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I recognize that many people do or have done this on the forums, but it doesn't hurt to add another voice. Tonight I experienced what I believe is a hacker. Here are my reasons why I believe so:


1. Constantly bumping into things

From what I saw of this hacker, he was constantly bumping into walls, which is definitely a sign that he was using the speed hack, which makes the game seemingly run overspeed on the hacker's end, which can be hard to control. At one point, it looked like they got stuck and I passed them, but they somehow sprung in front of me. 


2. The Map

Their dot on the map was moving abnormally fast.


3. Times

By the time they completed the race, I was only starting my second lap, and I have a fairly decent dragon and used the shortcuts as well.


4. Glitchy ending

For one, the countdown for How long to complete the race got stuck at 9 seconds, then just abruptly ended. On the screenshot I received it wouldn't even load my score. 


I have attatched the screenshot of the viking's name, FREESPIRITONFIRE. I hope an admin may see this and make one less hacker in SOD.


Brynhildd out. 






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I was a teenager now, and I was able to go farther places now. But, that led to recklessness and stupidity. It wasn't my fault that it's an occupational hazard to seek danger. I went out during a storm trying to find somewhere to go. But once I got out there, the fog thickened and a storm brewed. I was stuck, and even lost with no sense of direction. Luckily Toothless and Hiccup were there to save the day. They led me back to Berk for some food and water, and it was there that I met a whole lot more dragons than I've ever seen! They were working with the vikings, and it clicked into my head. I wanted to be like them. I wanted to be a dragon trainer. So, I enrolled in the School of Dragons, where I got and raised my very own dragon.






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I enrolled in the School of Dragons, so I was going to need a dragon to begin my training. Like all of the other new students, I went to The Hatchery to recieve a dragon egg to hatch. Gobber had given me a personality test to determine what dragon would be best for me. I had gotten Monstrous Nightmare. At first, I was doubtful of that choice, thinking that didn't fit me at all. But, Gobber insisted that that was the one who fit me. He said I could chose another, but I didn't want to make the wrong decision. So, I got Evergreen. I went on the school missions offered for Evergreen and I while also learning to raise my dragon. I was still doubtful of Evergreen though. He was different though, very calm, not the firey personality like usual.


I raised Evergreen until he was an adult. With that, I learned the value of him and how he actually was one of my best friends. We raced, explored and even more and now we're to the point of becoming a Titan Wing. We're working hard now and learning even more. One big thing I learned though, it doesn't matter the dragon you get, anyone can be like you and your friend.


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Wow! How long had it been by now... let's see... probably 2-3 years I'd been at The School of Dragons by now? Evergreen was such a big dragon now and I gained friendships with some other dragons by now. Adventures galore still awaited though amongst all of the many, many others that had happened.
Tons of dragon species are being discovered, and the discovery of the Sand Wraith came! It was all the rage when eggs were being shipped to the school by Trader Johan. It seemed as though everyone wanted their hands on one, and so did I. I thought it would be cool. So, I got my lovely little guy and called him Turtle for the way his green spots could ressemble a turtle shell. Raising him went by pretty fast; faster than most of my other dragons.
Time went on but I noticed something throughout the school. Blotches of black paint surrounded the island and I saw Sand Wraiths all painted up in black. "Hey, look at my Night Fury!" they all seemed to chant. I looked at Turtle. I didn't paint him at all, yet I still felt compelled to call him a Night Fury. Oh that wretched Bandwagon I hopped on. For awhile I called him that until I started seeing the light and error; he's a Sand Wraith and proud! 
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umm FREESPIRITONFIRE is not a hacker... She plays on IPad and has alpha toothless... She's not a hacker.. Besides Alpha toothless is the FASTEST dragon.. Everyone who has alpha toothless wins...it's very very fast..Also she is amazing at racing.. I also hit stuff when I fly coz I use speed boost and u can loose control coz it goes fast...


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​I won some races against an Alpha Toothless, he's not the fastest​ dragon. He is in the film though.


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I forgot I was on this profile. My bad, I gotta remember if I'm on Microsoft Edge <p


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u saying FREESPIRITONFIRE is hacker? U need be careful who calling Viking hacker because it not nice calling her an hacker I race with FREESPIRITONFIRE with her Aphla Toohtless it very fast! It doesn't mean she is hacker...


Why everyone calling her Hacker jeez Christ 






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Inappropriate claim

FREESPIRITONFIRE is a talented racer. There is no hack !  Congratulations to FREESPIRIT for clean fast racing and a top personality to match

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Ok ppl

To Brynhildd: Please pm an admin on suspected hacker issues, just in case stuff like this happens

To every1 else: I really don't see any replies on normal suspected-hacker threads, (maybe except for the Silverweed case) Just calm down and let Brynjof take over. He'll know the truth while every one of us is [probably] guessing



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How can you tell of one's hacking

For those of you who've defended I wanna say, I've raced with dozens of alpha toothlesses and they were not that fast. Remember that a Hacker races all around the track like an overdose of speed boosts and they make it at what she said "The beginning of lap 2." I've raced with plenty of those, they would win at sorta the middle of the third lap if I was racing against a moderately slow dragon.


Another thing, how would you know if the hacker had an Alpha Toothless? She didn't say what dragon the hacker was using.


For now, I'm throwing in the Yellow flag at this hacker

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FREESPIRITONFIRE always races with an alpha Toothless. I often race her, she's in my clan and a good friend of mine.

She once used a speed boost to me and was really, really sorry about it (even if I told her a thousand times it would be ok xD)...

I do really not think, she's a hacker...


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What gives you the right to

What gives you the right to decide if she is a hacker or not?

I'm not defending the user, but really, you are actually upsetting users. I've seen a few of your posts and to be honest the way you talk towards them would really deeply upset me if those messages were to me. 

If she is a hacker, that is for the SoD Admins to decide.

If not, you definately owe her a huge apology. 

Just remember YOU ARE NOT AN ADMIN

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No, I'm just upsetting you because you are misinterpreting what I said. No, I don't have the right to decide if ones a hacker and no I am not an admin and I know that very well. I didn't say I can choose, I said I had suspicious behavior over this so called "Hacker." It has been proven that she is not a hacker and now she is back ing the Green zone (Innocent).

No, I am not assulting people, I'm not assulting you, I'm just correcting them and showing what I really meant to say, and the reason why it looks like I'm assulting them is because I am so sick and tired of people who misunderstand my point.

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FREESPIRITONFIRE is NOT A HACKER! Shes a good friend of mine in game and we literally race together everyday and alot. Shes plays SoD on mobile version and I dont think theres anyway you can hack SoD on mobile.

Shes a very skillful racer and I dont think she deserves to be called something as disgusting as a speed hacker for that.

Other than that she also races on her Alpha Toothless (which is known as the fastest racing dragons in-game) and she has ALL the best viking gears for racing on her. That must be why she was able to overlap you in that race; if you dont know, wearing different viking gears and outfits in racing now gives huge speed difference, that sometimes it could be impossible for some racers to stand a chance against those who has all the right gears on for racing. 

And as for the 'Glitchy' ending, I dont think thats a glitch at all; you must've been racing with ONLY ONE PERSON (FREESPIRITONFIRE) on that race and she finished the race earlier and left before you were able to finish the race: When a racer had already finished the race and you havent, the countdown starts, but if youre the ONLY racer left in the race who hasnt finish the race and the racer who've finished first left the race after winning, the countdown automatically ends because youre the only one left in the race. If youve made it to the 3rd lap when the countdown stops you'll still earn your trophy rewards based on which position you were in, but if you havent make it to the 3rd lap it counts as DNF.



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Deathsong ate the subject. Run!!

Always report a hacker, even if you're not sure, to an admin. They'll look into it. I reported a hacker and it was dealt with.
Please remember when you are going to report a hacker always go to an admin. NEVER post it on the forum. You could get hacked by that player because you caught them red handed.
And for those that are defending. How do you know what the dragon was? It could have been a sand wrath or a skrill which are both really fast. The admins can tell the difference between a hacker and not a hacker.



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I couldn't put it any other way *thumbs up*

Joined: 02/28/2016

I totally agree. That is why people should not create a "hacker reporting page". It can also be upsetting if they are not hackers and it makes them a target and can create many an argument. 

I won't defend any suspected hackers, but I won't take them as a hacker without cold, hardcore proof.

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Listen here, pal.

This claim is absurd and FREESPIRITONFIRE is not a hacker.


I don't have a Toothless, let alone Alpha Toothless, so my racing dragons of choice are a Sand Wraith, Snow Wraith, and Silver Phantom. All three of those are slower than an Alpha Toothless. I have raced FREE many, many times over the past couple of weeks. She wins most of the races, sure, but I'm always right there on her tail and have collected a fair share of wins over her on all three of my dragons.


She is very fast and very skilled and very fair. Not once has she used a trap or a boost against me, which is something I always admire and respect in a skillful racer and one of the reasons I'm always up to race her even when I can expect second place.


I'm in The Phantom Heroes. I'm a longstanding member of The Phantom Lords and have been with them for three years. I would very much love to see us take home a win at the end of this tournament. As such, one might argue that I have just as much reason as a member of The Dragon Racers to want one of the Potatoes disqualified. But despite our competing clans I respect all clean and fair racers deeply and will not stand for this slander of my opponent and friend.


Back off, Brynhildd. Words can be like fire in the wrong place and you need to think very carefully before posting anything publicly like this and risk damaging the reputation of a good person. If you have a problem with anyone in the game you need to report it privately to the admins. Attacking someone with or without proof in a public forum is deeply uncool.


Again, FREESPIRITONFIRE is not a hacker. She is simply an incredible racer.


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I've deleted the game from my harddrive and severed this forum account from my email.

Returning was a mistake I don't intend to make again.

Goodbye, have fun, and I hope you find your own escape before this game becomes as toxic for you as it did for me.

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Hello Feather 


true she is nice and always say hello why everyone think she is hacker but she didn't!

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I think I can speak for everyone when I say that Free is just a great racer and that there's no underhanded goings on.

Girl doesn't even use traps. She's a saint. Lol


I may be able to explain some of these things you've seen, though!


1. I too see experienced racers bumping into walls. But you know what? They're not actually hitting the walls! It's an illusion! Unfortunately that means there's been a "hiccup" in either yours or your opponents internet connection. Seeing someone in front of you hit a wall one second and then them being farther in front of you the next is usually internet issue related, and is just your computer loading the proper racer placement as the race continues.


2. Speed comes with how experienced you are. A higher level dragon will go faster than a lower level one. A happy, fully fed dragon goes much faster than a sad, hungry one. Dragons with saddles will go faster than those without. There are also a multitude of clothing options that increase your dragons stats in various ways. Free is wearing an outfit tailored to boosting her speed. Toothless is a speed demon on his own, but paired with a highly skilled racer, a good saddle, and that alpha glow...  if he's not the bane of my existence I don't know what is.


3. What map were you on? I too sometimes finish races before others hit their 2nd/3rd lap, mostly on Wooly Canyon and Geyser Maze. There are lots of unmarked shortcuts that can  shave seconds off your time while putting you far ahead of your competition if they're not familiar with them. She probably used these, thus putting herself out in front exponentially.


4. I've never had a countdown issue like that, so maybe this links with #1? Perhaps your internet is lagging, or your signal strength isn't the best. Do you have other programs running in the background? That can sometimes hinder your racing performance. Like when I was downloading a Guild Wars 2 expansion yesterday & tried to race while I waited. Lol. Never again.


Hope this helps clarify a few things.

Always make sure you have accurate and undeniable proof before you go calling someone a hacker! This can really hurt someone's reputation if your information is incorrect :c








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Its ok to report someone even if they don't deserve it. In other words, when someone is suspicous in hacking and they stated why, its ok to report it for an admin to check it and if innocent, they are let go. I respect even if the edivence is false, she stated the reasons why she did hack, she drew details in the event ond not "Admins Please! Ban her she speed hacked!", I would not respect that.


If someone were to report me on forum, nothing would really change, I would just explain what happened and I'm free. No hard feelings, just a misunderstanding. Just as long as you don't feed the negativity, I won't push the yellow flag over into the fire and turn it red (Well, mostly orangy-gold but thats not what I mean).


Free's reputation is safe is what I'm saying. Brynhildd didn't do a bad thing, don't go punishing her for her opinion why she suspects of a hacker even though she's innocent. Its just a mistake everybody makes.

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I agree with you to a certain extent. I've been reported for hacking many times, especially during a few months when I only raced with my Changewing & people branded me a hacker for beating their Snow Wraiths. Lol! But I've also been reported "10 times in a row" for being rude because I didn't say "hi" back to someone.  Report suspicious behavior, but just make sure that if you do, have something to back up your claims. It really can ruin someone's reputation if there's no one to stick up for them.


I wasn't trying to punish her for speaking up about something she thought was wrong- quite the contrary! I was trying to calmly and politely explain some of the occurances that she experienced while racing Free. As I said above, a lot of it has happened to me, so I can understand where she's coming from. The first time my internet lagged so hard it seemed like the person I was racing was hacking, I didn't know any better. I wish I had someone to explain to me what had happened so I didn't jump to conclusions. I made a fool out of myself and fired constantly at them, and thought I was in the right for MONTHS. If I would have known that what I was seeing was common, I wouldn't have acted the way I had.


IDK. Just trying to shed some light on the scenario.

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I did not mean to offend anyone, especially this lovely Viking you are all mentioning. I personally do not know her, so I can only report on what I can see. It's not that I was upset that she was beating me, but simply because I had raced with her a few times the previous night and it seemed suspicious that her dot on the map was moving as fast as it was, and I mean it was moving abnormally fast. I don't mean to call her out or call her names, simply to make sure that if she was a hacker (and we've established that's false) that I could do my part and make Dragon Racing more fair for every Viking. 


I also had posted on the forum honestly for two reasons.

1. It has actually been awhile since I've been here (so much for a welcome back, amirite? XD) and so I believe that when posting this, I had forgotten I could just PM an admin about it rather than creating something terrible. I realize that I should've done this from the beginning, but it is too late now.


2. Posting it on the forum, while it may create backlash (and it is expected), is also making other Vikings aware of an issue, and as before, if she was a hacker, then other Vikings could watch out and not get trapped in losing their trophies.


I hope you all understand what I was attempting to do, and I see now that my accusations are false. I did not want to name call, and I certainly did not want to be a bully to her. Please do not treat me as you have thought I treated your friend, for I meant no harm towards her.


I appreciate the way Scalecakes, Megaboltphoenix and glorybringer responded to the thread. They all brought up good points, whether they were opposed or with the central idea of this thread. Scalecakes, who presented an opposing view, supported her claim with potential factual evidence, rather than stating that she was nice and she's just talented. I am not saying she is a hacker, but some hackers will deceive, and if you only know them as an online friend, you could never really know the truth. Hackers also can use it lightly, so that people may not notice as easily. Glorybringer brought up the alternative of posting in private, which is like constructive criticism rather than just accusing that I am being somewhat of a cyberbully. Megaboltphoenix reiterated that he wasn't necessarily sided with me, but helped to better explain my reasons for the thread.