Hello! Hello! Hello! :D

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hai and wellllcooomeeee~~!!!
i am random user but u can call me random if u want... ;3
i only made this topic so i can get to know u guyzzz better so, if u have a question don't be afriad to ask~! :D [yes i bite] i don't bite!!!
anywayzz, i can't wait for the questionsss! hopefully they aren't to hard for me to answer... ;-;
baiiiii~! :)
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eugh. x-x
p.s: early merry christmas fam~~! ;D
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Grammar Mistake D:

p.p.s: *afraid

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im bored and its late xD im going to ask something haha

if u could define urself with one word, what would it be


obs boring morning question/im not a morning person xD


                            ヽ(⌐■_■)ノ♪♬  BRUHJAM ヽ(⌐■_■)ノ♪♬


                 welcome bruh here is mah signature 2016 xDD






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Lucy Kick!

crazy. xD

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blaka meme

Konbonwa! Is me, up and bored out of my mind. Just finished watching The Christmas Card (a movie borrowed from long time friends who live in Nevada City) and now here's my question:

Which movie would you want to watch at 10:00 pm at night? 


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Lucy Kick!

how to train your dragon 2. :P (idk why though...)

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Greetings fellow Random! Also a very late welcome to the forum, since I see you've been here since November. XD

Anyways, hi and welcome and stuff. :3 On to the intergoatio- ahem, I mean -questions!


Are you a fan of Doctor Who or Steven Universe? Just asking because I'm always looking for someone new to geek out with. :P Don't feel bad if the answer is no. 


What's your favorite color, animal, and planet? 


What's your zodiac sign? 


Favorite holiday treat? 


Okay okay, I'll stop now. XD

It was nice interrogating you! :3 







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Stories are the fuel for the fire

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Once they're gone, so is the flame.



The flame that keeps your warm, happy, and hopeful through life.









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Credit to myself for the silvery blue dragon

Credit to Witcherforever for the Dream Terrible Terror

Credit to xXPhinaXx for the Jelly-Bean-Crossed-With-Slime-Looking-Creature

Credit to a random online source for the amazing photo of Pearl


Thanks for reading! Have a nice day! ^u^


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Lucy Kick!

never watched them. (probably will one day though)


blue, cat, and pluto.


sagittarius. (however, i was suppose to be born on december 25th making me a capricorn!)


candy canes~! :D