gIvE mE lIsTs Of yOur dRagOns (sorry for this)

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here is a list of all of my dragons, you can give me a list of your dragons if you want, I like knowing what dragons people have. this is a long list I'm sorry.
Tracker class:
Mudrakers: Silhouette and Given. Deadly Nadders:Wavern, Virus, Alchemy. Titan Nadders: Blade Spin, Chica. Rumblehorns: Welter and Freddy. Titan Rumblehorn: Champion
Tidal class: Scauldrons: Smidvarg, Darkwater, Nom Noms, Legit, Tempest. Titan Scauldron: Aqua Shear. Windwalkers: Nightmare and Dream. Shockjaws:The Tank Engine and Mountain Dew (I'm sorry). Sliquifiers: Jean, Ninja, Funtime Foxy, CinnamonToastKen and Aqua. Tide Gliders: Jack Septic Dragon, Syrena, AntiSepticEye, Motionless in white. Thunderdrums: DIGUSTANG and Phoenix. Sand Wraiths: (all three are titans) Hero, Indominus Rex and Phantom. Mystery Class: Changewings: Acid Eater, HypnoticPanic,Vulture and Team Skull Grunt. Boneknapper: Guzma. Titan Boneknappers: Papyrus and Savage. Titan buffalord:(I only have One buffalord.) MemeLord. Deathgrippers: Deramera and Seraph. Titan Deathgrippers: Demise and Azuriax. Armorwing: Markidragon. Slithersong: Basilisk. Deathsong: Skull Eater Jr. Titan Deathsongs: Skull Eater and Carnivore. Snaptrapper: Snap Jaw. Flightmares: (both are titan) Dream Eater and Marionette. Sweet Deaths: Pewdiedragon, GOOD GODS, Butter and Sweet Tooth. Zippleback: Hydranoid. Titan Zipplebacks: Mangle and Jekyll and Hyde. Dramillion: Invincible. Smokebreaths: Smokey, A Flying Orange and The Next Episode. Strike Class: Snow wraiths: Alabastor and Light Heath. Titan Snow Wraiths: The Smiler and Guillotine. Triple Strykes:(both are titans) Shocktail and Midnight Glass. Skrills: Desire and Exedra. Titan Skrills: Jolt Lock, Silver, Noiz and The Plague Doctor. Woolly howl:I Like To EAT. Titan Woolly Howls: Monster and Beauty of The Bass. Boulder Class: Gronckles: Moto Moto and Thanos car. Titan Gronckle: Slimm Hippo. Hotburples: Oscar, Bobb The Blob and Pretty Noice. Snafflefangs: Foxy, Krampus and Little Moo. Whispering Deaths: beep beep. Titan Whispering Deaths: Silent Screamer and RighteousSideOfHeII. Screaming Deaths: DeathOfMySanity, HellFire and Moms Spaghetti. Titan Screaming Deaths: Screaming Silence and LifeSplitter. Quaken: Boulder. Crimson Gorecutters: Velvet and DeadHeart. Elder Sentinel: Migraine. Titan Sentinel: (I only have one and it is a titan) SteelStone. Groncicles: Planet Eater and It Was An Accident. Grapple Grounders: Gravel Eater, Rayquaza, Mesprit and Mz Hyde. Thunderpede: Sam. Eruptodon: Loki. Sharp Class:(The List is almost over I promise) Stormcutters:(all four are titans) Storm Splitter (my main dragon), Saint Asonia, Joey and StormSplittersWifeXD. Grim Gnasher:(I only have one and it is a titan) Torment. Timberjacks: Angel and Angel of Darkness. Scuttleclaws:(both are titans) Hope and Alistair. Devilish Dervish: Crush Jaw. Razorwhip: Mikasa. Titan Razorwhips: Night Shear and Broken Crown. Prickleboggles: Blade Fin, Lure and Medic. Raincutters: Acid Rainer, Spoutblast,InGen and Abyssal. Speed Stingers: Delta, Echo, Sergal and HarpsBain. Titan Speed Stinger: Blue. Shivertooths (shiverteeth? I dunno.) Shiver, Navy, Mizuki and BILLY. Stoker Class:(last class, I'm almost done I promise) Monstrous Nightmares: Valiant and Nemesis. Titan Monstrous Nightmares: Claw Fang(The First dragon I ever got on this account) and Spring Trap. Singetail: Flare. Night Terror: Skyress. Fire Terrors: LORDXFEAR and UnderworldRaven. Hobblegrunts: Purple Guy and Usui. Silver Phantom: Fallout. Flame Whipper: Dako. Fireworms: Alpha and Beast. Terrible terror:(I only have one and it's a titan) Ren. Typhoomerangs:Sin, Bonnie, FIRE IN THE DISCO,Firewave and Nightscar. Moldruffles: Toxin, Armin and Laughing Jack. ok that's all
you can put a list of your xdragons if you want, I like to know peoples dragons. you dont have to if you dont want to.


Hi.. Im kiki.. uh.. just call me kiki.. Or Plague.. or Doctor.. But don't call meh Doc please.. My art and some pictures of my main dragons are at the bottom.. And my OCs backstory... and a suprise for you..

Storm Splitter and I in the Hidden World


2015 to 2019.

​I am still here, and I love watching the game evolve as time goes on.

In game name?



​Where to find me

​Hobblegrunt island, The Hidden world, or  New Berk. If Im not on any of those islands, I'm probably in the Whispering Death caves.


​Friend code?

​PM me and ask.





​Friends (pssst I spell friends wrong on purpose)

​Fury frend, Red frend, Hat frend, Fear frend, Stella frend and clan frends

​da bestest frends

community made viking

​Viking friend code: GO721X (I can't tell if the o is a zero or not.)

​I am currently working on an account that only has things that people on the forum have chosen to get me to put on the viking, So I won't be on my main viking as much. Once all of the stuff on the thread has been claimed and chosen, I will let people choose more things for me to get on it. 



I like to draw dragons, pet my dogs and make costumes, Im a furry and cosplayer.. Don't judge me. I also like to put Ghost Pepper hot sauce on almost everything I eat, and I like Steampunk stuff.


Pets (irl of course..)

​Marley (Bichon Shih Tzu), Trap (Rottweiler), Hellraiser (Rottweiler), Lemmi (Tamaskan Dog) and Rush, my service dog (dobermann). I also have ALOT of fish. but im not making a list of them all.. 


About me?

​I started playing with my current account in december of 2015, however I had an older account called "BeetLeafGrey" that I made in january of 2015, but I forgot the username. I live in Canada, Im 26 years old (even though I act like im four all the time..) and I am a paleontologist. My favorite show is Rupauls Drag race, And my favorite movies are How To Train Your Dragon 1,2, and the hidden world, The Greatest Showman, and most horror movies. I'm bi. I have ptsd and I have a sevice dog named Rush, and I am partially deaf in my left ear. I used to play the drums, and I like rock music. some of my favorite bands are: Seether, Slipknot, Skillet, Three Days Grace, In This moment, Imagine Dragons, Starset, Thousand Foot Krutch, Bring Me The Horizon, Linkin Park, Panic! At The Disco, I Prevail, Our Last Night, Fame on Fire, Marilyn Manson, Avenged Sevenfold, FFDP, Disturbed, Deftones, Get Scared, Halestorm, Shinedown and Hollywood Undead.


Eh.. Favorite song Lyrics?

This is the chorus to "The Fighter" by In This Moment.

​"I will not hide my face

​I will not fall from grace

​I'll walk into the fire, baby

​All my life I was afraid to die

​Now I come alive inside these flames"

​This song is very powerful. I highly reccomend you listen to it sometime.



​I don't usually do RPs because nobody asks me to join.. But if you have an RP I can join I would be happy to..

Main Dragons

​Storm Splitter (Titan Stormcutter, and he is my MAIN dragon)

​Demise (Titan Deathgripper)

​Jolt Lock (Titan Skrill)

​DeadHeart (Crimson Gorecutter)

​Guillotine (Titan Snow Wraith)

​Screaming Silence (Titan Screaming Death)

​Savage (Titan Boneknapper)

​Hero (Titan Sand Wraith)


Dragons? (very long list sorry.)

My main dragons will have coloured names

Sharp Class

Stormcutters: Storm Splitter (titan), Saint Asonia (titan), Joey (titan), StormSplittersWifeXD (titan), Natural Born Sinner (titan)

Timberjacks: Angel, Angel Of Darkness

Scuttleclaw​s: Hope (titan), Alistair (titan)

Raincutters: Acid Rainer, Spoutblast, Abyssal, InGen

Shivertooth (shiverteeth?): Shiver, BILLY, Mizz Long Face, Navy

Speed Stingers: Blue (titan), Delta, Echo, Harpsbain, Sergal

Razorwhips: Night Shear (titan), Broken Crown (titan), Mikasa

Prickleboggles: Blade fin, Medic, Lure

Grim Gnasher: Torment (titan)

Devilish Dervish: Crush Jaw

Mystery Class

Deathgrippers: Demise (titan), Azuriax (titan), Seraph (titan), Deramera (titan), Deathmatch (titan)

Hideous Zipplebacks: Mangle (titan), Jekyll and Hyde (titan), Hydranoid (titan), Hazard and Biohazard

​Slithersong: Basilisk

Death Songs: Skull Eater (titan), Carnivore (titan), Skull Eater Jr ( I logged onto the game one day and it had said I trained the baby deathsong. when I relogged, it forced me to name it and give it a stable.)

Armorwing: Markidragon

Slithersong:​ Basilisk, Blacklight

Snaptrappe​r: Snap Jaw

Changewings: Acid Eater, Team Skull Grunt, Hypnotic Panic, Vulture

Sweet Deaths: Pewdiedragon, Sweet Tooth, GOOD GODS, Butter

Flightmares: Dream Eater (titan), Marionette (titan)

Dramillion: Invincible (titan, and I want a refund for that age up.)

Buffalord: MemeLord (titan)

Smothering Smokebreaths: Smokey, A Flying Orange, The Next Episode

Boneknapper​s: Savage (titan),  The Infection (titan), Guzma

Boulder Class

Crimson Gorecutters: DeadHeart, Velvet

Gronckles: Slimm Thicc Hippo.., Moto Moto.., Thanos Car..

Whispering Deaths: Silent Screamer (titan), Bombwelter (titan), Hersha (titan)

Shovelhelm: Knight

Sentinel: SteelStone (titan)

Elder Sentinel: Migraine

Snafflefangs: Foxy, Little Moo, Krampus

Thunderpede: Sam

Quaken: Boulder

Screaming Deaths: Screaming Silence (titan), WarCry (titan), Hellfire, DeathOfMySanity, Moms Spaghetti

Groncicles: Planet Eater, It Was An Accident

Grapple Grounders: Gravel Eater, Garlic, Mz`Hyde, Rayquaza

Eruptodon: Loki

Hotburples: Oscar, Bobb The Blob, Pretty Noice

Stoker Class

Fire Terrors: UnderworldRaven, FEAR

Monstrous Nightmares: Claw Fang (titan, he was also my first dragon because I started before the new beginning), Spring Trap (titan), Valiant, Nemesis

Hobblegrunts: Purple Guy, Usui

Singetail: Flare

Silver Phantom: Fallout

Flame Whipper: Dako

Night Terror: Skyress

Fireworm Queens: Alpha (he's a boy so he's a Fireworm King I guess), Beast

Moldruffles: Laughing Jack, Toxin, Armin

Typhoomerangs: Bonnie, Nightscar, FireWave, Sin, Another Accident (I didnt mean to hatch him)

Terrible Terror: Ren (titan)

Tracker Class

Deadly Nadders: Chica (titan), Blade Spin (titan), Wavern, Trip, Virus

Mudrakers: Silhouette, Given

Rumblehorns: Champion (titan), Freddy, Welter

Strike Class

Skrills: Jolt Lock (titan), From Ashes To New (Titan), Noiz (titan), The Plague Doctor (titan), Exedra, Desire

Triple Strykes: Midnight Glass (Titan), The Plague (titan)

Woolly Howls: Monster (titan), Beauty Of The Bass (titan),Pursuit (titan)

Snow Wraiths: The Smiler (titan), Guillotine (titan), Lightheath(titan), Alabastor

Tidal Class

Thunderdrums: Phoenix (titan), DISGUSTANG

Tide Gliders: Jack Septic Dragon, Anti Septic Eye, Syrena, Motionless In White, Lil Mew, Diamond

Sand Wraiths: Hero (titan), Indominus Rex (titan), Phantom (titan), Skarth (titan)

Shockjaws: The Tank Engine (titan), Mountain Dew (titan) (I'm not apologizing for those names.)

Sliquifiers: (there was a glitch where the sliquifier egg wouldnt dissapear from the pedestal, and every time I went into my stables it made me hatch another one, so three of them are glitched.) Funtime Foxy, YOU SHALL NOT COOK, Jean (Glitched), Aqua (glitched), Tayerr (glitched), Cinnamon Toast Ken

Scauldrons: Aqua Shear (titan), Darkwater, Smidvarg, Tempest (titan), Legit, Nom Noms

Windwalkers: Dream, Nightmare, Pergatory (Pergatory is Dream and Nightmare's son, and he is the only dragon I have that is the offspring of 2 of my dragons, because I started making backstories for all of my dragons, and so far I only have Dream, Nightmare and Purgatory's story.)


Screenshots and Art


Me and Jolt Lock


Me and Hero


Me and Demise


Me and Deadheart


Me and Screaming Silence




​This is my first picture that I've made on my computer, I don't know how I would add textures or details, and I'm only really used to drawing by hand (my profile picture was also drawn by me.)

​I drew an ice dragon. I don't think its good. Yes, it has 3 eyes. I have a habit of drawing dragons with lots of eyes.

This is Cyro. Shes a Protogen. She's also my old profile picture.



​The Plague Doctor (my viking OC lol.)

[Likes: Dragons, wandering around hunter camps and acting like she owns the place, and then promptly blowing them up with her dragons, flying around in the hidden world (oh did I mention she turns into a dragon? Well she does, the picture of her dragon form is below this.), her best friends

​Hates: getting fired at by others in the school.. her enemies..

Her dragon form:


​(I have never written a backstory before so it might be bad.)

​It was normal at the school as always, Hiccup was working on new inventions, and the twins were destroying stuff, Until Astrid flew in from the training grounds saying she saw hunters coming towards the school. Hiccup and the gang along with all of the other students rushed to the Training grounds to stop the ships from getting into the school and hurting dragons. After a few minutes of fighting the ships, there was a roar so loud that it was heard over all of the growling and explosions coming from the dragons in the school. All of a sudden, a white and purple dragon with metal on its forearms, face, and its legs landed  on the crows nest of the ship and started blasting fireballs made of a black smoke like substance at the students and everyone who was firing at the ship, and they all started backing away. Then the white and purple dragon flew up off of the crows nest of the ship, and blasted a ball of smoke at the ship. When the smoke cleared,  There was a giant hole in the side of the ship, yet no debris anywere. Then the dragon flew back away from the ship, and then flew headfirst into the crows nest, tipping the hunter ship sideways and causing the ship to flip over.  The white dragon looked at hiccup and everyone else. Hiccup looked closely at the dragon, trying to see what species it could be, however, he didnt recognize it as anything he had ever seen before. When he blinked, it was suddenly gone. Later that day when the ship was being removed from the school, Fishlegs ran up to Hiccup and said he found something interesting. Hiccup and Toothless followed Fishlegs, and he took them to the hunter ship from earlier that day. It had been flipped so the place where the black smoke hit it was visible. Fishlegs started saying that the fireball wasn't smoke, but it was burning hot ashes, that were hot enough to entirely disintegrate  the materials from the ship within seconds. Then Fishlegs handed hiccup a dragon card with a drawing of the white and purple dragon on it, yet there was no info about it written on the card. Fishlegs was shining with excitement.

"ooh! I cant wait to learn more about it! Can we go search for it?! Pleeease?" 

​Hiccup thought about it for a while, thinking about how dangerous this dragon was, but then he remembered all of the dragons he had faced before. He agreed with fishlegs, and told him to get Astrid and the others. Fishlegs was so happy that he was running around looking for everyone. when he was searching for snotlout, He ran into Plague and Storm Splitter. 

​"Sorry Plague! We are going to search for that white dragon and I'm so excited!!"

​He kept running, but out of the corner of his eye he saw Plague glare at him. He ignored it and found Snotlout, and they all started flying out towards the ocean. 

​"Why are we searching for this dumb dragon?? Nobody even saw where it went!! I could be training right now!" Snotlout yelled.

​"Yes but that dragon could be dangerous, or it could get caught by dragon hunters and used to destroy the School. " Hiccup said.

All of a sudden, Stormfly stopped flying and growled.

"Whats wrong girl?"  Astrid pet Stormfly.

​ "Hh whats that over there? Is it a giant bird? CHICKEN IS NOT AMUSED!!!" Tuffnutt yelled. 

​Hiccup got a worried expression on his face when he turned and saw the white and purple dragon staring directly at them.

​Then, the white dragon flew towards them faster than they could all react.

It pushed Hiccup off of toothless and they both started falling. Stormfly blasted a fireball at the white dragon, but the dragon flipped around and fired a ball of ashes at her fireball before it hit her, causing a giant explosion of ashes. Astrid looked around trying to think of a plan, but suddenly a titan Stormcutter grabbed her and Stormfly and started flying away from the others. When she looked back, she saw everybody else being carried by titan stormcutters as well, But the titan stormcutter carrying Hiccup and toothless looked.. familiar.. Storm Splitter. When she turned again to face forwards, she saw the white and purple dragon flying ahead of her. After a couple of hours of flying, they landed on a rock, and the titan stormcutters stayed close. The white and purple dragon walked closer, and Astrid went to grab her axe

​The titan stormcutters growled at her and she instantly dropped it on the ground. The white dragon smacked the axe far away from astrid with its tail, and then it sat down. Hiccup looked at it closely. It just sat there castually. Hiccup looked at Astrid with a confused look, and then everybody looked at each other. "uh... Plague?" Fishlegs said in a confused voice. Hiccup turned to look back at the white dragon, but instead of the dragon.. He saw Plague sitting where the dragon was. He looked at her in a confused way, until he looked at her hands and saw.. the white dragon's hands.. "Wait.. What?" Astrid asked. Then Plague stood up, and flicked around a long white tail with a giant purple fin at the end, and purple spikes.

​"Boo" Plague said

​"WAIT YOURE A DRAGON??" yelled the twins.

​"Can you blow up trees?! I love blowing up trees! You can come with us! LETS GOO" Yelled Tuffnut

​"Nobody is supposed to know about this, so no, I can't help you blow up trees."

"​Youre no fun!" said Ruffnutt.

​"Why cant anybody know?" asked Astrid.

​"Just act like you dont know, Ok??" Plague said in a serious tone.

"We won't tell anyone." said Hiccup. "Right Guys?"

"I still wish we could blow up trees.."  Said the twins in a sad voice.

​Then Plague waved at her titan stormcutters, and they took them all back to berk. To this day, nobody knows that Plague can turn into a dragon, except hiccup and the others. Plague shows up at hunter raids to destroy ships every once and a while in her dragon form, but It still remains a secret.


(If you reached the end of my signature and read through my bad character backstory, PM me and I'll make a drawing for ya.) 

 I will add more to this and fix it later.




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I want a spaghetti hat.

oh also, school of dragons has kinda ruined my ability to type, so I sometimes put Xs in front of the words without realizing

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I haven't played SoD for quite a long while so I might forget some

Mudrakers: Mudhoney and Sinaasappel

Nadders: DeadWrong, deadHorse, Witchura, Night in White Satin

Rumblehorn: Shield Toad

Scauldron: Pelican

Tide Glider: Splashdancer

Sand Wraith: Sandstorm

Shockjaw: The Body Electric, Schildpad (my sister's dragon, but I play and she has the dragons)

Raincutter: November

Shivertooth: Dehydrated Coyote, Lithium

Razorwhip: Sweetchbladeknives, Papercut, Trance Mission, Polly

Speed Stinger: CupCop

Stormcutter: Easter Fire

Grim Gnasher: Ultraviolent

Eruptodon: Pluto, Plush

Groncicle: icyRoad, Snow

Gronckle: dormantVolcano, Wuffi

Hotburple: Dragon Cannonball

Whispering Death: WhisperInTheDark, Megaphone, Echo, Silent Storm, Calm after the Storm

Armorwing: Asura, Battle Symphony

Death Song: KillerOnTheRoad, Rager

Smokebreath: Stardust: Kartoeffelchen

Triple Stryke: Emperor Scorpion, Demon Stinger

Woolly Howl: Nubecula Pulverea, Lupa

Boneknapper: TBone

Nightmare: lightMyFire, Wildfire, Innuendo, Schweinchen (my sister's)

Singetail: Firework, Light Year

Moldruffle: Phoenix

Zippleback: River and Concrete, Ignis et Cinis

Flame Whipper: Live Wire

Hobblegrunt/Threadtail: Threadfail (I'm not sorry)


that's what you need to no

elder of Immortal Midgard Lightning, picture by yaxmi

part of Dreki Riddari

Things you don't need to know about me and my dragons to stay alive: My viking's name is nightrainOfSummer. She's not really a character, rather a version of myself. I do have a story but it changes a lot so I don't write it here. My second viking's name is HighwayMintOvO. I named both after amazing songs (Nightrain by Guns N' Roses, Highway to H.ell by AC/DC and Highway Zero by Izzy Stradlin), Mint, our almighty goddess and OvO, the one and only stalker king Psycho Boneknapper.

Outside of game info: I love listening to music, most of my dragons are named after songs. I'm watching One Piece (finally at the current episode) and what I like the best about HTTYD are the dragons. My favourite dragons are the Skrill, the Stormcutter, the Triple Stryke and the Moldruffle. I also play Rise of Berk and I read Warrior Cats (in German). My favourite movie is Into The Wild (no, not only because of the soundtracks... but they're a big part of it too XD)
This is my dragon cave account.

My characters
Those are documents mainly about my dragons, but also adoptables and own characters. I'd like to thank everyone who made art for me, I'm always happy to see others' interpretations of my characters. I'll link them soon. I will also link the songs I named them after, if there's no music video I'll link a live video because they're more interesting to me. If there's no decent quality live video either I'll try to link an audio XD
Nightrain's dragons
DeadWrong (Dead Wrong by Adler)
Megaphone (Nothing As It Seems by Pearl Jam)
Whisper in the Dark (Whispers in the Dark by Skillet)
Mudhoney (the band Mudhoney)
RiverAndConcrete (River and Concrete, both by Izzy Stradlin)
lightMyFire (Light My Fire by The Doors)
liveWire (Live Wire by Mötley Crüe)
Dehydrated Coyote (Dehydrated and Milo, both by Izzy Stradlin)
Sweetchbladeknives (Rocket Queen by Guns N' Roses)
KillerOnTheRoad (Riders on the Storm by The Doors)
Papercut (Paper Cut by Nirvana)
Dragon Cannonball (Human Cannonball by Toadies)

Highway Mint's dragons
The Body Electric (The Body Electric by Hurray for the Riff Raff)
Innuendo (Rocket Queen by Guns N' Roses)
Trance Mission (Trance Mission by Izzy Stradlin)
Polly (Polly by Nirvana)
Silent Storm (Silent Storm by Carl Espen)
Rager (The Rager by Kyle Craft)
Calm after the Storm (Calm after the Storm by The Common Linnets)
Battle Symphony (Battle Symphony by Linkin Park)
Black Hole Sun (Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden)
Night in White Satin (Nights in White Satin by The Moody Blues)
Snow (Snow by Izzy Stradlin)

Other dragons
Other animals

Screenshots of my dragons:

















Dragon Cannonball


Emperor Scorpion


Demon Stinger


Quatsch und Tratsch

others' pictures
Thanks for the amazing pictures!

My imaginary Stormcutter by Zikta
Mudhoney by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX

lightMyFire by Zikta

Sandstorm and icyRoad by Zikta

RiverAndConcrete by Wixyigzy

Asura by Zikta

RiverAndConcrete by Zikta
Asura by AntroTyree
Sandstorm by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX

LiveWire by dogloven
LiveWire by AntroTyree

DeadWrong by Zikta

Sandstorm by Zikta

Sandstorm by Zikta

DeadWrong by Zikta
Tiger Baby, a female Night Fury adoptable; base by Wyndbain, colored by AntroTyree

Primal Scream, a female Blazing Firemaw, adopted from Zikta

DeadWrong the philosoph by Zikta
DehydratedCoyote by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX
lightMyFire by XxXPurpleHolking
Asura by XxXPurpleHolking
Sandstorm by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX

lightMyFire by Zikta

Megaphone after playing in the snow and becoming friends with the one and only psycho Boneknapper aka this happens when you fail to request the right colors by Zikta

my trumpet dragon Allamanda by ScaleFeatherz

DeadWrong after becoming a titan wing by Zikta

DeadWrong - maybe he has changed by Zikta
DeadWrong - but he will always remain the question marker by Zikta

the psycho Boneknapper and Nightrain by Zikta

TBone and Nightrain by Zikta

Lucid Dream, a Flightmare chosen and drawn by Zikta

LiveWire by Zikta

LiveWire by Zikta
DeadWrong by Zikta

DeadWrong by Zikta

DeadWrong by Zikta
DeadWrong kidnapped by Zikta

Nightrain playing with Zikta's Gronckle meteor (with helmet, just to be safe, a header is dangerous, you know)

deadHorse by Zikta

my waterproof hairdryer dragon Siccy by TosiLohi

Primal Scream as Titan Wing by Zikta

Siccy the titan wing waterproof hairdryer dragon by Zikta

Allamanda the titan wing trumpet dragon by Zikta

Edit of Emperor Scorpion by Zeezur

Emperor Scorpion by Zikta

Easter Fire by Zikta

Fab One by Zikta
KillerOnTheRoad by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX

Emperor Scorpion by Zikta

Sandstorm sunbathing by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX

DeadWrong by XxSilver.NightxX

Emperor Scorpion by Zikta

Emperor Scorpion and DeadWrong by Zikta

Nubecula Pulverea the Woolly Howl, chosen and made by RagingNature

Piscatora Spinata, a Whispering Glider by snowflake12298

Nubes Gravis, a male Artillery Wyvern by Wildvanity

Emperor Scorpion by Kasanelover

WhisperInTheDark and Sweetchbladeknives by piggyxl

Emperor Scorpion by RoaringOrigins

Tiger Baby by ELSA II

Mudhoney and Firework by Zikta

Marinecutter by Madoka Miyazono

DehydratedCoyote by Fireflash

Tiger Baby by Zikta

Nubecula Pulverea and Tiger Baby meeting for the first time by RoaringOrigins

Dragon Cannonball by RedHoodJason

Emperor Scorpion by Zikta

DemonStinger by Zikta

Quatsch und Tratsch by sunsetlightthelovely

Sandstorm by Zikta

liveWire the cactus by HoneyCloudy

liveWire by sunsetlightthelovely

cute DemonStinger and a cute fish by RoaringOrigins

DeadWrong by Zikta

deadHorse by Zikta

Tiger Baby by Zikta

Sandstorm by Zikta

Give DeadWrong back -_- by Zikta (note that question mark)

DeadWrong by Zikta

DeadWrong by Zikta

DeadWrong by Zikta

Pluto and DemonStinger by Zikta

Quatsch und Tratsch, RiverAndConcrete and Ignis et Cinis by RoaringOrigins

Tiger Baby by Zikta

Witchura by Zikta

Threadfail by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX

An Artillery Wyvern egg by Wildvanity

Look who hatched! Bluehound Star the Artillery Wyvern by Wildvanity

Threadfail by Zikta

Bête Traquée by LissaFish

KillerOnTheRoad as Spyrogia by ImDerpySheylaYT

Ignis as Spyrogia by ImDerpySheylaYT

Cinis as Spyrogia by ImDerpySheylaYT

Bête Traquée as Spyrogia by ImDerpySheylaYT

Reward with DehydratedCoyote by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX (no thanks, you're number one :3)

Tiger Baby by AndreaEaston

Sandstorm by AndreaEaston

DehydratedCoyote by XxXPurpleHolkingXxX

Hypergolic by RoaringOrigins

Primal Scream by LissaFish

Some non-forum-RP birds by RoaringOrigins

Pics by me


Dragon Cave
Shortwing Spirit the Albino Dragon
Hochspannungsleitung the Electric dragon
Vasoline the Sunstone Dragon
Attitoode the Misfit Pygmy
IronCurtain the Split Dragon
Twump Towers the Gilded Bloodscale Dragon
SpeedOfSound the Carmine Wyvers
Magik Hemelfeeks the White Dragon

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Kiki sceptic eye
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I want a spaghetti hat.

OoOOh those are cool names

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Even Flow
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Same to your dragons' names. Phoenix and Echo caught my eye since I also have dragons with those names and I'm pretty sure your DISGUSTANG is the second Thunderdrum with that name I saw XD

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Thumbtack, bring back that subject!

Sorry for the randomness, but may I ask if there's a specific reason why your Mudraker is called Orange? xD


Oh, hello! Please, come in! I'm totally not a psychopath!


^Chibi Moon and Hill by me^


^Made for me by my absolutely skilled finacée^











Oh, there it is. Silly old universe. The more I save it the more it needs saving. It’s a treadmill.

Yes, yes I know they’ll get it all wrong without me.

Well, I suppose….one more lifetime won’t kill anyone. Well, except me.

You wait a moment, Doctor. Let’s get it right. I’ve got a few things to say to you. Basic stuff first.

Never be cruel, never be cowardly. And never ever eat pears! Remember – hate is always foolish…and love, is always wise.

Always try, to be nice and never fail to be kind. Oh, and….and you mustn’t tell anyone your name. No-one would understand it anyway.

Except….children. Children can hear it. Sometimes – if their hearts are in the right place, and the stars are too. Children can hear your name.

But nobody else. Nobody else. Ever.

Laugh hard. Run fast. Be kind.

Doctor – I let you go.



-Twelfth Doctor, Twice upon a Time

The tears I cried over this speech, you have no idea.








May Starclan light your path




Heyo. Hillevi here, but you may call me Hill for short, if you like.


For my italian fellows no, I have nothing to do with the youtuber Favij. I added the last letter to my name because otherwise the game wouldn't accept it, realising only later that I might be mistaken for a fan. Luckily a while ago I found a solution to this problem in-game, but my forum account is older. So, yeah... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯




Random stuff about me:



-I'm a Hufflepuff


-I'm probably older than most of you


-I'm a cat lady


-Also obsessed with sunflowers!!


-I'm an incredibly introverted person


-I cried like a baby watching Coco by Pixar


-I'm studying Dutch and currently living between Italy and the Netherlands


-I love listening to music. My favourite genre goes from Disney songs to Disturbed, but I also love the Cranberries, MIKA, Panic! At the Disco, Skillet, Starset, Imagine Dragons and Thousands Foot Krutch.


Out of HTTYD, I love Fullmetal Alchemist, Doctor Who, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Harry Potter and Warrior Cats (still not over Yellowfang).






When your favourite character just died and your parents don't get what you're going through because

"it's fictional"






In game I'm simply known as Hillevi (Hil‧le‧vi), you might see me in the wilderness chilling on the platform or, when I'm in the right mood, the racing lobby. Please note that any jokes hinting to Levi from Attack of Titan won't be taken well unless you like to be fired at with no mercy.





I do NOT take clan or friends requests anymore, sorry ^^'

I'm good in my own little clan, couldn't care less about the annual tournament and having a stable friendship with anyone is not really my thing...



BEWARE, some drawings of mine coming in hot!




Hillevi and Moon

a.k.a. my Oc and my fiancée's










Thumbtack, male titan Whispering Death                   


DemonSlayer, male titan Terrible Terror


Psycho Mama, female Hotburple


Free Spirit, male Buffalord (soon to be titan)


Cleo, titan Deadly Nadder


Balerion, adult Deadly Nadder



More boring stuff no one wants to know, coming soon on this signature!


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Even Flow
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Apart from being orange with green pattern, not really xD

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Sure Why Not...

That must of been fun to type out XD Cool names, here's the dragons on my main viking... I wouldn't dare put all my vikings dragons cause I fear there would be a few hours lost to that... XD 


Strike Class
Tempest - Skrill - Titan
Light Fury
Triple Strykes
Karma - Titan
Aldrnari - Titan
Woolly Howls
Spinner - Titan
Crodon - Titan
Snow Wraiths
Fray - Titan

Tracker Class
Indago - Rumblehorn

Vedan - Very First Dragon

Eylir - Titan



Sharp Class
Tenebris - Devilish Dervish
Dareus - Timberjack
Cervix - Prickleboggle




Grim Gnashers
Sagax - Titan
Speed Stingers
Celero - Titan
Kedus - Titan
Noize - Titan


Tidal Class
Ashtrick - Shockjaw - Titan
Target - Sliquifier
Ragdoll - Windwalker
Beady - Scauldron - Titan

Sand Wraiths
Jewels - First - Titan

Karra - Titan
Saga (No I don't have enough Sand wraiths whatareyoutalkingabout?)
Sonic - Titan
Tide Gliders

Mystery Class
Steel - Armourwing
Velvet - Sweet Death
Nebulae - Smothering Smokebreath
Vicis - Changewing
Venus/Saturn/Neptune/Pluto - Snaptrapper
Leaknir - Buffalord
Otti - Flightmare
Odines - Slithersong
Spina - Titan
August - Titan
Durinn - Titan
Muse - Titan
Trix and Rix - Titan
June and July

Stoker Class
Fraya - Singetail
Ingeous - Eruptodon
Saphira - Flamewhipper
Tenebray - Night Terror
Checkers - Terrible Terror - Titan
Crona - Fireworm Queen
Dray - Moldruffle
Kilo - Silver Phantom
Helix - Hobblegrunt
Balhyr - Fire Terror
Monstrous Nightmares
Ignis - Titan
Blazer - Titan

Boulder Class
Rotatorz - Whispering Death - Titan
Sorrin - Screaming Death
Spirit - Grapplegrounder

Nox - Hotburple
Silex - Quaken
Crura - Thunderpede
Crimson Gorecutters
Friday - Elder

Annnnd That's all the dragos I got... XD Maaaaan I have.... one too many XD
Names are up for grabs if you wish... I don't mind... XD


Some information on me?

Sure Why Not....



Was kinda obvious but :T



18... Birthday was the 18th....


Main Dragon?


      A white and green titan sandwraith named Jewels..... who has a slight habit of dissappearing on me....


Favourite Colour?


      Green....... Neon green to be exact..... which looks really nice on white... and black......




     Does Headphone junkie, concert crazy, digital artist, and occasional writer answer this?


Favourite area in SoD?


     If you're ever looking for me in game..... Just.... go to the highest spot of the map, and you might be


able to see me hiding on one of the ledges.......


Where I live?

    I love maple syrup on everything......... Does..... that give it away?


Current Clan?

     The Leader of Glass Wing Riders.........




No, I am not showing all my dragons here...... I have too many. I'll just make a video of them all later....


I'll post it to my youtube channel when completed.



But here's a pic of Jewels and my viking :P



Hey, got instagram?
Go check out my SoD account.... I post fun game glitches, HTTYD/SOD art, and movie edits on there.


Yeah... I think that's it. Enjoy.


This... This needs some touch ups... and more colour.... -.-...... Give me a bit.



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-Insert cool subject here-

Oh dear here it comes. My desire to share my Great Rainbow Wall of Dragons list. I don't know which of my vikings I should do so I did all of them. I don't think I've actually got all of them. it's been some time and I might have forgotten a few.


Red = Alpha Zero's dragons

Orange = Deep Dweller's dragons

Yellow = Jet Doyle's dragons

Green = Rena the Phoenix's dragons

Cyan = Asgard the Mute's dragons

Blue = Delta IHQ's dragons

Purple = Gavin Maurel's dragons

Gray = DecimaA's dragons


*Bold = Titanwings

Skrills: Hurricane, Levi, Kaio, Tempest, Rockette, Zoren

Deadly Nadders: Quickforce, Tak, Puma, Juno, Zuago, Geode, Snuggles, Sigor

Monsterous Nightmares: Phoenix, Scorch, Pyro, Arson, Fireloard, Fuago, Iga

Gronkles: Crash, Maul, Bublo, Sperd, Pestell, Ki, Kopa, Bubba, Miq

Hideous Zippleback: Terror and Fleece, Ice and Fire, Life and Death, Wind and Earth

Thunderdrums: Zokatu, Niki, Lilac, Aku

Scaudrons: Zinc, Wirt, Merciless, Bwubble, Bleb

Stormcutters: Suba, Autunm Flame, Vortex

Changewings: Amber, Argon

Woolly Howls: Wraith, Mammoth, Claudis

Snafflefangs: Chrome, Kodiac, Flipyap, Yapflip, Teri

Groncicles: Warp, Spirit, Seethus, Mint

Grapple Grounders: Bolt, Adicus

Devilish Dervish: Zicora, Tiega

Moldruffles: Taupo, Valles

Armorwings: Iodine, Gus

Raincutters: Vapor, Monsoon, Derecho, Doc

Singetails: Tina

Eruptodons: Derp

Snaptrappers: Storm Smite Gil & Soul

Tide Gliders: Uru

Razorwhips: Garcia, Hailspike, Soulblare, Microburst, Ventus, Hookecho, Eridene, Bayonet, Knite

Fire Terrors: Red

Night Terrors: Bloo

Terrible Terrors: Virgil, Toothless

Mudrakers: Hydra, Jul Mdama, Goliath, Oxianne

Rumblehorns: Bloodcrust, Juggernaut, Aegis, Tartarus, Furious, Zogu, Jotaro

Triple Strykes: Caran, Simoom

Smothering Smokebreaths: Drop, Eurana, Cirrus, Nimpus

Windwalkers: Annabelle, Ossil, Otis, Windwalker, Argion

Timberjacks: Slash

Hobblegrunts: Apatosaur, Quen

Boneknappers: Xenon, Winston, Lady Pharfin

Hotburples: Macroquake, Kate

Speed Stingers: Sniper, Sodo, Raptor

Scuttleclaws: Emmanuel

Flightmares: Opal, Alacer, Linc

Shockjaws: Elliot, Eddy, Roland, Agrea, Kirk

Shivertooth: Hornet

Deathsongs: Spiver, Lok

Whispering Deaths: Whipper, Wyrm, Ulza, Jade, Marcus

Screaming Deaths: Virus, Penga, Sith

Sand Wraiths: Vitah, Malco, Luna, Eisal

Fireworms: Chaser

Typhoomerangs: Magma, Cyclone, Roto, Lithium, Tuku

Elder Sentinels: Malus

Flame Whippers: Dovah

Grim Gnashers: Lieth

Snow Wraiths: Pulvis

Sliquivers: Birtrand, Muca, Margret

Silver Phantoms: Calor

Night Furies: Toothless, Toothless, Toothless, Toothless, Toothless, Toothless, Toothless, Toothless



MegaboltPhoenix's Signature



I am MegaboltPhoenix on the forums, but in game, I am known as Alpha Zero. (New banner's underway with renovation)




Table of Contents


SoD Information


Franchise Designs to Book Dragons

Other Accounts



Short Stories

Role Plays






 Art  Chat  Q&A 



SoD Information:


Name: Alpha Zero

Gender: Female

Clan: Spiteless Cult of Incompetence

Number of Vikings: 8

Member: No (former member)

Trophies: 1000 - 2000

UDT: 400,000

Main Dragon: Hurricane (Titan Skrill)

Number of Dragons: 91

Date of Registration: July 5th 2014

Last Online: 3/8/2019







Jaguar  Oca  Lagar  Aslan  Durkaanthurnax  Vector  Alan  Ungolf  Rhiana  Ky  Adaia


Franchise Designs to Book Dragons


Pictures contain Lincs


Other Accounts 


Scratch   Steam   YouTube   Deviantart   Facebook







Cat Bases

[Part 1]

[Part 2]


Dragon Bases

Wave 1    Wave 2   Wave 3   Wave 4   Wave 5   Wave 6   Wave 7   Wave 8


Requestable Bases



Woolly Howl*


*The thread said requests are undecided. But Woolly Howl requestables are available*


Animal Bases + a Wooly Howl base

:Advanced Bases:


Contains Titanwing Bases*



Short Stories


| A Day in Life |








Return to Black Mesa




Out to the Inside


The Multiverse

The Core and the Fury (ongoing)

A Splinter in Time




17% Ark: Survival Evolved

66% Watching Cartoons

1% School of Dragons

8% Drawing/Sketching

4% Roleplaying

3% Other

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『Madoka Miyazono』
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Eh, sure, why not?

I haven't bought/hatched a dragon in a long time, haven't really had the motivation to...



Scarlet (Titan)




Whispering Death:








Sand Storm (Titan)


Shockwave (Titan)



Mystique (Titan)





Screaming Death:

Thunder Howl




Spark (Titan)

Fireworm Queen:






Fizzie & Zippie

Sand Wraith:

Desert (Titan)













Speed Stinger:




Thunder Claw


Grapple Grounder:








Woolly Howl:






Flame Whipper:


Triple Stryke:



Elder Sentinal:




My friends named a lot of these, especially the Triple Strykes. I didn't really want them, but one of my friends turned them into a joke, so it stays.

Most are character names, a few in other languages, and some that I just came up with on the spot.


Got an OC you want drawn? PM me! I take requests frequently.

Excludes school exam periods and homework afternoons




Yes, I am an artist. I mean, I have

to squish it in with my studies,

but I do sketch a fair bit.

Some of these are old. Quite old.

If ya like 'em, ask me and I might be 

able to draw one for ya












(WIP)                                                        (WIP)                                                                




                                                                                                                     (Drawn by a friend)


                                                           (Drawn by a friend)                             (Drawn by a friend)


(Drawn by a friend)                                                               




For all the art that you lot have

 made for me.

I am eternally grateful for your

fantastic art, and everything

you've made. Keep rockin'




               Lawrence by Smoothie                                     Humanoid Lawrence by ZestyDragonWing

Ball Lawrence by Zikta                     By SangoMichiko13        



By SpeedyLeaf


By Bohemian Rhapsody



And a warm welcome to my Vamp-night, Shadow! Thanks so much to Belubel2014!

Ivyfeather by Flitt! She's got a pair of cute googly eyes on the shell, lol


"She was one part left alone, two parts tragedy..."

"And despite an army of friends who all call her an inspiration, she remains a conversation piece between people who can't understand that she's trying to kiss the wounded parts of herself and heal. She built a cast around her broken heart, and decided within herself, that they were wrong! But her life will only always be a balancing act. That had less to do with pain, and more to do with sanity."

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Your dragon’s names are very creative!

I’ll post mine from all my vikings.


Strike Class:

Skrills- Acro, Thora, Doku

Triple Strykes- Stingshadow, Bumblebee

Woolly Howl- Icethorn

Snow Wraith- Glacier


Sharp Class:

Shivertooth- Wolf

Speed Stinger- FoxLeap

Razorwhip- Imperial Golde

Prickleboggles- Yah’de, SweetTooth, Joyous


Mystery Class:

Zippleback- Slither and Heart

Slithersong- EchoFlight

Deathsong- Monarchy

Armorwing- Kalrathi

Snaptrapper- Nus Vee Trap and Fly

Flightmare- MistClaw

Changewing- Vidar

Boneknapper- Amos Moses, TyrannoRex


Boulder Class:

Gronckles- Marshmallow, Eira

Whispering Deaths- Slitherhead, MudWhisp

Groncicle- Brrrostbite

Eruptodon- Magnus


Stoker Class:

Nightmares- FlameScale, Balefire, Pyro

Singetails- Charcoal, Little Red

Flame Whipper- Zebra

Typhoomerang- Ashwing

Terrible Terror- Skyfeather


Tracker Class:

Mudraker- Mudball

Nadder- Thundersong


Tidal Class:

Sand Wraith- RedSand

Sliquifier- SeaStorm


Oh! I didn’t see you there. Welcome to my signature!

(RedSand wonderfully drawn by the great Feenix the Fire. Thank you!)

(Nuclear drawn and animated by the talented Feenix the Fire. Thank you!)



Click the logo to join the Rebel Legion: A Star Wars costuming group!


(Profile picture drawn by my boyfriend.)

I am not as active as I used to be. New to adulthood, a new relationship, and I have many other games that occupy my time. I apologize for the inconvinience.


I am also a gamer. I play multiple games...just to name a few: I play Star Wars: The Old Republic (I love jedi), Minecraft, Terraria, Team Fortress 2 (Medic main!), Fallout (New Vegas, 3, and 4), School of Dragons, Trove (Dracolyte ftw), Don't Starve (go Webber!), Creativerse, Vainglory (Taka main, if you cannot tell), Roblox (I enjoy the military groups), Gmod (I usually play Clone Wars or Halo), Skyrim (go Argonians!), Oblivion, Portal, Battlefront, Arma (Star wars group mainly), the Isle (I love dinos), and more! If you have a favorite game, feel free to message me about it! I love conversations, and I'm kind of lonely.


My favorite dragons are Skrills, Slithersongs, Sand Wraiths, and Gronckles.


My favorite class is the strike class, and I love intellegent dragons the most. My second favorite class is the boulder class, because I love a dragon with a warm heart.


(Bombshell, by ZestyDragonWing. Thank you so much!)




Proud Elder of the Wulf Pack



Proud member of the Sunwing Voyagers





ShiroKageFox with Acro

My Main


Strategic, intellegent, brave, overconfident

19 years old

(Acro beautifully portrayed by SangoMichiko13. Thank you.)

(Beautifully done by the talented BrynneBjornsson, thank you!)


Code: EDV07K




Beni with RedSand


Lives for justice, a soldier at heart, strong, and kind

13 years old

(Beni and Redsand drawn by me.)


Code: E6GKU4




Balefire with Eira and Nuclear


Sweet, kindhearted, artistic, and quiet

30 years old

(Balefire and Eira, by the talented Arrowalker. Thank you so much!)

(Drawn by the ever so festive redhoodjason7, thank you!)

(Nuclear adopted from the unique Ecliptic. Thank you so much!)


Code: EDEXF2




Hey! Look at you! You made it to the end. Good work. You deserve a thumbs up.

Now have a fine day!

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when everyone has 50+ dragons in thread

I mean I haven’t played for long on this account (4,5 months?) so I guess that’s cool?



Skrill - Maple

Snow Wraith - Sharde

Deathgripper - Scarjaw



Hideous Zippleback: Jay and Todd

Dramillion: Cham(eleon)

Smothering Smokebreath: Dewydd



Titan Monstrous Nightmare: Sear



L50 Sand Wraith: Lyre



Gronkle: Punkierockie 

Whispering Death: dAEth

Grapple Grounder: Sircle

Groncicle: Fyre 

Eruptodon: Guardian



Deadly Nadder: Preene



Titan Stormcutter: Aegle


It’s a bit of an awkward answe lol


Hello! I’m Evelyn and I’m relatively new to Forums!


In Game Info:

User: Laoryne

Friend Code: PM me, I don’t remember it but if you ask I’ll find it again lol :)

Main Dragon: Lyre the Sand Wraith





have some of my (own!!! art theft sucks!) art as an apology for the bad appearances lol :)

oof thads big (sorry big photoshop file)



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Wilderness Explorer
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My 277 dragons

So, as you wanted. There they come, my 277 dragons :]


Stoker Class:


FirewormQueen: ShiningBlood, Destination, DarkProphecy, xLifeFlamex, Duty, Lumia

FlameWhipper: Sylanna

Hobblegrunt (Thredtail): Astaroth, DarkWhisper, Mystery, Zamrok, Etria, Cronan, Arkan

Moldruffle: Raiva, Wrayth, Eliminator, Ruki

Monstrous Nightmare: DarkFire, Naekhan, Fury, FireHeart, SeaLight, Aura, LavenderFire, Morro, Arkath, Fires, Andilox, Ashwing, Kishan

Titan: DarkFire


Night Terror: Nehima

Silver Phantom: LifeStealer

Singetail: Destructor

Terrible Terror: Elihar

Typhoomerang: Zuko, Azula, Naga, Imperatorus, Viridis, Sorcerer, Dash, Axator

Fire Terror: Laito


Boulder Class:

Catastrophic Quaken: Armageddon

Crimson Gorecutter: Helvete

Eruptodon: Midnight, Eldis

Groncicle: Nectanebus, Nekromantejon, Necrodox, Naxarus

Grapple Grounder: Vanuatu, DoomDancer

Gronckle: Morgoth, DarkLord, Amethyst, Volcano, Terra, Obsidian, Earthquake, SoulEater, WorldDestroyer, Lavarog, StoneWing, Magmadon, Agari, Terrana, Spoiler, TreeHugger

Titan: Morgoth


Hotburple: BlackHole, Undead, PrimeRock, Wunrung, Uhuru, FaceEater

Sentinel: Constellation

Titan: Constellation


Elder Sentinel: Ancestor

Shovelhelm: Irigan

Snafflefang: Heibai, Heparine, Rashi

Thunderpede: BambooNinja

Whispering Death: Demonix, Poison, Cobra, Agony, Monster, DawnBreaker, Danger, ShadowKiller, Devastador, Mortiferus, Burrying, LonelyStone

Titan: Demonix


Screaming Death: Septys, Mrookarion, Apocalypsis

Titan: Septys


Sharp Class:

Devilish Dervish: HellGuardian

Grim Gnasher: Challenger

Titan: Challenger


Prickleboogle: Fighter, Defender, Healer, Shelter, Savior

Raincutter: Nightmare, Necromancer, Zephyr, ShadowRain, Eneris, IceHeart

Razorwhip: Sarin, Avalanche, Wakizashi, Warrior, Ayato

Titan: Sarin, Avalanche


Scuttleclaw: Spirir, FireAngel, NightStar, Blossom, GhostClaw, BloodyClaw, Slayer

Titan: Spirit


Shivertooth: Sunrise, Sunset, Moonlight, Sunburst, Acronix

Speed Stinger: Alpha, xHackerx, Lotus, Phentagramus

Titan: Alpha


Stormcutter: Azzurit, Galaxy, Evangelion, StormGuardian

Titan: Azzurit


Timberjack: NightBringer


Mystery Class:

Armorwing: Soldier

Boneknapper: Nebyrzias, Immortalis

Titan: Nebyrzias


Buffalord: Troyan

Titan: Troyan


Changewing: Darkness, Illusion, Hallucination, Mirage, Toxoron, Vespe, Despair

Deathsong: Wind, Fallen

Titan: Wind


Dramillion: Moqorro, Borroq, Vhagar, Meraxes

Titan: Moqorro


Flightmare: Talisman, FrozenSpirit, SETI, Ash, Summoner, Commander

Titan: Talisman


Hideous Zippleback: Yin and Yang, Tu and La, Light and Dark, Beginning and End, Night and Shadow, Sun and Moon, Scensoredouls, Chaos and Order, Soul and Mind, Elements, Ocean and Sea, Mirra and Morro, You and Me, Spectral, Snowy, Silver and Gold

Titan: Yin and Yang, Tu and La


Slithersong: Wilar

Smothering Smokebreath: SilverMist, Tyrahn, Prospector, LostInThough, Dreadfall

Snaptrapper: KiRiEnDo, Hydra

Sweet Death: Tassin, Lazarus, DoomFang, HoneySkin, DemonOfSweetness


Tracker Class:

Deadly Nadder: Inferno, Sky, Wave, DeadlyShadow, Venom, Huntress, Celestial, Pine, WindRose, Nairavi, Razore, Emperor, Darkador, Aurvandil

Titan: Inferno, Sky


Mudraker: Ranger, Echo, Kelda, Santara, Ignis, StormyWing, BestFriend, Farran

Rumblehorn: Ragnarok, Tetys, Ashin

Titan: Tagnarok


Tidal Class:

Sand Wraith: Urgash, Asha, Ghost, Daemon, BlackRose

Titan: Urgash


Scauldron: LostMemory, FadedDream, NightFly, Nequa, Asfaloth, Bubbles

Titan: LostMemory


Shockjaw: Nykta, Deuter, Lirael

Titan: Nykta


Sliquifier: Zodiac, Zodiac (cloned dragon), Tauris, BlackPoison, Ballista, Subaru

Thunderdrum: Mystic, Atlantis, Hurricane, Riptide, Aqua, Sonic, Alandii, Tharani, Seremia, StormyHeart, Wyrm, GhostCalling, Mulop

Titan: Mystic


Tide Glider: Katara, Mizuhi, Izumi, Leviathan, WindGlider, SolarStream, Typhoon

Windwalker: Ylath


Strike Class:

Deathgripper: Mukuro

Night Fury: Toothless

Light Fury: Nubbles

Skrill: StormDemon, WinterThunder, GhostLightning, Temis, Alduin 

Titan: StormDemon, WinterThunder


Snow Wraith: Zircon, Vilzriquathtor, Evening, Blizzard, Titan

Titan: Zircon, Vilzriquathtor


Tryple Strike: Eclipser

Titan: Eclipser


Woolly Howl: Hvitur, Noctu, Kiruna, SoulHunter, Sniper

Titan: Hvitur


This took me soooo long xD






You are entering there on your own responsability... Feel warned.

What, you didn’t runned away?

Eh... If you want...

So, let’s start.



Heya stranger! There’s some info about who I’am:


Name: FuriaChaosu/SilverDragon177 - call me Furia

I’m playing SoD since 2016, still have my first acc, but I’m not playing on it.

I have 400000 points thx to my dragons and 3000+ trophies - I’m not recently racing.


I’am currently in a good polish clan with nice people: Nocne Zjawy.

( Yes I’m from Poland )


About meh:

I don’t like people and trust only a few of them, like to my good friends.

My good side: I can be really caring, emphatic, helpful and loyal. Always stand aside my friends...

My dark side: I’m really easy to irritate, sometimes I’m really selfish and can make everyone upset. Also... ( I was a hacker once; not in SoD and a long time ago. Believie me or not, I changed. )




Thing’s I like to do:

- I read a lot of books, my favorites are „Tiger Curse”, Warrior Cats”, „Wing’s of Fire”, „Sigma Force” - serie by James Rollins and a lot, lot more, but I don’t know what to choose... ( I’m reading them all in Polish c: )

- I enjoy listening to music, especially rock and metal - favorite bands ( Skillet and Motionless in White )

- Movie’s are ok, usually watching science-fiction and fantasy, but also trillers, adventure and horrors ^w^

- Games: SoD ( of course ), SPORE, War Dragons and Heroes: Might and Magic :D


- I also enjoy writing stories, currently finished the sequel of my serie “The Story of Chaos” and actually translating my HTTYD fanfick “When Darkness Come” from Polish to English.


In SoD I love:

- Role Playing with my friend. Imagine - Ghosts + Dragons + Us... = Yeah... Total craziness B)

- I’m a glitch master, you’ll never find me in Hide and Seek... But I like to share funny glitches c:

- Totally mad flying and flying upside down with my Speed Stinger :D

- TRR but not always

- Challenging and hunting random people... beware C:

- Hacker hunt/reporting. I’m trying to help SoD


In War Dragons, I love to attack everyone with rainbow C’:

Axi xD ( high five if anyone knows about what I’m talking )



My favorites animals are: wolfs and dragons, but I love plenty of animals and magical/mythic creatures.


Till 9/10/2018 I had a brown-black rabbit named Mushi... but now he’s dead :( [*]




My favorite class is Strike but I like all of them.

Fav dragons: Deadly Nadder, Sand Wraith, Night Fury, Death Song, Skrill, Woolly Howl, Snow Wraith and Hobblegrunt ( in game Thredtail, but also a nice one ).



All dragons count: 277

Titans: 32



Most of people have one or two... As you will see, meh no xD

My main dragons are:

- Urgash - ( male )- My first dragon, the loyal commander, a Sand Wraith ( third titan )

- Inferno - ( male ) - Second dragon, my fierce titan Nadder ( first titan )

- Demonix - ( male ) - If you wanna prank someone, tell us and you can be sure that meh and my Whispering Death will do it perfectly! ( titan )

- Astaroth - ( female ) - My little devil, first dragon I won from battle, a good fighter

- Nectanebus - ( male ) - My Groncicle, a brave warrior - I used him alot in battle, before I got more dragons

- Yin and Yang - ( males ) - My Hideous Zippleback, the one with who I play Hide and Seek ( He is the “King of Hiding” ( titan )

- Zircon  - ( male ) - My dangerous Snow Wraith, the fastest racer ( titan )

- Mystic - ( female ) - The terrible “Ship Destructor” and my scary Thunderdrum ( titan )

- Sarin - ( female ) - She was in the Razorwhip egg I got from my first Loki’s Maze. Still remember that hapiness... ( titan )

- Hvitur - ( male ) - Got my Woolly Howl the same way as Sarin, we both like racing and flying in the night sky ( titan )

- Wind - ( male ) - The mighty Death Song, who attrack’s and help me hunt down my friends for fun

- Wilar - ( male ) - My strong Slithersong, son of Wind and Livara, my friends Slithersong






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Joined: 03/11/2019


Flightmares: Fearcontroler & Sandyglow

Zipplebacks: Twostrike, Wing and Spark, & Toil and Trouble

Groncicles: Coldwing & Hoth

Gronckles: Lavamaster & July

Whispering Deaths: Landdigger, Spikering, & Wildspike

Nightmares: Blazefire & Firechain

Shockjaw: Stormspeed

Screaming Death: Skullghost

Nadders: Speadshadow, Melon, Starspine, & Desertwing

Mudrader: Deepsmeller

Scuttleclaw: Stormclaw

Deathgriper: Furious 

Hobblegrunt: Shadescales

Eruptodon: Volcanomaster 

Rumblehorn: Quakeflyer 

Thunderdrum: Stormjaw

Razorwhip: Goldenwind


                                                           In Game Name: StarfinderTheDestined 

(Completely unrelated from the game starfinder)

UDT Points: 400,000 


Flightmares: Fearcontroler (Titan), Sandyglow, & Ambermist

Zipplebacks: Twostrike, Wing and Spark, & Toil and Trouble

Groncicles: Coldwing & Hoth

Gronckles: Lavamaster, July, & Easter 

Whispering Deaths: Landdigger, Spikering, & Wildspike

Nightmares: Blazefire & Firechain

Shockjaw: Stormspeed (titan)

Screaming Death: Skullghost (titan)

Nadders: Speadshadow, Melon, Starspine, & Desertwing

Mudraker: Deepsmeller

Scuttleclaw: Stormclaw

Deathgriper: Furious (titan)

Hobblegrunt: Shadescales

Eruptodon: Volcanomaster 

Rumblehorn: Quakeflyer 

Thunderdrum: Stormjaw

Razorwhip: Goldenwind

Skrill: Thunderspeed (titan)

Stormcutter: Quadwing 

Armorwing: Halfhron

Smokebreath: Smokescreen 

Random things That I llike and Ranked for some reason if you care.

Favorite dragons: 




Night Fury 

Screaming Death 

Sand Wraith 

Crimson Goregutter 

Night Lights






No Hacking in SoD


Other Stuff about my

Age: 1-99


Like dogs

Try to play Thunder Run everyday 

My clan




Prepare for BATTLE!!!!!!

The Moon

(Not my art but thank youSangoMichiko13)

Thank you Dragonriders Fury

Favorite movies:

The Book of Daniel 

The Empire Strikes Back

How to Train Your Dragon:The Hidden World 

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Spiderman Homecoming 




My Ranking of Star Wars ( The only film series I like more than Httyd)

The Empire Strikes  Back 

Rogue One

A New Hope

The Last Jedi

Return of The Jedi

The Force Awakens 

Revenge of the Sith


Attack of the Clones

The Phantom Menace 


Favorite httyd quote 

"There were dragons when I was a boy"

Favorite httyd music

There Once Were Dragons 

Favorite httyd scene 

Forbidden Friendships 

Other Viking  Starfindertwo


Joined: 02/26/2019
chari... don't eat my subject

mystery class 

flightmare- laf 

spitha & fos- zippleback


stoker class

monstrous nightmare- flare

monstrous nightmare- my lizard

silver phantom- chari

hobblegrunt- galileo


boulder class

gronkle- chompers

groncicle- cloudist

whispering death- psithyros

whispering death- terre

eruptodon- igneous

grapple grounder- fidi


tracker class 

mudraker- luto

nadder- prickle


tidal class

thunderdrum- cap


strike class 

light fury

night fury- toothless (both locked)


guacchips | harbingerz |

level 35 | since 2017 |

code: e4jl7s | open |

dragon count: 13

main dragon: chari | level 25 |

chari is a silver phantom. elegant, sophisticated, and aristocratic, she often times acts high and mighty. chari loves to show off and act like the best. she hates the spotlight though and would rather blend in than stand out. however, silver phantoms are rather rare around campus, so she stands out. chari is a phenomenal racer and kindhearted dragon but hates battling.

fidi | level 23 |

fidi is a young and curious grapple grounder. she is imaginative, fearless, and short tempered. she loves to teach and hang out with dragonets. fidi is a fearless fighter and loves to battle. racing isnt really her thing but she still loves it. she is igneous' best friend and the two are insperable. she's taught him a lot about boulder class behavior and how dragons at the school should act.

first dragon: laf | level 33 |

laf is a flightmare. rescued from trappers at a young age, he grew to trust me easily. laf is one of the kindest, loyalest, hardworking dragons in the school. he is constantly helping out valka or hiccup, even sometimes assisting teenage dragons with gliding. as flightmares are one of the fastest in game dragons, he is my main racer and will beg me to race with him. 

first hatchery dragon: flare | level 31|

flare, being a monstrous nightmare, is a very laid back dragon. he loves flying and will stay in the sky for forever. he hates wearing saddles and gets nervous if random vikings approach him. he can be a bit hotheaded, but it's only because it's in his nature. flare despises racing, though, and would rather char a ship completely. he can be seen assisting in battles and raids.

my lizard | level 15 |

my lizard is flare's daughter. based off of my bearded dragon, she is a curious and skittish dragon. she hates being in the cold and will get aggressive colds in them. my lizard doesnt get along with her father and the two butt heads constantly. i don't use her all that often as she is more a solitary dragon than social. she is best friends with my baby whispering death, terre.

chompers | level 18 |

chompers is a male gronkle. he is a very calm, friendly, and social dragon. he loves flying with vikings and will take the viking children on flights from time to time. he is a big fan of racing and battling, so i constantly use him. he loves to be around other dragons and can often be found in the school, flying around. he doesnt like to be alone though, so he is a bit clingy.

cloudist | level 14 |

cloudist is very lazy. she hates flying and racing and battling. she is semi-aggressive and has given me scars. however, she can be a great dragon. cloudist is a sucker for food and will do just about anything for some- including being a sweetheart. cloudist is a very territorial dragon and doesnt really like other dragons, including the others in the stables.

spitha & fos | level 21 |

spitha and fos is a reckless, stupid, and wild zippleback. he acts just like he's wild even though i can ride and battle with him. he loves causing chaos and being an overall jerk. despite this, he can be really sweet and affectionate. he gets along with other dragons and is a great babysitter.

luto | level 14 |

luto is a very crazy dragon. she is loud, rambunctious, and indecisive. she doesnt like to be told what to do and can be very disobedient; however. luto is still a good dragon. she just enjoys nice long flights and taking down ships. the sound of the battle horns sends her out of the stables and off to the training grounds. she is social and can be extremely annoying.
psythiros | level 15 |

psythiros is a whispering death with an attitude. he is snotty and snobbish and refuses to listen to me. he is hard to control in flight but shares my love of battle- so we get along there. he is a sneaky, cunning dragon and for a boulder class dragon is very fast. he hates tunnels and rocks after being exposed to the air for many many months. he is also very protective of terre.

terre | level 4 | 

terre's egg was found smashed by flare. due to this, terre has stunted growth and is permanently stuck like a baby. however, she has the maturity of an adult and acts like it too. she loves to play with my lizard and psythiros. she often times will try to follow me on quests and be stopped by her monstrous nightmare friend. she is loyal, playful, and fearless.

galileo | level 50 | battler

one of my newest dragons, galileo's very calm and collected. of the hobblegrunt specie, he is odd. he has an obsession with space and the stars, wondering how it all happened. galileo is carefree and tempermental, sometimes more aggressive than he wants. he is sort of ditrustful of most vikings. rescued from a hunters' ship, he was only an egg but seems to recall it.

igneous | level 12 |

igneous is a baby eruptodon. he is loud, energetic, and a bundle of joy. as a baby, he has no worries and doesnt listen to anyone. he can be a handful from time to time and loves to be the center of attention. igneous is best friends with fidi and the two are an insperable duo.

toothless | level 1 |

borrowed occassionally from hiccup.

light fury | level 4 |

prickle | level 11 |

prickle is a deathly loyal, hardworking, and ferocious nadder. she has a hard time understanding all dragons act different and not all of them can tolerate her. she loves arguing and is very reluctant to fly. she is a terrible flier and crashes, trying to throw vikings off constantly. however, she is hardworking when it comes to battling and fireball frenzy and would do anything to protect her rider or others she likes.

cap | level 12 |

cap is a thunderdrum, rescued from death song amber. he is a very quiet, paranoid dragon. unlike most thunderdrums, he hates roaring and water. he can be very snappy and aggressive so he's really difficult to deal with sometimes. despite this, chari and galileo are helping to shape him into a formidable dragon. he's still really young though and has some time.

grub | level 10 |

grub is a smothering smokebreath. he is a mischevious, playful dragon who loves hitchiking on rides with people. unlike most dragons of his specie, he hates armorwings and doesnt like stealing from them. he is a child at heart, and always will be, despite being a fully grown dragon. grub has been with me since he hatched and practically trusts me with his life. he loves racing and doesnt mind me riding him.

brie | level 15|

like most skrills, she loves storms. shes a very fast, hyper active dragon. brie is a trusting yet cautious dragon who loves racing. she is competetive yet slightly fearful of battling. if needbe, she will defend her friends and riders. shes a sociable dragon who is loud, but hates a lot of attention. brie loves saddles and accessories, and is a goofball.

junkrat | level 6 |

junkrat is an armorwing. he is a very cautious dragon and not too trusting of strangers. he was captured by dragon hunters at one point in his life, developing his fear. he loves quakens and skrills, and gets along beautifully with brie. junkrat is an explorer and often times is gone for days on end visiting various islands. he is watchful though, and safe.

subzero | level 7 |

subzero is a woolly howl i rescued. she is playful, adventurous, boisterous, and loyal. like most strike class species, she is a great racer and accurate attacker. she always is up for a race. rescued from a trap, she is fiercely loyal to me and would do anything for my dragons. subzero loves to play in the snow and enjoys decorating for snoggletogg. 

hippie | level 12 |

hippie is a hotburple. like all of his specie, he is lazy, sleepy, and loud. despite this, if needed he'll snap awake ready to help. he packs a punch and is a fierce attacker. hippie always seems relaxed and his favortie snacks include dragon nip and small rocks.

striker | level  10|

 striker is a shivertooth. she is wild, crazy, and snappy. she likes attention and loves growling. she is noisy and not the best dragon to use in a stealth mission. she even is pushy with those she trusts. she hates the cold, preferring the warm beaches of the training grounds.

happy | level 10 |

happy is a quiet and shy rumblehorn. she is a censored, often times falling for those of others species. on the other hand, she is tough and hard headed. she loves fighting for whats right and would destroy a whole ship for you. happy is nervous around other females a lot.

crash | level 6 |

crash is a sand wraith. still young, she is crazy and wild. she loves to glide and jump off cliffs. crash loves water and whatnot, and is very friendly