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Hello, my name is matheus and I want to report a bug, and I want you to help me fix it, my pc is bad, I used to play the game more now I can not. CONFIGURATION: itel (r) core (tm) 2 duo cpu E4600 @ 2.40GHz 240 Ghz
2GB of RAM
When the game starts, in the login part the letters do not appear, and when I get into the game, the floor becomes invisible.
I hope you help me

Mateus Felipe 


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Vanilia Viking
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I have the exact same problem on a slightly slower computer.

((It works fine on every other platform.))


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Here's the system requirements. I think you might be due for an upgrade!








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Hmm... my friend used to play with a computer like yours and had no issue at all. Sounds like missing objects and/or textures to me based on what you said.

Did you clear your cache and PM'ed the admins about it?


If that's not the case, then yes you need to upgrade like Varku said, otherwise, you'll need to play from another device or a friend's computer!








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I have the same problem, too.

I have the same problem, too. In addition my character as well as other people are invisible and buildings are missing. Also my dragon's eyes are glitched out and that is very creepy. And all of the words and numbers are gone for everything including the chat.

Please fix this.


~Blue Wayfinder