'The Groncicle Inside Scoop', 'For My Son, Hiccup' bugs

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Hello! I'm having quite the trouble solving some of the quests. For now I'm only going tochop it down to two quests but I'm actually having trouble with three in total.


The Groncicle Inside Scoop 

So! I started playing the game on my mobile device, an iPhone 5 (iOS 10) and later on moved onto my computer - but the same problem occures.

I have completed the Groncicle quest, it says among the dragons displayed on my profile that I indeed do have the Groncicle but no name or picture is displayed. Among the dragons themselves the Groncicle is no where to find. And when trying to enter the stable I get escorted straight to the Dragon Stable, where my Deadly Nadder and Tide Glider are. Would there be any way on fixing this? I'd rather not spend 600 gems in hopes of possibly getting a Groncicle to complete one single quest.


Computer: Desktop computer

Operating System: Windows 10

Web Browser: Google Chrome, but I play the game on Steam

What were you doing when the bug occurred?: It occured right after receiving the Groncicle, after achieving it, it was gone.

When did the error happen?: Around September-October I'd imagine

Graphics Card: Nivida GeForce GTX 1060 (6GB)




For My Son, Hiccup


this quest is one of the regualr quests.

The player has to collect and bring 6 flowers to Heather. However, I was only able to collect 4 before getting told to bring the flowers back to Heather. 

What were you doing when the bug occurred?: I was collecting the flowers! That was my goal, to collect the flowers and bring them back to Heather.

When did the error happen?: Same time as the Groncicle quest, perhaps late September




I really hope these bugs that can be fixed, I've seen multiple people having the same issues with the same quests. I do indeed want to play this game, but I'm not able to complete any other quests at the moment.

I hope to see help as soon as possible, thank you!





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Yeah it takes a bit on the groncicle one.

Yeah it takes a bit on the groncicle one. Do you have a stables that you can put it in? You have to have a nest for it, or you cannot activate your dragon. I found that out and had to earn 3000 coins before I could complete that quest. So irritating!

But yeah, try buying a new nest if you do not have one open. If that doesnt work, contact the admins.

Hope this helps!


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yes, i do. A Boulder Stable with two empty nests.

But since it doesn't come up on the dragon selection menu, I cannot move it into that specific stable.

And the dragon itself is glitched out badly when it has no picture and not the name you gave it.