Here's a list of really good improvements 2.0

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These go in descending order of personal importance 


(highlighted areas are the main point)


1. (This is the big one though) When using the flight suit, let the dragon follow behind you! I'm sick of only being able to do it over the water at a certain height on my PC it's infuriating!


2. Upgrade the Stormcutter size, please! I know lag is a thing but the size of the dragon isn't what makes that, it's not an excuse to make such an amazing and huge dragon tiny! At the absolute least make the titan as big as the acutal size.


3. Also some nice customisable features for your dragon would be amazing. Like scars or something. I mean just like something to make them more individual. Literally anything to make our dragons more unique to us.


4. Clouds we can fly through, really high up, proper clouds. This would be amazing


5.  We need a sit, pet and roar button, is that so much to ask?


6. Customising your clothes colour would be great.


7. Flight suit should be usable in all the maps.


8.We need to be able to follow our friends to races 


9. Having enormous forests would be amazing, just a forest island where the trees dwarf the dragons and it's just thick shrubs everywhere.


10. Some New animations for most of the dragons, especially Toothless.


11. The Titan Sand Wraith needs some fixing.


12. The dragon glitches could do with being fixed, like the raincutter and stormcutter when flying sometimes bug out and get stuck.


13. Let all the dragons be able to fly with you on the flight suit properly. By this I mean like the Timberjack and the forgotten dragon, for example, all jump around like crazy when flying behind you.


14. I really feel like they should start to link maps, so that you no longer have the waiting screens but you just fly to the area.


15. The render distance for these maps needs to be far greater, cause the sea just disappearing in the distance is annoying, especially given we're flying high in the air and should be able to see for miles.


16. The tail-fins on our dragons should move. It's literally the whole reason toothless has a prosthetic. But our models have static tails. 


17. Bigger maps (Which is understandably hard so it goes at the bottom of the list, but Berk is way to small, and Dragon's Edge)


I have a dream, You are there

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I have a friend in you

And I'll keep you close forever...

Come fly with me (oh-oh oh-oh)
Into a fantasy (oh-oh oh-oh)


Where you can be,

Whoever you want to be


Come fly with me


And oh, as time goes on, we grow.

In ways we'd never imagine...

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So it turns out the

So it turns out the highlighter doesn't work...

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I agree, but....

Making linked maps would cause too much lag. The problem isn't how much your PC or mobile device can handle, it's how much the server can handle. The server isn't ment for games as large as that, and it just isn't the type of game SOD was made to be. I love the idea and really want it to happen, but it just wouldn't work out.

I agree with all the others. In fact, I think that the bigger maps would be one of the most managable change to the actual maps in the game. We need to cove in the game. It's like the most important thing in the first movie. It's where Hiccup finds Toothless, it's were it all starts. They really need to add the cove. Also, there aren't enough houses on Berk. Remember in the second movie? There were at least fifty houses there. I'm pretty sure we can also all agree that it would be cool if they made more acurate maps. Dragon's Edge especially. If you look at that, it really doesn't meet the size and design. To capture the full island, they'd need to make it like they made Berk by only having the area where they built things in there.

For your "enourmous tree island" they could do that by just making Dragon's Edge more accurate and to scale. It has pretty big trees there.


Uh, yeah. Still working on this.


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They do have an "accurate" berk map, but it's only used in Toothless' flight club stages. I don't understand why they can't use it!




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I noticed this too, it's so

I noticed this too, it's so silly to not just use that!

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Actually, none of the maps in

Actually, none of the maps in the game are accurate. The HTTYD 2 consol game though, that's the only game that has an accurate model of Berk. Everything on it is correct. But I guess it would be too large to add.

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Yeah precisely, i agree with

Yeah precisely, i agree with all of that.

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Yeah   The linked maps is a



The linked maps is a tricky one and it would cause issues understandably, lots of people have said that. I just mean a bit more of an open world feeling like linking a few maps such as Berk and the Berk Docks or Helheim's gate and Dragon Island. It's just a theory for when this game has a larger capability.


I'm glad you agree with the others! I would adore seeing more realistic maps and loads of trees on Dragon's Edge, I'd never get off the game!

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You can pet your dragon by

You can pet your dragon by going into the area where you can play fetch and candle pointer with them. Click and hold on the dragon's stomach, then drag up and down. It also boosts dragon happiness.


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Yeah I discovered this a

Yeah I discovered this a while ago but it actually bugs out on some dragons and doesn't work. I'd much prefer an animation option for it.