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So, I saw the thing for Harvest Haunt, but does that mean there will be no Dreadfall? I have been asving up my gems for Dreadfall, but if it isn't going to happen, I want to buy stuff before my memebership ends this month! Can someone please clarify if there will be a Dreadfall or not?



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Last Dreadfall was their first event so I'm not sure. :( Sorry. They've already put the previous Dreadfall dragons in the store permanently so doing those as a prize won't happen again. Maybe they'll do another hybrid IF there's an event? Or maybe they've kicked aside event dragons? Idk, nobody ever tells us anything. We'll just have to wait and see.


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I think I already know what will happen ... it will be exactly like the Thawfest Event
It will be just 1 Hybrid, and totally new, that will not enter the store, just like it happened with Zapplejack and it will probably happen with Snoggletog too  :p
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*Pigeon Ate The Hilarious Subject*

is harvest  haunt happening this year or....


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Harvest Haunt and Dreadfall are Events for October ... Dreadfall event is at the end of October if I'm not mistaken  :P

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I thought that in the franchise, Dreadfall was the event celebrating the Northern lights, Followed by the flightmares return every ten years.


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Dreadfall is for Halloween ... which is at the end of October.
Dreadfall adapted the concept of Halloween in the franchise  XD