), and a blushing Sandstrike (right) by the crazy-talented Archery and Dragons

Vespa the Triple Stryke, made by the amazing Hunter (left). Vespa by the legendary Megaboltpheonix (right).


Vespa by the talented Laykary


Vespa by the amazing grumpyforlife2


Wintertide by the legendary Witcherforever

Prismarc the Splinterhorn, by the gifted Flowercrystal


Cealum the Griptuk, made by the talented Bavelly 


Stonestalker the Armorhead, made by the awesome FloofQueen

Seafoam the Spongeret, an adoptable by Flowercrystal



My dog, Benji, done by the talented ScaleFeatherz


Soilmuncher the Gronkle, done by the wonderful Cinderflower


The "Twins," Grumble and Rumble, made by the gifted Hunter

Darsmeglen the Peephole by Jada


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Aisha Snowqueen
Wilderness Explorer
Joined: 01/25/2016
-Insert Subject Here-

Hi! Wow there are a lot of us! LOL!!! :) It's nice to meet you!!!

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Phantom ate my subject..

Sup, Welcome to the forum (Mind my english, being scottish spelling things is a bit difficult)

Im Straw, its nice to meet you, maybe we can hang out some time in the future sadly I am not homeschooled but I could care less about most of the stuff now a days, I do draw and do art for people so ye, Have fun on forum!


Yo, my name is StrawHatAlex but you can call me Straw in game

Clan: Swift Champions

Status: Member

I have been playing this game for a while so I know a thing or to. Im not mean im protective of my clan and


I do not take Friend or Clan requests as much really


Luffy: Deadly Nadder (Adult, Male)

Sasha: Snafflefang (Adult, Female)

Skiddo: Devilish Dervish (Adult, Male)

Whiplash: Devilish Dervish (Adult, Male)

Icey: Snow Wraith (Adult, Female)

Phantom: Sand Wraith (Adult, Female)

Chico: Sand Wraith (Adult, Male)

Leo: Razor Whip (Adult, Male)

Lucy: Razor Whip (Adult, Female)

Hydra: Snaptrapper (Adult, Male)

Cinder: Hobblegrunt (Adult, Female)

Sammy: Typhoomerang (Adult, Male)

Taco: Gronkle (Adult, Male)

Centurey: Whispering Death (Adult, Female)

Tsunami: Shock Jaw (Adult, Female)

Clay: Moldruffle (Adult, Male)

Thresher: Skrill Titan (Adult, Female)

Grim "Crimson": Skrill (Adult, Male)

Fred and Ned: Hideous Zippleback (Adult, Male)

Solo: Armorwing (Adult, Female)

Chrome: Armorwing (Adult, Male)

Leafy: Raincutter (Adult, Male)

JoJo: Scuttleclaw (Adult, Male)

Rico: Thunderdrum (Adult, Male)

Hinami: Death Song (Adult, Female)

Coarl: Death Song (Baby, Male)

Bob: Death Song (Baby, Male)

Llyod: Grapple Grounder (Adult, Male)

Noble: Singetail (Adult, Female)

Thor: Eruptodon (Adult, Male)

Tide Shifter: Tide Glider (Adult, Female)

Freezer: Groncicle (Adult, Male)

Inferno: Fireworm Queen (Adult, Female)

Sky Storm: Windwalker (Adult, Female)

Lazarus: Windwalker (Adult, Male)

Blue: Speed Stinger (Teen, Female)

Sky Scream: Timberjack (Adult, Female)

Temple: Shovelhelm (Adult, Female)

Puppet: Slithersong (Adult, Male)

Reaper: Night Terror (Adult, Female)

Misty: Smothering Smokebreath (Adult, Female)

Snow Storm: Woolly Howl (Adult, Female)

Time Weaver: Woolly Howl (Adult, Male)

Current: Scauldron (Adult, Female)

Neptune: Sand Wraith (Adult, Male)

Gemini: Sand Wraith (Teen, Female)

Frost Fire: Sand Wraith (Teen, Female)

(These are also the babys of Phantom)

Echo: Rumblehorn (Adult, Male)

Pumkin: Prickleboggle (Adult, Female)

Tomo: Monsterous Nightmare (Adult, Male)

Necromancer: Monsterous Nightmare (Adult, Male)

Toby: Screaming Death (Adult, Male)

Kevin: Sweet Death (Adult, Male)

Venom: Sliquifier (Adult, Female)

Splash: Mudraker (Adult, Female)

Quaker: Catastrofic Quaken (Adult, Male)

Alchemist: Thunderpede (Adult, Male)

Ruin: Terrible Terror (Teen, Female)

Quibli: Buffalord (Adult, Male)

Trico: Silver Phantom (Baby, Male)

                                  I have more but theres a lot that I dont remember, updated regularly!

                                                              SUBSCRIBE TO ME YOUTUBE!!

                                                                        I am an Atheist.

                            Because I am an Atheist, DONT CRITIZIE ME OR FORCE ME TO BELIVE IN "GOD"



               Things I like to do on spare time is draw, watch anime, and play this game ! (Siggy gifs are random lol)









                                   Some Art, PM me if you want Friends Code and if you want any art ^^



                                                                            Phantom the Sand Wraith (Main)

                                  Chrisanthimum the Pokemon Trainer! Made by: Me!!

                                                                                                       Natsu and Shadow (Me) Natsu is my brother.


<------ This is Actually me






                                                                                                                                        My Night Fury ^^



Comet as a baby (So cute ;3)

More Comet!

(She seems annoyed)

Alpha Comet time!!





















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Aisha Snowqueen
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-Insert Subject Here-

Hi, Straw! It's nice to meet you too! :) Cool! Are you Scottish? I love Scottish people's accents! I hope to be friends too! Thank you so much for the welcome!!!

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Phantom ate my subject..

I am very deeply Scottish, And np :)

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Hi! Nice to meet you! I'm wondering, what is it like to be homeschooled? I'm school schooled soooo..... XD. 

I like the color blue most, and my favorite season is winter (my bday is in Feb), so we have some things in common. I hope we could be friends, because you sound like a really nice person. Nice to meet you!








Full pics to be posted soon!



Siggie under construction




Made by Lovlytigerss. Thank you soooo much!



First of all, happy snoggeltog all!!!





Hi! My name is Sablie the Sorceress. People call me that because I trained a Sand Wraith.


I have 38 dragons as of now.







I also have 1annoying sister, a mom and a dad, and a black toy poodle named Coco





A picture of my dog. Yes, she is full size, at three and a half pounds!




About me:

Birthday: 18 of February 

Favorite dragon: Tide Glider, Sand Wraith, and Flightmare

My hobbies: I am a pretty good drawer, I love reading, and, most of all, love playing SoD and other dragon games.

Main dragons: Sundance the Tide Glider, Moonrise the Sand Wraith, Stormbolt the Skrill.

Favorite place in game: Berk Docks









Dragon 1. Female Deadly Nadder named Lightningsky (titan)

Dragon 2. Female Whispering Death named Golden mist (adult)

Dragon 3. Male Monstrous Nightmare named Firestorm (adult)

Dragon 4. Male Hideos Zippleback named Sparkle Spike (adult)

Dragon 5. Male Gronckle Named Silver Stone (adult)

Dragon 6. Female Devilish Dervish named Ragestorm (adult)

Dragon 7. Female Gronckle named Rocklette (adult)

Dragon 8. Female Stormcutter named Stormblaze (adult)

Dragon 9. Male Thunderdrum named Thunderglory (adult)

Dragon 10. Male Groncicle named Icicle (adult)

Dragon 11. Male Razorwhip named Hurricane (adult)

Dragon 12. Female Razorwhip named Wintershield (adult)(expansion pack was glitch gave me two razorwhips instead of one but I don't care)

Dragon 13. Female Deathsong named Melody (adult)

Dragon 14. Male Armorwing named Armor Kelp (adult)

Dragon 15. Male Whispering Death named Razorcrusher (adult)

Dragon 16. Male Thunderdrum named Thunder Wave (adult)

Dragon 17. Female Single Tail named Diamond Wind (adult)

Dragon 18. Female Eruptodon named Sparkrystal (adult)

Dragon 19. Male thunderdrum named Thunderash (adult)

Dragon 20. Female Snow Wraith named Snowfluff (adult)

Dragon 21. Female Quaken named Air Crumble (adult)

Dragon 22. Male Sweet Death named Sugarrush (adult)

Dragon 23. Male Screaming Death named Firescream (adult)

Dragon 24. Female Hideos Zippleback named Bow and Arrow (titan)

Dragon 25. Male Prickleboggle named Cucumber (adult)

Dragon 26. Male Hobblegrunt named Airdew (adult)

Dragon 27. Female Raincutter named Aireign (adult)

Dragon 28. Female Monstrous Nightmare named Darkfyre (adult)

Dragon 29. Female Tide Glider named Sundance (adult)

Dragon 30. Female Thunderpede named Lavacrash (teen)

Dragon 31. Male Deathsong named Harmony (teen)

Dragon 32. Male Thunderpede named Blackice (baby)

Dragon 33. Male Sand Wraith named Moonrise (adult)

Dragon 34. Female Skrill named Stormbolt (teen)

Dragon 35. Male Mudraker named Earthlake (teen)

Dragon 36. Male Moldruffle named Mudslide (teen)

Dragon 37. Female Shivertooth named Sparkle light (teen)

Dragon 38. Male Sliquifier named Seadance (teen)




One thing to make clear: I REALLY LOVE DRAGONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My background story:

Backstory: Sablie was a very exciting girl. She was just a toddler when she learned of Dragon Fighting. She was five, and didn't understand anything. But she went along with it. Soon, a terrible storm hit, her parents were putting her and her two year old sister into the cellar to stay safe, when a huge wave of flood from the ocean threw down the door and washed away the house, as well as the crate where she, her sister Elira, and all the supplies in their (an axe, food for a week, fresh water, rope, swords, bow and arrow, other Viking stuff, spare change of clothes for everyone in the family, blankets, flint and steel, and a yak hair tent) were washed away to sea. Her parents most likely drowned, and although they couldn't swim, Sablie turned out to be a natural. Soon lulled to sleep by the waves, she curled her sister toward herself and slept. In the morning, as the sun shined into the crate, Sablie saw a remote island not far away. She jumped out of the box, this being a mistake for she didn't expect the ocean water, grabbed the side of the box, and kicked her legs with all her might, holding on for dear life. She paddled in the direction of the island, and got to the shore. Slowly placing the tent far up the shore like her parents taught her, she made quite a cozy home. Starting a fire with flint and steel and driftwood, she took some meat she found in the crate, and cooked it, and mashed up part of it for Elira, who was now crying. Cradling her and feeding her the meat, Elira slowly went to sleep. What she didn't realize is that the crying had attracted a dragon. When she heard a roar, she ran outside with a lightweight sword to defend herself and sister. When she got outside, she saw a rare Sand Wraith. It stood outside, cocking its head at the tent. Sablie dropped her sword as she was shaking terribly. The dragon looked at her, and nuzzled his nose to her. Looking the dragon in full eyes, she didn't see evilness. She just saw warmness. Reaching out her hand, the dragon touched it with his nose. Hugging the dragon and crying, she fell asleep under his wing. She woke up around noon, and found no sign of the dragon. Thinking it was a dream, she gathered the rest of the supplies and took them into the tent when she heard the beating of wings behind her. It wasn't a dream after all! The dragon slowly dropped what he had in his claws, which were fish! Food! Sablie smiled and hugged the dragon. The dragon bent down and extended his wing for her. Un surely, she climbed onto his back, and he took OF on a calm flight around the island. She returned to find her sister crying again, and shushed her gently. After cooking the fish, she mashed more for her sister and gave the dragon his share too. That night the dragon didn't leave the tent, and slept next to it, keeping it warm. After a few days, they moved to a clearing near a spring, with lots of saplings. Using the axe, Sablie cut a big wood pile by the house. Every day at the rise of the moon she went flying with the Sand Wraith, and that is why she named him Moonrise.
When she was seven and her sister was four, she was scouting in the wilderness for any deer she could hunt, when she stumbled against a d.ead Razorwhip and four eggs. She kneeled down and felt each of the eggs, and she couldnt feel a heart beat in the first three. In the fourth one though, she could feel a faint heart beat. She took all four eggs home anyway, and when she came to the tent where Elira was rolling in the sand with Moonrise and cooking lunch, she felt an egg shake. Calling her sister over, she set the egg down in front of her sister, and the egg completely split apart. A baby Razorwhip fell out, and Elira immediately fell in love with her. Naming the baby Razwhipway, the two haven't been seperated since. The rest of the eggs never hatched, though Sablie didn't give it up until a week later, when she broke them in half to use as bowls.     (I included this part of the story because it means a lot to me, and helps understand the ending better)
Sablie was ten and Elira was seven, when a bad storm hit. The next morning, Sablie steeped out of the wooden shack she built to find her beach much destroyed. Calling her sister and Razwhipway (who was now a broad wing) to help clean up when she saw a peculiar sight. A shiny pink body was laying on the beach. It was a Tide Glider. She was a beauty. Calling Moonrise to help her, she pulled the Tide Glider into the yard (which was pretty much beach). When the poor dragon woke up, she looked around, then finally, deciding we weren't a threat, spit at herself. Everyone started in shock at the dragon. She whipped around and looked at us. Her wounds were gone, and we couldn't stop staring (even Moonrise and Razwhipway). Sablie slowly approached her with a sea bass. Not taking her eyes of Sablie, the dragon ate, and accepted a green plant dragons seem to like. After that, she stared at Sablie, and slowly reached out to touch her hand. Sundance was named for the way she danced in the sun, in the mornings. There were now three dragons living with them.
It had been a year since peace was brought to Berk from the dragons, although Sablie didn't know it. She was fourteen years old, and now even Razwhipway could fly. They used hand made saddles from deer skin and boar tusks with wild dyes. Sablie was flying Moonrise around the islands, when she noticed a black dragon that she had never seen before. She of course, knew most of the dragons on her island, and this was one she had never seen. Munching on an apple, she decided to make friends and find out the full look. This dragon was faster than Moonrise, which was a surprise since he was the only Sand Wraith and fastest dragon on the island. She landed where she saw the black dragon land, but was shocked! There was a rider standing next to the dragon saying "This is a new island bud. Do you sense any trouble?" The black dragon snorted, and turned in her direction, where she was concealed behind the trees. The Dragon walked over to the trees now, and pushed Sablie over so she fell in the riders view. He looked as shocked as her. He looked at her and said "Hello, we are friends and don't want to hurt you,". Sablie was scared as she was the time she saw Moonrise for the first time. "Who are you," she managed to say "What do you want from my island," The stranger looked at her and said " My name is Hiccup, and we are not going to take anything from this island. We will help you if you want us to",. Feeling she could trust him, she told him her story, and about Moonrise, who was happily playing with the Black dragon, who looked surprisingly like Moonrise. Afterward she brought him to the shack, where he met Elira, Razwhipway and Sundance, and he told them about Berk. "I think we used to live on Berk, at least that is what mommy said," said Sablie, "But how? I thought Berk fought dragons,". So Hiccup told her about the peace, and Toothless. Finding that they did want to go back to Berk, Hiccup stayed the night, then helped them to Berk, and helping them build a good big Viking hut with stables and get fresher weapons. They had lived peacefully at Berk ever since.


My viking, Sablie, by mangopopcorn. Thank you sooooooooo much!



Backrounds of dragons to be posted soon!




Dragon #1. Deadly Nadder named LightningSky. Nickname: Skyli.

Personality: Curious, slightly aggressive, likes to make me laugh!

Favorite food: Roasted chicken in fish sauce (no offence Tuffnut).

She was my first dragon, so she considersers herself an alpha.



LightningSky my Deadly Nadder and first dragon!!!!!






Amazing edit of Lightningsky by Zitka! I love it!



Dragon #2. Whispering Death named Goldenmist. Nickname: Misty.

Personality:Aggressive, Adventuroes, likes everything in tip top shape.

Favorite food: Golden roasted potatoes with a side of asparagus (I taught her to like that so i wouldnt have to eat mine).

She acts like the lady of the house in front of males, and she considers herself beautiful.



Goldenmist my Female Whispering Death and Second dragon!!!




Dragon #3. Monstrous Nightmare named Firestorm. Nickname: Fira

Personality: Calm, fierce and loyal.

Favorite food: trout with yak milk

He likes o get into fights with other males, especially Hurricane.



Fira my Monstrous Nightnare and third dragon!!!!!!!




Amazing edit of Fira by Zitka. Thank you so much!



Dragon #4. Hideos Zippleback named Sparkle Spike. Nickname: Spike.

Personality: Loyal, strong, and open minded.

Favorite food: Hard to say, one head likes ice and mint, the other only eats meat and fish.

Sometimes in the middle of the night he flies out of the stables to meet a girl in the woods I think…




Dragon #5. Gronckle named SilverStone Nickname: Silva

Personality: obedient, brave, calm.

Favorite food: Sandstone with some granite sprinkles

Sometimes I lend him to Gobber for a day and get nice new Groncicle iron stuff!!!


Silverstone my first gronckle and fifth dragon!!!



Dragon #6. Devilish Dervish named Ragestorm Nickname: Rage

Personality: loyal, bad temper, fierce when mad

Favorite food: brown trout and dragon nip.

Rage was found after the most devastating storm this winter.


Ragestorm my devilish dervish and sixth dragon!!!


Dragon #7. Female Gronckle named Rocklette. Nickname: Rocky

Personality: Happy, aggressive, flexible with new stuff.

Favorite food: Obsidian with dragon nip.

She is always happy about everything, except when her mate SilverStone eats all the obsidian in the house.


Rocklette my second gronckle and seventh dragon!!!


Dragon #8.Storm cutter named Stormblaze. Nickname: Blaze.

Personality: Proud, generous, loyal.

Favorite food: Likse all fish, she eats everything!!!

Blaze secretly tries to meet with other Stormcutters I think so I need to shut her door tightly at night.



Stormblaze my Stormcutter and eighth dragon!!!!!!!!





Dragon #9. Thunderdrum named Thunderglory. Nickname: Glory

Personality: Fierce, aggressive, merciless to anyone but his rider.

Favorite food: herring with rice and dragon nip.

He gets into terrible fights with other dragons, especially Fira, for the houses herring.



Thunderglory my first Thunderdrum and ninth dragon!!!








Dragon #10. Male Grocicle named Icicle.



My fave dragon class:Tidal Class!!!









The majestic tide glider!!!!!!! SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!




Spoiler alert!!! HTTYD3





God toothless, what is it with your mood change?


Watch out for the danger…



Just finished fighting crime here, can we take a break?






Happy jail-giving!












Ouch, Piper, don't spread your disease






There's a thunderstorm about to happen, watch out!






They are actually superheroes…



Somebody looks a little blue!





I cant cant get my foot unstuck, I haven't done this before.





My main dragons: 


Racing : Moonrise, my award winning Sand Wraith (if Vikings do have any awards)





Adventuring: Sundance, my intelligent Tide Glider 





Battle: Cucumber, my very aggressive Prickleboggle 





And here is my night fury, Moonglow, by the amazing Cocopuppy! Thank you!!!















I love dogs!!!




Uh, Ok?




My sister really annoyed me today......




I have a perscription.....

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Aisha Snowqueen
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-Insert Subject Here-

Hi! Wow...we do have a lot in common! LOL! :) I hope to be friends too! You sound really nice! :)

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Herro and welcome to the forum! I'm feather. Nice to meet you! If you ever need help getting around or have any questions, feel free to ask me ^^ and most importantly, have fun while you're here!


Welcome to my signature!

(sorry, it is a work in progress)

Currently under reconstruction!


#Flame Wings Recruit page is up! Click the link to get to the page!

#Bring back the Firepit XP

#Siggy Reconstruction


Viking name: Flame Feather (name glitch into Trinity Snowborn)

Viking level: Lvl 35

Clan: FIame Wings

Clan position: Leader

Trophy count: 10000+

First dragon: Comet Wings

Dragon bond level: Lvl 22

Dragon species: Male Deadly Nadder

Other dragons: Xtreme Danger (Lvl 20 female Thunderdrum)

                       Sky Thorn (Lvl 20 male Whispering Death)

                       Storm Surge (Lvl 23 female Skrill)

                       Evening Grace (Lvl 20 female Deadly Nadder)

                       Ixora (Lvl 21 female Hobblegrunt)

                       Soulhunter (Lvl 22 male Typhoomerang)

                       Falling Snow (Lvl 13 female Whispering Death)

                       Lunar Radiance (Lvl 18 female Flightmare)

                       Toothless (Lvl 22 male Nightfury)

                       Valiant (Lvl 10 male Boneknapper)

                       Fiery Zephyr (Lvl 11 male Stormcutter)

                       Dreambringer (Lvl 10 female Gronckle)

                       Artemis (Lvl 10 female Stormcutter)

                       Aquila (Lvl 10 male Thunderdrum)

                       Shadow Breeze (Lvl 12 male Change Wing)

                       Valentine (Lvl 15 female Scuttleclaw)

                       Winged Flame (Lvl 10 male Stormcutter)

                       Winter Moonlight (Lvl 10 male Wooly Howl)

                       Hikari and Kasai (Lvl 10 male Hideous Zippleback)

                       Selene (Lvl 12 female Speed Stinger)

                       Galaxy (Lvl 4 male Groncicle)

                       Midnight Storm (Lvl 22 male Sand Wraith)

                       Typhoon Racer (Lvl 10 male Scauldron)

                       Storm Blaze (Lvl 12 male Deadly Nadder)

                       Seahawk (Lvl 10 male Shockjaw)

                       Ash (Lvl 3 male Thunderpede)

                       Melody (Lvl 10 female Deathsong)

                       Serenity (Lvl 4 female Deathsong)

                       Zekken (Lvl 1 male Razorwhip)

Flame Wings Banners

Made by Diamond Storm

Plz help me find the creator of this banner! Just PM who with evidence!

Plz help me find the creator of this banner! Just PM me who with evidence!

Found and edited by Pedz

Made by Aeral, edited by me (Cuz original banner couldn't be uploaded) (Original banner will be put in asap)

Made by MaSH Grig

Plz help me find creator of this banner!!


~End of banners~

Everything underneath is currently

Things to know about me

~I love dragons


~I love drawing, writing, and reading, watching anime, and playing MMO's


~I'm a girl. Plz know that. It ticks me off when someone mistakes me for a guy


~I am against hacking of any sort


~I prefer if you don't curse around me


~I am a proud fan of



Soul Eater

Sonic the Hedgehog


Btw, I'm on


Dragon Ball

Guilty Crown

Your Lie in April


Full Metal Alchemist


~I listen to techno, dubstep, nightcore, and vocaloid


~I am a bookworm when it comes to fantasy books


~I play Minecraft, Flight Rising, Pokemon, and Fire Emblem


~Time to wrap this up, thank you for reading all of this


~Congrats for finally reaching the end!


... Wait there's more?!


Yup, this is Zenoskyes the Mystic

Chiropan made by Nightmare Rebuff


As I said, I'm an SAO fan. I've got some SAO stuff coming up

Le Quotes~


Ehehe, I think I've made this go long enough. (Good thing I abridged my first signature) Your eyes are now spared and free to rest. :3


~End of Signature~

Hope you enjoyed it!

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Aisha Snowqueen
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-Insert Subject Here-

Hi, Feather! It's nice to meet you too! :) Thank you for the offer, I'll definitely let you know if I'm confused aobut anything!

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Yw, hope to see you around ^^

Yw, hope to see you around ^^ there's plenty of awesome threads around the forum.

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Hiya Snow! Welcome to the forums! My name is FloofQueen,but you can just call me Floof.





Art Museum


This siggy is guarded by Nami! Made by the amazing Witcherforever

My adorable Fluffy baby by the talented 1flower!



By Megaboltphoenix


Dis my paper



            Below are stuff by me and wonderful art by even more wonderful artists!


Sniperz and Tricky by the talented donnala!


   Viking OCs:




                                                By Umbreon27 c:


                                                 By Vanilla Viking. Thanks a ton!


                                                       By the awesome Fireflash!


                                                          Done beautifully by TosiLohi


                                          Harrowing the Flightmare                                     

                                          By the awesome TosiLohi


                             Reggie the Sand Wraith


                                               By Kattistal. Thanks x3

                                               Pepa the Woolly Howl


                                                  Blinkies by Witcherforever. TYSM cx


                                                       By the amazing Linkwolf ^_^ (Harvest Haunt).


                                       Sniperz and Jet the Scauldrons


                                  By TosiLohi <3 (Harvest Haunt).                              


                                                               By the amazing donnala!

By the awesome Buddyfan1 for Secret Santa!


By the talented Laykary!


                                             Presto the Speed Stinger


                                                               By Nessie :3

By the awesome donnala!

By the amazingly talented IisRandom!


                          Shift the Timberjack


                                                           By 1flower. Tysm!

By the awesome Georginia47!


                                            Sleak the Stormcutter


                                                         By Brownie14 :D


                                          Sketch the Night Terror


                                  By Witcherforever. Thank you a million times!


                                     Tidepool the Night Fury

By the amazing Georginia47


                                            Headshot by the awesome Nessie!


                             By ScaleFeatherz. Tysm x3


                                By DatOneTrumpet! TYSM! 


                                                       By Witcheforever >w< (Harvest Haunt)


                                                                By Nessie


                                                        By Witcherforever


Supernova the Typhoomerang


(Hehe. Nothing here at the moment ^^;)


Dino the Terrible Terror

By the creative Georginia47

By Witcherforever! Thank ya!




                                   Anna the Albraraptor by Megaboltphoenix

Ferros the Whispering Death by Georginia47

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Aisha Snowqueen
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-Insert Subject Here-

Hi! Thanks for the welcome! Your Sand Wraith is REALLY cute!!! :)

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Thank you. >w<

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I'm just gonna come here too

I'm just gonna come here too and say hi and welcome!

I'm TosiLohi, but ya can call me Lohi or Tosi ^^


I do drawin' too ! What I mainly do in these forums... it's fun ^^

Cool to see more artists join in ^^


ANYWAYS! If ya wanna chat or something... feel free to PM me ^^

I'm not that very active tho :/ 



I won't necesseraly reply to your comment (my computer lags on this site a lot)


My viking Maid of the night, by me ^^


This super cool edit of Spike beard by Georgina47! ^^


I'm makin' a low quality comic!





My viking Maid of the Night and dragon Midnight by Aelyras ^^ TY



Mah vikin' by Fireflash! ^^



Hiffnut and Lightning



Assasin's Creed = the best game ever

(beware of a spam load of gifs)



Running in the snow:

Expectations                                                                                                      Reality



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-Insert Subject Here-

Hi, ToshLoshi! It's great to meet you too! Everyone on this forum is so nice--I'm sure I'll love it here!!! Thank you for the welcome!!!!!!!!!! :)

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​Welcome to the forums Snow! It's always great to see new people!

Oooh! I'm homeschooled too! Also great to see fellow homeschoolers :D And also great to see other artists :)

If you need anything or just wanna chat, you can PM me :)


Be welcomed in




Profile pic by me.

My Signature Protector adoptable, Oaken, by the amazing Witcherforever! He protects my signature and everything in it, so BEWARE!


All of thee above of my OC Lexa Larkin by me.

Starblue by the fantasticly talented Duckei! Thank you soooo much!

Drawing above of Lexa in Valka's armour (red version) by the crazily talented TosiLohi! Thank you so much!

(Left) AMAZING drawing of my OC Lancelot Edorian by the fantastic Vanilia Viking! (Right) Just as amazing drawing of my main OC, Lezia Lexa Larkin by Vanilia Viking! Thanks!

(Left) And amazing headshot of Lancelot Edorian by Georginia47 (aka Geo)! (Right) Awesome drawing of Lexa in Valka's armor (red version) with her blonde hair (her original color).


​I do art. Mostly drawings.


​My Current Art Request Thread:

Hunter's Art Request Thread


My Vimeo account.


My fanfic of Lexa and Lancelot chapters (named The Story of Us):

The Story of Us: Official Tracking Post

By me.

By Georginia47!



(Left) Amazing drawing of Lexa in Valka's armor (red version) by Aelyras! TYSM! (Right) Amazing drawing of my main Viking LezLexa by Frytha! Thanks!


Click HERE for my FAQ's about me.

​Click HERE for my drawing  thread.

​Click HERE     for   my   OC   thread.


Amazing drawing of Lexa by the o-so-talented Fireflash! Thank you!

My OC Lexa and my friend, Vanilia Viking by me! :D

Adorably cute drawing of Starblue given to me for Secret Santa by the amazing Vanilia Viking! Thanks!

Isn't this just so cute? A birthday present from Aelyras! Thanks so much! I <3 It!

Adorable edit of Starblue by the ridiculously talented Georginia!

Also by the awesome Georginia47!


(Left) Amazing blinkie by no other than the best blinkie maker Nessie! (Right) Cute headshot of Starblue by Nessie!


(Left) Edit of Starblue by the spectacular Archery and Dragons! (Right) Adorable edit of Starblue by amazing Aelyras!

Starblue the Night Fury by the amazing Scar Dragon Rider! Thank you!



(Left) A drawing of Starblue by the amazing (guess who ...) DatOneTrumpet!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! (Right) A drawing of Starblue by the amazing, talented and wonderful DatOneTrumpet!


(Left) Awe-inspiring gif of Starblue by Laykary! (Right) Wonderful eye edit of Starblue by the talented Ruggedturf!


Both above by Lovlytigerss! Thank you so much!


By the awesome Georginia47! (Geo) Thanks!

(Left) Also by Georginia47! Thanks! (Right) By the talented Laykary (aka Lake) Thanks!


I love editing, drawing and writing. I currently have a book with 70 thousand words. And P.S. to everyone, you can call me Hunter, or Hunt ;)

A little bit about my main OC, Lezia Lexa Larkin:

Dragons: Renzo (Sand Wraith) Starblue (Night Fury). Main dragon is Starblue.

She can control and create fire, which can come in handy with life threating events. When she discovered her power, her hair went from brown to red with a few streaks of white. She and Starblue received their scars from a Skrill. Long story short, they were flying and a Skrill attacked them for no reason. Lexa's fire wouldn't work in the storm, and Starblue didn't react fast enough. Panicked, Lexa's fire finally sparked. She shot the Skrill with a blast. It didn't hurt much, but it was enough to send the Skrill on it's way.

Parents: Deceased. They died long ago of a kind of infection.

Hobbies: Reading, spending time in her red glass palace with her dragons, taking long flights, racing, training with her dagger and dragons.

Weapon(s) of choice: Her golden dagger given to her by her deceased boyfriend (I know, it's like she has a curse).


A little bit about my other OC, Lancelot Edorian:

Dragons: Sy (short for Sheldon Yoko, Flightmare) Hungarian (Armorwing) Fleetfoot (Razorwhip). Main dragon is Fleetfoot.

He's like any normal viking. He like's his family, his dragons, ect. Unlike a lot of vikings, he has no battle scars. He has a growing affection to Lexa.

Parents: Alive and healthy. A younger sister.

Hobbies: Also reading, flights, acting, going on adventures searching for more dragons and islands, and drawing.

Weapon(s) of choice: His to stainless steel axes.


An edit I did of my OC, Lexa, with her Sand Wraith Renzo.

As you can see in the pictures, I can edit colours, teleport people from one picture to another, and do other things too. So, look out for my editing and drawing threads.


Other OC edits & drawings:

Adorable drawing of my OC, Leah! By Vanilia Viking! Thanks!

By the AMAZING Frytha! Thanks so much! Isn't she a great artist?

AMAZING drawing of Lexa's sister, Freya, but Autumn5467!



(Left) My OC, Lexa, with her Night Fury Starblue. Made by me. (Right) Lexa and Starblue by the talented Georgina47! Thanks so much!

(Above) Amazing screenshot edit by the skilled editor VeeVeela!! TYSM!

Lexa by the amazingly skilled editor Werewolfgirl1235! TYSM!! Ignore the ice though, Lexa actually has fire, but I forgot to request to edit it out, but it's still awesome!

My OC, Sy (short for Sheldon Yoko) by Flowercrystal! Thanks!

Freaking more-than-amazing drawing of Sy by the talented, artistic Ruggedturf! TYSM!


(Left) Fleetfoot by Archery and Dragons!                 (Right) Hungarian my OC by Flowercrystal!

Hungarian, Renzo, Fleetfoot. Bases by MegaboltPhoenix!

(Left) Very cute pic of Renzo & Lexa by Laykary! (Right) Awesome drawing of Hungarian by Archery and Dragons!

A happy birthday gift from Vanilia Viking, of Lexa, Lancelot, and Rhaeyne (Vanilia Viking)! TYSM!

Lancelot by Ruggedturf! Thanks!


And here is my cyber hacker-hunting dragon, Firest! Drawn by the amazing and talented MegaboltPhoenix! Cyber status is below the picture.

Species: Monstrous Nightmare

Biotech: 94% Robot

Cyber Ability: Creates walls of fire coming from any direction or all directions.


Lez the WhirlPool, by DatOneTrumpet! Thanks!


A picture of my future Stormcutter, Sumo, by the talented and amazing drawer SupeDragoTraine!


A drawing of my dog, Bones, done by the amazing Georginia47! Thank you so much!



Me and my Night Fury by the amazing Cinderflower! TYSM Cinderflower!


The amazing edit of me and my Skrill, OC (don't ask me why I called him that;)), done by the amazingly talented Cinderflower!

 Thank you so much!!

Me and OC, we are best friends for ever. No matter what separates us, we will always be together.


(Left) My Splinterhorn adoptable which I called Splinterhound by Flowercrystal!       (Right) My Seaspike adoptable

called Kebab, by Werewolfgirl1235!

Vanilia (named after Vanilia Viking) my Rocky Mountain Davus by the amazing MegaboltPhoenix!


​(Left) Nessie my in-game Deadly Nadder by Nessie!                       (Right) Renzo by Nessie! Thanks!


AMAZING drawing of Sy by 1flower! TYSM! Though Christmas is over, I just couldn't say goodbye to this amazing pic.


Well, this is the end of my horrible and boring siggy. The only good parts were the art :)  Thank you all for the amazing edits and art.

Below is an amazing Night Fury headshot of Starblue by the creative and talented FloofQueen! TYSM!


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Hi! It's so nice to meet you! I've seen some of your art in people's signatures and it's really good!!!! Thank you so much for the welcome!!! :)

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Thank you! Your art is amazing too! With your skill, you'll be in a lot of people's signatures ;)

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Sup! I'm Neo. It's always good to see more artists on here. There's a bunch of us here ww I'm sure you'll fit right in!




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Hi, Neo! It's great to meet you! Thank you so much for the welcome!!! And I hope to fit in--all your guyses comments are so encouraging!!! You art is really good, also...there are SO MANY good artists here!!! :)

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To everyone who posted and welcomed me here, thank you!!!!! You've made me feel right at home!!! You guys are all so nice--it was amazing to meet you!!!!! Thank you again for the warm welcome! I hope to see all of you around!!! :)


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It was great meeting you to!