Got some ideas, comment what u think bout them

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1.Weather patterns eg. Lightning,rain,sunny,cloudy,snowing
2.For hideout you could do like buttons to sit on a chair or lay down on the bed or even make your dragon burn something or make your dragon lay down or sit.Just decorations are boring.
3.Eating, how can our viking survive without eating or drinking? I suggest that we should have a wee house like a shop or restaurant or caffe in berk so that we could go there to eat and drink.
4.Simmular to no.3 & 4 ideas.We should have multiple rooms in our hideout including kitchen to make food and eat it.




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I really like those ideas :)

I really like those ideas :)




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Silver was born and grew up in Berk,her family hates dragons and wanted to get rid of them.

One night the young girl war out for repel the dragon who were attacking the village,at one moment while she was distracted a white night fury had gripped her and carried away from Berk.

Silver during the trip was faint and when she resumed her senses she found herself in the middle of a group of night furies on an unknown island.

The island was of volcanic origin and everywhere was scattered ash that gave a grayish color to the ground.

The girl saw that she had no way to go home and decided to live on the island she called:"The Island of the Night".

The years passed and Silver learned to know the dragons that lived on the island,but there was a very special dragon,it was the night fury that had kidnapped her...

The beautiful exemplar was the alpha that reigned on the island and seemed to want Silver to become her friend or even her knight.

And so it was,the young girl caught a strong bond of friendship with the dragon she called Sky.

Silver whit the materials on the island built a saddle and began to fly with her new friend.

Day after day their bond grew stronger and the girl decided to try to get back to Berk on the back of her dragon and convince the vikings that the dragons aren't evil as they think.

Her plan worked and Silver agree to stay at Berk with her beloved companion Sky.


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Thank you!

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These are awesome ideas. I can just imagine my viking going to the cafe and having a cuppa XD



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This is an excellent idea


#1 sounds a bit too much for Developers to grasp there's limited staff for School of Dragons without pairing up with larger game making company such as RockStart Games or Valve Corporation (Digital Gaming Company I think)  but since it's a small game not much high of popularity so it would quite awhile till we can get switching weather and day to night and #3 sounds great but also most things require gems and coins, which people would need to buy or get from the following list (For Coins: Battle Events, Quests, Stable Missions, Farming, TTR, Flight Club? and FireBall Frenzy?) but all of this isn't impossible but hard to achieve without higher game making companies or something