'Gronckle Iron' Lab Glitched

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Hi guys, I decided to make a new School of Dragons account to play on since my old one wasn't really fun anymore. I got a membership when I got it and yesterday, I decided to do the Gronckle Iron quest. I got to the part where you have to feed Meatlug firewood and then cool the ashes, I thing is, whenever I get the feather, the bottom part with the water, fire, and ice disappears. Does anyone know how to complete the quest when all of it disappears or will I just have to abandon the quest or send a email to School of Dragons? Please let me know if you do.


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Hello! Thank you for

Hello! Thank you for reporting this issue. Have you tried clearing your browser and unity cache? This can sometimes help resolve certain issues. Which platform are you using to launch the game? If you could also please include your username and viking name. Thank you.

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I have tried clearing my

I have tried clearing my browser and unity cache, I am using a Windows 10 Asus desktop and it also won't work on the app for me. My username is TimeFairy and my viking name is CassiopeiaTheCrazy

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I knwo how to do this quest.

I knwo how to do this quest. :)Each objective in the quest to be done in order. It's one you do, you leave the lab and enter to do next. What is your goal now in the quest?

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Yes, I do them  all of them

Yes, I do them  all of them in order and how it says. Now it says Feed Meatlug dough which I can't do because the bottom part disappeared. 

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When heat water, don't click

When heat water, don't click green ''bird'', just feed Metlug Dough, then click the icon fire, until split it, and freeze it. :)

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I'm having this same problem

I'm having this same problem but using this and another work around, I've managed to complete the firewood step and dough step. But now I'm stuck on the gold step. I tried doing this same method, melting the ice but before clicking on the green check mark, I feed Meatlug the gold and make her spit it out. Only, it won't complete it and it won't let me ice the melted gold. I've tried everything I can think of. Any ideas or suggestions?






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Still here

Can anyone give any help or advice for this?

I am still stuck on the Gronckle Iron lab part but now I have another lab quest but every time I go into the lab, it makes me do the Gronckle Iron one. So now this is making me stuck on two quests and now I can't complete icestorm island with this bug.

I've tried the workarounds mentioned above and managed to get to feeding Meatlug the gold, and I can feed her the gold and get her to spit it out, but it still won't let me complete that objective and continue the quest and it's stopping me from completing another quest, too.

I've cleared cache and data, this is happening on both my mobile app and the downloaded version on my PC. Can I get help, a fix, or a workaround?

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I had the same problem a

I had the same problem a couple weeks ago, and the workaround in this thread helped me. :)




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Totally of topic

I read through ur siggy bc I really liked that drawing u did and wanted to see if there was more and I saw that u like the secret Benedict society and I just wanted to say that I really like the series as well


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Thank you so much! I was

Thank you so much!

I was really just stuck on the gold part and had no idea I just had to wait for it to cool. Now I can finally finish it and other quests! Thanks again for sharing this!