Guardian of Fangback Forest (SoD Story)

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Guardian of Fangback Forest [WIP]

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You can call me Drake, and I’ve played SoD from the times of old, when the only dragon newbies got was the hatchling they picked, no free broad-wing. I missed this game when I went on hiatus a while ago, so I'll try to not leave it behind again (well, at least not for a while anyways.)


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- Please don't judge me. This is my first time writing a FanFic :/

- The only thing that I claim as my own is the Fangback species and Fangback Forest. Everything else belongs to their respective owners (JumpStart, etc)

- If you want to add your own character(s) to the story, then simply send me a PM


Chapter One: The New Forest

Chapter Two: First Contact


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Chapter One - DNP

Chapter One: The New Forest


It felt like yesterday when 'The Red Flood' struck Fangback Forest.

The flood wasn't actually water. It was a bushfire that got out of hand. And like a tsunami, it washed over the dense woodland, reducing it to nothing more than ashes.

It took many years, but the forest has regrown, and all wild dragons who fled all those years ago have returned.

Except for one type.

Rumours of large, Windwalker-esque dragons known as Fangbacks have yet to return. The main issue is, most people don't think that they existed in the first place. They were said to be agile hunters, able to hide in plain sight, without camouflage. But there was still no evidence that they even lived there in the first place. No shed scales, no odd eggshells, nothing.


But I'm going to prove that they're all wrong.

I am going to prove that Fangbacks are more than just legends.

The wind was whistling through my hair as I dismounted my Flightmare, Wisp. My plan was simple: to find a Fangback, Flightmare-Freeze it, and bring it back, and prove to all of my friends that I was right, and they were wrong.

I just hope that I could find a Fangback before it could find me.

Slowly entering the forest, I found it strange that it had all grew back since the fire.

it seemed to be even denser and darker than before. I shudder before walking down a trail made from old, broken tree branches. Wisp follows eagerly, probably because of the fish I had in my backpack.

Wisp was never the type to do something willingly. He's so stubborn, I'd have to bribe him for just about everything, and that was fine, as long as I always carried some fresh fish around.


As I go further and further into the forest, the light grows dimmer and dimmer. Soon, the only light around is coming from Wisp, and even that wasn't too bright.

Suddenly, a thought washed over me. 'What happens if I get lost here?'

I quickly shake the thought out of my head. I couldn't get lost.



I somehow make it to the center of the forest- well, I really hope that it's the center of the forest. It's too dark to tell. I can hear the chatter of squirrels above me as I walk towards a large boulder, half submerged in some-sort of goo.

"It's just rotting plants, Erika. Probably a small Peat Bog" I told myself. I didn't even think about how strange it was to find a small Peat Bog in the middle of the forest.


Suddenly, I shivered. I had a feeling that someone was watching us, and I wasn't alone with that. Wisp started getting agitated, and that's when I knew that something wasn't right.

As I look for whatever's watching us, the Forest seems to get even darker than before.

I nervously turn around, expecting to see a blast of fire heading right towards me.

But there was nothing. Just more trees, plants, and darkness.

That was before I heard it.

Some sort of dragon call. It sounded like a Monstrous Nightmare mixed with a Gronkle. Was it a Fangback? I was terrified, but Wisp wasn't.

Before I could react, he darted through some bushes, and I tripped a few times trying to follow him.

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Chapter Two - DNP

Chapter Two: First Contact


As I chased after Wisp, I didn't really think about whatever was watching us before. All I cared about at the time was finding out what interested him so much.


Then I saw it.


It was a dragon, that was for certain, but it looked, off. It resembled a Windwalker, but its most defining feature were its large back-spines and tail-spike. It whipped around, and it's golden eyes stared me down as I approached.

Before I could react, it spread its wings and started flapping. I was about to run, but the dragon let out a screech before falling to the ground. That's when I noticed that the wild dragon's leg was caught in a dragon trap.


As the dragon turned to face Wisp, I estimated that it was there for about a day or so. "How odd, I don't recall seeing anyone enter Fangback Fore-" then I pause. "Wait- Wisp, do you think that this is a Fangback?" I only get a growl for a reply. 'Ugh, Flightmares.' I think to myself.

I slowly approached the dragon, trying to not look like a threat OR like food at the same time. It growled, but it let me get close. Once I was close enough, I quickly grab a stick and attempt to pry the trap open. The wild dragon watches as I finally release it.

Slowly, it turns to face me.


Maybe this wasn't the best idea.


I closed my eyes, awaiting the plume of flame it would likely fire at me, but nothing happened. I still kept my eyes closed for a moment, before slowly opening them.

The 'Fangback' was just sitting there. Watching me all the while.

I took a step forward, and the dragon quickly spread its wings, before flying off. I watch with amazement as this giant creature was able to fly so swiftly.

In fact, I was so amazed, I almost forgot that it was getting late.


"Looks like we're staying the night, Wisp" I told my dragon. He huffed, but didn't stop me from pulling out a small leather bag to sleep in from his saddle pouch. I'm always prepared. Well, almost always. I only had a few herring left, but I was sure that we passed a small pond earlier, and that we could get some fish.

As the moon rises over the treeline, I hear strange dragons calls. They're almost mesmerizing, and I just stare at the few stars I can make out, before slowly drifting to sleep.


I'm honestly not sure what time it was, but late that night, me and Wisp woke up to footsteps, right outside our campsite. We quietly watched dark figures cautiously carrying some small dragon traps with them. 'Dragon Trappers.' I think to myself. 'So that's where the trap from before came from.'

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Chapter 2.2

(Ok turns out that if you reply to a post you won't be able to edit it. Looks like chapter 2 is a perma-WIP. Oops!)