Happy Snoggletog SoD Team!

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Hello, it's me again :P 

Anyways, I have only seen one topic wishing you guys a happy Snoggletog/New Years! 

2016 was a great year for this game. (Oh and I have been playing one year) The Silver Phantom was released, return to dragon island, the crystal deadly nadder returned, the Titan flightmare, oki I better stop lol. the new racing is great! It should stop "backwards racing" (seen here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zIfl4XrnzZM srry if it does not work) thx for listening to me.




Happy New Years :3


happy Snoggletog to everyone :D




      I Aloha Everyone :P




Ok, I might "steal" because most of these gifs came off internet.



i like blue.

(Ps) I don't accept freind requests so you gotta pm me first :)

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I love SoD and Star Stable, even tho I can't log in to sso XD



My Dragons: (srry if I forget some XD) (organized by type)

The Brave Nadder -Nadder

Sharpshot- Deadly Nadder

BigBuddy- Typhoomerang 

Fudge- Typhoomerang

Toothless- Night Fury

WindShear- Razorwhip

ShearWind- Razorwhip

Thors Dragon- Thunderdrum

Cant remember next one..

ok I'm too lazy srry I actually have like.... *awkward silence* 60 dragons



Tamra Diamond



Eva So Powaful (banned :(.....

k I'm gonna add more later xD


Hi I like hugs -snuggle time! >:D

I Love Breyer Horses, being a part of the forums, School Of Dragons, Star Stable even though I can't play and haven't been able to the last month :( -sniff- umm ok let's move on.


Hello. I am the Leader Of WindForce! I have been playing since 1/22/16 WOOP WOOP IVE BEEN PLAYING ONE YEAR >:D

Guess what I can play sso againnnn :D

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i have long brown hair, I love gaming SoD and StarStableOnline. I have a brother and two adorable dogs! I love do musiclys and snapchat :P