Harvest Your Crops Before It's Too Late!

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Soon, skilled farmers will need to keep a close eye on their crops to ensure that they don’t wither from overexposure to Berk’s harsh elements. Know how long each crop takes to grow and monitor their progress so you can harvest them once they’re ready. Wait too long, and you will lose your plants! But don’t worry, you just might be able to use your spoiled crops for something else to help out. A master farmer will need to choose their crops carefully to yield a bountiful harvest. Start preparing your farm to tackle this new challenge.

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Oh reallly...? Hmmm~ Sounds fun! I need a better challenge. Farming (in both senses) sunflowers has gotten to be so boring. x.x

Any chance of telling us when this change might be coming about?


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Same here!
Hmmm I wonder when this will come out....Oooh since it's October almost november maybe it's changing the plants harsh weather thing because of winter? Looking forward to new updates with new features! <3
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ShadowclawFC wrote:

Oh reallly...? Hmmm~ Sounds fun! I need a better challenge. Farming (in both senses) sunflowers has gotten to be so boring. x.x

Any chance of telling us when this change might be coming about?

Hey ShadowclawFC. No details yet about when this new feature will arrive, but we'll let you know once we find out!

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This sounds really interesting! Plain-old harvesting has gotten a bit mundain I think. Looking forward to a bit of a challenge. ^_^


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....oh dear I'll really have to start planting plants that don't take as long to grow instead of lavender. Looking forwards to the challenge though!


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the thing I've been afraid of

the thing I've been afraid of has came true...

Anyways, I guess it's gonna be hard growing lavenders, but I have a question: will it only work when I am online?

For example: My lavenders need to be harvested but I can't because I am not online, will they hideanyway?


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If I can't be online later, after planting my crops, then they'd die. I don't want this to happen. I'll lose money!


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Exact same thoughts

Yeah, I often plant my seeds before I go offline so that I can harvest them when I come online again, but it happens that I can't play because of school. (I get easily distracted so I rather don't even start playing when I have stuff to do.) This would definetly make me think more about what I plant and how much time I have on my hands. But I mean, nothing we can't get used to. :)

Although this line is interesting: "But don’t worry, you just might be able to use your spoiled crops for something else to help out." I wonder what will come out of this! The creators must have a lot of plans on their minds! *already excited*









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This will be interesting.

This will be interesting.


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What about unskilled farmers?

What about kids who only get to play occasionally? What happens to the farms of the younger kids, the school kids with extracurricular activities, the kids who only get to play on the computer on the weekends, or at Nana's house, the ones with Internet connections that are unreliable in bad weather.


You haven't said how much time will be allowed. Please tell me there is going to be a generous amount of time allowed before crops are destroyed - at least 10 days? At least.


Could there be an opportunity to choose to meet the "Skilled Farmer" challenge? And otherwise to be allowed to continue regular farming. A contest to accept or decline?


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Lets see!

Yeah, I hope it won't become a timing game - I just left another because timing annoyed me too much. But I'm really excited about news, these guys know their work and come up with unbelievable features when you least expect it. Looking forward!

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Sounds interesting! Can't

Sounds interesting! 

Can't wait for the new features. I just hope they leave enough time to harvest the crops. Like everybody said, not everybody is able to go online at all hours. 


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I do like the idea of making it optional...I

I'm one of those people who frequently can't log on for a couple days (I have a job...), but I also use some of my crop squares for decoration. Since the amount of water in the well is limited, I can only grow so many crops at a time, so I have a few squares I just leave with sunflowers as a border of a path to my house. Having them wither after a certain time period would mean I can't use crops as decoration. 


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Ehh, I'll take my chances...

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please dont become something

please dont become something like farmville which sucked


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 Is it offically here? :/


Is it offically here? :/

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Uh oh.

This would mean I have to make sure I don't fall asleep before logging out of SoD XD

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Spoiling Crops

Hey all,


To answer your questions: yes, the new spoiling crops feature is officially here. However, for those of you who may feel a bit uneasy about this new feature, don't fret! You will be able to use the composter to transform your spoiled crops into fishing bait. Now you'll have more variety with what you can do with your crops.

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Is the only way to use a composter is to buy the machine in the store????

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Nessie wrote:

Is the only way to use a composter is to buy the machine in the store????

Hi, Nessie. Yes, currently the only way to access a composter in your farm is to purchase one from the store.