Have a "Report A Bug" feature in-game!

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I am not sure if this has been suggested before, but this is something that would benefit the devs, and us as a player.


SoD is riddled with bugs, unfortunately, and the process to report them is kind of bad. When reporting a bug, devs ask for system information that would help them figure if it's a processor or graphics card problem. However some of the playerbase may not understand how to go about doing that. Also, it can also be very tricky for SoD to find the bug.  A player's description may not be enough for them to locate the bug and squash it.


While making something like this may not be an easy task, a "Report A Bug" feature would actually be helpful. When a user goes to submit the bug, the game can pull what opperating system as well as what resources are used. Also, the game can take a capture of what happened in terms of coding and logic to see where the user found the bug, and steps to take when fixing it. And if the game finds the same bug might've been reported, but by another player, the game could tell the player the bug description, and ask if they still would like to post it if it is a different bug.


It is a small feature, I know, but it is a feature we kind of need. If you like the idea of having a bug reporting feature to be in-game, leave a post here so this can be brought to the dev's attention.


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This is a great idea...



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I'd love to have this in game. Some of the technical information they ask for I have no idea what they mean. This would be a very useful feature.


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And for people who don't know what the forums are or can't have an account.

Before I got a forum Account, I encountered many bugs, but had no way for them to be fixed. I couldn't even tell anyone.
Thankfully those bugs were fixed over time, but still. Players who are only on the game have no way to get help with bugs!


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This would be amazing!

This would be amazing, I've had bad glitches happen to me and being able to report them in game would be awesome!




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Great idea. If specs and such were included in reports, it's save the devs a lot of "uhh I use some laptop with windows on it" when they ask for the deets, hahahaha


Unfortunately, I doubt it'd work. With the rate of the uhh...  bug fixing in mind.

But I think the biggest problem would be false reports. Many people in the forums already like to shout 'hacker!!' whenever they clip through a wall, so I doubt that most reports would actually be helpful.


Still, I'm for it. Mostly because bug reports on the forum almost never get handled anyway. My stable quests have been broken ever since the feature came out. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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