Give me art, please.

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Hi. As I'm sure you can tell, my siggy is really very empty. I love art, (especially dragon art) and if any of you would be so kind as to draw one of my OCs, then I will honor it with a place in my siggy. 


My first OC:


Name: Tidepool

Species: Scaldron

Gender: Female

Looks: Normal Scaldron color, but a little more green than most.

Personality: Motherly. She will jump and the chance to nurse anyone and anything back to health, whether it be her Mom, or a wild, savage Screaming death.


My second OC:


Name: Storm

Species: Windwalker

Gender: Female

Looks: Mostly a dark gray, but with black markings and undertones.

Personality: Her name says it all. Stormy, dark and brooding, she is a grump, and enjoys it too. She is sarcastic to the end.


My third and last OC:


Name: Oceanwaves

Species: Shockjaw

Gender: Male

Looks: Just your typical Shockjaw color.

Personality: An open Rebel. If you tell him to stand up, he'll sit down. Tell him to eat, he won't eat. Tell him to breath, he won't breath (however bad for his health that may  be).


And that's it! If you have taken a liking to any of these, please draw them! I will take pretty much anything...






    if you want the chance for your art to be featured in this siggy, go here:






  Shoutout to Sohki for Storm, this siggy's amazing gaurdian!!!

Also a big, fat thanks to Flitt, for this art!             

Thanks a ton to Frugal for this pic!




Also a big thank you to Karrankawagirl for OceanWaves here!  



Also to IceeGlaicer for this drawing!

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Scaldron ate my subject




Whoever's art I like best.....

Will be honored...

With having their art...

As my new...



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I could have a go at the windwalker. Do you have a screenshot?


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Thank you, everyone, who has made art for me! The darn forums got rid of it here, in my siggy, in one fell swoop. I have it saved and it is BRILLIANT.

Dewi, by belubel! Ty!                              Xenon, by Frugal. Ty!!            

Pearl and Twitch, and Pyxis and Thumper, by Moonfyre! Tysm!

Edit of the General, by Ninja. Ty!                            Solly, by Neo! Tysm!     


Puzzle the Marshrunner, by Speedyleaf! Tysm!           Pedasgell, by VicZarSky! Ty!         

The Goremare, Quamarang, Zippledeath and Woollyder by Chamieshida! Ty!

       Nightreaper, by Derpy. Ty!!                       Ryx in human form by Frugal! Tysm!

      Ortowdoch, by Frugal. Tysm!                      Eleven, adopted from Chamieshida! Ty!

Ryx! By Silver Phantom. Tysm!          My yet to be named Ikran-Fury! By Toothless0602. Tysm!


Wholight, edited by Inky! Tysm!!


I take art and story commissions! As anyone would, I prefer paid, but I will also do free and art trades.

For art

I can do digital and traditional drawings. Dragons from HTTYD, Dragonvale and Flight Rising are all good, and so are hybrids. Be warned though, I will not draw boulder class, nadders, scuttleclaws, deathgrippes or groncicles. I can't get their heads right.

I CAN have a go at drawing humans, even though I'm not particularly good.

Examples can be found on my DeviantArt page.

For stories

I will write a lot of genres: fantasy, sci-fi(ish) and steampunk are just some of them. I will not do extreme horror or fluff. It's best to come armed with as much info as you can so I can do the best I can.

Story length depends on the story (obviously) but it's usually between 400-1500 words.

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Nice! You've reached the end! Pm me for your reward (Art, banner, story or book cover. Your choice!) :D

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Hmmmmmm if i get a chance if

Hmmmmmm if i get a chance if you'll let me, i can do the scauldron! :D




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Hi, I see you are in need of some art......

I am a very terrible drawer, but I think I am ready to step out of my comfort zone. If you want, I could try to drawn Oceanwaves for you. 

This is what I am going to use for my art: Notes...... Yeah, you heard right. I am going to be using the Notes app, on my IPad, with my finger. (If you don’t no what that is, it has limited color choices, so yeah.) I have never done digital art, so I have no idea how this will turn out.....

I have never ever, done an art request before... so If you happen to have any pictures, can I see some? I have looked all over the internet for original Shockjaw colors, but I am getting lots of different colors. 

Again, if you want me to draw Oceanwaves, I can. If you don’t, thats okay! Just let me know. I kinda have an idea and pose in my head though....


Also, do you think you might want his name on the drawing?


Alright, I’m outta here! Bye!


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Thank you so much!

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Testing, Testing, 1 2 3

Hello! I went ahead and experimented with some drawings.... and I have some bad news.....

I finished the main drawing, but then I realized I couldn’t color it! So, instead I added color with a background! I also added in his name, if you don’t want it, that’s okay! 

Now this is my first ever Shockjaw drawing, so it’s pretty bad. Plus, there is no color! I guess Oceanwaves is just being his rebel self, and not having color like the rest of the things in the world! XD

Let me know if there are any changes I need to make, like changing the background, or getting rid of the name, or anything else. Also, it’s completely fine if you don’t even want it! It’s pretty bad, so I would understand! I guess let me know what you think, or if any changes need to be made. I can try and fix them for you!


Here is Oceanwaves!!



Also, if you are itching for Oceanwaves to have some color, you may want to consider asking other people if they wanted to try and color it themselves. It would be like a team artwork piece! But, if you wish to put this terrible drawing on your Signature, please credit me! If somebody does eventually color Oceanwaves, could you please  credit both me and the other artist? Thanks a bunch!

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Never mind..

Okay, nevermind. I can not get this photo to load at the moment so you will have to wait a little bit longer...

I think I am going to have to try and get the photo to work from my computer, so I guess I will talk to you tommarow. Sorry for the wait! Audios!

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Okay, so I think I found a soulution! I have two different versions, one with the name, one without! I hope you like my terrible drawing attempts! You can choose which one you want, or both! You decide! Also, let me know if I need to change anything! I will try my best to do so!


Here he hopefully is!! Enjoy!



I hope you have had a nice day!

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Keep up the good work!

Hi! sorry this is coming so late!

First, you dont have to ask my permission! Just draw and I wont care!

second, these are all made-up dragon, not my real ones. no pic, sorry.

lastly, I cannot add these to my siggy just yet. My laptop has gone all glitchy and I just cant.

as soon as I can though, I will!

I LOVE THE ART! good job!

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Big update! Woop woop!







Guys, awesome job! My siggy isn't empty anymore, and that was the goal!

I'll keep this thread open for a bit longer, 2 or 3 weeks, just so more people can get in if they want to, and then, I'll announce the winner!

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I will try and draw them all (it is going to be digital). I'll start tomorrow! IDK how long it'll take but I'll hurry! If this seems unfair, then say so, and I will pick only one--just let me know!


*EDIT*: Nevermind! I'm only doing the shockjaw (sorry!). Here he is:


I do art trades; PM me if you are interested. 

My dragons, Sparcklee, Keshkaikir, Riiidelmar and Aailunerelm, were drawn fancily by mehhh

Keshkaikir (above) was drawn wonderfully by Speedyleaf!

Keshkaikir and I were drawn exceptionally by dragon34611!

Keshkaikir was drawn stunningly by Fossilfigalpha!

Pink Floyd, my snaptrapper, and Stratocaster, the guitar, were drawn amazingly by Izzydrawsdragons!

Kaienzer--my original night fury character--was drawn fancily by mehhh

Kaienzer was drawn beautifully by DyliehIdol1214!

Kaienzer was drawn terrifically by Moonfyre!

Parasite (above) was drawn perfectly by Soulofthefoxy!

Air Wrinkle (above) was drawn fantastically by ReliefMoor!

Air Wrinkle was drawn remarkably by Carolinalina!

Aeimero was drawn epically by Lady fighter!

Ēwicesal was drawn epically by Lady fighter!

Ēlanüjii was drawn epically by Lady fighter!

The Burning Age, a female war-dog child, was drawn greatly by Sohki!

Inkerkunk, a male black-sand beach lover, was drawn greatly by Sohki!

Father of Boards, and his chess-king mug, were drawn greatly by Sohki!

Flangin' (a Charizard) was drawn fabulously by ANIC101!

Sad, a Wedge-Tailed Eagle and Bengal Tiger Gryphon, was drawn wonderfully by Speedyleaf!

Heasen, the male Oceanic White-Tipped Shark Dragon, was drawn extraordinarily by Flitt!

Darkness, King, Obsidian dragon was drawn extraordinarily by Flitt!

Bubonic Plague was drawn extraordinarily by Flitt!

Flamboyant was drawn extraordinarily by Flitt!

Strider was drawn extraordinarily by Flitt!

Metenrorice was drawn extraordinarily by Flitt!

Iaiynercine was drawn splendidly by AMAZIEing!

Yeahliloh was drawn splendidly by AMAZIEing!



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This Mid-Summer Secret Santa gift was done Epically by Lady Fighter!

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I love it!

I love it so much! Thank you!

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No problem!

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I am assuming that this is still open, and I will try to draw tide pool for you.

Tidepool's current status ( sorry if this isn't updated ): complete, tide pool can be found here:



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Oh yeah that's Cinnamon creatated by the ever so talented Sohki!




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                                       Some of my in game dragons: ( W. I. P. )


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                Gender: Male I think.

                Description: Shuttle is my main dragon that 

             I use. You will most likely see me riding this dragon.

                Species: Dramillion. ( Of course. )




                Age: broad wing.

               Gender: I forgot Ahhhhhhh.

               Description: Bubbles used to be my main dragon, but I had always loved the dramillions even before I knew what race to edge was. Sadly the day that the dramillion was added to Sod we began to grow apart. Due to what once was our great bond I felt a little bad for Bubbles. That's why the dragon is here.




                Age: broad wing.

               Gender: Noooooooooooooooo guess who forgot again.... Me!

               Description: Alright backstory time Nerve never fit into his ( I'm assuming ) pack of bone nappers due to having hunter stolen the rare bone from his armor. I found him searching for an area that had this bone. I wasn't sure what was happening with this bone napper until I spotted a hole in his armor I gladly searched the island for a bone to fit in here. Only to be unsuccessful. Then I had an idea to make a bit of armor for him with something that wasn't a bone. I collected some wood then found someone who could carve it. After lots of trying we finally found something that fit. I placed this wooden bone into the bone nappers armor. I decided to name him nerve because him roar sounded a little different than the others.

             Species: ( isn't this obvious by now. ) Bone napper. 


Alright that enough for now I'll continue later.