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I have no idea where to put this, but some people are asking me how or where I made my banners.  So I want to make a tutorial for those who are out of the loop.




First of all, you need GifCam!  There are probably other methods, but GifCam is by far the easiest and free-est program for making gifs out there. 

Download link:  Here

Offical website:  Here


Using GifCam is a breeze. It allows you to record gifs live at whatever size you want. You can even edit the recorded gif with it afterwords to some extent, though I prefer to use Photoshop.




So now that you have GifCam, boot up the game and figure out what you want to record. Recording your dragon flying is always cool, though it can be tricky since you're moving.  Just make sure you're in a wide open area.  Keep in mind what's behind you.  You can get some really cool shots with this game in the right areas! 


Don't forget that hold+right click is how you change the camera view and the middle mouse button can be used to zoom out.



You can choose what size you want your banner to be right from the beginning, but I prefer to make it a little too big so that I have room to edit and resize.  Once you've planned out and rehearsed what you want to do, simply click record.  Don't worry about the timing. You can delete frames later.  Don't make the gif too long, because then it'll be a huge file and you'll have trouble opening it later.  Press stop when you're done recording.  Don't forget to save!


This would be where I start using Photoshop.  For people who don't have it / can't get it, GifCam itself offers minimal editing features.  Also I believe there are Gif editing websites out there that can help.  Keep in mind that using these websites can cause your Gif quality to lessen every time it's reprocessed.




For those who do have Photoshop, this is the fun part! (note: I have Photoshop CS4 and some features on older and newer versions may be different/nonexistant).  Open Photoshop and click on File and then go down to Import.  From there click on Video Frames to Layers... (Note: the 64-bit version of Photoshop does not have this. You need the 32-bit version.) Enter "*" as the file name. This will allow you to select gifs.  Locate your gif and open it. 





Click okay for the default options.  If the animation tab doesn't open automatically and show all the frames, go to Window and click Animation. You will then see all of your frames. There's a lot! Probably too many to keep all of them.  Trash the ones you immediately know you don't want by Shift+clicking them all in a group.  Then go to the button on the top right corner of the animation tab and delete them. 



It is not suggested that you make the animation any more than 60 frames long, because that's going to wind up being a pretty large gif file.  If you want a longer animation, you will have to lower the size of the entire image. In the end, try to keep the finished gif no larger than 3 mb.  But we can worry about that later. 


I try to make my gifs look like they're looping.  Since all of the animations in the game loop, this isn't difficult.  Just try to find a frame that is almost identical to the first one.  Try to make it easy for yourself.  If your dragon ducks its head suddenly, start from there and find another frame where it ducks its head again. Click from the first from to that frame to make sure they're the same. Delete all frames before and after those moments.  After that, delete either the first or last frame so they're no duplicates.  The loop needs to look seamless.  Don't worry about the backgrounds, there's nothing you can do about that.




Now you can start editing if you want!  Crop the image if necessary using the Crop Tool.  Remember that the bigger it is, the larger the file will be.



Make sure all added things are put in a layer above all of the frames.  Also make sure that the first frame in the animation tab is selected.  I added a 1 pixel white border around mine and some pretty little text.  After that I threw on a texture I found online and put it in a new layer with Overlay as the blending mode.  If the texture or pattern is too strong or the wrong color, you can lower the opacity or adjust the colors with Image > Adjustments > Selective Color.  You can also play with anything else in the Adjustments and Filter tab.  Go crazy!


One you're finished and happy, go to File > Save for Web and Devices... This is important. This is how make sure your gif file will not be too big.  It will show you in the bottom left corner how big your file will be so far.  If it's a huge number like 6M or higher, you need to go back and either resize the image or shorten the length of the animation. 5M and under can be worked with. The easiest way to lower the file size is by lowering the amount of colors.  This will obviously lower the gif's quality.  You can compare the original gif to the edited gif.  If you're not happy with the lower quality gif, go back and resize it.  I had to resize my original banners to 75% before they were a small enough size.  Bigger isn't always better in this case, especially since the signatures on this forum get cut off if they're too long.



Once you're all done with that, save!  Upload the final gif to Photobucket or whatever and slap it on your signature! Note that if it takes a very long time to load up to your signature, it might be too large a file.


Anyway! Hope this tutorial helps. Came out a little longer than I planned, but I made this for people who just don't know what to do to make themselves some really cool banners of their dragons.  Happy flying, guys!




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Great tutorial! I shall try

Great tutorial! I shall try this whenever my game decides to load :)


t1CK t0ck 8r8k H34DS honk HONK



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Nice tutorial, i really need

Nice tutorial, i really need some gifs from my dragon.



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Hey there! So yes I'm back after a long break that I decided to take :3 I'm so happy to see u all again guys :D Hope to meet you one of this days! 


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Cool! Very helpful indeed!

Cool! Very helpful indeed!


im starting a new signature lol

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I have photoshop CS5 so I bet

I have photoshop CS5 so I bet I can do some.



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GIF maker online

But I will make a better tutorial...

And really thanks
























































































































































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My GIF Image


I guess I found out how to....make it...but not using photoshop I just watched

But if you have a way easier to do it instead using photoshop, I'll be glad...

I used OBS and convert the FLV file to mp4 and then used Windows Live Movie Maker and

But anyway thank you so much!

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I uploaded my gif to OneDrive, then embed, but...

All I get is a still photo, when I recorded a gif. Trying to Make a clan banner, please help!

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My family grew up in the cold north among wolves, we learned to live in peace with them. I'm a good listener, and look before I leap, but I'm not afraid to stand up for what's right. I choose not to carry any weapons, but rather I use my knowledge of dragons and my surroundings to my advantage when put in dangerous situations. Running with wolves and Snow Wraiths has helped me become quite agile. I decided to form the Wulf Pack to help other vikings and dragons have a place where they could belong and feel safe. I enjoy science,  and have been known to carry a tune fairly well, and while some may look at me as an Alpha, I know how to have fun like a goofy Omega to help ease tension.

When I was young, a harsh storm seperated me from my family. I saw and felt a quick rush of wind stirring behind me, and thought it might be another wolf. When I turned around though, a young Snow Wraith looked me in the eyes. He found me out in the cold blizzard. He seemed to smell that last piece of dried fish I had with me, he looked hungry, so I decided to share it with him. After sharing the last of my food with him, I held out my hand much I would to one of the wolves where I was from, in complete trust that neither of us wanted to harm the other. We looked each other in the eyes, and as I breathed deeply, I could feel the cool forehead of this little dragon brush up against my palm. We immediately bonded and he helped me find a warm place to stay for the night, looking after each other until rescue arrived... 

More of my story below with the pictures of my dragons.

Remember...stay Frozty!


-Frozt Wulf


Serious hang time! XD Glad Hiccup worked out the bugs in the Dragonfly II! :)


My dragons:

FlintSmoke (Titan Hideous Zippleback), was my first adopted dragon at the school, but not the first dragon I've encountered...

Cyclone (Titan Thunderdrum), loves to explore the ocean with me.

Mirra (Razorwhip), and I are looking for Titan runes , but had time for a photo...

Torch (Monstrous Nightmare) *He was getting hungry after a long day of flying...,

Monarch (Deathsong), showing off a bit XD

Oighear (*Irish for Ice, said like Eye-yer) (Groncicle), An bhfuil tu Gaeilge agat? Conas ta tu inniu?

Rocky (Gronckle), sporting his new Gronckle Iron saddle, ready to go fishing...

Blindside (Titan Whispering Death) *Like a sleeping puppy :D,

Toothless (Night Fury),, looks like he's ready to play. I think this was how I got tackled so easily :)

Arctrax, *kinda like Arc welding, since he's so good at making his own armor. He was rescued from the hands of that scoundrel Harold...our paths have crossed before above the Archipelago...but that's another story... (Armorwing),

Can you see Copykat? (Changewing), Neither did I when we first met...which was a little scary at first, but Valka reminded me to show her that I trust her, so our eyes met...after what seemed like an eternity, my hand stretched out little by little, to which she responded cautiously (I think we were both a little scared, but maybe thats what makes her such a valuable dragon for me...she never lets me rush into things, and can do reconaissance for us safely...

A beatiful portait of Copykat by the talented ArrowWalker. TYSVM! After Copykat gave me this look, I realized that my joke wasn't so funny, yet, Copykat still showed support! What a loyal dragon! :) 

Auburn helps keep me warm during cold flights... (Typhoomerang),

Kryos, was one of the first dragons I had trained, we both enjoy racing and target practice. He's helped us out whenever wildfires got out of control. He also saved my live from wild Flame Whippers at Impossible Island, even though it meant going against his instinct! I'll always be grateful for his friendship. Gotta howl out to my Wolly Howl! Ow, ow, aaaooooooo! :D

Wonderful drawing of Kryos by InfinityGalaxy! TYSM!

Tootsie and I chillin' with Hiccup and Toothless outside of Flight Club (Sweet Death),

Rockabilly (Rumblehorn), flew me back from the fog after I fainted...such a loyal tracker class dragon! :D

Doc is ready to help heal wounded dragons after a battle! (Prickleboggle),

Spike and I are close friends, he always comes through in a battle... (Deadly Nadder),

Flare (Singetail), was another rescue dragon whom I helped save from Dragon Hunters. I had never yet encountered a dragon with a shot like that before, and he has no blind spots, so he's always alert...Snotlout wanted a picture with us (or was it him wanting a picture of himself? Idr)

Inferno, one of the Great Protectors offered us help with the Green Death... (Eruptodon),

Hooligan (WindWalker), named in honor of Hiccup's tribe, is my loyal swift and agile Windwalker. He loves racing and does well in defending the school.

Waverider is our backup for over and undersea missions... (Tide Glider),

Ping & Sonar (Short-WingThunderdrums),

Blizzard and I first bonded when I was visiting Scuttleclaw Island, he was so young, and so was I, yet we werent scared of each other. We both needed each other to survive the cold until help could arrive. He's been at my side ever since. He's great companion in the cold, since he can sense heat, helping others to find shelter during Berk's cold winters and searching for those lost during harsh storms on Icestorm Island. We understand each other like Hiccup and Toothless do, (Titan Snow Wraith),​ (Camouflaged message before this, highlight it to read about my first dragon encounter.)

Avalanche is also being trained for search and rescue work, since our missions take us so far away now. Though still a new hatchling, she's doing well so far! I couldn't be more pleased! (Baby Snow Wraith)

Frostbite (Shivertooth), is a helpful addition to our team especially for helping control fires on Berk. His instincts on the TRR racing tracks are phenomenal!

Glacia (Groncicle),

Aridia was a rescue egg, she is swift, agile and loves to race other vikings and their dragons. (Sand Wraith)

Nitro & Turbo (Short-Wing Hideous Zippleback),

Cirra & Strata (Short-Wing Hideous Zippleback)

 Ampera always gives me such a jolt of excitement when I see her all charged up and ready for battle! Then again, that could also be my boots needing more insulation from her electricity, ohm my XD! Currently she helps out our fishermen by stunning the fish, to make them easier to catch. Watt? Don't be shocked. Skrills just have that natural ability...Sorry I couldn't resist XD :) (Titan Skrill), ​(Highlight to charge up the text to read about my sparky little friends below)

While we have the energy, here's Surge, a real dyanmo for the Wulf Pack. He's sleek, fast and is able to sense things around him even in low visibility conditions due to his electrically charged barbs (Shockjaw),

This is StormChaser, a nimble, powerful dragon. On long flights through strong winds and rain, he has always led us safely though. (Titan Stormcutter)

Foxtrot is a ver good dancer! Also, very strong to help defend the School! (Scuttleclaw)

Neon, has a bit of a punker attitude, but never fails to help the team (Short-Wing Deadly Nadder)

Can you see her? Arrow was still a young baby dragon when we first met in the Cenote of Impossible Island, though her fellow dragons didn't seem so pleased to see us. Come to find out she followed me Phlegma and Sculder, always remaining hidden. It was only after arriving back with us that I gave her the name Arrow, because she reminded me of a Poison Arrow Frog. Easily one of my speediest flying dragons, she really packs a punch with her unique fireballs and I don't think that the Hunters would want to try to touch her either, or else, they'll find out the hard way what happens, like Snotlout did XD! We bonded right away, she had been at my side ever since! (Flame Whipper)

Sonic (yes, like the red and white sneaker wearing blue blur), is my first Speed Stinger. I didn't have a wonderful first encounter with Speed Stingers in general, but then Sonic was raised from an egg so he sees me as an alpha. When we have a lot of ground to cover, or have place to narrow for flying, he's my go to dragon! Maybe even faster than that blue hedghog? Now that would be an interesting challenge? XD (Speed Stinger)

This is Quicksilver; with his wingspan, he easily glides a high altitudes and speeds. Dragon hunters will never see him coming. Not to shabby at races either! (Silver Phantom)

This is Anemone, a beautiful Tidal class dragon, yet can spit toxic acid. Great for sinking hunter ships, or places where firepower can't always be used. (Sliquifier)

Steelforge (Short-Wing Moldruffle)

Iceberg (Short-Wing Sholvehelm)

This is Circuit sporting racing paint, a little camera shy... (Grapple Grounder)

Meeting Armóin for the first time...she carries quite the tune. He name is Irish for Harmony, i.e. music. (SlitherSong)



The Law of the Wulf Pack

"Now this is the law of the Wulf Pack, as old and as true as the sky,

​and the wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but to the wolf that shall break it...goodbye.


​As the ivy that circles the tree trunk, the law moves forward and back; for the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.


​Stay active and help fellow vikings, both old and new, take the leap; and remember to soar while racing but forget not to get enough sleep.


Terrible Terrors may follow the fishing boat, but, viking, when thy experience has grown, remember the wolf is a hunter - go forth and earn trophies of thy own.


Keep peace with the lords of the clans, be they ancient or newly there; and trouble not hath the silent, and mock not the viking in his lair.


When pack meets with pack in the Great Hall, and neither will go from the trail, stand down till the leaders have spoken; it may be fair words shall prevail.


When ye fight with a wolf of the pack ye must fight him alone and afar, so that others don't take part in the quarrel and the pack is divided by war.


The lair of the wolf is his refuge, and where he has made him his home, not even the head wolf may enter, unless invited to come.


The speech of the wolf should encourage, never filthy, or words causing pain, such a person will be sent a message, so as not to repeat it again.


If ye win many battles and races, put down others not with your howl, lest ye dishonor your pack and each other, earning from others their scowl.


Each one has needs to care for, outside of the School and this clan, so never let more important things suffer, not even in the tournament of clans.


If ye win a challenge against a newer viking, may you not get puffed up with pride, remember you once were like them, have humility, commend that they tried.


​Remember to care for your dragons, take time to eat, play and train, that your bond may grow ever stronger and experience you both shall gain.


​No cursing or bullies allowed here, but if pattern of such is to me made known, such a person will no longer be welcome, asked to change or be on their own.


Because of his experience and learning, because of his gripe and his paw, in all that the law leaveth open, the word of the head wolf is law.


​Now these are the laws of the Wulf Pack, but when all is said and done; the head and the foot of the law and the tip to the tail is -  have fun!


​-Frozt Wulf (inspred by Sir Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book, "The Law of the Wolves")



​If anyone wants to join the Wulf Pack, and agrees to live by this code, leave me a request on our clan page. I would ask newer members to try to at least earn 5 trophies a month, please to help us as a clan to climb the ranks. Also, let me know if you have any questions. If I don't know that answer I will try to find the answer.


A Little About Me:

​I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses, I enjoy studying the Bible and try to live by what I learn and share with others points that helped me make good decisions.

(See for more info about us, what we do and helpful videos and info for everyone)


For fun, I enjoy listening to and composing/arranging/singing music, art (sketching, painting, caricatures), hiking, kayaking, playing tennis, and watching and posting YouTube videos. My channel is IcewolfASL (link down below), I make interpreted songs in American Sign Language (as some of my friends are deaf), I have made some recordings of acapella arrangements, and will be posting some screen captures of moments I want to remember at the School. I enjoy learning languages.

 I went to HTTYD Live Arena Show in 2011, and loved it! Got to meet Hiccup and Astrid, receive training from them and even got to dress up as a viking for a photo! :D Below are some photos from the show, I will be adding a few more soon!


​The soon-to-be dragon trainers with Gobber.

​The Arena

​Toothless, Hookfang & Meatlug making sure Hiccup is okay after the battle with the Red Death.

​Hiccup freeing Toothless from the net.


​Toothless fires a plasma blast at a wild monstrous nightmare in the arena to protect Hiccup.


Alright, that's about all from me. I'll be adding pictures of my dragons as time goes on. Thanks for reading my novel of a signature! XD​

​Stay Frozty!

Wulf Pack, Wulf Pack, ow, ow, aaaaaoooooooooo!