The Great Hall - Improvements

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So i was thinking....The Great Hall really doesn't surve a purpose. What if it did?


In te middle there would be a giant table and on that table there would be a book. A book of dragons!


You could have the option to sit down, flip the pages and read.

You will learn about new types of dragons, you will learn secrets about your dragon.


This will help:

Improve your skills and knowladge

grow a bigger bond

uncover hidden abillities


So basically just like the book scene in the movie XD



Just a small suggestion :p



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this would be awsome! 

this would be awsome! 









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It is a really great idea.

It is a really great idea. Hope someday theyll bring it to life :)













Can´t wait for June 13th :)


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I am totally in on this idea.

I am totally in on this idea. Awesome! Hope they make this.


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Yes! That,  the option to sit with friends at the tables, and actually holding some sort of event inside the Hall with Viking festivities. :) (aside from the decorations)


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