Groryn and Indie!

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Groryn & Indie


Viking name; Groryn

Dragon name; Indiewhisp

Clan; N/A

Hobbies; Moderating the School zone, Flying laps around the stone pillars in both the School and Berk,

and practicing Thunder Run to one day be one of the best flyers! I love the challenge

of competeing with other vikings, it doesnt't matter if you win or not,

you'll get there one day! (o:


I remember the first day I set foot into the depths of the warm, humid atmosphere of the Hatchery.


I, Groryn, was set with the task of picking my life long partner. A complex decision based on what dragon I would want to be by my side, my loving companion, and fierce protecter.

Unsure of which path to chose, I took the personality test presented to me, a series of questions to help me decide on which dragon would fit me the best. I'm a spititual, adventuress, and contained girl. The given dragon to me was a Deadly Nadder.

Approaching the lava nest of large eggs, I didn't feel the attatchment I was hoping for. Scanning around, on the other side of the large lava pool, flickering dazzles of dew caught my attention. Facing the manifestation, they seemed to be glistening on the surface of a Monsterous Nightmare's shell.

/How could water be present in such a scorching place?/ I questioned myself.

Reaching below to touch the surface of the egg, it was rough, barely visible cracks appeared through the senses of my fingertips.

I felt an instant bond with this unborn dragon, something had pulled me in to wanting to see what it would become.





/A teenager, seemingly fresh meat of a trainer approaches you. Laughing internally to yourself, surely this girl couldn't be much of a hard task to brush off. A hand extended from her, as a sleek, pale Monstrous Nightmare slowly turned the corner, it's tongue slithering at the sight of you./


Didn't expect much of me, did you?

It's fine, you never know who you will encounter in this land.


/She shook your hand, then turned her head back to the Nightmare, who had slowly leant down her massive head to great you, awaiting your palm against the brim of her snout./


Oh, this is Indie, my companion. Ever since we've known one another, we've had an unexplainable bond.

And for myself? I'm Groryn Tuniaasl. Not a very frightening name, but don't doubt my skills in the race track.


/You nod, slightly awestruck by the capabilities of what you once thought was a newbie to The Academy. You question how long she has been around, and you are dying to learn more about this girl./


I haven't been around too long, don't worry, I suprised myself even.

And you want to know more about me? Sure!

As you can see, I'm usually in the Academy. I love watching the new recruits come out from the hatchery, with their newly born draglings! Oftenly, I'm flying around on Indie's back, moderating and keeping the teens of the Academy in line. We all know that with the different personalities of the dragons and people, scraps over little things can happen quite often.

For my free time? I would be in the Wilderness, sitting atop one of the high cliffs with my feet dangling of the edge. I enjoy whittling wood, creating small figurines of Gronkles, and other dragons! Also, I spend time weaving twigs, vines, and bark together, making a crown of flowers for myself and Indie. We like to stand on the edge of the cliff; she shoots out fire balls, and I chant how I will be the new Queen of the Academy.

I'm usually only in Berk in the late hours. In hideis always excited to drag me to one of the high peaks of the surrounding mountains so we can watch the sunset together.


/As she spoke, you realized as the Nightmare beside her began to nudge Groryn, the teen just shoved her face away before the dragon gently dropped her head weight onto her shoulder, which Groryn couldn't support. Her legs collasped beneathe her as Indie's head now rested on her chest. The dragon glanced up at you, before slowly pulling her head back in embarrassment for her actions. It seems she forgot you were there!/

/Standing up and brushing herself off, Groryn turned back to you before speaking once more./


And, when she wants my attention, she does.. well.. that.

I'm going to assume she's hungry, she hasn't eaten since around lunch. Growing girls really need their nourishment! And with that, I'll be off! Talk to you again later.


/She then mounted onto the back of the Monstrous Nightmare, before waving a hand. Indie's wings batted as they lifted off the ground, and made a nose dive off the landing pad where you two had met./



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Congradulations for being

Congradulations for being featured as the Viking of the Week!!




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Thank you!!

Thank you very much!! ;o;

I'm surprised I even got it, I'm so new to the game!!

Your entry was also very good, so many of the other applications topped mine easily!

I guess the pep to my step showed, eh?

I don't know, but thank you!! I hope you win next week! c: