Ghostrider-Chapter Three: Ally Kay

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Here is the third chapter in my book, Ghostrider (so sorry for the wait!!!!!) If you would like to read the previous chapters, or see pictures of all the characters, or track it, even, then click this link. Please do not reply to the below post as I may need to edit it! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy! :D


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Chapter Three

Ally Kay

          Fear solidified in my throat, and I lurched backward with a scream of fright. I couldn’t move; couldn’t breathe.

          “Val! What’s wrong?”

          I squinted against the blinding light and realized I could see a silhouette of a girl and dragon behind it. The voice was familiar and filled me with relief. It wasn’t a ghost.

          It was Ally.

          Allysa “Ally” Kay was well known throughout Berk for her skills with her ax and her fabulous cooking. Ally was reserved and quiet, and most people labeled her as “strange” but I loved her. She was an awesome friend to go to if you wanted to just pour out all of your worries.

          She would listen, nod quietly, and offer some soft words of comfort. Even if you didn’t get a solution to your problem, you would feel ten times better just from being around her soothing nature.

          “N-nothing,” I stammered, shaking ever so slightly.

          Ally dropped from the back of her Deadly Nadder, Moonstone, bringing the lantern with her.

          “You sure? I was out on Berk Guard patrol when I saw your boat and came to investigate; just to make sure it wasn’t Dragon Hunters. When I realized it was you I uncovered my lantern, so you could see me, but you screamed. You look like you’ve seen a ghost!”

          I couldn’t help quavering ever so slightly at her words. “Maybe I have.”

          “What do you mean?” Ally asked, squatting down next to me.

          I found myself pouring out the whole story, flushing at how silly I sounded. Ally shook her head. “I’m sure Yen was just teasing, and if not, I doubt her sources were reliable.”

          “Yeah,” I mumbled, staring out over the water. In the distance, I could have sworn I saw a glint of light, but I shook my head, disgusted. I was most likely imagining it.

          “Do you need a ride back?” she asked, and I started, looking up, realizing that I had totally forgotten what was happening around me. A wave of nausea swept over me, just from the mention of the word, and I closed my eyes tightly shut, envisioning reassuring images of solid earth.

          “N-no thanks,” I declined as politely as possible. “But maybe you could give me a tow; that would make it go faster.”

          Using a rope slung on Moonstone’s saddle, Ally wrapped it several times around her dragon’s chest and then fastened it to the keel of the boat. Gliding slowly as she was, Moonstone zipped the boat across the water as I clutched at the side. To her, it took no effort at all.

          As I got off of the boat, Ally landed beside me, slipping off and undoing the knots. She spoke softly and in a pleased voice to Moonstone as she praised her for her strength.

“You sure took your time.”

I whirled to see Yen standing there, flashing me a sardonic grin. Her Snaptrapper loomed behind her, and I narrowed my eyes, daring her to set her dragon on me again.

“Sorry, but I ran into Ally,” I said, giving her an apologetic grin. “Have you met her?”

“Yes,” Yen said, “when she almost chopped my head off!”

“Okay, that is uncalled for,” Ally snapped, appearing beside us. “I had no idea you were walking through the woods while I was doing axe practice. And besides, what made you think it was a good idea to sneak up on me? Surprise me with a deadly weapon in my hand? That was your fault!”

“Oh, you want to start this again?” Yen whipped out her sword and looked ready to pounce into battle.

“Woah, guys,” I said, hurriedly stepping in between them. “Let’s just calm down and think for a minute. Whatever Ally did was obviously an accident, so let’s just forgive and forget. Okay?”

“Sure,” Ally said, straightening from the defensive pose she’d dropped into, “but only if Yen apologizes first.”

“Not. Happening.”

I clapped a hand to my forehead. “For the love of Thor, you two are worse than a pair of toddlers at Dreadfall! You can continue your stupid little argument, but please at least let me get out of the way; I’d rather not di.e today.”

Ally eyed me. “Fine; I’m sorry.”

“Apology accepted,” Yen said, sheathing her sword. I couldn’t help but notice that Yen didn’t offer one in return. That was going to cause problems later.

“Anyone want breakfast?” I asked, grinning at them and purposefully changing the subject to something more agreeable.

“Sure!” Ally said brightly. “I can cook you all this new bread I’ve been meaning to try. It sounds divine! You also put chocolate in it,” she added, shooting a sly look at me.

“Sounds awesome, Ally!” I exclaimed. “Let’s go down to your house.” The three of us started off, the past trouble was forgotten for the moment. Little did I realize though what next trouble was about to come of it…

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Great chapter!!! You sure have a way of keeping me waiting for more!

also, great job with Ally. You kept her perfectly in character ;)


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Thank you! Really? Oh, good!!!!!!!!! *sighs with relief* I was really worried I was going to go out of character. XD

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          I love it. SOO AMAZING. You truly have a knack for writing.






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Thank you so much, Kylie!!!! :D