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In School of dragons there are too many hackers. Can the administrators do something or we must face off them all the time? I can't race without a gronckle, a GRONCKLE, which flies as fast as toothless, or more. Please admins do something


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Ghost Light the Flightmare froze my subject. Deal with it.

Yeah, hackers are the worst...

If you see a hacker, please remember his or her name, what kind of hack it was (speed hack, colour hack etc) and which dragon(s) was/were hacked. If you can, please make a picture or screenshot of the hacker's page and of what was hacked. You can do that here for example: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/resistance-hacker-reporting-page. You could also make a new Forum topic for it. When you report a hacker the admins can see it and delete that person's account. 


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Ok, yes. There are some hackers. But also many players are called hackers for no reason. Not every fast racer is a hacker.

There are some hints if someone is realy speed hacking.

- he starts the race early, before the countdown ends for all the other racers

- his dot jumps over the minimap. Please notice: sometimes the dragons in front seems to jump but this can also be caused by slow network.

- all other players get lower result times then usual.


If none of the hints matches, its most likely just a pro racer and not a hacker.

I dont have the times for the groncle, but as an example a Deadly Nadder can do Woolly Canyon in 01:15,00 without hacks and boosts.