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I have gems to spend! I am aiming to get atleast one of all dragon breeds available instore. I enjoy when new dragons come out but also get frustrated because it means more dragons to train...

So anyway I have 520 gems to spend on eggs and I have member discounts. Another option is that I wait for the chimeragon and slitherwing to come out but I might have my next 500 gems from membership by then.


Your opinions are appreciated! (;




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Tracer baby moldruffle






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Nightwatch ate my subject

Goodness, why do I see these everywhere? My advice is for you to save, the dragon armors are coming in a week. It wouldn't hurt to wait a bit, the dragons aren't going anywhere!



credit to EmeraldHuntress65, TYSM my siggy is not as dull anymore thanks to you!


Hiya, yes my name is Candleshade. But please, I got soo used to it in game so call me Candle! Or Shade- lol

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Here's Aster, my Rare Red Owl baby that belongs in the Harry Potter fandom! Again, thanks Maz :)

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https://paste.pics/5969bb6d02519971e82d4c0e32e4cc29 Me & Nightwatch from Dreadfall

https://paste.pics/19948b24bb957177ed688b0bd7b7c072 Recent pic: Clanmate Dartly (left) and me (right), Ligera Jr broadwing Woolly in background

https://paste.pics/a269f282a2f83487f1786f334576afda Ligrera in hatchery

https://paste.pics/e8fc87d131790424ab90cefc191d9a93 older pic: our clan in the clubhouse! #thawfest2020

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https://paste.pics/c48b94dc6e3874e8230db39ccc6112b3 Nightwatch skydiving without her warpaint

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Might I make a suggestion? 


Memberships are honestly kind of a scam. ESPECIALLY if you have Toothless. I stopped buying my membership a while back and it was honestly the best descion I ever made. 

I was like you for a long while. Super broke on the gem front, relying on my member's monthly allowance to do literally anything. But, uh. There are much more effective ways to make gems. Since you are a member, I am asusming that you have Toothless? 

Well, here's what you do. You start refreshing your stable quests every 10 minutes. It sounds super annoying but really... eh. Just have SOD pulled up on another screen. Do your homework, watch a movie, do whatever it is you normally do and jsut occasionalyl switch back to stable quests. Do it until you get Long Night Flight or Bright Light flight. Then send them on the quest.

Wtith just one viking, you can make at least 200 gems a WEEK (it used to be 300 but the Devs blasted the value of the gem quests down. I have yet to get anything below 200 though so I tihnk it is glitched).

You want more gems? Use multiple vikings.


Create a new viking and play with them until they have at least 3 bronze stars (this is honeslty the hardest part) and then cycle through them, refreshing. 


With two vikings only you can make anywhere from 0 to 800 gems in a single week. Before the nuked the chest value it was anywhere from 0 to 1,500 in a week. 
The more vikings you have, the less failures you encounter. 


Currently, I have 5 vikings doing the quests at one time. And I always at leat get 200 gems every week. But I can also get up to 2,000. The most I ever gotten was 3,000 in a single week (this was before the chest value was shot. But theoretically, I could make 3,750). And the best part? I did not have to spend a single dime on the game.  


Safe to say.

If you used all 10 viking slots on LNF and got 750 gems from each one (extremely rare. Almost impossible), you could made made a whopping 7,500 gems. In. A. Single. Week.



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Since you have membership,

Since you have membership, you have an extra viking slot, right? Make a new viking, then do flight flub with three dragons, completing all the levels. Getting 45 A+ and completing 45 levels gets you 350 gems. Rinse and repeat. Thet's what I do and I can make 2000+gems in about two hours.


Some stuff about me:

Name: Morgan

Age: 19

In-Game Name: XWraithRacerX

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My Dragons:

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Chillyfrost (Snow Wraith, Male, Titan)

Arain (Snow Wraith, Female)

Frostwind (Woolly Howl, Female)

Nirrus (Triple Stryke, Male)

Flare (Skrill, Male)

Shocksurge (Shockjaw, Male, Titan)


Skipper (Mudraker, Male)

Thorn (Deadly Nadder, Female, Titan)

Coriander (Rumblehorn, Male)

Flatfoot (Rumblehorn, Female)


Violet (Singetail, Female)

Sparrow (Terrible Terror, Male, Titan)

Fireflash (Monstrous Nightmare, Male, Titan)

Sparktail (Typhoomerang, Male)

Sparks (Fireworm Queen, Female)


Chill (Shivertooth, Male)

Cloudcover (Razorwhip, Female)

Mirror (Razorwhip, Female)

Stormflight(Stormcutter, Male, Titan)


More to come!

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You can also add doing the first four levels of Arena in Dragon tactics, gaining an additional 200 gems


Unfortunately you're not gonna find any amazing pics here, sorry.

Though, there are some links to my dragons to view on pinterest. (Yes I'm on mobile, don't judge. Thanks.)