Has anyone read Skulduggery Pleasant?

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Hello everyone... So I'm just hanging round the Forums a bit, and thouht I'd post some random stuff...

Has anyone read the Skulduggery Pleasant series, by Derek Landy? Cause, these are, like, some of my favourite books ever. If you haven't read them yet, I would highly recommend you do so.


These books are the epitomy of mystery, adventure, magic, crime, and humour. There's 9 books in the main series, with a couple of other books alongside. They are amazing.

Please, read them right now! If you've already read them, and enjoyed them, feel free to talk about them down below.


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OOh good!

I've been looking for some new book series to read or put on my list! I have seen these books around the place and they got recommended to my brother but I was wondering if they would be fit for me. I'm a HUGE fantasy reader (and a bit of a bookworm). Ill add this to the list!


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Hi Wraithskrill,

I'm glad you're interested in the series! Honestly, they're so good. I'm thinking about posting a proper 'book list' up here on the Forums sometime soon, with different genres and stuff, so I'll have more inspiration for you, and other Vikings, soon...