having a house

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can you make us able to enter our house in the farm and putting furntiure in it and th barns also ?
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Yeah, a house would be nice.

Yeah, a house would be nice. Or even just dorms with our own rooms, any place that we can customize would be great. :)



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I like the dorms and the house idea. It would be cool if every class of dragons, (Tidal, Boulder, Sharp, Stroker)


Had its own little dorm area, with the other players who had the same type of dragons. For my dorm idea, I think it should be customized by the Admins. 


Example: Tidal Dorm Room = Thunderdrum players


Inside the dorms there could be designs and posters surronding the walls for that class of dragon. Also details describing it also. 


Example #1: { ~~~ } = Table for Tidal class dorm, ~ being the waves and { being the outline of the table/


Another Example: Lake/River area for Tidal class dorm.


Maybe there could be exclusive mini-games inside the dorms for that class of dragon.

Whispering Death Players could have their own mini-game in their dorm, (with gronckles) where they have to burrow underground and capture all the sheep.


Also, another idea, maybe there could be a coffee/food shop for the dorms.


Overall, I think dorms would be a great addition to SOD as well as being able to go inside and decorate your houses.






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    Like in

    Like in Wizard101!!!!!!!!!!

    Great idea!

    They could put it in Berk, the farm or on the isle of gile (the upcoming island labeled Credits)!

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    IK! Thanks.