Guide to Fireball Frenzy targets + Powerups

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Please note: This is for people who havent done any Fireball Frenzy and are getting ready to, but if you still want to read it, be my guest!


First off, here's some pointers for what the best dragon is for Fireball Frenzy:

1) Their blast needs to be not explosive (dragons like Deathgrippers and Dreadstriders are a good choice) so your vision isnt blurred.

2) The dragon needs to have fast regeneration, even though you have unlimited firepower, you need fast regeneration to blast again and again.

3) Dont choose a rather big dragon! Their wings or body might block your vision!


Now that that's settled, we'll start off with the targets for fireball frenzy and how many points you get for each (same goes for the crossbow level)

1) Sheep sheild (Viking enemy I dont remember the name of in Crossbow Level), worth 50 points

2) Viking Sheild (Dagur in Crossbow Level), worth 200 points.

3) Dragon shield (Screaming Death in Crossbow Level), worth 500 points. 

4) Mystery sheild, generally worth 50 points.

5) Astrid and Hiccup sheilds (Toothless in Crossbow Level), minus 50 points (i think? I havent really hit them enough to remember for sure)


Alright, there are also power ups, two to be exact since you dont really need any more power ups.

1) Smart Bomb is effective and very powerful. This powerup can be used when you face a ton of sheilds you want to take out. All you have to do is click the button that is symbolized with an actual bomb and all the sheilds will be gone and you'll have the sum of all the sheilds points.

2) The time freezer. This powerup freezes time so you can get more sheilds for about 5 or so seconds. It is symbolized with an hourglass and a plus symbol. 


Hope this helps!!


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Thank you

Teach me more about fireball frenzy since  I'm new :)

Do you have anymore tips, because this thread is awesome!

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Nothing much, maybe creating a guide to flight club

I'll keep you updated. At the moment I haven't found anymore, regarding both Fireball frenzy and TRR, though I'm considering doing a guide to flight club as well.

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Update: level tips coming maybe today

Fireball frenzy is fairly easy to master though I think I might make a small section later today on the separate levels you can do, since I did mention crossbow level in the first post oops.

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Levels as promised ^w^

As promised, here's the Levels

Crossbow Level

Just as it sounds, you use (what I'm pretty sure is Hiccup's crossbow-sheild) a crossbow in this level. The sheild patterns are different, but the points are still the same amount. This one is also longer, as the crossbow takes time to reload every shot. Not exactly the best level if your trying to get a new high score.


Solo Level

This one is the best for achieveing a new high score and of course the dragon you use matters the most. This one is a shorter one than the Crossbow Level and the sheilds are of course different from the crossbow level. This one is the better one for training if you are a beginner at this. Also, there's an option for members where you can use toothless (not yours but the one provided) in the dragon selection. I dont really recommend this one as Toothless' blast is definately explosive and will probably slow you down.


Multiplayer Level

This one I only recommend for people who have done Fireball Frenzy Solo Level multiple times as it will cost you if you dont win. This one is for a one-on-one battle with another viking and 15 trophies are on the line. If you dont win, well, you just lost 15 good trophies in your count. The sheilds are the same as on the Solo Level.


Well, that covers all the levels, hope this helps!