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I don't like the hackers they just keep coming the better the tech. gets the worse it becomes. ive had a couple encounters with hackers and starting to come afraid. me and my friend were chating when a person came on, i really didn't know who he was but my friend new him i didn't really remember the name but my friend said to go to friend chat just in case, and she told me he was a hacker! 


    That was like the second time i remember a hacker being on but heres somthing WAAAAY more important.

as usual all ppl like to race! But i didn't think that raceing can be so dangerous. I already knew about speed hackers but didn't encounter them much. Except for today 1-5-2017 this person named luthertuf wanted to race me and i didn't think he was a hacker then. so i brought toothless and the race was starting. as usual you wait for the count down to end then you start on the track but instead this person just right when the count down was started he sped away.i tried to catch up but he just went faster when he went through the map! then he managed to get thrid lap while i was on second lap beginning. i think it was very unfair and most of all he was on a razor whip i know i know sometimes other dragons can be fster then furies but still he went obvialsy TOO fast. pls answer and thanks for reading!






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you can join us if you have atleast at 


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make its way up to first place. I exept


people who are hard workers and


go to thunder run racing at least twice


a weak. pls join if you havent yet. :)


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I HATE the Speed Hack

The Speed Hack is a very annoying hack. too bad the Admins can't fix it so the hack doesn't work in Thunder run Racing. :( but the Admins did get rid of the other type of hack with Bright Dragons, Golden Toothless and other neat stuff. T-T but the STUPID Speed Hack is still there!