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hey guys, so i just got to the part of the new expansion pack where u get to keep the little lizard dragon, but my stables were full when i got him so it said to get new ones and he would be there, but hes not, where is he? please somebody help me and tell me where he is, thanks.


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Maybe go back and check the last part of the quest again? Also look in your inventory.



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I think maybe refreshing the

I think maybe refreshing the quest might work other wise reporting it to the admins would work.



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Its ok

Have you purchased a new stable yet?

I was in the same position as you were when i completed my quest and did not have stable room. Once I purchased my new stable the moment I exited Johanns store, a prompt came up stating that I've trained the Flame Whipper and allowed me to start naming him etc.

I also freaked out since I did not recieve the egg in my backpack or see him on that egg-hatching pedestal. He was basically invisible until I purchased my new stable. Hope this helps =]