Greenfire for Viking of the Week!

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Supreme Viking Champion
Joined: 06/28/2014

Hello everyone! Here's my application for VotW:



Viking Name: Greenfire

Dragon Name (Breed): Gemwing (Monstrous Nightmare)

Clan: The Zeal Predators

Hobbies/Interests: Exploration, tournaments, Stoker Class dragons, and just hanging out!

Hey there! I'm Greenfire, the fire-loving viking! My dragon, Gemwing, and I are always found training and goofing off together. I always enjoy the rush and adrenaline while racing in Thunder Run Racing, and I also enjoy the games of hide-and-seek with my dragons in the wilderness. You can practically feed us anything, since either of us aren't picky eaters. Without Gemwing, my life wouldn't be the same; even if he does get on my nerves, and, at points, lights me on fire.


Join Date: 8/19/13

Birthday: 12/31/00

Dragon Count: 70+ (Dragons shown HERE)

Clan: Swift Champions

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