Glide Suit and Dragon Idea!

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For a while now, i've had this idea, that when youre gliding together with your dragon and you want to get back on it, it shouldn't be so sudden. 


I mean, when im gliding and i then click R, i'm suddenly back on my dragon which really doesn't make sense in the laws of physics. Of course, i know that this game isn't meant to be realistic, but it would be nice if your dragon flew in under you when you clicked the button to get back on or that there was a cutscene where you see your dragon catching you mid-air.

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Support this'd be kewl.











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Valor ate my subject :(




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A cutscene? I'd rather not. That would get annoying very quickly!


Having a dragon zoom towards you to pick you up would be cool, though. I understand why the pickup is instant, however. The pathing is pretty messy when a dragon follows you around in mid-air, as far as I've seen.


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