Has anyone heard of this?

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Hi, everyone!


So... I went out yesterday, and while I was browsing through the preowned DVD section of a store I came across a weird little DVD for an animated show I'd never watched nor heard of myself/heard anyone so much as mention before. I couldn't resist picking it up for the mere fact that, given I'd never heard about it in the slightest before, it seemed so intriguing. I know a fair fewer more obscure kids' tv shows and animated series but this one's not one that's ever come up for me.


The DVD was volume 2 of a series called 'The New Adventures of Ocean Girl'. On the dvd cover it advertises 'A new animation series featuring 2D character animation with stunning 3D backgrounds and visuals'. Here's a picture of the DVD in question: https://sta.sh/01cu160l13pq


Have any of you heard of The New Adventures of Ocean Girl or watched it? I'd love to know!

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I have watched this as a kid!!!!


Was kinda good for a child my age back then. There are lots of repeat animations, which can get a bit annoying but otherwise it was pretty good. I used to watch it every day afternoon when it aired. I can still remember a few details and the pictures bring back tons of memories.