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Hello! My name is North Sea. You can just call me North, if you'd like. I'm not new to the game of the fandom, but I am new to this forum. (I'm on other forums though.)


Well, a little bit about myself... My favorite HTTYD dragon is the Seashocker, and my favorite HTTYD character is Stoick.

I love anime and manga! My favorite is Soul Eater, and my favorite character is Tsubaki. I think it's because I relate to her very much. Also, Soul x Maka=OTP :P

I like writing, skiing, reading, sketching, and traveling. I hope to become a traveling journalist or blogger someday. But for right now I'm focusing on making it through high school.

I'm a Christian, and if you'd like to talk with me about that, feel free :)

I love Harry Potter, Percy Jackson (not the movies!), and other series and fandoms, Including Miraculous Ladybug, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Once Upon a Time. And anime of course ;)

I'm pretty shy and quiet, so it's taking a bit of courage on my part to post a greeting like this. Usually I just hide in the background when I join a forum or fan base, but I figured I'd give this a go.


Well, I suppose that's all! I hope to get to know you all very soon.




North//Female//15 yrs//Christian

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Hello North! Nice to meet you. I'm VoSpader, but you can call me Vo or Spader or VoSpader, depends how lazy you are. It's nice to see another Percy Jackson fan who hates the movies, I despise of them with all my heart. I also like Harry Potter too! It's such a good movie series.mi haven't read the books yet but I'm getting there! I like to read too, I'm currently writing this with the Hammer of Thor on my lap. I saw that you like to write, so I must ask, what are you writing about? It's nice to see you posted this and I'll see you around the forums!


Welcome to my Siggy! 


These are my siggy guardians,  Mist and Snuggles, made by the awesome Wircherforever! TYSM!

An amazing edit of my dragon Felix by Archery and Dragons! TYSM,

And next I'll do my adoptables. Thank you for all of the arists who made all of the art.



Whirlwind and Einstein. Both by Megabolt  Pheniox. TYSM!


                 And Odin's Whisper by Zikta.                                               Jisty by Bavelly


Riptide by Wutend Bonfire. TYSM!


My mythical whalee, by Wutend Bonfire. TYSM. The left one is Glowspark and the right one Dottie.

My new, and only, night fury oc family I will ever make. Made by the awesome Lunarpride! The mother is Dreamseeker, with her babies, Brain Dead, Lilac, Ginger, Gabriel, and Pillow. Thank you!

These sup cute chibli dragons made by the amazing Vinilla Viking, TYSM! The left one is Deanna and the other Banana!


This is Rootpuller! Made by ScarfyWings!                               And this is my Boomerwing by GoldenWraith. THANK YOU!

This is my Shelleye, also by GoldenWraith, thank you again!

This is one of my Ocs, Jakill, in his Venpus form. Made by Bavelly, thank you!

My big baby Felix, by Ashia Snowqueen. TYSM!


My two baby dragons I won off of  Dragonist Hellen's survey. If I have time I may color them. But for now,

Toe Taster and Bass!

Awesome gifs I stole off Google!




This is not finished, not even close, but if I do this all now, I'll go insane. Stay turned!


Rainwing bouncy not by me.

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Pleasure to meet you, Spader! Yes, I don't believe you can call yourself a true Percy Jackson fan unless you despise the movies. And you should definitely get around to reading the Harry Potter books! The movies are good, but the books are much better. Especially Ginny in the book, who happens to be my favorite character and I feel is utterly misrepresented in the movies.

Well, some of my writing tends to be pretty personal. I like writing poetry, some (really bad to be honest) philosophy, and journals. I like writing stories too, and I have a ton of unfinished plots jotted down in a notebook somewhere. I am also trying to write a script to make my own manga right now. It's a huge work in progress at the moment though. I also write some fanfiction! I may post my stories on here sometime in the future.

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I know, I think after I

I know, I think after I finish the book I'm reading I'm going to get to Harry Potter, then I can finally read and the S.P.E.W!

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Oh, that's awesome! Maybe once you read them you can talk with me about it. It's always fun to discuss the characters and theories and such.

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I Can't Think of A Subject- Oh I Just Did

This reminds me of a conversation I had at a restauruant with some friends of mine.


Me: Yeah, the Percy Jackson movies were awful.

Emily (my amigo): Shhhh.

Me: Eh?

Emily: We don't talk about the Percy Jackson movies here.

Emily: It's like they never existed.

Emily: They never existed.



Welcome to AwkwardSquiid's Signature. Prepare for a wild ride.

Pro Tip: If some of the gifs take a long time loading, scroll outside the signature!

Image result for httyd dagur gifs




I'm just a friendly little squid wandering the internet. 




Welcome to my signature of madness!


Female|Roleplayer|Writer|Fangirl|Reader|An Ocean Creature with Tentacles




Having a bad day? Have a bad joke you're itching to tell someone? Check out the Thread of Puns!



I am a proud (and relatively new) member of the Resistance!

(done by the splendid Megaboltphoenix)

Watcher, my Cyber Screaming Death, done by the AMAZING Grumpy. I can't thank you enough!

Stats coming soon!


(done by Megaboltphoenix)

We need to be patient for the TS! Post this on your signature if you agree!



thank you dear Floof for this



(The art on my profile pic doesn't belong to me.)

FullSizeRender (1).jpg


Meet Stormy Eyes, otherwise known as Stormy. As a child, she washed ashore Berk in a basket, and was taken under the wing of the Jorgenson Clan. It quickly became obvious that Stormy has pure Berserker tendencies, and most often, they're rather uncontrollable. Really, she means no harm- but running around the school with an axe, especially early in the morning, tends to have an effect on certain students around the school.

When she first came to the School, after encouragement from her clan, Stormy was viewed as dangerous and untrustworthy. She was only a teenager at the time, but she worked hard to make it obvious that she was much different than her bloodthirsty ancestors- though she's more closely related to the Berserkers than she would like to know.

Stormy's first dragon was a Skrill called Hurricane- she raised him from hatching, and the two have been best friends ever since. You might say the dragon and rider grew up together, and as Stormy won the trust of her fellow classmates and dragon riders, she also became well known for her impressive bond with the sometimes unstable dragon. Life was a challenge for a young dragon trainer and a Skrill, especially as a first dragon, but their equally hyperactive personalities soon forged a bond between them, which is something not seen often between a Skrill and a rider.

Now, at the age of 20, Stormy has grown a reputation as one of the most bombproof students in the School, heading up her own strike team called the Valkyrie Riders, and defending her "home" for the past 8 years. In the course of those 8 years, however, Stormy made a shocking discovery, that forced her to keep a deadly secret for a long, long time.

But she kept that hidden for many years, and the only one she ever told was one of the newest teachers to the School, and later, one of her partners in "crime": Eret son of Eret, former servant of Drago Bludvist. But that's another story....




Stormy by the INCREDIBLE TohiLosi! TYSM AMIGO!



Stormy's Dragons:



Scaremaker/Screaming Death/Male



Tempest/Monstrous Nightmare/Female

Smaug/Monstrous Nightmare/Male

Riptide/Deadly Nadder/Male

Scorpia/Fireworm Queen/Female

Earthshaker/Whispering Death/Male

Thorn/Sand Wraith/Male

Magni/Wooly Howl/Male










Octave/Death Song/Male


Slash/Speed Stinger/Male

Sugar/Sweet Death/Female




Nidhogg/Night Terror/Male

Wave Rider/Tide Glider/Male




Viggo/Devilish Dervish/Male

Vibrant/Flame Whipper/Female

Do I have too many dragons? Yes. Do I care? Not at all.


and look at these two dorks who started it all

Image result for how to train your dragon funny gifs


Alright we can continue now.


Prepare to meet some of my favorite characters!


Squiid's Hall of Completely-Obsessively-In-Love-With-These-Characters




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Related image


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Image result for potc gif


Image result for httyd tuffnut and chicken gif


Image result for the hobbit bilbo gif


Image result for how to train your dragon eret gif


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Image result for star wars obi wan gifs


Related image


Image result for lotr pippin gif


Image result for star wars the old republic doc


Image result for swtor blizz gif


All you need to know about this section? These are all my innocent cinnamon rolls and I love them lots. DON'T TOUCH ANY OF THEM OR YOU WILL DIE.


The Valkyrie Riders

We live,

We die,

We fight,

We win,



I've never cared for castles or a crown that grips too tight,

Let the night sky be my starry roof and the moon my only light.

My heart was born a hero and my stormbound sword won't rest,

I left the harbor long ago on a never ending quest.

Now I'm off to the horizon,

Where the wild wind blows the foam,

Come get lost with me, love, 

And the sea shall be our home.

Cressida Cowell


... at some point ? | School of Dragons | How to Train Your Dragon Games


Proud lover of Skrills and the Berserker tribe!

(Made by the incredible EvelynFreya!)




Squiid's Favorite Quote Gallery!

"Don't listen to her. She's just making sure you shoot me first if things go south." -Gault Rennow (Star Wars)

"Impressive. Most impressive." -Darth Vader (Star Wars)

"Monster is a relative term. To a canary, a cat is a monster. We're just used to being the cat." -Dr. Henry Wu (Jurassic World)

"I've got a jar of dirt!" -Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean)

"The Captain said I had to." -K2-SO (Star Wars)

"I'm seeing dead people. Uh, why am I seeing dead people?" -Toran Eagleborn (The Quintar Chronicles)

"Trust is like a delicate bird with feathers of silk. And yours is dead!" -Tuffnut (HTTYD)

"A wild goose chase. Well, this is the only place in the world where the geese chase you!"- Ian Malcom (Jurassic Park)

"I was up the chimney with my good friend the senator." -Toothless (HTTYD Books)

"Fooooooooood." - Grover (Percy Jackson & the Olympians)

"She is far, far away. She walks in starlight in another world." -Kili (The Hobbit)

"A man will never know how far he's willing to go, until he steps to the edge and looks down." -Viggo Grimborn (HTTYD)

"Oh look, a rainbow!" -Gruffnut (HTTYD)

"Well, you're no fun at all." -Mirelei (The Siren's Lament)

"Destruction is perfectly okay as long as it's humorous destruction." -Stormstriker217 (here on the forums)

"May your cookie always be slightly too large to fit in your glass of milk." -I have no idea honestly

"Thank you, Tuffy." -Snotlout (HTTYD) 

"That much irony should be illegal!" -Tuffnut (HTTYD)

"I can't pft understand pft your accent pffft" -FloofQueen (Trashcan)

"You know what I always say. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. And then beat 'em." -Skavak (Star Wars)


1k gifs MY EDIT star wars Ewan McGregor Obi Wan kenobi sw edit obi wan ...

1k gifs MY EDIT star wars Ewan McGregor Obi Wan kenobi sw edit obi wan ...

#Sassmaster Obi-Wan




Art done for me by splendid artists here on the forums!


Mirelei the Siren from my book, the Siren's Lament, done by the amazing TohiLosi!


Thank you, my good friend and wonderful artist, Stormstriker217, for this fabulous (and first ever) drawing of Skari!



Skari done by the amazing donnala, thank you so much! 




My adopted Infertide, Blazee, by alicornbrodie! Thanks ever so much!

My adopted Deepfisher, the sneaky and fish-loving Angler, done by the incredible hootowllighbulb!



Armaggedon the Doomfang by the amazing themasterplan47! Thankee (as we say in Dragonese)!


Romans 6:23: For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life.



My Fandoms (in no particular order):

How to Train Your Dragon Franchise

How to Train Your Dragon Book Series

Star Wars

Wings of Fire

Jurassic Park

Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit

Pirates of the Caribbean

Percy Jackson & The Olympians

The Kane Chronicles

Dragons in Our Midst

Indiana Jones

Harry Potter

The Chronicles of Narnia

Magnus Chase & The Gods of Asgard

Back to the Future

Voltron: Legendary Defender

Avatar: the Last Airbender


Miraculous Ladybug (?)


Dear writers: You know when your characters are having a good day, and then you crash their party with an awful plot twist and its SO MUCH FUN? Yeah, the feeling is kind of like this:

 Ruff and Tuff (Ruffnut



Squiid's Characters

Well, here's where I put all my RP and non-RP cinnamon rolls. Enjoy.

Eternally under construction, probably, since I procrastinate :D



A treasure hunter, a scoundrel, and a grave-robber; can you get much more untrustworthy than that? Well, Skari sure can. Unreliable and shifty, Skari uses his quick wit and charming personality to wriggle his way out of the toughest spots. He has a particular liking for shiny objects and is considered a thief-for-hire, occasionally, risking life and limb (though he's not overly fond of that). Once acquainted with him, you either realize right away he's not to be trusted- or, usually, you realize that much too late. On rare occasions, though, you can break open his heart of stone and find a soul of gold inside...well, I could be speaking literally or figuratively.



You won't hear much about Nellie on these forums, since I never RP with her, but in the rare case I say something about her, it's probably her superb shooting skills. Mildly terrifying, but if you're on her side, it's quite useful. She's got a lively personality, loyal to a fault and completely, blatantly honest. Though I mentioned her loyalty, it's true she's loyal to one person- her boss, of whom she self-appointed herself his personal bodyguard. Needless to say, he doesn't really mind. Especially since he sort of needs one.



Ah, Finn. Used primly in magic/cyborg/or-anything-like-that RPs, Finn is an interesting case. With the ability to shapeshift into a dolphin at will, you might say his name is apt...ha! Get it? Finn? Okay, I'll leave now. Anyways, he also has a metal arm, of which he's modified to do various things with. And yes, when he shapeshifts into a dolphin, he has a metal fin. It's rather funny. He's a huge sweetheart, which isn't saying anything for his rather bad past, and he likes long swims in the ocean in his free time...



Who said the Grimborn boys didn't have any family? (Well, no one, exactly.) I can't really say much about Iduna without giving a bunch of Race to the Edge spoilers, but she's observant, gentle, and quiet; and, honestly, no one exactly knows how she ended up marrying Viggo Grimborn and keeping a close eye on all his operations Beyond the Archipelago. She seriously can be scary if she wants to. Beware.


More coming soon! Whee! -dances away from all my impending tasks-



And here is the best Hiccup gif I have ever found. Enjoy.

oh Hiccup sweetie what are you doing with your face??



After watching Family on the Edge: 

 Paradise of Fanfiction

Image result for httyd dagur gifs


A tribute to the fun personality-based choices you can make in Star Wars: the Old Republic.

I have two Sith Lord characters. One of them is sophisticated, collected, a devoted servant of the Sith Empire, and a really all around Viggo-style villain. The other is absolutely insane and defected from the Galactic Empire because they wouldn't let him have a pet Nexu. 

Meet Chayaraa Argos and Tavos Xan, the chaos and order of the Sith Empire.


Darth Vader dancing


Well, you survived to the end, and now you probably know way too much about me :D The more you know, right? No? Okay. Anyways...

May the Force be with you!


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Yes, it would be much better to just never speak of them... ever.

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   Hello North. I'm

   Hello North. I'm Werewolfgirl1253, but you can call me Kylie or Wolf, whichever is easiest. Here are somethings you need to know about me.


 I love Harry Potter (imma ravenclaw)

 I do art, both digitally, and non digitally. I do requests.

 I stream on a site called Picarto. If ya wanna watch feel free to pop in :)

 I struggle with depression, so if you see me acting a little gloomy thats why.

 I love talking about art, so if ya wanna talk about that feel free to PM me.

 If ya feel sad or just need someone to talk to, feel free to PM me :)


Anyways welcome to the forum. *Hugs*


                                            Welcome to WEREWOLF'S siggy

                                                 This is Jordan. She protects this siggy and everything in it. (Thanks to Witcherforever for making it)                              


                                My viking license, Thx to Navlyn Fury for making this :D



                                     A portrait of me and BFF Frytha. Thank you Pixel for making this.



                                    This is Cissy, my signature protector. By me :)


                                       Valentine Sand wraith by Floofqueen. Given as a gift by Mah BFF grumpy :)


                                               MA VIKING SECTION

                               Viking Name: (KylietheWerewolf) Highlight to see

                                    Trophies: I know have 300+ trophies :)

                                Clan: I am not part of a clan yet. I am looking for one.

                                Dragons: I have toothless from a 7 day trial membership, a zippleback called Jordan and Debbie, and a baby whisperin death called, Markimoo (I like Markiplier, don't judge me)

                                                        MY OC SECTION







                                            AMAZING edit of Wolf, by my BFF Archer. Thank you :)


                                               Edit of Wolf, by me :)


                 Amazing drawing of Wolf by ma BFF Umbreon27. Thank you so much ^^



                  ​Wanna listen to ma them song? Click

Here ​                                                                

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Hello, Kylie! It's very nice to meet you too!

I'm always happy to see another Harry Potter fan! I am a Ravenclaw as well. I'm sure your art is lovely, I will be sure to check it out sometime. And I'm sorry to hear about what you're going through, truly. I will make sure to PM you if I ever need anything, thanks!

Thank you for the welcome! *semi awkwardly hugs back* XD

Joined: 12/27/2015

Welcome!  So glad to have you board!  You seem super nice, and I'm totally looking forward to see more of ya!  I am aware of so many anime/manga fans on here so I'm sure you'll connect through that.  I personally am extremely shy as well, so from one introvert to another, welcome! And I'm so glad you'rr putting yourself out there like this!  ^.^


Your image is loading...

Your image is loading...    


About me: Well first and foremost, Hi!  I am Albany but y'all can call me "Al" or "moon" or whatever ya want. You know, as long as it's appropriate.  ^.^ Um, aside from being incredibly quirky, I enjoy writing, love winter, and chillin' with my amazingly awesome fam.  Especially my pride and joy, Eli.  My Golden Retriever Mix rescue.  I have the most wonderful squad.  They've stuck with me through my awkward early teenage years, and high school.  I've never been one to "go with the flow" or be apart of he popular cliches, but I've always had a handful of people who probably don't want me to be hit by a bus (: 

Um, my faith is a huge part of me as well.  I am a Christian, and is a counselor at a summer bible school.  

Bottom line, I am just your most basic-est, Coffee luvin', Netflix addict, Writer, Fanwing ever (;


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Hello MoonRise! Aw, thank you! I hope I see you around too, and get to know you some more. We shy people have to stick together, right? :P

Glad to hear it! Animes and mangas are some of my favorite pastimes. 

Thank you!

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haha XP





in our own homes 

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Haha XD Yes, silently. 

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Hi, I am Fireflash! I see you like anime and I am a anime fan too! ^-^ ( Soul and Maka is my otp in Soul Eater :D! ). I mostly draw anime and watch any kinds of anime. Nice to you meet you and hope we can get to know each other well!  


- Welcome to FIREFLASH'S Signature: 


( Warning... Long Signature ahead while working in process ._.) 


( Before you click the link, read the rules below them and my status ) 

Links about my Deivantart, and Art Thread: 


Deivantart I My Art Thread Gallery and Stuffs |


Rules for my Art thread or Deivantart:



( Message me if my artwork was stolen from people, also report the art thief ) 

               Want to draw my oc. for fanart/gifts, surely do! Just credit me for my oc. and message mbefore doing it..


Artist's Status: ( 5/11/17

                     Requests: Nope, not anymore  ( Message about request will be ignored ) 

               Art trade: Maybe..( Depending on my trust with you, message me. ) 

               Commissions on Deivantart: Soon.... 






( Drawing made by me! ^ ^ )


Main Dragons: 

Fiery ( Female Deadly Nadder )

Moonlight Sand ( Male Sandwraith )

Flame ( Monsterous Nightmare ) 

Lighting Strike ( Skrill )


( Fiery nadder bouncie made by Rae Didgeridoo ) 



( Lighting strike skrill bouncie made by Reiraku )



My Oc. Drawings drawn by me ^ ^



Yami Akuma


Akame Akuma


Me as anime oc. of my own




My Oc. as MLP


HTTYD Drawings drawn by other artists! ^ ^


( Fiery drawing drawn by Rae Didgeridoo )



( Drawn by talented Aeral ^-^! )


( Drawn by Primus04 )


( Drawn by Scorpio Kardia ) 


( Drawn by amazing chameishida! ) 





  ( Drawn by Archery and Dragons ) 





My oc. drew form other aritst ( Non-related  Httyd ) :


Yami Akame drew from TosiLohi ( Thank you! ^-^ )



 ( Drawn from DatOneTrumpet )                ( Drawn from AllyNadderRider )






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North Sea
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Hello Fireflash! Nice to meet you as well.

Ooo, yay! Another anime lover :3 And a SoMa shipper! They aren't only my Soul Eater OTP... they are my all time OTP. It's sad how obsessed with them I am actually. XD

I hope we can get to know each other as well! I have a difficult time making friends most of the time, so I hope I can become friends with you here :)

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I'm Squiid! Some things about me: I'm kind of crazy. And I like coffee. And playing ukuleles. And Dagur. And...okay, I probably need to calm down. But, nice to meet you, North! I'm fairly new to this forum as well, but it doesn't take long to fight right in. You'll be part of the community in no time!


If you ever want an overenthusiastic conversation buddy, I'm your girl! Er, squid. Ya know what I mean.


Squiid out!



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North Sea
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Nice to meet you Squid!

*gasp* I love coffee! I drink an insane amount. And ukuleles are awesome! I hope to learn to play one well some day in the near future.

I hope I can fit in as quickly as you say! You all seem very friendly. 

Thank you!

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I strive to bring a smile to people's faces, so you are most certainly welcome. Anytime you need a laugh, just gimme a poke, and I'll probably have a really cheesy joke to share.

And yeah, I'm really addicted to coffee, as well. It's...probably not healthy, but hey. It tastes amazing.

(-throws confetti- UKULELES!)

May the Force be with you! (Er, ignore my constant Star Wars references.)

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Welcome to de forums North! You can call me Nav, and we have a few things in common. First of all, it's lovely to meet an anime-loving Christian (you gotta be careful with most animes bcz of bad language or skimpy outfits). My favorite quote from Tsubaki is "Maybe you should fall in love with me" to Kousei after you know what happens in the last few episodes. I am shy and quiet as well, and is (in my opinion) socially akwkard. 

Well, thats all i have time for. I need to get to bed. G'night and once again, welcome to the forums!


This user will be inactive!

I will be inactive for quite a while, so I will be dropping out of all Rps at the moment and take a break from social media life for a few months. 


Welcome to my Siggy!

First off, I am a girl. Most people mistake me as a guy (due to my username), so now you know. 

You can call me Nav or Fury. In real life, I am like this, but whenever it's not face-to-face, I am like this. I love to read, draw (digital drawings) and play SoD. My favorite genres of books is mostly everything besides classic (PM me if you wanna complain about my taste in books). 

Feel free to PM me for anything! 


Learn of my characters' origins in Faze Idolz!

Faze Idolz ~ The Official Tracking Thread


A perilous Game of War is at hand!

Game of War ~ Official Tracking Thread


Enjoy a break with my characters at Conversatoin Cafe

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Get to know me through my other threads!

Nav's FAQ

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Take a look at my Request Threads

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Nav's Cover Art Thread!


Play some Forum Games with me! 

Riddles in the Dark - Forum Game

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Introducing Hobbs, my fearsome Siggy Guardian! 

by Witcherforever


Rogue Wolf - Loud and Proud (as usual)

Clan: The Dragon Racers

Clan Status: Member

Clan Leader: JbMiler (httyyd)

Viking Name: Rogue Wolf

Friend Code: PM me

Dragons: too many to put here, but i have more than 22

Main Dragons: Saebyn (Woolly Howl), Dagro (Sand Wraith), Tundragon (Snow Wraith), Skeil (Razorwhip), Reaper (Screaming Death), Clay (Mudraker), 

Favorite Place: Training Grounds


~Some Things About Me~

I am the person who makes a lot of mistakes irl and on the forums

I prefer limited spot RPs over unlimited spot RPs

I love dragons and wolves

I'm a booknerd

My brain never lets me be in reality for too long (in other words: my imagination is on 24/7)

I am in the Percy Jackson fandom, and ship Percabeth

I ship Hiccstrid too

I am obsessed over archers and medieval stuff (particularly hot archers XD)

Somedays I'm introvert, sometimes around friends I'm extrovert

I'm Never in the Ever-Never Army (and in thefandom)

A Ravenclaw and proud of it! (don't kill me please I haven't read the books yet but took the official test anyways)

My favorite color is black

My second favorite color is red (ike blood red)

I tend to get stuck in Lor more often than Reality


My Fandoms


Owl City

Percy Jackson and the Olympians (PJO)


 School for Good and Evil (SGE)

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North Sea
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Hello Nav! It's nice to meet you.

Yeah, you have to be careful for sure, but nowadays it's quite difficult to find anything without language or graphic scenes. If we avoided all of them, we'd be left with nothing but Veggie Tales XD I just skim over the scenes that I find a bit uncomfortable for me.

Oh, I love that quote! Tsubaki really is a great character.

Thanks for the welcome!

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night and fury
Joined: 12/06/2014

Hello North! Welcome to the forum :D


Im not new here, but i rarely post XD


You can call meh Night or Vis :D

You sound Really really nice, im looking forward to know you more.

Oh you love anime and mangas too! I dont meet many anime/mangas lovers here so im glad to meet you!


{Im extremely shy and introvert person also}


Harry potter and Percy Jackson is my life! I own some of the books, but i hope i can get each of them which is crazy expensive for me XD 


I hope we can be friends!



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mfw markiplier browses

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North Sea
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Hello Vis! Thank you for the welcome!

Aw thank you. I like to think of myself as a nice person XD At least I try. I hope I get to know you more as well! And yay! Another anime/manga person. There seems to be quite a bit here.

Ah, I have the entire Harry Potter collection. The seven books, the Cursed Child playscript, the Fantastic Beasts screenplay, and the three Hogwarts textbooks; Quidditch Through the Ages, The Tales of Beedle the Bard, and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them. And I own both the Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series, and the Heroes of Olympus series. Money can be an issue when buying books for sure. I'd suggest trying thriftbooks.com to get all kinds of books for really cheap.

I hope to be friends as well! You seem to be a lovely person.

night and fury's picture
night and fury
Joined: 12/06/2014

wow lucky! 


i really like the new Harry Potter , The Cursed Child. 

reealllyyy need to buy that one. i might have to save up! :D

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Supreme Viking Champion
Joined: 06/18/2014

hi there, welcome to the forums! I'm UltraGeek but feel free to just call me Geek c:
it's nice to see another anime fan! I'm a huge fan, and Soul Eater is definitely a good one, though I have to admit I much prefer the ending in the manga as they changed it so much in the anime.
my favorite character from SE would have to be Death The Kid bc I love him tbh aha. I can't say I ship Maka x Soul, but I can see why people do :o my own SE otp isn't very popular I'm afraid, rip </3

I also like writing, reading, and traveling! I'm still in high school but after/during college I plan to travel a lot, especially to Japan since I'm learning the language and the culture fascinates me to no end :o

Percy Jackson and Harry Potter are great, and I used to be a fan of OUAT, but I seem to have lot interest for the last few seasons, I'm afraid


call me geek | she/her | 17 | aquarius | infp | usa | est
anime | kpop | vapor/synth/chillwave

currently obsessed with: steam powered giraffe, dear evan hansen, EXO, VIXX, BTS
bunny bennett is my queen

do kyungsoo is my ult bias <3

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North Sea
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Joined: 01/13/2017

Hello Geek! Thank you for the welcome!

Yes, the manga ending for Soul Eater is much better than the anime version. Though I enjoy both of them, the manga is all in all better. And I love Kid! He's amazing, one of my favorites for sure. All of the characters are lovable though. What is your SE OTP?

It seems we have even more in common! I have not met a ton of people who have the same love for travel. Japan is on my list too, though I'm more looking forward to the European countries. I plan to take a year after college to travel to all kinds of countries in Europe. The top of my list has to be Scotland. I actually hope to live there someday.

Yeah, OUAT was at its best in S3 and S4, in my opinion, 3 being my absolute favorite. Things went downhill in S5, and are continuing in S6. Tbh I stay with it for the Captain Swan XD

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Welcome! I'm Neo and I draw things sometimes. It's cool to see more weebs in this ol' forum. My favourite series is Hunter x Hunter among a few others. I have a link to my list in my signature if you're looking for some new series to get into- if you're interested!

Have you ever read Soul Eater? If not I suggest you do. The anime really pales in comparison so if you like the anime, you'll definitely enjoy the manga!


Don't worry about being shy- especially on the forums. We don't bite... usually ;þ







Questions? I have a FAQ!


Tumblr - (NSFK!)

DeviantART - Dead and Done

Anime List - Let's discuss chinese cartoons

Discord: Ask! :)




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North Sea
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Hello Neo! Thank you for the welcome!

I have yet to watch HunterxHunter but coincidently, it is next on my list after I finish my current anime. I will be sure to check out your list, as I always am happy to add new animes to my seemingly never ending watch list XD

I have read the manga, actually, I'm re-reading it right now XD It is definitely better than the anime, for sure!

Good to know, thank you! You all seem super friendly... even if you bite on occasion XD

Varku's picture
Supreme Viking Champion
Joined: 06/14/2015

HxH is great stuff, one of the shows that I personally think has rewatch value even (I don't think many do). However it can become incredibly graphic and violent depending on your definition thereof. It looks cute and kiddy in the beginning but it takes a U-turn for the worst as the story goes on, in case you haven't been warned yet :þ


Ahh that's good to hear! Most people tend to shy away from manga and I felt like the Soul Eater anime just didn't do the manga justice at all. The anime ending was terrible (too many loose ends and questions) but everything leading to it was super nice ;; Hence I rated it a 6 because I'm a picky snob.


On the occasion we bite, it's usually just a nibble wwww

North Sea's picture
North Sea
Viking Warrior
Joined: 01/13/2017

Well, if it has rewatch quality then I will be sure to watch it. I don't mind the gore and such. If it's really bad, I just kind of glance away until the violent noises stop XD

I know right? I never will understand why people avoid mangas, they are generally easy to read and give you more meat than the animes do. I much prefer the manga ending as well, and I like Maka's armor-dress better than her other ability in the anime finale. (Not spoiling for those who haven't watched.)

Good to know :3 XD

Varku's picture
Supreme Viking Champion
Joined: 06/14/2015

It's not the gore per sé, but the way it's handled makes it all the more awful- in a good way! It's hard to find a series that can do shock value without it becoming super edgy or unnecessary. It's so well-written and it makes me so sad to see the manga going on hiatuses for full years at a time ;; But you'll like the anime I'm sure. If it isn't for the story, it's worth watching for the amazing animation.


Maybe people avoid manga because it's a bit less 'lazy.' I watch anime on one screen while working on the other- I can't do that with manga. So many of my favourite manga series have horrible anime adaptations! One Piece comes to mind- one of my absolute favourites but the anime completely butchered it. The Soul Eater anime isn't even that bad compared to that! I mainly disliked the SE anime because of the weird changes (like the one you mentioned) and the complete lack of a good wrap-up.

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Hello North! Nice to meet you. I'm AllyNadderRider, but you can call me Ally, Kay, or Rider. 

My favorite dragon is the Deadly Nadder, if that wasn't obvious, and my favorite character of HTTYD is Hiccup.

I like anime too! I just started watching though, and strangely enough, Soul Eater is the first and only one I have watched! I really enjoyed it. My favorite character is Soul, and yes, I also ship SoMa :P

I've been skiing a few times before I moved back down south, but I really liked it! And I love all of those books, and OUAT is great! S4 is my favorite. 

I'm shy too, but it's easy to meet new people here on these forums. You'll be part of the community in no time! It actually seems like you already are ;)


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North Sea
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Hello Ally! It's nice to meet you!

Yes, it's quite obvious actually that they are your favorite, but I love Nadders as well! Seashockers are my all time favorite though.

Thats great! Soul Eater is good to start with, and good in general. Make sure to read the manga as well, if you haven't yet. It's very good as well!

Skiing is amazing, and pretty much the only "sport" I'm good at. And I love S4 of OUAT as well! S3 is my favorite :3

Thank you very much!

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Vanilia Viking
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Hi! :)

Hi! :) I'm Vanilla (or Van/Vani/Rhaeyne/Rainy/Rhae...etc. That happens when you chose hard-to-remember names. :P). I'm not necessarily new here, but I just started posting since last summer. I needed 2 year to gather my strenght, and post something... So congrats!! :) (If ya couldn't guess, I'm really shy too. An extreme introvert. :P I could count the sentences I said in school for 11.5 years on one hand... okay, almost... :3))

I'm a true Harry Potter fan too! :) (A proud shy Slytherin here. ^_^ My patronus is an Occamy, according to Pottermore. :D)

I feel the exact same about Percy Jackson. I love the books, but the other?? Noo...

I do a little digital art here, but I'm not good. :) Just trying and trying and trying...you get it. :P

You seem like a really awesome person. :) I hope to get to know you better soon. :)



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A BIG thank you to all the artists.^_^

I had to delete the artworks from my siggy, because it caused lagging for every thread I was attending. I still love all of them and I'll keep each and one of them forever. :)


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Thank you for everyone for the artworks!!


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Thanks for reading!! :P Bye^^

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North Sea
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Hello Vanilla! Pleasure to meet you!

Yes, it took some guts for me to post is as I was nervous about whether you guys were accepting or not. But I can see now that you all are, and a lot of us have a lot in common! I'm an extreme introvert too, and I just don't talk to people at school XD

Nice! Slytherin pride is good :3 I'm a Ravenclaw myself, and my secondary house is Hufflepuff. (Have you ever taken those hybrid house quizzes? Ravenpuff for me.) According to Pottermore, my patronus is a Ginger Cat! 

I'll bet you're better at art than you think ;) Most of us doubt our own talent when in reality we happen to be as good or better as the next person. Perhaps you have a different style than artists you admire, and therefore you judge your work based off their's. When really you just have your own style which everyone else loves and finds amazing!

Sorry I'm rambling XD

Thank you so much, that's a huge compliment! I hope to get to know you as well! I think we'd make great friends :)

Vanilia Viking's picture
Vanilia Viking
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Joined: 08/06/2014
Yeppie ^_^

I've just tried a hybrid house quiz, and I got Slytherclaw. I think it matches me creepily accurate. :D Thank you for the idea, it was fun! :)

Wow... That was surprisingly encouraging... Thanks!! ^_^

North Sea's picture
North Sea
Viking Warrior
Joined: 01/13/2017

Oh cool! You're welcome ^-^

I'm glad! I have to give myself that speech sometimes XD

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Proud Slytherin over here ^^


my... well, hes now my ex boyfriend is a hufflepuff.



When I find a hacker...

Time to hunt....

All hackers...

Until I drop from exhaustion...

I will hunt until the end of time.


I am accepting art requests. The things I will draw and edit are vikings, dragons, non-HTTYD edits, and some animals like horses. PM me with any questions.


Click here for my Deviantart!

Here's some info about me:

I aspire to be an animator for Dreamworks or Disney!

I am 16 years old.

My birthday is April 8, 2001.

I am a girl.

I love Harry Potter and HTTYD.

I am a proud Muggleborn Slytherin, determined by the Queen, J.K. Rowling herself!

​I am a member of the Resistance.

Name: Kinetic

Cross-Bred: 70% Woolly Howl/ 30% Sand Wraith

Species: Arctic Wraith

Biotech: 70% robot

Cyber Ability: Can create a plasmetic barrier through the cyber space that blocks out hackers


This is Orion.

He is the kind of dragon that will hidefor you. Do not make him angry.

Glacierstorm by AnoraSterkinstein!!! TYSM!!!!!!

Isnt it amazing? Such TALENT!


 Sonicala (M)                       Silhouette (F)


Shadowbreath (M)                 Razorwing (F)


Carmen (M)                          Tia Dalma (F)


Comet (F)                            Toxin (M)


Reaper (M)                           Phoenix (F)


Folklore (M)                         Alpha (F)

*Deep breath*

*Straightens nonexistent tie*

*Exits in silence*

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There does seem to be an abundance of fans almost everywhere, doesn't there? :)

Nice to meet you!