Gliding with an adult dragon

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  • First of all I'd like to say I'm glad that someone has bothered to read this. :)


  • So, down to buisness! I should start by saying that, when my dragon was a teen, I loved gliding but I really wanted to fly. However, now that I can fly, I can't glide. So then I thought, "Hey, what if there was an option to glide?" I thought about that a little more and thought of an idea of something that could be added. What if there was a button that allowed you to start gliding instead? If you go to the flight school thing by hiccup and click on your dragon you see the images and it asks you if you want to glide or fly. Maybe, when your dragon is an adult, that button would appear on the right, but it would be smaller and just show the picture of the dragon. If you click it than your dragon will be like a teen and will start gliding instead of flying. When in "Glide Mode" the button would than have a different picture on it that was the same as the dragon image that you click to practice flight in flight club. By clicking that your dragon would be in "Fly Mode" and would fly instead and the image would go back to how it was with the picture of the dragon for gliding.
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gliding would be cooland

gliding would be cool

and welcome to the forum! XD









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I like this idea!


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It would indeed be really

It would indeed be really fun! The same thing crossed my mind when my dragons could fly, evry single time, 'cauze it was really fun...




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dosen't it already exist?

well its a form of flying that i use when un the game. dont know if it what you mean by gliding.


you start flying get a nice hieght stop pressing space or the green button wait a while in the air and eventually your dragon stretches it wings out and starts gliding. of course you can turn a little and dive and gain hieght but its very slow.



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no we mean the gliding you

no we mean the gliding you had to do when you dragon is level 5-9