Great hall dragon glitch

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Hi. I was doing the quest "A Gift for Hiccup" and I went into the great hall in Berk to talk to the headmaster, and I found this glitch: It's like I'm riding my dragon inside the building (I can even fly too) but my dragon is not shown. (Computer specs inside signature.)

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I just ran into that bug,

I just ran into that bug, too.  Kind of hilarious, but...


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I have hit this glitch as well. Got it after walking into the Great Hall while riding Sharksneeze.


No dragon?


The purple box is also an issue. I get it every time my mouse hovers over something that is clickable.


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Purple box as well

I ran into the purple box too: it changes position every fifteen seconds or so and goes where your pointer is.

Strange enough, I've been logging in three times since first I saw it but the second one it wasn't there for the whole play.

Kinda annoying but not essential.

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Bug Report

Hey everyone. Thanks for the reports. Our team is aware of this issue and currently working on a fix. Thanks for your patience.