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If gifting gets added, players could just create new profiles and give gems to their main one.

So this is my suggestion:


If you click on a player and that infotab would show up, there would be a gift button beside their name. If you click it it will take you to a new page.

The page:

A viking can edit their page, you can select:

- up to 10 famr decorations/items

- 10 diffrent supplies/product

- up to 3 top wanted items/supplies (even gems or coins)


Another player would then see

- Your coins and gems

- Your 10 choosen items

- Your 10 chosen supplies

- Your wishlist


A player that wants to trade can select up to 4 items from your page (you can select just gems or just items) then he/she can select up to 4 items that she has in her inventory/storage.

Then they would both get a message saying: Accept this trade?

You can decline or accept.


For this to work, both players have to be online


Hope this isn't confusing XD


Somebody wants to trade with me, that viking selects that he wants my 20 Salmon, 50 gems and my Night Fury totem. He offers 5000 coins, 5 eels, Pumpkin seeds and 50 bait.

I can then Accept or decline this trade :)




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I love the idea! It would be amazing ^^

When someone is stuck on a quest, we could help him and give him what he wants! I hope this will be aded to SoD.


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It would be awesome to help others out!

With the new quetsts i get stuck with turkey feathers, bunny fur and wool -.-

I don't need half the stuff in my inventory XD

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This is a great idea. We can

This is a great idea. We can do a lot of things in the future if this feature is implemented :)








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Yes please! I approve :P


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Also it would be great if we can trade limited items like turkeys or Snoggletog hats.


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+5 XD

Yes! I would like to be able to do this. 


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heck yes


YESsssssssss you are a genius Ell