Habits Of A *Proffesional Forum Artist

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Always has 3 or more tabs open at a time, usually of the same page




Is simultaneously working on several projects, across different programs, and of different natures




Creates things like these to waste time and ignore what they're actually doing




Takes on another project or request to distract themselves from and old one, i.e. something they got bored of 3 minutes ago and managed to find someone in need of an artist




Broods over and glares at a simple mistake that cannot be reversed but is basically nothing only affects my mental stability and patience




Has no interest and little interaction with other artists, because they are better than you and it fustrates you that they can do things that you can't, such as PEOPLE and are the enemy, they are competition, and must not be interacted with, NO MATTER WHAT (but at the same time are your role model and you strike to be like them but out of spite)




Privately critisizes other, lower level artists, but publically supports them to help them be better so they can get that Monstrosity off my screen you will not taint it, it will remain pure, like geez learn how to draw look i made a guide for you, please use it just ugh


(I drew this myself as to not personally offend anyone)



Has alot of spare/discarded/private drawings cluttering up the entire Pictures file

(inaccurate representation, only includes files and items not items in the files)




Realises that they are running out of things to put here, and their initial plan of having 300+ things listed is quite frankly unrealistic and that hope is dwindling fast



Doesn't have a picture for #9 and decides to stop it here. 10 is a nice number anyway. Good number, soft number, small but a challenge in some circumstances



| 16 years old, Yr 11, female pronouns, Australian, Asexual |

GMT +10:00 (Aus Eastern Standard)

Interests: Biology, Drama, Various games(mainly Skyrim, Subnautica, Forza Horizon), Art, Animals, Junior Teaching, Creative Writing

I am willing to try out voice acting! PM me for a better info exchange



Looking for a laugh?

In the midst of caffine, procrastination and moderate to minor lack of sleep, I have created many an amusing thread:

Alternate Universe where everything is the same except... (a personal favourite)

Habits Of A *Proffesional Forum Artist

the greatest joke in existence (lots of complaining and bad jokes)

Just Dragon Things

How to give YOUR OC a GREaT and ORigINal NAME




It's a neat site that lets me manage stuff alot more easier- I will try to make myself use it often, but no immediate garuntees. Check it out! Please.

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Sandstrike, give me back that subject!

This made me laugh so hard (not the best thing to do with a headache, but well worth it). XD


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Drawn by the awesome geekdomalways


Sandstrike is getting into the Valentine spirit! By the amazing Floofqueen




If you would like to see some of my art, click on this link: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/ruggedturfs-art-showcase


If you would like me to do some art for you, feel free to PM me!



Avantador the Signature Protector by Werewolfgirl1253





Argdon drawings by the one-of-a-kind donnala


Argdon by the awesome AllyNadderRider (left image, also profile pic). Argdon by the gifted Snowflake (right). 



Argdon by the amazing Vanilia Viking (left). Argdon trying to fly by the talented TosiLohi (right).



Left, Argdon by the legendary Varku. Right, Argdon by the awesome Aelyras


Argdon by the artistic kimbenoso


Left, drawing of Ukjenta by the artistic Werewolfgirl1253. Right, drawing of Ukjenta by the talented Fireflash.



Ukjenta by the AMAZING donnala 


Sandstrike and Argdon by the talented Aisha Snowqueen


Argdon and Sandstrike by the gifted Laykary


Sandstrike and Argdon by the artistic donnala


Sandstrike and Argdon by the awesome Flowercrystal


Sandstrike, an edit by me


Sandstrike drawing by the awesome DatOneTrumpet




Sandstrike blinkie done by the legendary Nessie (left). Sandstrike by the talented mangopopcorn (right).


Sandstrike, done by the talented donnala (left).                         Sandstrike by the gifted FloofQueen (right). 


Sandstrike in chibi form, made by the awesome 1flower (left). Chibi Sandstrike made by the crazy talented Vanilia Viking (right)


Sandstrike by the amazing Flowercrystal


Sandstrike by the awesome Archery and Dragons


Vespa (left), and a blushing Sandstrike (right) by the crazy-talented Archery and Dragons

Vespa the Triple Stryke, made by the gifted donnala (left). Vespa by the legendary Megaboltpheonix (right).


Vespa by the talented Laykary


Vespa by the amazing grumpyforlife2


An ADORABLE chibi of Vespa by the awesome Vanilia Viking


Wintertide by the legendary Witcherforever

Prismarc the Splinterhorn, by the gifted Flowercrystal


Cealum the Griptuk, made by the talented Bavelly 


Oaken the Signal Fire, by the gifted donnala


Stonestalker the Armorhead, made by the awesome FloofQueen

Seafoam the Spongeret, an adoptable by Flowercrystal



My dog, Benji, done by the talented ScaleFeatherz


Soilmuncher the Gronkle, done by the wonderful Cinderflower


The "Twins," Grumble and Rumble, made by the gifted donnala.


Darsmeglen the Peephole by Jada


By the incredible Fleetwing

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100% Constance Approved! [not responsible for death/injuries.]

Literally me.


: Stamp by xXWindflowerXx: Stamp by xXWindflowerXx: Special :: Stamp by xXWindflowerXx: Closed :: Stamp by xXWindflowerXx


Christian Stamp by christians[R]Constance by AquaborealisStarGif by Loycee




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    Arethusa, my signature water dragon guardian.



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    Crystal has.... Gone missing?

    Image result for toothless smiling gif


    Icon done by Fleetwing

    Well, my siggy isn't the greatest thing in the world, but here we go.


    To everyone who has given me art;  Sorry if I don't have your in my siggy, it's a bit hard to keep up with everything, so everyone who has given me art, please know that I am currently trying to put everything in here, but A LOT neater.

    Something I made:


    I am currently not going to be on the forums very often, and if you need to tell me something, PM me. 


    My pet Dolewhip died March 11, 2017. I don't know how she died, but the most likely cause was the mite spray I got, that wasn't even for lizards. The salesmen said it would be fine, and she died the next day. If you have a idea on how she died PM me. 


    I do not do art anymore, unless during a art trade or for special reasons. PM me if you would like to adopt one of the leftover adoptables.

    Some of the gifts that I love:


    Dolewhip by Fleetwing

    Amazing drawing of my OCs together by Sky and Ocean.



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    That explains a lot lol






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