Good graphics + Good friends = Good times.

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These past 3 hours I have been having a great time! 

Me and my friends have been getting a bit sick of doing quests, So we decieded to
come out with our screenshots.. 


Tell me your opinion, do you like them?

Do you hate them?

Start a conversation and remember to be nice to

each other!


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Still trying to be a good dragon trainer..





Toothless The Night Fury: Hiccup Got shot so HighCup and Toothless teamed up forming an ultimate team to save Hiccup

Eri The Eruptodon: Was  shot down in the woods by the dragon hunters.. Her wings got hurt and scratched. She always respondeds to HighCup and tries to do her best to satasfies HighCup

Firus The Nightmare: A wild dragon was attacking the edge. Was infected by Stormheart. HighCup and the gang tried their best to help him. Once Firus was recovered He trusted HighCup and the gang

Snice The Groncicle: The dragon that doesn't love anyone, It doesn't listen to HighCup at all. 
Once HighCup was shot. She froze the hunters and flew him to the edge, leaving him with the gang.

Rhino the Rumblehorn: A dragon was being hunted by the dragon hunters. Once HighCup and the gang arrived, They shot the ships and HighCups said to the gang: "Distract the hunters; This dragon needs help.. After HighCup freed Rhino, They gained each others trust; making them bestfriends..

Grasitic The Gronckel: His mother was in the edge holding him while he was an egg. She flew him to the edge, tired, sad, angry, and hurt.. She was trying her best to keep her baby safe..
Until, the dragon hunters attacked the edge;, beccause they wanted to hunt down her egg..
She got shot, and sadly.. She died..
HighCup tried his best to help the egg; until the egg hatched and became bestfriends..