Ghostrider-Chapter Two: Ghostlight

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Here is the second chapter in my book, Ghostrider. If you would like to read the previous chapter, or see pictures of all the characters, or track it, even, then click this link. Please do not reply to the below post as I may need to edit it! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy! :D


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Chapter Two


          The only other way to get to Ever Glade besides using a dragon was a boat. After my dream, the idea of getting on a boat sickened me, but it was either that or flying.

          Poor Yen.

          I had worked as a hand for Bucket and Mulch that summer, so I knew how to work a rowboat. She, however, suffered from seasickness horribly.

          I glanced over from where I was, rowing slowly but surely, maintaining the pace. Yen was positively green, leaning with her back against the wood, staring stalwartly at the horizon.

          I glanced back and could see the fast approaching coast of the island, the wooded shores a comforting sight. “Almost there,” I said to her, and she started to nod in relief, stopping after realizing maybe it wasn’t the best idea.

          The keel of the ship crested in gently on a wave and ground against the fine white sand powdering the beach. Smiling, I jumped out and hauled the boat in, inch by inch, using the rope attached to the hull. It was small enough, fortunately for me to haul up and clear of the waterline. If we left it where the tide could get at it, it would rot.

          I helped Yen out, and she stumbled, dropping onto the sand. She lay for a moment, prostrate, well the motion-sickness she experienced stopped, and finally hauled herself to her feet. “You had better appreciate this,” she hissed between her teeth, leaning heavily on me.

          I grinned. “You do look a touch pale.”

          She snarled angrily, but there was a friendly gleam in her eyes. “Careful, Val, you don’t want to make me mad.”

          “True,” I shrugged.

          I waited until Yen had regained her strength, and then we started through the woods. Pausing, she pulled a scrap of parchment from her satchel, reading through it. “I have to go get something that’s the opposite direction we’re heading,” she told me. “You go ahead without me. I’ll catch up in a minute.”

          I nodded, watching her retreating form. Then, I started back along the path.

          Meandering through the woods was calming and peaceful, the only light that of the pale, receding moon. The trees swayed above me, their branches rustling softly as if they were whispering to each other, sharing untold secrets unknown to the human mind.

          I broke through the trees and stepped into the Ever Glade. A deer that had been drinking from the stream saw me and bolted, its coat silver in the moonlight. I walked to the center of the glade and sat down, looking straight ahead where the trees ended, giving me a clear view of the ocean and the waxing moon.

          I reached up, idly pushing a stray lock of hair behind my ears and rubbing my hands against my arm in an effort to fight the chill.

          I glanced up again and my breath caught in my throat. In the distance, a pin-point of light shown on the horizon. It flickered, waving back and forth. I squinted. What was it?

          “Val, is something wrong?”

          I whirled to see Yen standing behind me, stuffing a root into her satchel. I glanced back, but the light was gone.

          “N-nope!” I said, pasting a false smile on my features. Yen frowned, not convinced.

          “You sure?” she asked, sitting down cross-legged beside me. “You know that you can tell me anything, Val,” she said earnestly, looking me directly in the eyes. “I promise I won’t tell anyone.”

          “Well…” I wavered. “I thought I saw a strange light just now, floating in the middle of the ocean. And then when I looked at you and back, it was gone. I know, it sounds crazy. Honestly, I might have just imagined it. Floating lights? I mean, come on.”

          I snorted, but Yen wasn’t smiling.

          “I don’t know what it is,” she said stretching and looking over at me. “But it could be Captain Kleen’s ghost ship.”

          “What?!” I snorted again, this time laughing. “You sure everything’s alright up there?” I asked teasingly, conking her lightly in the head.

          Yen’s hand shot up, catching my hand and yanking me forwards, faster than thought. Before I knew it, I was on the ground, with my arms twisted behind me, and her knee was pressing into the small of my back.

          She held me for a second before letting me back up, sitting back down. “Sorry,” she said stiffly. “Battle reflexes.” I could tell I had touched a soft spot with my thoughtless teasing words.

          I cleared my throat. “Sorry. Please continue.”

          “The story of Captain Kleen is as old as Berk itself. When it was first founded he served its first chief, Erak the Fierce. He was basically the leader of our army; if you could call it that.

          “When an enemy attacked Berk, Kleen was drunk at the time, and we suffered a terrible defeat. A lot of our property was stolen. Captain Kleen was exiled for leaving Berk in its hour of need, and his body was found shortly afterward, dead. But some people claim that he isn’t really gone, sailing around in a ship made of bone, captaining the undead. They say he is trying to atone for his past crime, searching for the enemy that he let attack his home, and will be unable to reach Valhalla until he does. Every once in a while, someone sees the lantern that surmounts his ship. And then they are found dead several days later.

“People call it the ghostlight.”

I shivered. “Thanks for the freaky ghost story. You did make that up, right?”

Yen shook her head. “No, I read about him in the library; someone mentioned him and my curiosity kicked in, so I had to know who he was. I’ve heard various reports about him from people, but most weren’t all there if you know what I mean.” She grinned, looping one finger around her ear.

          “Gothi claims to have seen it, but she’s still alive, so I don’t know.” Yen shrugged, standing up. “I wouldn’t worry about it.”

          I stood, gazing out over the horizon where I had last seen the ghostlight. The night didn’t seem quite so peaceful anymore.


          Yen finished gathering the herbs, but this time I followed her. We chatted about random things; the weather, who we thought would win the next dragon race, the rumor that Gothi had a boyfriend (this we quickly dismissed).

          Finally, it was time to go.

          “If you don’t mind,” Yen said, “I’ll just call my Snaptrapper and fly back. I’m still feeling a little queasy from the way over.” I hesitated. I knew it sounded silly, but I didn’t want to be sailing around in a little rowboat alone in possibly ghost-infested waters.

          But at the same time, I didn’t want to appear a fraidy cat…

          “Sure!” I said, forcing false cheeriness into my voice. Yen smiled with relief, missing the untruth this time in her relief to not have to sail in a boat.

          Pulling a whistle from a leather thong around her neck, she blew gently into it. Though neither of us heard a sound, we knew that something else did.

          As Yen waited, leaning against a nearby tree, I set to work easing the boat back into the water, working slowly. I held it in place against the gentle tug of the tide, peering up into the sky, and saw a dark shape silhouetted against the moon.

          Yen stood up with a slight cry, waving her arms to catch the attention of the dragon. Several minutes later, it landed, and Yen laughed, running over and giving each of the four heads a hug.

          “Via, Tia, Mia, Dia,” she greeted each with a smile. Personally, I didn’t know how she could tell them apart. “Did you girls miss me?”

          I laughed, watching her, though I made sure to keep my distance. Yen stroked their heads. “Why don’t you go say hi to your Aunty Val?” she said, a wicked smile spreading across her features.

          “Yen, no!” I yelped, diving into the boat, the momentum of my push sending us skimming across the water. Sitting up, I grabbed the oars and began to row, while she watched from the shore, laughing hysterically. For some reason, her Snaptrapper had taken a shine to me, even though personally I was terrified of it, and it was constantly giving me kiss attacks. The four heads watched me sorrowfully as I rowed away from the shore, but I felt absolutely no regret. The more distance between me and Yen’s darned dragon the better!

          One of them, (was it Via or Mia?) bent her head down, and Yen clambered up and onto her, stroking her pet’s neck. Waving at me, she took off into the air. I watched her go, and I couldn’t help thinking of her words.

          …every once in a while, someone sees the lantern that surmounts his ship. And then they are found dead several days later…

          …Just a ghost story, I thought reassuringly to myself. But the words didn’t reassure me at all.

          I put all of my concentration into rowing, pushing with all my strength, slowly but surely moving the boat nearer to the shore, doing my best to ignore the eery quiet surrounding me.

          But that was before the white light suddenly appeared before me.

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-claps-  good job frytha!  this was a good chapter!  couple questions and observations though.  you  your character said she couldnt tell the heads on yens dragon apart, but yet your character knew which head was tia (or was it someone else?)  XD its not something you need to change, but that kinda made me look twice.  

also, im just guessing here, that there isnt a ghost.  is the light like a special flightmare?  after all, dragons ki.ll people, and the flightmare CAN ki.ll people, but it doesn't ALWAYS ki.ll people, so thats why gothi, astrid, fearless finn (astrids uncle), fishlegs, and hiccup are still in one piece.  im just guessing here, but theres one of my theories.


and also, when are Pearl and Snowdust coming in? :D  im giddy with excitment :D  -bounces up and down with snowdust in anticipation-


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Thanks for letting me know about that. I'll fix it right away. ;D I'm glad you enjoy it, so far! Pearl should come in soon. I'm trying to slowly add in the characters so you get to know them better, because if I added them all at once, I'd have trouble describing their separate personalities and focusing on all enough. XD

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I'm really glad you like it!! :D