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This thread might be a little more me centric in general but think of it like a tumblr ask game or Q&A with specific type of questions!


Please give me Dragons from Dreamworks franchise! It can be from anything, game movie, spin off, series, titan, Hybrids, recue riders, anything as long as they are official and not fanmade. I wanna try rating them in this new system I made;


Design (5) self explainitory

Cool/Appeal(5) maybe I dislike the design but can't denie that the overall dragon is appeal or look cool.

Emotional Connection(5) if I havve bias or a character that made me feel more emotionally attach to the species

total (15)




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okay, I'll bite *bites you* (is venomous) /j

gift for u of thumbo dram, go :)



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5 5 5 15 a very good lad

15 a very good lad LET'S GOOOOOOOOOO

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...Yeah Ima gonna rate 'em too if that's alright Cham XD (It seems fun) I can get rid of it if you want me too. :3


Design 4.5 IDK something about thunderdrum faces mess me up, however, I can't really nock off more then half a point for that XD

Cool/Appeal 5 It's a sea pancake, of course everyones gonna like 'em!

Emotional Connection 2 I mean, they're alright, I just don't have to much of an opinion on 'em

total 11.5



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Life is a grain of sand floating in the custard of the universe.

OK...rate that big firey lizard, the Monstrous Nightmare!





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Design: 4.5, i feel like all

Design: 4.5, i feel like all those original 5 from the first movie deserve a 5 but Monsterous Nightmares has the least going on purely by the fact that they are based most on a classic dragon so they look and feel like classical dragon which is not a bad thing but it's what you'd expect from a dragon.
Cool: 3, simply because i think it's the average right the middle. This score feel right.
Emotion: 1, unfortunately i dont have any emotional connection to this species, i dont have character or really like them. I actually have a few problem with dragons with these type of face but it's a personal thing so i dont feel like putting it in design score
Total 8.5, a good average dragon!

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Design 4 I rather like the design! Although I do see what you mean with it looking like every other dragon, so a 4 it is!

Cool/Appeal 5 it's one of the main dragons you learn about in the first movie, and it IS the most like a basic dragon design (Which people like)

Emotional Connection 4 I just like them XD

total 13

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They don't really need a rating (for obvious reasons) but I'm interested in seeing your rating on one! :D

I mean, how can you not love that face!! xD






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Oh boy


Design: 2, i mean it's Nadder but round
Cool: 3 but i can't deny that they are cute! So they got that appeal.
Emotional: 1 unfortunately like nightmare i dont have characters nor feel invest i them
Total: 6

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What about the Stormcutter?



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Design: 5 stormcutter design

Design: 5 stormcutter design is really well done and iconic, even competible outside of other dragon that is not from httyd!
Cool: 5 they are really cool!
Emotion: 5 i really emotionally aytached to them!

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Running around aimlessly, what about you?

What about the mist-makers themselves, the Flightmare?



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Design: 5 I think their

Design: 5 I think their design are pretty good!

Cool: 4.7 I don't sure why I take that .3 out, but it feels right, maybe it's beause they are frail looking?

Emotional: 4, It use to be higher but I guess I have a bit of of a fall out of love with this species? I'm not sure

Total: 13.7

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*running from inquisitors*

What about the terror of the north:



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Huh You read through all that? Wow Im impressed...
I gotta say we were pretty lucky not to run into-
 annnd I spoke too soon....

*runs away screaming*

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Design: 3.7, I think it has a

Design: 3.7, I think it has a great and interesting design save for three things, their texture look a little plastic looking, their wings placement is questionable and the fact that they are small. I wish they are bigger!

Cool: 5, With that being said they're still really cool! 

Emotion: 2, I don't have any character for it and haven't think of them much but I guess their coolness make me look at them from afar respectfully?

Total: 10.7

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How about the Terrible Terror!


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Design: 4.5, Ah I should have

Design: 4.5, Ah I should have included these little guy in the 'Original 5' They're in the same level as Monsterous Nightmares. Very dragon-y but still very good

Cool: 2.5, I guess being small common dragon do cut off some of the cool points

Emotion: 3, I have 1 Terror OCs so they do got some soft spot point! 

Total: 10

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How about the Buffalord? XD

Buffalord | DreamWorks School of Dragons Wiki | Fandom

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Design: 2.5, honestly, i dont

Design: 2.5, honestly, i dont really like their design when they first introduced at all, i think putting obvious buffalo horn and call them buffalord and have them act like buffalo seem to much like an obvious animal counter part to my likibg, some dragons has this similar problem to me
Cool: 2, it's the dragon i wouldn't say cool with the face and thè shape and the drooling and the buffalo like element like that but the saving grace is that they look kinda cool when explosive
Emotion: 3.5, but i do have a character so im quite fond of them,not to mention how i like to point out how over power they actually are!
Total: 8

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Hmm... Wht about my favourite


Wht about my favourite dragon? :D Windwalkers!



Fast and agile, electrokenesis, shoots water, fierce parents, intelligent, gentle but still daring and tenacious. Typically low energy and is happy to just be there with you. Friendly enough that they aren't aggressive with strangers but theyr'e still cautious. Sweet, loyal, gentle, fiercely protective, speedy fliers, can absorb electricity and use it like a shield (can't shoot it though like Skrills), and they look great in game. This is my girl, Thundershy. <3 she says hello.








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Helloo Thursday!Design: 3,

Helloo Thursday!

Design: 3.5, Being the dragon of these type of build, they don't have much going on but I do admire what SOD did to there face to make them distinctly alligater like and there over all silluhete and style remenisense of their book counter part, other than that though they're pretty standard longneck quadruped dragon.

Cool: 5, But they are really cool!

Emotion: 1.5, I don't have character nor strong emotional connection to them but with the coolness and decent desgin I do admire them from afar

Total: 10

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What about non-HTTYD dragons like Maleficent, digimons, LoTR and etc.? ;w;



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I rather not X'D

I rather not X'D

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If they were doing LotR, there's no dragon. But in the Hobbit and the Silmarillion? There's quite a few (and we all know that Ancalagon would probably beat Smaug :P). Though Smaug would probably beat the dragons from GoT, since he's got intelligence, size, age, etc.


Digimon wise- The whole Agumon line and Guilmon line would probably be pretty close, with Hackmon's line and Coredramon's line coming in pretty close.


! ! ! !                   ! ! ! !

! ! ! !                   ! ! ! !


Dragons: (Key: Pink names are female, and blue names are male. Bold names are titans and/or max level)

Monsterous Nightmare (Total: 5, Max levels: 2) Rivu (Starter) (50) ll Nasail (50) ll Fioled (41) ll Fellous (27) ll Roukera (18)

Scauldron (Total: 1, Max level: 1) Deniz (50)

Whispering Death (Total: 5, Max level: 1) Halvard (50) ll Terra (46) ll Azibo (26) ll Rosey (25) ll Snappy (18)

Groncicle (Total: 5, Max level: 1) Glacia (50) ll Icelee (49) ll Frostbite (31) ll Iceland (26) ll Tundra (18)

Deadly Nadder (Total: 4, Max level: 1) Hagedorn (50) ll Tuija (28) ll Eiche (23) ll Buckthorn (19)

Hideous Zippleback (Total: 5, Max level: 1) Rain and Cloud (50) ll Thump and Wallop (29) ll Twist and Turn (26) ll Snare and Trap (26) ll Ash and Snow (17)

Gronckle (Total: 6, Max level: 1) Solveig (50) ll Avanti (26) ll Anaru (20) ll Drusilla (20) ll Boulder (8) ll Rockyroad (1)

Singetail (Total: 1) Hestia (38)

Typhoomerang (Total: 1) Corentine (36)

Eruptodon (Total: 2) Volkan (37) ll Houri (19)

Tide Glider (Total: 3, Max levels: 2) Nereus (50) ll Tethys (50) ll Dionysus (14)

Armorwing (Total: 1) Algar (20)

Deathsong (Total: 2, Max level: 1) Sigrdrifa (50) ll Nidhogg (12)

Razorwhip (Total: 1) Lagi (44)

Skrill (Total: 1) Flugurite (46)

Thunderdrum (Total: 5) Taima (39) ll Donar (18) ll Esen (15) ll Boran (15) ll Blast (6)

Boneknapper (Total: 2, Max level: 1) Morana (50) ll Undertaker (18)

Flightmare (Total: 3) Hoshi (36) ll Toshi (20) ll Akemi (13)

Flame Whipper (Total: 1) Datura (32)

Changwing (Total: 2) Yamanu (27) ll Abuto (13)

Shockjaw (Total: 2) Elysia (32) ll Zapper (10)

Hobblegrunt (Total: 2) Oseye (34) ll ??? (Egg)

Fireworm Queen (Total: 1) Sana (20)
Sweet Death (Total: 1) Beowulf (20)
Smothering Smokebreath (Total: 3) Gavina (17) ll Mack (13) ll Edge (12)

Sand Wraith (Total: 2) Horus (30) ll Bast (20) ll ??? (egg)
Scuttleclaw (Total: 2) Elfriede (16) ll Ernust- (14)

Triple Stryke (Total: 2) Vilhelm (17) ll Alfdis (14)

Raincutter (Total: 2) Cahal (15) ll Yanyu (14)
Deathgripper (Total: 1) Thanatos (20)

Snafflefang (Total: 2) Cattibrie (15) ll Wulfgar (9)

Rumblehorn (Total: 4) Alois (15) ll Alvilda (16) ll Beet (12) ll Basil (11) ll ??? (Egg)

Stormcutter (Total: 1) Gale (15)

Moldruffle (Total: 1) Maze (10)
Hotburple (Total: 1) Bumps (10)
Woolly Howl (Total: 1) Fornost (10)
Mudraker (Total: 1) Stomp (6)
Speed Stinger (Total: 1) Flash (5)

Sliquifier (Total: 1) Arnor (6)
Windwalker (Total: 1) Gondor (5)
Seastormer (Total: 1) 
Ambarussa (6)
Snow Wraith (Total: 1) Seeker (5)
Silver Phantom (Total: 1) Droplet (5)
Night Terror (Total: 1) Moonlight (4)
Terrible Terror (Total: 1) Scout (3)
Timberjack (Total: 1) Fangorn (5)
Crimson Gorecutter (Total: 1) Thanduil (5)

Night Lights- Ruffrunner (13) ll Pouncer (14) ll Dart (6)

Variations (Expansion rewards):
Elder Sentinel (Total: 1) Gerda (18)
Smitten Hobgobbler (Total: 1) Winifred (13)

Toothless (50)
Light Fury (25)

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My Baby Boy <3

How about my fav lil baby, Patch!

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OO haven't done one of these

OO haven't done one of these in a while :3


Design: 3 

Cool: 3

Emotion: 2

Total: 8

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If Cinderella’s shoe fit perfectly, then why did it fall off?

o0o0o look- a thread I must reply to >:D

What about baby Pouncer? 

(We are SO not going to talk about the adult and his creepy grin D:)



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Hmmm I will rate specifically

Hmmm I will rate specifically for baby then because I guess the score would be different for adult


Design: 2.8 I don't mind the nightlight baby much compare to others. I don't mind that they are scietifically inaccurate, I don't mind the color, I don't mind the marketable face. I do see the concept art and the thought process put behind their design. that being said, I really don't like their face. So I can't give it higher than this

Cool: 2.9 I mean baby dragons aren't cool, they are small chubby little thing but I do feel obligate to give some high score because they are still a night fury baby.

Emotion: 2.4 Unfortunatly, Pouncer is my least fav of the three especiallly in baby form but I won't give him too low of a score.

Total: 8.1