help me please...4 questions

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1-what is the phone green  when a friend have that.. 2- why i can´t write correctly.. 3º- where is the super salmons(10) and the big enguias real molinet...4-  how can i win the last flame in challenger of flames..thank you...

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1. It means they are using

1. It means they are using their Android/iPad.


2. Because some things, such as numbers and names, are banned for safety.


3. I don't know what an enguias is, but Salmon is located in your farm, and in the Wilderness mostly. But you can find it everywhere.


4. I have no idea what you mean...


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Not entirely sure if this is what you mean, but...

For question 4., I'm assuming you mean Fireball Frenzy. There is a glitch at the end of one of the courses, second to last wall before the exit, where the fireballs shoot up at an odd angle. When I get there, I either aim a little below the targets to compensate for the higher shoot or ceasefire altogether, as I'd rather preserve my accuracy bonus.


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