Hey! Looking for a clan to join!

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Hi, I'm currently clanless as my previous clan was very inactive and I'm looking for a new one. The clan doesn't have to be in the top 100 but I would prefer a friendly clan with loyal members. I only have 240 -ish trophies though. 



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Name: lalakikigogo


Udt Points: more than 55000 (2 silver stars)


Level: 37


My Friend Code: Pm me if u want 


Part of Dreki Ridarri:




Golika: Hideous Zippleback (adult)


Blue Bell: Mudraker (adult)


Golika: Whispering Death (adult)


Atlantic:Thunderdrum (adult)


Gokila: Whispering Death (baby)


Silver Wing: Razor Whip (adult)


Flame: Singetail (adult)


Applixs: Prickleboggle (adult)


Scales: Scuttleclaw (adult)


Xislea: Devilish Dervish (adult)


Armio: Armorwing (adult)


FieryBlaze: Fireworm Queen (adult)


ElectricShocker: Skrill (adult)


Gobbles: Moldruffle (teen) 




Have a nice day!!!

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Dreki Ridarri

I'm the leader of Dreki Ridarri and well for my clan it's more so on the forum and in the game the game is invite but it's about being active. We don't judge on anything. All you really need for Dreki Ridarri is a clan badge that I make. but if you want to be apart of a different clan i don't mind you can still be apart of Dreki Ridarri just not in game. You can see the rules on our forum page.


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I'm a member of Dreki Ridarri 




Draco Dramillion


Draca Dramillion.



Hackers you will not get the honest players we will always rise again

you are pathetic low lifes. We stand together train together we have hearts

we care about each and our family our dragons are our family also so back off.

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You can join my clan

You can join my clan, but I need to know how many trophies you have. So, if you wanna join my clan, PM me with the number of trophies you have. My clan is Immortal Midnight Racers.




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Viking name: IIPowerBTSII 

Clan: Ecliptic Embers 

Position in clan: Member

Trophy Count: 15k

UDT Points: Full UDT, Big Platinum Star 

Friend Code: FKVS1Y

Hobbies (In-game): Mostly racing, exploring 



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